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15 College Degrees That Seriously Impress Women

15 College Degrees That Seriously Impress Women

Choosing a college major is hard. There are so many options to choose from, and so many factors to consider. What are my interests? What academic subjects am I good at? What job do I want to have? Do I prefer the Sciences or the Arts? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves when applying to a college degree program. Not all of our questions are serious in nature. We might ask ourselves, “Which degree will involve the least amount of work?” or “Which major will get me invited to the most parties?” Men might even wonder, “Which college degree will seriously impress women?”

These days, having any college degree at all is crucial to impressing most women. With more and more women graduating with college degrees, the pressure is on men to keep up with their female classmates. While earning any college degree is a feat, there are some degrees that are more impressive to women than others. A degree in women’s studies, for example, just doesn’t have the same impact as a degree in microbiology. It might not be the wisest method of choosing which college degree to pursue, but it’s certainly an interesting one. Following is a list of 15 college degrees that’ll be sure to knock a woman’s socks off.

15. Mathematics


Math is hard, so anyone who can successfully complete a degree in mathematics deserves respect. Women are definitely impressed by a man who knows his numbers. If you’re worried that women will think a mathematics degree is boring, then think again. Math doesn’t have to be boring; in fact, it opens doors to many exciting careers. Would you have guessed that a degree in mathematics could lead to a job as a meteorologist? What about a job as a market researcher? If that doesn’t impress women, then become an actuary and analyze the risk of women falling in love with you.

14. Information Technology


With an information technology degree, women can count on you to solve all of their technological problems. In an era of social media dominance, IT skills are in demand. Women need men who can help them figure out why ads aren’t showing up on their blogs. With an IT degree, women will look upon you as a technology god, sent down to Earth to make posting photos and videos to Instagram that much easier for them. An IT degree will also come in handy for you, so it’s really a win-win. You won’t need to rely on YouTube videos anymore to make sure that gifs work properly on your website. As a bonus, people who work in information technology earn a lot of money, with salaries of up to $90,000.

13. Physics


Physics is in. Haven’t you heard? Just ask the characters on The Big Bang Theory. They seem to have no trouble impressing women these days. Interest in physics appears to be having a resurgence in society. Physicists like Neil deGrasse Tyson have become extremely popular, getting their own television shows and media specials. Women will marvel at how smart you are with a physics degree under your belt. They’ll turn to you to solve everyday math problems that they might encounter, like how to figure out if they’re applying enough force to the jar that they’re trying to open. I never excelled at physics, so kudos to any men who have.

12. Economics


Ah economics, another academic subject that eluded my mastery. Granted, I had a horrible professor, but the subject never interested me enough to capture my undivided attention. I would be impressed by a man who made it through an economics degree alive, and so would many other women. What woman wouldn’t look up to a man who could tell her when to sell her house and when to buy a new one? Economists predict the future; many a woman would be dazzled by such a skill. Here’s a clever pickup line for the man who holds an economics degree: “There’s a trend in the dating market. Have you heard? Women like you are going on dates with economists like me.”

11. Biology


A biology degree is the first step towards a medical degree in the eyes of women, and nothing’s more impressive to women than a doctor. Keep that in mind when choosing your college major. Women see men with a biology degree as experts on the human body. They expect those men to know how to handle their bodies in just the right way. Show off your knowledge of bodily processes by enticing women with interesting facts about the human body. Did you know that we have the same number of hairs on our bodies as chimpanzees? Or that many people have eyelash mites? Share one of these facts with a woman, and her mind might be blown.

10. Computer Science


With a computer science degree, you can wag your eyebrows at women everywhere and say, “Need help with your computer?” Trust me, women are just dying to find a man who can fix their computer. If he can also help them to program the new app that they’re developing, then all the better. Show a woman your computer science degree, and she’ll dream of you working for Google, Facebook, or Apple. If that isn’t impressive, then tell me what is. In this day and age, there’s nothing sexier than a man who knows how to handle a computer, if you know what I mean.

