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15 Confessions From People Who Have Been Friend Zoned

15 Confessions From People Who Have Been Friend Zoned

There is nothing worse than unrequited love. Everyone who has ever had a crush on someone who doesn’t like them back will know just how much this hurts. In fact, this rejection even has a name, it’s called being “friend zoned.” Which basically means you are stuck in a relationship with someone who only views you as a friend, and has no intention of seeing you in a romantic light (even if that’s what you would love). And it happens to a lot more people than you would think.

But what does it really feel like to find yourself in a relationship where you are not the object of that person’s affections? Can you ever make them change their mind about you? These are questions that many want the answers to, so we’ve rounded up some confessions from people on Whisper who tell it like it is. While some are hilarious and totally selfish, others are sad yet beautiful — turns out there are some people in this world who are willing to be friends with someone because that’s what they needed. Below are 15 confessions from people who have been friend zoned, and tell it like it is.

15. Mixed Signals Make It Worse


It’s a common misconception that only boys are friend zoned (well, if you even believe that there is such a thing as being friend zoned in the first place). But according to the woman behind this confession, the guy she likes really just wants to keep her as a friend. Although, he’s sending some seriously mixed signals about the whole thing.

According to this girl, the guy invited her to his birthday party and spent most of the night speaking to her, he invites her out to a bunch of places, and is perfectly comfortable introducing her to his guy friends, yet he has no romantic interest in her. She’s clearly confused about his feelings, but it really seems as though her crush just thinks of her as one of the guys.

14. Because You Don’t Just Have Being Nice In Mind


This guy’s confession about being friend zoned is one of the more annoying confessions on this list, because he claims to be one of the nice guys, but in the same sentence he then goes on to question why he’s not getting laid.

This guy is confused as to why, if he is being himself, he is not getting any romantic interest from people. He seems frustrated that he’s still not out of the friend zone! Then again, it may be time for him to relook at his approach when meeting women, because sorry, but girls have a radar for these things. They don’t want to be with guys who only want one thing — and for this guy, it seems that one thing is getting laid!

13. It Hurts Like Heck


This guy clearly has a massive crush on the girl in his confession, and he claims that she has put him in the friend zone. Although his confession would make it seem as though he thought that there was still hope, and was waiting for her to change her mind about the whole thing. She didn’t.

Instead, she finally told him that she has started seeing someone else, and while he now realizes he doesn’t stand a chance with her. He has the closure he’s been wanting, but he admits it still hurts. Unrequited love sucks! But at least something good has come out of this, because he may finally be able to move on from the girl who clearly has no interest in him.

12. The Friend Zone Is Confusing


Getting friend zoned can be really confusing, and again, the person behind this confession seems to be receiving major mixed signals. According to him, he really likes one of his friends, and she has made quite a statement about him, saying that she sees herself marrying someone like him.

The dilemma? He is not sure if she is actually considering being with him, or if he is stuck in the friend zone. While we don’t have more details behind this confession, and we can’t be certain how this woman really feels, it does seem as though she is thinking that future her would want to settle down with a guy like him, but present her is not ready for that yet. Regardless, it’s probably best he asks.

11. Sometimes It’s Worth It


You wouldn’t think that anyone would ever want to be in the friend zone, but apparently, this guy did it on purpose and it’s been worth it. His reason is apparently because she needed a friend at the time, so he wanted to be there for her, and although he admits that it hasn’t been easy (because he so clearly thinks of her as more than a friend). He claims he thinks she’s worth the effort — and this is one of the most beautiful, yet sad confessions you’ll ever read for this reason. Despite his feelings, he knows that it’s more important to there for this girl, and he claims that she will never see him as more than a friend; but he is “honored” to fill that role in her life.

Honestly, this guy sounds like a keeper. A fter all, some of the best relationships start out as friendships, so you never know what the future may hold.

10. He’s Like Her Boyfriend


This guy and his friend obviously spend so much time together and do very relationship-type things, because apparently, everyone thinks that they are like a couple. According to the person behind this confession, when people joke that he is his friend’s “boyfriend,” or like her boyfriend, she gets all grossed out, because she obviously doesn’t see him like that. What she doesn’t realize, is that her reactions to these comments are hurting him.

He also claims that she is now with someone else, and it hasn’t been an easy adjustment. You have to feel for this guy because while this girl clearly values him as a friend, it seems highly unlikely that she will ever seem him in a different light, especially if she’s passed up on the chance to be with him.

9. Her Heart Is Breaking


This girl is completely heartbroken because she has fallen head over heels for a guy who only sees her as a friend. They are obviously pretty close because according to the girl behind this confession they talk and text, and every time they do, her heart breaks a little more.

