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15 Common Reasons Why Girls Become Ultra-Jealous

15 Common Reasons Why Girls Become Ultra-Jealous

Sometimes women make it pretty hard for guys to understand their desires and hints. What’s even crazier is that girls often try to play it cool when in reality they’re almost dying on the inside. “Why doesn’t she speak her mind instead of playing a victim anyway?” Well, nobody knows the answer to this question…except for her. Perhaps, she wants you to make greater efforts in order to see what’s going on in her beautiful tiny head. Maybe she even feels as though you hardly care about her emotional state, worries, etc. Indeed, this could be a well-founded reason why girls often choose to say nothing instead of putting the cards on the table. You see, relationships could be such a pain in the neck when there’s an obvious chain of issues waiting to be solved.

Also, there’s no doubt that the same situation could get a lot worse when the girl happens to be extremely jealous. Well, we’ve warned you that girls could be beyond a man’s understanding, haven’t we? Indeed, if you think that such a scenario would be over your head as well, then we’d be glad to navigate you on such a challenging journey through women’s #15 most trivial reasons for being painfully jealous.

15. She suffers from basic insecurities

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Some ladies are without a doubt quite delicate and highly emotional. As such, they often lose control of their emotions. Frankly, this could absolutely lead to more serious problems even in a blooming relationship. If you still can’t think of a possible reason for such an emotionally unstable behavior, our advice is to check her mental box of insecurities. It must be overfilled with self-doubt, low self-esteem, and anxiety for sure. It’s not impossible, right? Now you know where her jealousy-triggered commentaries come from. Obviously, this girl has got some major insecurity issues to deal with. It is what it is, dude, and there’s no hiding from the face of the truth.

14. She can’t beat her regular mood swings

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Is her period coming soon? What is she even talking about? “I haven’t even looked at that girl at the bar! What’s the matter with her today?” Well, if you’re asking yourself the same questions, now you know what could have triggered such a ridiculous behavior. It’s quite obvious that such a negative person would probably give in to drama and depression. Surely, your role as her boyfriend is to help her get through these tough moments in life. Indeed, this is the foundation of every relationship, isn’t it? But still, there’s one question that is yet to be answered: why does she have to blow things out of proportions? Well, jealousy is a good undercover for anything. It’s much easier to shift the blame onto you for these mood swings even though you’ve done nothing wrong.

13. Watch out for some trust issues!

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Honestly, there’s nothing more annoying than dealing with your romantic counterpart’s trust issues. Also, most of the people think that they could change the other by displaying their genuine affection in every way. Well, sometimes efforts just fall through no matter how hard you try. Some people were just born with insecurities and trust issues! You could blame it on parents, zodiac sign and all. Unfortunately, your intimate partner’s attitude could get over your head. Surely, there’s always something you could do about it though. Perhaps, she’s acting like this because you don’t share enough with her. How about opening up to each other every now and then? The more you talk about an issue, the better chance you’ve got at solving it.

12. Ugh, was she born this way?


Was she like this when you met her? Did she really show no attitude towards your charming female friends and acquaintances? Wow, she must be one hell of an actress, don’t you think? Remember that people are always like this at the beginning of a new relationship. After all, who would want to show their wicked sides in front of a new potential partner? Well, she might have been cheated on or lied to before you both crossed paths. You never know what could change a person so negatively, right? Your appearance, however, could absolutely make a difference no matter how tiny. She may even stop being so jealous and suspicious of you. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

11. She envies your female buddies

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Your girl vs other women. Is there anything more trivial than this? Honestly, this is the most painful truth of all time. Also, there’s nothing a guy could do about her girl’s prejudices. The image of you surrounded by beautiful women scares her to death. Well, she may not really talk about it, but boy, this is what bothers her the most. Actually, this is hardly the most disturbing part of the story. If there’s even a slight chance that you find one of your female buddies attractive, you’ll surely get yourself in deep water only for considering it. Even a guy’s random glimpse at the girl-next-door could fuel major relationship issues with such a painfully jealous girl. Indeed, you never truly know a person’s thoughts and actions until you have to face them.

10. She’s kind of spoiled

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Isn’t she a bit …spoiled? Hmm, perhaps you’re on your way to discover this side of her personality. This could be her true self but you just don’t know it yet. In truth, spoiled girls get extremely jealous in the company of other gorgeous ladies. It doesn’t even matter whether this female is an acquaintance of yours, a colleague at work, etc. What matters the most is that your girlfriend goes nuts the moment you start talking to a charming girl. Why does it bother her so much? Well, we’ll tell you why. There’s a really slight chance that she’d enjoy being pushed somewhere to the side. Such females just hate being outshined by other women. Be sure that she won’t back down so easily.

9. She’s still too young and immature

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Throwing tantrums on a regular basis absolutely matches the wild character of any young lady. She hardly cares whether she’ll disrespect you with her actions and ill manners.  It’s true that a lady must behave ladylike no matter the situation. But frankly, there could always be more challenging moments that will put her composure to the ultimate test. And just in case she fails, you’ll know what you’re going to be dealing with. Generally, her young age is to blame more often than not. She has yet to discover life along with its good and bad times. It’s up to you whether you’d love to be a part of her journey.

