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15 Confessions From Students Who Have A Major Crush On Their College Professor

15 Confessions From Students Who Have A Major Crush On Their College Professor

Hollywood wants us to believe that affairs between students and college professors happen more often than we would like to think. And although there are multiple films which explore these scenarios between professors and students, does it actually happen in real life?

We can’t be sure how many crushes actually translate into full-blown affairs, but one thing we definitely do know is that there are a lot of students who have inappropriate crushes on their professor, and many of them are thinking about acting on it.

Why are people attracted to their college professor? Could it because there is something attractive about a person who holds a position of authority? Maybe. Is it because there is something appealing about having someone who you are not meant to be with? Possibly, after all, professors are not allowed to have relationships with their students, and universities will outline this in their contracts. Or, is it just that students simply have crushes because their professors are just really, really good looking? Turns out, it’s probably a good mixture of all three. And below are 15 confessions from people who have a major crush on their college professor, and they’re desperately trying to figure out what to do about it.

15. They Had To Chant A Mantra

Having a crush on your professor is definitely wrong, well, it is if you decide to act on it. And according to the person behind this confession, she tried really, really hard not to act on her crush because her super cute professor was a married man.

But this student managed to get through the class without ever doing anything about her crush, and she did it by chanting a mantra about her professor being off-limits because not only is her professor, but he was also in a relationship — and she didn’t want to be the person to destroy all of this. The good news is that she’s finally done with the class, and now no longer has to gaze at a man she can never have.

14. It’s The Russian Accent

It’s hard not to crush on people with exotic accents because there’s something so appealing about an accent. And this girl had a HUGE crush on her Russian professor, and it was his accent that really did it for her.

But apart from listening to his “beautiful Russian accent” every time she’s in class, her crush isn’t made any better by the fact that this guy is apparently “cute” and “fit.” And while this female student doesn’t seem to have acted on her crush, it definitely seems as though she’s thinking about it.

Turns out having a cute professor can be extremely distracting, because if all she’s thinking about during her class is this man, then she’s unlikely to be getting any work done, right?!

13. He Wants Something More

This person is crushing on a female professor, and he clearly thinks about her so much that she’s started to enter his dreams — and he’s probably loving that at least his fantasies can play out in dream form. The person behind this confession admits to having had a dream about his college professor and it’s not just a crush because he really wants something more. Apparently, he would love to date her, and one of the reasons is because she’s super pretty.

Let’s just hope this guy waits until his class is finished before he decides to act on his feelings, because it could result in an incredibly awkward situation if the professor doesn’t feel the same way. And really, what are the chances that she is going to?

12. He’s A Lot Older, Obviously

Unless you’re a senior student, your professor is going to be older than you (after all, he had to complete his studies before he can teach), and according to the girl behind this confession, she’s crushing on her professor who is at least ten years older than her. And she clearly has a thing for older men.

She’s a freshman, and class has just started and it’s already the professor — instead of the work — that’s consuming her thoughts. The difference between this confession and the ones before is that this person doesn’t seem to want anything more to happen because instead, she claims that feeling this way is not only embarrassing but also really annoying. Which is not surprising, because unrequited love (or in this case a crush) is definitely not fun.

11. He Thinks She May Like Him Too

People are not oblivious, and when someone really likes them, they’re bound to pick up on the signals. And it seems as if this college professor has realized that one of her students has a bit of a crush on her. The strange thing is, according to the guy behind this confession, he thinks that she may feel the same way. His reason? Because he “catches” her looking at him more often than the other students.

This could be for three reasons: firstly, it’s possible that she does feel the same way. Secondly, he could just be paranoid about her looking at him because he so desperately wants to think that she likes him back, and lastly, she could just be aware that her student has feelings for her and is keeping an eye on him. Whatever the reason, the guy behind this confession is clearly confused about what he should do.

10. She’s Hoping It Will Turn Into More

This person is waiting to see if their college professor feels the same way as she does, but she wants to ensure that her class with him is finished before she acts on her feelings — just in case it results in rejection and an incredibly awkward semester.

According to this female student, she has a crush on her 30-year-old college professor (so he’s likely a good ten years older than her) and she’s been thinking about them having an affair, or, as she puts it, asking him if he’s “willing to get it on.” She offers up no more information on her professor, or how she plans to go about asking him if he feels the same way, but this can’t be an easy situation to find yourself in.

9. He’s A Married Man

This confession comes from yet another female student who has been daydreaming about her male professor. According to this woman, her professor is 20 years older than she is, and he is a married man. And while she admits to having a “massive crush” on the professor, the good news is that this student doesn’t seem interested in acting on it — and potentially influencing her grades and her reputation, and destroying a marriage.

Instead, this woman simply reveals that she doesn’t intend to flirt, but rather admires her professor from afar. And really, you have to applaud this student for realizing that this is one crush that’s best not to pursue because if he was to reciprocate her feelings, no good is likely to come from it.

