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15 Colleges With The Most Attractive Chicks

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15 Colleges With The Most Attractive Chicks

It’s the time of the year where people are starting to move back into their college towns! The college years are known to be the best years of your entire life. College years are also the years where you have the potential to look your very best. You’re out of the braces and mismatched outfits stage by then. Unless you go to a school with an unusually low female population, you’re going to have attractive women all around you.

It’s possible to find rankings for just about everything college-wise. There’s colleges with the friendliest people, colleges with the best food, and even colleges with the best parking. But, we’ve decided to get visual with college rankings. Most men I know would agree that having gorgeous women in class with them wouldn’t hurt anything. What could be better for men than having girls walk around their campus that have both beauty and brains? If you had the chance to go to a college with constant eye candy, you would probably jump right on that opportunity.

Going to a school with good looking women doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a job. But, it does guarantee that your experience will be extra fun. You can find a pretty girl anywhere you go, especially considering that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, if you’re looking for a huge variety of gorgeous women, one of these fifteen colleges is the place to be.

15. Vanderbilt University

First off, with an acceptance rate of 10%, this school is filled with smart girls. It’s like the Harvard University of the South! A girl from Vanderbilt University might be the CEO of a company you work for someday! Vanderbilt is known for being preppy, but it all comes down to what you make of your school experience. Vandy is a high quality school where the students work hard then play hard.

Because Vanderbilt is located in Nashville, there is almost always something to do. When football season comes around, you’ll find the students tailgating at frat houses and getting dressed up in gold and black. Later on during the night, some students go to downtown Nashville and have the time of their lives visiting well-known bars. What could be a better way to spend your weekend?

14. Mississippi State University

There isn’t a word to describe the atmosphere at this school. You can feel the community on campus. Strangers can quickly become your 2nd family. College is stressful; the work is greater than it was in high school, and it can be an adjustment for anybody. But, this school can really relieve stress with all the support you get from staff and the other students.

The girls here are friendly, sweet, and down to have a good time. Most of them are outgoing and have a vibrant personality. Southern girls have natural beauty, and you’ll see it in these girls. No matter where you are on campus, you’re bound to find a gorgeous girl.

This school is nicknamed StarkVegas, and there’s a reason behind that. While the parties aren’t as evident here as they are at other universities, you can find a fun party if you want to. There are plenty of fun bars, fraternity parties, concerts, and house parties. There are plenty of women at the school that would be more than happy to show you how they party at MSU.

13. University of Georgia

Go Dawgs! This school full of Georgia peaches will not disappoint. If you need a girl who is a football fan, come over to UGA and you’ll find one.

Athens, GA is one of the greatest college towns of all time. You haven’t had the full experience of a college town if you haven’t been to Athens. One of the best bar scenes is downtown. It’s always a wild and exciting time there, but it doesn’t compare to how crazy it gets during game weekends.

Downtown Athens is perfect because they have a bar for just about anyone. There’s bars with live music, stereotypical college town bars, bars that have southern charm, and more. If your parents are visiting the college town and you want to take them out, you’ll likely be able to find a low key bar that you can take them to. But if you want to wake up with a hangover, then there is a ton of bar choices for that, too.

12. University of Maryland

University of Maryland is your stereotypical big college – full of fun, parties, and sports. Because it’s so big, you might see someone at a party and never see them again in your life. It’s up to you to decide if that’s a good thing or bad thing.

This university is known for getting wild. There is a party any time and anywhere – you just have to be willing to find it. There is a secret sex club that does things in McKeldin Library, and you can find people going streaking across Route 1. I guess you can say that a lot of the students here are very sex positive.

Despite the huge partying and craziness, the professors and academics here are wonderful. You will get challenged and grow immensely as a person. There is such a wide variety of clubs to join too if dancing on tables isn’t really your thing. This place will quickly become your second home, and who knows? You might find your dream girl here with a wide variety of women to choose from.

11. Texas A&M

Everything in Texas is bigger, and you’ll find that to be true in the best way possible. College Station has a college town feel, but it has almost everything you need so you don’t have to travel far at all.

One student at Texas A&M has expressed that when you walk to campus, you’ll find that the majority of girls are eight or nines on a scale from 1-10 in attractiveness. The girls at this school are quality women. If you’re attracted to women with strong southern roots and southern accents, then you have found your perfect school.

There are many fun traditions that students look forward to every year. One fun tradition they have is ring dunking. The way students honor their class ring is by dunking it in a pitcher of beer and chugging that pitcher to catch the ring in his/her teeth. The traditions are endless!

10. Louisiana State University

No matter where you come from, you will instantly be welcomed with open arms as a student on this campus. There is never a boring day at Louisiana State University! From concerts, sports, and being around an hour away from New Orleans, you can say this school has it going on entertainment-wise. Louisiana State has a great outdoorsy type of campus for people to jog, walk, and study.

The girls at Louisiana State University are known to be hotter than the summer there is. Louisiana State students have no problem with letting everybody know that they’re a Tiger! So, if you like seeing girls dressed in purple and gold, you hit a jackpot.

If you have a love for cheerleaders, then the Louisiana State Tigers Cheerleaders are waiting for you to come watch their talent. They can be seen all around campus cheering on all of their sports teams, from the football team, volleyball team, baseball team, and basketball team!

9. San Diego State University

Who wouldn’t want to go to college in a place as beautiful as San Diego? You don’t want to miss out on the basketball, fun women, and social scene this school offers. This school has many achievements that would make anyone proud to attend school there.

San Diego State University is undoubtedly known as being a party school. While you can find a party if you’re looking for one, the students here are serious about their academics as well. This school is full of beautiful women who are serious about their future, but aren’t afraid to let loose after they’ve worked their tails off.

