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15 Companies To Work For If You Really Want To Impress The Ladies

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15 Companies To Work For If You Really Want To Impress The Ladies

While no one needs to be judged solely by the kind of job they do, the reality of the matter is, this happens a lot of the times. If you are a man, then you totally understand where this is heading. We all have that friend who works at this successful tech startup that gets all the ladies by simply saying that he works there (could be cleaning the washrooms but who cares, he works for Google.) There are particular professions that are glamorous enough to get you a date even if you have the average-Joe looks.

It’s really hard for any woman to resist the charms of a drop-dead handsome pilot, or that successful startup tech CEO, it’s almost downright impossible. But, this does not mean that you need to choose the company to work for based on its ability to attract women. I mean, what happened to doing what you love, or working where you are comfortable? But in case you are hoping to be a bit popular with the ladies, then the following companies will not only build your resume but will have women flocking around you like it’s black Friday. Here are 15 companies to work for if you really want to impress the ladies.

15. Central Intelligence Agency


Well, this will not only impress the ladies, but the men will think you are cool as well. Everybody wants to ‘have contacts in the CIA’. Working for the CIA doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the most lucrative job, but it has a lot of confidentiality, and that turns women on. We all love detective movies, and the mere chance that a woman thinks you are a secret agent, or you deal with confidential government secrets is enough to turn her on. Women love a mysterious man, and nothing could be more mysterious than working for a US government intelligence agency. It will be hard for any girl to resist your charms. So next time you walk into a bar and you are trying to impress a girl or indulge in a one-night stand, just whisper in her ear that you work for the CIA. Just make sure you are not caught! Remember, the walls have ears!

14. Columbia Records


Columbia Records is one of Americas most successful record label and a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. It doesn’t really matter what you do there, you could be a temp or office messenger, but working at Columbia records means that you have access to world superstars like Beyoncé, Adele, One Direction and many more. Things will be better yet for you if you are a music producer. Half of your time will be spent getting chased around by women in the music industry looking for music deals, and the other half will be spent being chased by women who want to make you theirs. And if you drop lines like, “Yeah, Jay-Z and I are buddies, he just invited me to a party on Friday,” well, that ought to get you a crazy following.

13. US Military


There is something about the government and law enforcement that just attracts the ladies. I mean, this is not the best paying job, and half the time military people are never there or are suffering from PTSD. But we all know women are attracted to broken men, right? However, there is something hot about discipline, power, and danger. If you enroll in the army, you’re quite literally giving your life for the sake of the country. It’s a fearless move, and women love this to the core. Guns, violence, guts, and muscles have a way of attracting women. This goes back to the medieval times; the strong and fearless men had the most wives. Funny world, isn’t it?

12. Southwest Airlines


Flying is perhaps one of man’s greatest achievements. We spent so many years wanting to be like birds, and that’s the reason why if angels appeared today, we would all be single in a heartbeat. If you work at Southwest Airlines, you are probably going to get a lot of attention. But wait, you’d have to be a pilot, or at least an aeronautical engineer, and not one of those rude customer service attendants or security; we have all had run-ins with them. Just like the military, pilots have an unsaid authority, and like angels, they have the ability to fly. There’s nothing as hot as being a pilot, and better yet, a pilot at Southwest Airlines.

11. Google


Google is perhaps one of the most successful and innovative tech companies in the world. What they do is phenomenal, and every woman in the world would like to date a Google worker. First, working at Google means you are successful; women love success. A successful man can get any woman. We have all heard of the great working environment at Google, meaning that you are a cheerful person who’s never cranky or stressed out at work. However, the best thing about working at Google is the company profile. It’s one of the best companies in the world and women love that.

10. Omnicom Group


Just like bankers and lawyers, advertising executives are flashy. They work with big multinational successful brands and make a lot of money advertising their brands for them. The advertising world is laid back. It mostly involves a lot of business meetings, trips overseas, parties, and a whole lot of Scotch whiskey. Marketing and Advertising executives are fun and carefree people. Women love a man with this kind of lifestyle. While they are normally branded as playboys; marketing executives are perhaps the most attractive professions in the world. And you most probably will work for some of the biggest companies around the world, which means you will have access to some of the hottest merchandise in town.