8. Your girl needs more attention. Obviously.

Are you gentle and tender enough? Do you think she needs more of your precious attention? Well, let’s get it straight now: there’s barely a girl who wouldn’t want a partner who’s open, warm-hearted and kind. All of us want similar things in life, don’t we? You too would die for such a person by your side, wouldn’t you? Then how come you can’t understand what she’s been trying to tell you? She may not use words but her actions speak volumes for sure. It’s no secret that your girl secretly desires your attention more than ever. And if you’re still unsure about this, then how would you explain her complaints about your love life, relationship goals, etc? Besides, when was the last time you enjoyed anything adventurous? Now you know why she isn’t fond of sharing your company with others.

7. You’re just too handsome. Praise yourself, dude!

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We get it. The girl you’ve been in love with is so painfully jealous! What for? Is she blind to your love and efforts to make her happy? Hmm, she’s probably more aware of it than you could ever think. The point, however, is that she’s uncomfortable when other girls stare at you the moment you both appear somewhere. After all, she’s still as smitten with you as she was back in the day. So, maybe, you should feel proud of yourself. Obviously, your sweet girlfriend finds you the most attractive and handsome guy wherever you show up together. Besides, she’s perfectly aware of the racy thoughts that cross any girl’s mind at such a marvelous sight.

6. She feels less attractive around you

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No matter how beautiful, charming and charismatic your girl truly is, there’s still a chance that she’s got a pretty low self-esteem. It may seem kind of crazy and absurd to you, but the most beautiful ladies often turn pretty shy and less confident in themselves. Perhaps, your wonderful girlfriend is just another member of the “Shy Queens Group”. Also, this could easily explain why she sees any attractive lady as a genuine threat. The chance is that your pretty girl may feel threatened by the attention her guy gets from every corner! Well, you can’t blame her for thinking so highly of you, can you? Actually, you should praise yourself!

5. Maybe you’re kind of distant…

via Musings of the Amusing Muse

You always get home from work really tired and the only image that pops into your mind is the fluffy bed. We get it, but does your girlfriend truly understands it? You may not even think about this, however, she may feel really worried about the course of your wonderful relationship. No matter how exhausted, moody or even angry you are, your relationship doesn’t have to suffer the consequences. Neither should she feel abandoned and ignored. Therefore, you should make an effort to open up to her more often. She’ll understand any issues, worries, and problems at work. Be sure that this is definitely the right way to make her trust you more.

4. You check out other girls every now and then

Are you really such a d-bag? It’s no wonder why she’s been freaking out lately. Obviously, you have been the one to blame all this time. Checking out other women in the company of your girl is anything but nice. Actually, it’s a pretty bad sign for your relationship. Besides, let us tell you something about it. If your girl somehow catches you flat-flooded, then this would be the end of your fairy tale. Indeed, the majority of people wouldn’t live with the thought of being cheated on. So, you had better consider your possibilities before getting caught red-handed.

3. She’s already been cheated on

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Have you noticed that your girl is kind of haughty when you’re surrounded by other females? Well, there’s a good reason for it. She’s without a doubt overly protective of you. Sometimes people behave like this when they’ve suffered something unpleasant in previous relationships. For example, cheaters are very likely to get uncomfortable when their partner happens to be the life of the party. After all, they’re pretty aware of how quickly a flirty dance could become something more. Same applies to those people who have been cheated on. How is that so? Well, they’ve already been there. Thus, they are often super protective, overly attentive and domineering. Sadly, she also knows how to play this game like a pro.

2. Well, she’s just a Drama Queen

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Some girls just love getting on their partner’s nerves only to put his composure to the ultimate test. If you truly love your Drama Queen, you’ll find a way to deal with her wicked sides. But if you don’t really care about her then this new relationship is absolutely at death’s door. It’s just a matter of time before things fall through completely. But if you show her that her moodiness and random rumblings don’t bother you at all, she’ll love you even more than before. Be sure that every girl dreams of finding a guy who will love all of her creepy sides. Besides, there’s also a good chance that she’ll try to confide her deepest fears to you. Sharing is caring, right?

1. She’s too delicate and sensitive

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Although she’s a brilliant young lady who’s got brains as well, she can be quite a pain in the neck at times. Hey, there’s no point in lying to us, okay? We’re perfectly aware of how much you loathe her highly emotional sides. But actually, it shows her as a really delicate human being who’s far different than the cold-hearted and easy chicks out there. She gets pretty emotional when watching a great movie with a happy ending and that’s perfectly fine. Therefore, she’s very likely to get hurt if you lie to her or disrespect her. You wouldn’t want to break her heart, would you? Then show her how special she is and that there are no other girls in your world.  Indeed, words and actions do wonders with jealousy, don’t they?

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