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15 Confessions Of Passengers Trapped On An Airplane

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15 Confessions Of Passengers Trapped On An Airplane

Have you ever been stuck on a plane? Well, it’s not the best of situations to be caught up in, and in case you feel it’s an exaggeration, it could be the worst experience of your life. Imagine getting to your destination and not being able to get out of the plane for hours due to airport safety procedures. That would drive anyone nuts.

Well, some of the stories told by people who have had the chance to experience this devastating feeling make it sound like a scene from a horror movie. What most people don’t understand is that all the services you get from your airline are meant to last for a specific duration, and once your time gets extended on the plane, the situation escalates rapidly from bad to worse, and especially if you have small children and sick people on board. There’s the rare chance that people could get infected by diseases due to congestion and suffocation, there’s also the likelihood of a stampede if there is a fire, or a gas leak occurs. Flying on an airplane might seem risky, but it gets worse when you get stuck in it. In case you are wondering, here are 15 confessions of passengers trapped on an airplane.

15. Ac Doesn’t Work


Most people might not know this, but the services on any plane are meant to last the duration of the flight. Any delays might lead to severe shortage of services, and while delays are normal in the transport system globally, extensive delays can be horrible for passengers. One passenger who got stuck at a Canadian Airport for 5 hours due to weather tweeted about how the air conditioning system went out after being stuck for two hours on the plane. If the AC doesn’t work, then there’s a high possibility of suffocation and especially for young children who might be on board. There’s also the risk of contracting airborne diseases.

14. Passengers get frustrated


Passengers are human, and while a two-hour delay might not get anyone cranky, a five-hour delay is bound to change a pleasant group of passengers into a bunch of crybabies and loonies. It’s understandable why they get frustrated, some of them might be traveling due to emergencies, and the pressure normally builds up rapidly. Ask any flight crew member, and they will tell you that getting stuck in an aircraft with a bunch of pissed off passengers is worse than having a malfunction on a plane in midair. Arguments will get out of hand and sometimes turn physical.

13. Little flow of Information


This often puzzles me; it’s really funny how communication is always inexistent in such circumstances, which often makes it harder for the flight crew when they are unable to give satisfactory information to the passengers on board and their worried relatives outside the plane. When a plane gets stuck in the airport, the passengers’ first instinct is to pass the message to their loved ones. And that’s how the airline call centers and emergency services get jammed up with calls. The airline cannot answer directly to every query, due to the lawsuits that they might face after the event, meaning legal counsel has to be sought. This normally leaves everyone with little information about how the airline is going to deal with the problem.

12. Eventually, food gets scarce


As explained earlier, the resources on a plane are meant to last only for some time. If passengers remain on the plane for extended periods, then there is bound to be a shortage. Some of the things that get depleted are food, water, air conditioning, basic hygiene products like soap and toilet paper. When 200 people are no longer able to use the bathroom due to a water shortage, then things are bound to get ugly. Imagine a situation where mothers are unable to get enough diapers, and the AC system on the plane is no longer functioning. This is the perfect recipe for disaster when you think about it.

11. Toilets get jammed and packed


Think about it. There are more than a hundred passengers stuck on the plane, you have run out of the water, the AC is no longer functional, and there is nothing else to do. Toilet visits are definitely going to increase. The plane restrooms have not been designed to handle that kind of traffic in a single flight, meaning there’s bound to be long queues and a big sanitary problem and especially when the plane finally runs out of water, which normally happens really fast. The risks that come from such a situation can only be solved in the ER.

10. Power went out


When two hundred people get stuck on a plane, what’s bound to happen? Well, first, most people will want to communicate with their loved ones, meaning their devices will have to be hooked onto the plane to charge, depleting the plane’s power backup. Since the plane is not in motion, then its charging system isn’t functional, and a power failure is bound to happen. When the plane gets stuck, there’s usually heavy usage of utilities in the plane, and that’s prone to drain the plane’s energy real fast. When power fails, it’s impossible to use most of the utilities on the plane, which raises the tension in the plane even more.

9. It’s going to be a big hassle in case you have pets


Traveling with your pets always seems like a good idea, since they are family, we never want to leave them behind with friends or family, and we always want to experience all the great memories with them. Well, when you are stuck for more than 10 hours on a plane, and your cat is stuck in cargo, you are bound to get furious. Some pets might get sick due to the flight experience, and most owners will not feed them before taking a flight. Therefore, when you get stuck on the plane for 15 hours, you can be sure your cat or dog is starving.