9. McKinsey & Company


If you are keen about the financial world, then you have heard about McKinsey & Company. They are a global management-consulting firm. Sounds very complex and hard to understand, right? Well, that’s the hook that will attract the ladies. McKinsey & Company is a global company, and very successful at that. Working at this company means you are very intelligent, and probably graduated from an Ivy League University. Women love intelligent people, someone who can challenge their thinking. Just hit them with your business card, and they are yours to keep.

8. Facebook


Let’s face it, half the people won’t believe you the first time when you tell them that you work at Facebook, and that’s because it’s the world’s largest social networking company. Almost everyone you know who didn’t grow up in the Stone Age is on Facebook. A great thing about working for this leading tech company is its openness to diversity, culture, and employee perks. Besides its awesome startup story, just working for this tech company gives you 80% chance with a girl before you even open your mouth. In some cases, you might not need to talk at all!

7. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz


This is perhaps the most prestigious law firm anyone can ever work for in the world. Not only does it represent the world’s leading companies, but it also represents the who’s who in the business world, and that’s got to count for a lot. WLRK is also the most prestigious and successful law firm in America, meaning if you work here, you definitely have an overflowing bank account. Women love lawyers, there’s just something about a man with a lot of confidence, a great thinker, and a problem-solver. Walk into any NYC hot bar and say you work for WLRK, it doesn’t matter if you are an intern, an associate or partner, you are already popular.

6. Memorial Sloan Kettering


Better known as MSK, the Memorial Sloan Kettering is a cancer treatment center. Women have a thing for medics. Surgeons, dentists, and medical scientists are perhaps one of the hottest professions to work in if you want to attract the ladies. Therefore, if you are looking to get yourself a woman, what better place to work, than a cancer treatment center? Women love a smart and intelligent man, if you work for the medical world it means you spent a lot of your life studying to be where you are. The MSK card is the best card you can use to woo a woman.

5. Cisco


It goes without saying, but everyone loves to be friends with someone who has invested his whole life to technology, even the ladies can’t resist that. In short, ‘Cisco is the world leader in IT and networking’, that’s all she needs to know about the multinational company, and she is all yours. While Cisco isn’t as popular as Google, Microsoft, or Apple, it’s clearly made a name for itself in the Tech world, and that is enough to attract hives of women. Being nerdy might have been a big disappointment in the teenage world, but in the adult world, it’s as hot as being an actor in Hollywood.

4. Apple


Well, Apple is one of the leading tech companies in the world. The fascination with Apple is not just because they build computers, software and mobile devices, but the fact that what they build is always built to perfection and with best quality standards. Women love a perfect man; the fact that you work for Apple means you give attention to detail. Apart from that, Apple offers one of the best employee perks and working environments, meaning that their employees are always relaxed and stress-free. Women are attracted by such qualities in a man. And who knows, you might work up the company to become the next Tim Cook, and that is very hot to women.

3. Space X


It goes without saying, space technology is one of the best and most fascinating professions anyone can ever work in. In case you work for Space X, it means you are a very intelligent person. Space X is an American Aerospace manufacturer and space travel service. Women find astronauts very attractive. Space exploration is perhaps the most advanced and groundbreaking project man has ever done after he learnt how to fly. Working at Space X will blow the minds of ladies and better yet if you are an astronaut. There’s something very appealing about a man who has been to outer space!

2. Morgan Stanley


Well, Wall Street will definitely have women physically fighting for your attention. Everyone loves money! While not everyone will agree with this, the world revolves around money. What better way to attract a woman than with knowledge about making money? To even set foot on Wall Street, you need to have some financial knowledge and be very good at it. Working at Morgan Stanley means you are so good at making money, you are making it for other people. Women love financial security; working at Morgan Stanley will definitely have them following you. It will assure her that you are able to provide the luxury lifestyle filled with private jets and fancy mansions.

1. Bank of America


If you are a banker, then you already know how easy it is to pick up women. Bankers, just like lawyers, they earn a lot of money. Money shows itself in many ways, and one way to identify a banker is through their expensive suits. Bankers are always well groomed and articulate, women love this. Working at Bank of America means you are the best of the best in the banking business. With a fat pay-check and a fancy suit, there is no way a woman would resist your charm. There is something universally alluring about a well-groomed man with a savvy and clever mind.


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