It’s not a healthy situation to be in, because she is probably holding out and waiting for him to change his mind, and this could mean that she will potentially miss out on being with people who actually do like her. You can’t force someone to have feelings for you, and if he doesn’t, then there is really no way around it. But, as cliché as it sounds, there actually really are more fish in the sea.

8. His Romantic Conquests Always Fail


This guy seems to be eternally unlikely in love, but that could just be because he is choosing the wrong women. The guy behind this confession claims that he always starts relationships off in an old-school way and tries hard to sweep the woman off her feet, but things don’t really go according to plan. Instead of the woman falling hopelessly in love with him, the outcome is that he gets placed in the friend zone.

Now, this guy probably needs to do one of two things: the first is he needs to be completely clear about his intentions with these girls from the start (which may, or may not, increase his chances of not being friend zoned), or, he is not wooing the right girls. There is going to be another girl out there who will appreciate his efforts, he just needs to find her.

7. Can’t Stop Thinking About Her


The person behind this confession was apparently friend zoned two years ago, and they are still thinking about this girl because they admit to being unable to “get her out of my thoughts.”

They clearly have it bad, because two years is a very long time, especially when the girl has been clear about her feelings. If she hasn’t changed her mind in two years, she is highly unlikely to do it now, so this person really needs to move on. You can’t force people to have feelings for you, and while it most probably sucks to have a major crush on someone who will never want you back; instead of wasting their time on someone who doesn’t want to be with them, this person should start focusing on those that do.

6. The Moment You Realize You’ve Been Friendzoned


The moment when you realize that you’ve been friend zoned can come as quite a shock. According to this girl, she has only just figured out that she has been friend zoned by a guy who was once interested in her. She claims that the guy used to flirt with her, but she has now noticed that he speaks to her as more of a friend.

Although she does use “Lol” in her confession, so it seems she’s not all that upset by his change in attitude towards her, she does seem shocked that it happened. She also doesn’t know why.

While we don’t know the circumstances surrounding this confession and if the two ever had anything more than a little flirting going on, it’s really not the end of the world to be friends with someone.

5. Trying To Leave The Friendzone Isn’t Easy


According to the person behind this confession, she thinks that her best friend has been hinting that he wants to be more than friends. However, it could be a little more complicated than just two friends developing feelings for each other, because the person behind this confession notes that the guy has just come out of a relationship and she is really not sure if he is over his ex-girlfriend. She’s clearly confused and admits that she doesn’t know what to do.

What this sounds like is that the guy is a bit hurt, and he is maybe not thinking about the consequences of hooking up with his friend. What should she do? In my opinion, she should think long and hard about whether this is the right time to turn her friendship into something more because it’s possible that she’s just going to be a rebound.

4. It’s Not Fun For The Person Doing The Friendzoning


While all of the confessions on this list come from people who are in the friend zone, this one is a little different, because it comes from someone who is doing the rejecting — and getting really annoyed with it. According to the woman behind this confession, she’s so tired of friend zoning people, and it’s really not an enjoyable experience.

She claims that the friend zone is just as awkward for women as it is for the men who find themselves in it, and according to her, there is nothing worse than when she sees hope in the friend’s eyes and she has to continue to reject them. Rejecting people is not a fun process, and she can’t force herself to have feelings that she clearly doesn’t have.

3. They Still have Hope


According to the guy or girl behind this confession, being friend zoned is really not that bad. Because being a friend with someone you have a crush on still means you have hope — they should clearly speak to the girl in the confession above, who would love people to realize that no means no the first time, and that there is no way she is going to change her mind.

This person feels that being “bro-zoned” is far worse than being friend zoned, because apparently if your crush starts to see you as one of the guys then there is no going back. I’m not exactly sure what the difference between these two concepts is, so I’m just going to take their word for it!

2. Some People Don’t Think It’s That Bad


This is yet another confession from someone who seems to think that being in the friend zone is not the worst thing that can happen to you, and actually, they make a good point. The person behind this confession says there are much worse things that a person who is rejecting you can do, than just thinking of you as a friend. What’s worse? Well, they could want nothing to do with you, or as this person puts, you could be put into the “I don’t even want to look at you zone” — And they would definitely prefer to be in the former.

Actually, this is a pretty good point, because you’re not going to want to be friends with someone you can’t stand or that creeps you out, so in a way, it’s sort of a compliment that the person wants to keep you in their life.

1. He Checks Her Photos For Her

You know that you’re pretty deep into the friend zone when the girl asks for your advice about other guys. But this confession goes one step further than that because according to this guy, the girl who has rejected him doesn’t just ask him for relationship advice, she thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to send him unclothed photos so that he can preview them before she sends them on to other guys.

This is all kinds of messed up. And it’s also incredibly selfish of this girl because she obviously has some idea that this guy is into her, not to mention her actions are pretty inappropriate. I have a lot of guy friends and I’m not going to be sending them unclothed pictures anytime soon.

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