9. Biochemistry


An expert in biology and chemistry? How impressive is that? Very impressive, especially to women who can’t even conceive of how these two fields could possibly join together. Biochemists work in a variety of awe-inspiring professional fields, like medicine and research. Some of them even work as health and safety inspectors. Imagine how much women will look up to you when you tell them that you’re responsible for keeping them from ingesting harmful bacteria from the restaurant food that they posted to Instagram. If you really want to impress women, tell them your looking for a job in toxicology or forensics. CSI always works wonders with the ladies.

8. Accounting


Accountants are always appreciated by women. Women trust accountants to handle their finances. Accountants are tax wizards; they can help women find ways to pay less taxes without breaking the law. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Women also assume that men with an accounting degree will be good at budgeting money, which means that they’ll never have to worry about spending beyond their means. Having money in the bank is impressive to women, if nothing else. As a bonus, Ben Affleck recently played an accountant, putting a handsome face to the profession. I have it on good authority that women like Ben Affleck.

7. Criminology


What woman wouldn’t be impressed by a man with a criminology degree? Criminology is exciting. Catching the bad guys earns men instant badass points with the ladies. Why else do you think that shows like Criminal Minds are so popular with women? A man with a criminology degree has many tools in his arsenal with which to impress women. You can shock them with gory crime scene details. You can command a special place in their esteem as a crime fighter. You can role play criminal-criminologist with them. The possibilities are endless. In other words, go forth and complete a criminology degree.

6. Finance


A degree in finance is a big dollar sign in the eyes of women. It does the impressing for you. Women will imagine that you’re a master of the stock market. You can tell them where, when and how much to invest to make their money grow. You can be their own personal money tree. You can tell them when to exchange their Canadian dollars for American ones, and when to hold off on making an exchange. Women look up to men who are wise in money matters. With a finance degree, you can offer women a starring role in their own version of Billions.

5. Psychology


Psychology is one of the most intriguing fields of study in college. Take it from me; I’m a doctoral student in Psychology. Women see men with a psychology degree as possessing all of the secrets of human behaviour. With a few well-timed observations, you may even be able to convince them that you can read their minds. Or at the very least, predict their behaviour. Talk about impressive. Women love it when you psychoanalyze them. They also love taking personality tests. With a psychology degree, you can accomplish both things. Use it to your advantage.

4. Marketing


Marketing men are influential men. With a marketing degree, you’ll be able to sell women anything. And I mean anything. Women want to buy what you’re selling. Pitch an ideal date to a woman and she’ll eat it up like a piece of chocolate cake. Market yourself as an eligible bachelor who’ll cater to a woman’s every need. I’m impressed already just imagining this man. Women attribute positive characteristics such as persuasive ability, charisma and creativity to men with a degree in marketing. What woman could resist being impressed by a charmingly persuasive creative genius? Not many, that’s for sure.

3. Electrical Engineering


Why might women be impressed by a man with an electrical engineering degree? Well, for starters, electrical engineers make a lot of money. Salaries can reach up to $100,000 a year. That’s far from chump change. Then there’s the danger aspect. Working with electricity is risky, and any man willing to take that risk earns major macho points in a woman’s eyes. Let’s not forget an electrical engineer’s expertise with electrical systems. A man with an electrical engineering degree can fix all of the wiring and lighting in a woman’s home; no need to call an electrician.

2. Business Administration


Women love a businessman. It’s in our DNA. A man with a business administration degree is that much closer to running a successful business. At least, that’s what women think. Women are impressed by success in the business realm. Success in business translates to money, which translates to children surviving to adulthood. It’s evolutionary psychology at its simplest. Business administrators occupy positions of leadership in the business world. Leaders in business are respected by women, as are leaders in other fields. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a degree in business administration today! I promise you won’t regret it.

1. Mechanical Engineering


A man who holds a degree in mechanical engineering has some serious skills to boast of. Women recognize this; they admire this. They also recognize the large salary that comes with a job in the field of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers do many impressive things. They work with rockets, and who isn’t impressed by rockets? If you find yourself trying to impress a woman who isn’t fond of rockets, then tell her that you helped design the latest self-driving car. Just make sure that you can back up your statements with some actual designs. Mechanical engineers have brains and brawn, a winning combination in any woman’s eyes.

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