The beautiful beaches nearby are a huge plus to being at this school. You can always find a group of people that will be happy to go surfing, swimming, tanning, or walking on the beach with you.

8. University of Alabama

Roll tide roll! University of Alabama is a campus that is filled with history, football, partying, and school pride. The school campus is so large that it is almost like a city itself. You can feel a sense of community no matter where you go on campus! Alabama has one of the most taken-care-of and beautiful campuses. Alumni are constantly supporting the school with frequent visits back.

The gender distribution is 55 percent female and 45 percent male, so you’ll have a good pick of women on campus. You’ll find women on campus doing fun stuff any day of the week. A campus favorite for these girls is Wine Wednesday, where they get a free entrance with their student ID to have as much wine as their budget and hearts desire. The people you find enrolled at University of Alabama are the type of people who just want to have a fun time no matter the circumstance.

7. University of Miami

Thousands of people in America consider attending the U when they apply to colleges. I mean, who wouldn’t mind going to a school with warm weather all year long? The weather in Coral Gables, FL is perfect for girls who like showing their skin. Students have described this school as living in a tropical paradise.

Miami University has around 14,000 students, so it’s not too big or too small. It’s full of diversity, too! Because it’s located in a suburb of Miami, it’s the perfect school if you want a great nightlife scene and college football.

Tinder has even provided Business Insider with data regarding college campuses with the most swiped right females. University of Miami ranks number two on the list! Girls are obviously open to Tinder in Miami, so that alone could make your college experience ten times better.

6. Florida State University

Florida State is where it’s at when it comes down to finding good looking women. The school’s gym offers free personal training for its students, so you might just find fit women walking all around campus. The school is very diverse, so you’ll find whoever you’re looking for. If you want small town southern belles, aspiring models, or a girl who was in the top 5% of her high school class, they have it all.

Some people might say that University of Florida is the biggest party school in Florida. It’s possible they might change their mind though after experiencing a night out filled with bars, pizza, and school pride at Florida State. Pools at apartment complexes have become widely popular party spots around campus. They’re filled with music, drinks, and fun people.

Whether you’re dealing with the squirrels known for being skittish on campus or attending the FSU-UF rivalry, there will always be someone to make the situation exciting.

5. East Carolina University

East Carolina University is one of the most fun colleges on the planet. East Carolina is widely known for its party scene – it has the best Halloween party known to man kind. October is when things will get wild at this school. Halloween weekend is the most important weekend to the Pirates. They sometimes even have alumni visit for the weekend because it is so unforgettable!

Some of the most beautiful girls are alumni of this university! This school has produced a Bachelor contestant winner, and a Miss USA winner!

If partying isn’t your thing, you’re still bound to find something exciting to do. For fun, students go to football games, attend free activities hosted by the school, go to the movie theater on campus, go to the beach, and explore all the food options in Greenville.

There is no doubt that you’ll find school pride all over campus. Are you ready to bleed purple and gold?

4. Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University doesn’t have a minimum GPA to get accepted. But, don’t let that fool you. The girls at this school are not only hot, but a good chunk of these women were in the top 10 percent of their graduating class in high school. These girls will turn any guy into a Horned Frogs fan if given the chance.

One major perk that TCU students get is a free concert every year. They’ve hosted amazing, popular, and talented artists. If you’re the type of man to flirt with women at concerts, you won’t want to miss this.

If you’re lazy and hate football, this definitely isn’t the school for you. If you love Greek life, Fort Worth, partying, and athletics, you have found the right place. Some people think that the majority of the students at TCU are from Texas, but that’s not the case. A lot of Californians and Arizonans are represented here.

3. Pepperdine University

It shouldn’t come as a¬†surprise that the girls at Pepperdine University made this list. The girls there are just downright gorgeous. Because they are located in Miami, they have various days throughout the year that they can go to the beach and work on their tan. Pepperdine thrives in arts, volunteering, athletics, and academics.

These girls are super athletic. While the school sadly doesn’t have a football team to cheer for on Saturdays, they have seventeen total NCAA Division 1 teams! They’ve had close to fifty students compete in the Olympics games, and 6 of them have even brought home gold medals. Athletics are no joke at this school.

Pepperdine seems like a good school to graduate from, too! They have an alumni network that includes thirty-two chapters in the US and even abroad. Doesn’t that sound convenient?

2. University of Southern California

California is known for beautiful girls. I mean, even Katy Perry made a top hit song about it. Being a student at USC is like being part of a family that’s away from your hometown. The warm weather at this school usually puts everybody in a cheerful mood.

You can find women at University of Southern California either surfing, playing beach volleyball, or working their butt off to get a high GPA. This school is filled with a ton of traditions and always has something exciting going on.

These ladies aren’t just smart and beautiful – they’re philanthropic, too! There has been around 32,000 hours of philanthropy related services in the school’s Greek life. There is nothing better than being a decent human being, and a percentage of the women on campus have went and proved how big their hearts really are. Along with that, they’ve had numerous athletic accomplishments at this school. It can’t get any better than that.

1. Arizona State University

Are you surprised? If you’ve seen Arizona State girls before, you shouldn’t be shocked that the school made it on this list. This is one of the biggest colleges in the USA with an enrollment of over 70,000 students.

Not only is the school campus beautiful, but the girls (and guys) are pretty good looking themselves. Arizona State University is basically known for the hot student body and the hard partying.

You’ll never want to go home after visiting this fun, beautiful, and exciting school! I personally don’t think one Arizona State student can describe their experience at the school as “boring.”

Arizona State is in a suburban area, so if you get tired of the party scene, there will be a wide variety of things for you to do.

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