8. Extensive Delays Due to Congestion and Refueling Planes


Delays are normal; we have all experienced them. However, when the weather gets really bad, and planes have to divert their flights for safety reasons, then there is bound to be a congestion problem in nearby airports. Since most of the flights will spend extra time in the air waiting for air traffic control to get them a diversion spot, there’s obviously going to be delays and congestion at nearby airports since there will be more refueling planes and emergency landings. Therefore, if there was a 5-hour delay, it’s going to double since the airline might have to restock supplies and refuel due to the delays.

7. Depletion of Basic Supplies (Water, Diapers)


Passenger planes always seem to be massive, and especially commercial planes. They aren’t as big when you are stuck inside them for 15 hours. Ask anyone one who has gone through this gruesome experience, and they will tell you for free. Getting stuck on a plane is your worst nightmare. After some time you will not be able to get water, food and basic supplies unless you are elderly, sick or a toddler. This can be a very excruciating experience and especially if you are not the most patient of people. You might have to wait a long time to get to the bathroom that might lack water when you eventually get your turn.

6. No Fresh Air


No AC means no fresh air. You are stuck with more than 100 people on a plane with no AC, no power, and no supplies; the air is definitely not going to be pleasant and especially when passenger start feeling sick. It may be hard to imagine this situation if you haven’t experienced it first hand, but believe me, it’s not an easy one. One passenger who was stuck on an airplane due to extreme weather described the experience as being worse than a correctional facility. “Imagine being locked up in a plane with more than 200 frustrated passengers, with no water, power or food; it’s chaotic.”

5. Excessive Heat


You have been stuck for 5 hours, power is finally out, there’s no water, people are shouting and screaming their lungs out at the cabin crew, there’s an endless line to the washrooms, and nothing is getting better. That is a recipe for disaster, and temperatures are bound to get high! With people moving all over, lack of air inside the plane, and low supplies, it’s bound to get very hot on the plane. This can cause passengers with breathing problems and young children to suffocate. Since the airline cannot open the doors without confirmation from management and the airport, the passengers have to deal with the excruciating heat inside the aircraft.

4. Sick Passengers lack care


Let’s face it, not everyone traveling on a plane is in perfect health condition. And while there are health checks done before boarding any plane, not everyone who is sick or is getting sick will be restricted from boarding the plane. When the plane gets stuck, some of these sick passengers will lack the medical care that they need, which makes their situation escalate fast. They are also a health risk to other passengers especially if they are suffering from something that might be contagious. The airline will often get these passengers out of the plane in such a circumstance, but not all the time.

3. High Chance of Spreading diseases


Passengers are bound to get sick, and this is because they are actually traveling from one place to another. Depending on where they might have come from, they might have picked up something and getting stuck on the plane never helps such a situation. If anything, it makes the whole experience ugly. Once other passengers note that someone else on the plane might be sick, tensions might rise, and the situation might get out of hand. In case the situation is not handled properly, other passengers might get infected by airborne diseases such as a cold or flu, and no one wants to get sick on a plane when it’s stuck.

2. Disputes and Fights with frustrated passengers


Well, fights and arguments are bound to happen when a bunch of frustrated passengers have been stuck on a plane for more than 5 hours. These disputes will normally arise due to competition for resources. One passenger might feel they are more entitled to getting supplies than a toddler or an elderly person. Either way, they did pay for the flight, and they feel equally entitled. Others might get frustrated and pick a fight with the airline crew since they do not provide much information to the passengers. In any case, a brawl is bound to occur when people get stuck on the plane. At the end of the day, some people might have to spend a few more hours with security while others go home.

1. You Might not get Supplies unless you are a Baby, Elderly or Sick


Once resources start getting scarce, the airline crew might resort to only serving those who are helpless. If you are not elderly, a baby or sick, you might have to suck it up until the situation has calmed down. It is worse if you are middle age because you might have to be last in line for everything since you are believed to be healthy. Even going to the washroom might prove to be an uphill climb since you are not on the priority list. Getting stuck on a plane can make an interesting story, but experiencing it is your worst nightmare!


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