8. She Only Took The Class For Her Professor

Imagine taking a class that you don’t even need, and you’re possibly not even interested in, for the sole purpose of ogling on the very attractive professor? Sure, there are often one or two classes that people take for credits, although they have no intention of pursuing a career in that field and have no need to take the class, but usually, these classes are taken because the person taking them has (at the very least) an interest in the subject.

For this female student, it’s a little different, because she doesn’t even seem to like algebra, but she has a major crush on her algebra professor. According to this student, she’s a lesbian and she doesn’t think her professor is, but that hasn’t stopped her from wishing that something more could happen between her and her professor. In fact, she freely admits that her professor is the only reason she took the class.

7. They Are Way Too Young

This person seems to have a bit of a thing for professors because they don’t just admit to loving one professor in particular, but rather they tend to love professors in general — maybe they have a thing for older men or women. But while it’s inappropriate for most college students to have crushes on their professors, they are at least not underage. However, the person behind this confession is. This person claims to be 16 years old and in college, so while they are clearly one smart cookie, when it comes to relationships, they should really be interested in someone who is closer to their age.

Still, despite knowing that they are way too young to be with any professor, they admit that the thought of “being with a professor” makes them “happy.”

6. They Don’t Know What To Do

The person behind this confession hasn’t offered up much information about how they feel about their professor, apart from the fact that they have a crush on them. And, unlike many of these other confessions, they are remaining rather tight-lipped about the entire thing. However, they are clearly having a dilemma, because they think about their professor so much that they’ve now taken to an anonymous app to request the help of others.

And the question that they really want to be answered about this entire thing? What should they do about their crush? Let’s think about it this way: what can they really do? They either tell their professor and what happens is an incredibly awkward conversation and subsequent rejection, where the professor tells the student that they cannot engage in a relationship, because they are contractually prohibited from doing so, or they embark on an affair that is unlikely to end well.

5. She Feels So Guilty

The reality of a relationship with a college professor is probably going to be extremely disappointing when compared to the fantasy of it. According to the woman behind this confession, she has a crush on her college professor, and she’s not happy about it.

While most of these other confessions involve people who are desperate to find a way to escalate their crush to an affair or a relationship, this woman feels differently. She feels really bad about her crush. Probably because there are so many reasons why it’s inappropriate to have such a crush: it could influence your grades (and you want to earn those grades on merit, not because of influence on your professor), it could destroy the credibility of the professor, not to mention it is another stressor when college students are already dealing with a lot.

4. She’s Hardworking, But She’s Also A Rebel

This girl is in her second year of college, and she decided to include her grades because she clearly wants everyone to know that she’s one smart cookie. However, that doesn’t mean that studious individuals can’t be rebellious. And this female student definitely has a rebellious side to her, because she’s attracted to someone she really shouldn’t be attracted to.

According to the confession, this student has a big crush on her English professor, and she’s clearly been thinking about it a lot if she’s decided to share it on a public platform. We don’t know what she plans to do about her crush, or if she intends to act on it, but what her confession really proves is that all types of students can develop inappropriate attractions for their professors.

3. College Only Just Started

When you first start college, there are a lot of new things to get used to: you’re in a completely new environment, you’re away from home and don’t have your friends and family for emotional support, you need to make new friends and new connections, and you have to handle the massive jump between the last year of high school, and the first year of college. It’s a fantastic, but also a stressful time, so the last thing any new student needs is an inappropriate relationship that’s only going to be a bigger stressor.

Still, according to this student, classes have only just started and they already have a crush on one of their professors. They have remained secretive about who the professor is, why they have a crush on them, and what they plan to do about it, but the fact that they are willing to admit it on Whisper most probably means it’s not just a fleeting attraction.

2. She Made It So Obvious

It seems that the person behind this confession may be a college assistant, and it also seems that they have a serious attraction to college professors. Why do I say that? Because it’s not just one college professor that this person is crushing on, but three, which must make for an incredibly awkward working environment when you’re crushing on all of your superiors.

According to this person, they also have a “terrible poker face” so it’s incredibly easy to know exactly how they are feeling, and virtually impossible for them to hide that they have a crush. The result? It’s likely that every one of these college professors knew exactly how this person felt, but from this confession, we can assume that nothing really happened between them.

1. It’s A Major Crush

To conclude the list of college professor crushes, we leave you with one of the most common statements: someone who has a “huge crush” on their college professor. And although this person does not reveal much information about the attraction, or whether or not they intend to act on it, they are in good company, because so many people seem to feel this way.

Of course, there are a lot of questions we want to be answered about this statement. Is this man single? Will the student be acting on their feelings? Will they wait until after the class to do so? Could something actually come about with regards to this affair, or is it more likely to be far less exciting in reality? Sadly, these are answers we will never have.

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