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15 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

15 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

What is a conspiracy? And what do we understand by the term conspiracy theories? A conspiracy theory is basically a claim about a civil, criminal or political conspiracy. It is the result of a secret plot by conspirators having cunning traits and powers. There is a worldwide concept that we usually accept fake new and in this era, it becomes highly difficult to separate true and fake news. We hear a lot of conspiracies and many of them turn out to be true. Conspiracies are mostly about health, money, state or even diet and they become viral through social media, as these days social media have become the most accessible platforms. Many conspiracy theories are not accurate but there are a prominent number of theories that turned out to be true and here we have listed theories that didn’t disappoint their believers.

15. Weird worship rituals

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There is a conspiracy that the most prominent men of the world gather at the Bohemian Grove every year to do unspeakable acts; these acts include demonic worship and sacrifices. They all gather at the giant campsite in the redwoods of California every July. Some people say that these people gather there just to drink and watch plays. Many claimed that these men used to worship a giant stone owl in an occult fashion. Many famous international news channels investigated these claims to determine the reality of this matter and found it to be true. Apparently, the activities performed by these men are a part of a private art club based in San Francisco known as the Bohemian Club. The men are a part of a proper brotherhood, the likes of which we see in movies and TV shows.

14. How Hitler actually passed away


On July 20, 1994, one of the largest conspiracy theories made was to assassinate Hitler; many people from his inner circle were involved in all the propaganda. At the end of World War 2 when things became unfavorable for Hitler’s government, it became easy for Nazis to dethrone him. Operation Valkyrie was carried out in order to replace Hitler and his company. They planned to continue Hitler’s procedure of government during his assassination which would be blamed completely on the Nazis while Stauffenberg would have full control over the government. Stauffenberg tried to kill Hitler with a briefcase bomb in his conference room. After many attempts, he blasted the bomb with the help of remote control, but Hitler was lucky as he survived and only had small wounds.

13. The Syphilis Study


A clinical study was done on 400 poor African American men by the United States Public Health Service from 1932 to 1972. In this study, these poor men were given false and sometimes dangerous treatments which obviously had severe side effects in the upcoming years. The aim of this study was to enable the scientists to get to know more about different diseases. No ethical or moral considerations were practiced, and the lives of people were also at risk. Initially, it was decided that these studies would last for six months but unfortunately, they lasted for about 40 years. As a result of these studies, 200 men died due to syphilis and other complications at the end of the study.

12. Attack on North Vietnam


You will be amazed to know that the American military fired 300 shells at North Vietnamese boats that were not even present there. It is also known as the USS Maddox incident. Firing on Vietnamese Navy torpedo boats was part of an intelligence patrol; as a result, the president of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson drafted the Gulf of Tonkin resolution so that they can provide a legal vindication for the US military incursion in Vietnam. It is believed that this is not what really happened. A study done by the declassified internal national security agency exposed the real situation they claimed that there were no navy vessels even present there during the incident. The best part was the comment of the US’s president. He said that ‘for all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there’.

11. ‘Stay behind’ operation


This operation is also known as operation Gladio. It was started in Italy after the end of World War 2. Operation Gladio is the informal name of this operation, which is also sometimes called ‘super NATO’. The Central Intelligence Agency played a vital role in sponsoring its activities during the Cold War. They were also linked with the right-wing terrorist attacks carried out in Italy. Many innocents were hurt. Terrorism and assassinations were all part of the black ops. The methods that were used in the black ops were also used in unconventional warfare. After 9/11, many black ops and unethical practices became common as part of the war on terror. Today, such black ops are carried out with the help of companies like Blackwater.

10. The Machine that detected homosexual men


This machine was apparently used to find homosexual men. It was developed in Canada. The Canadian government signed up a professor of Carleton University named Frank Robert Wake. It was considered that this machine could identify homosexual men. The goal behind the formulation of this machine was to get all the gay men out of Canada’s government. By using this machine, almost 400 individuals lost their jobs and about 900 people were added to the list of suspects. These men were identified by examining how much their pupils dilate after being forced to see an erotic picture of a same-gender individual. This device gave results on the basis of verbal and nonverbal cues.

9. Babylonian brotherhood


This is an inconvincible conspiracy theory. It comprises of people who believe that the world is ruled by a group of interdimensional lizard people who are known as the Babylonian Brotherhood. The members of this group take the form of politicians and famous social figures. Examples of these people include Barack Obama, the Queen and the late American country music singer Boxcar Willie. The conspiracists have used YouTube to show the world ‘undeniable proof’ of their findings. It is also being claimed that these lizard people are also behind the secret societies like Freemasons and the Illuminati. About 12 million Americans believe that their country is being ruled by lizard people.

8. Human-animal hybrids


These days’ scientists are working around the globe to create comical human-animal hybrids. Many types of research are being done, as the Chinese scientists have embedded human milk protein genes into a mouse’s genome and have successfully created herds of humanized milk-producing goats. Doctors are also creating animals with humanized immune systems, which are used as new HIV vaccines. We can see many other examples around us such as rabbit eggs with human cells, pigs with human blood, sheep and human livers, cow eggs with human cells and cat-human hybrid proteins. In the future, we will witness many such hybrids around us.

7. The order of the Illuminati


On May 1st, 1776, a secret society of the enlightenment age was established in Ingolstadt by Adam Weishaupt. Freethinkers, secularists, liberals, Republicans, and pro-feminists were part of this society; they used to promote perfectionism in their mystery schools. This society was abolished and censored by the government as these secret societies were considered threats to state religion and they were also becoming sources of conspiracies. The order of the Illuminati remained strong and survived the containment by the government and became the masterminds of the French revolution and the reign of terror. They globalized the concepts of anti-monarchism, anti-clericalism, and anti-patriarchalism.

6. The truth of pro wrestling


Many of us are die hard fans of wrestling and we also follow our favorite wrestlers. Here’s the conspiracy about pro wrestling. Many results of pro wrestling were leaked on the Internet before the matches were played and those results went viral. There was an unknown fan who claimed that the Federation is unable to keep its matter confidential. This fan is known by the name of dolphin 1925. This information was gathered by a source worldwide wrestling entertainment; these allegations have caused a great deal of chaos in the wrestling world. These assertions were also about wrestling superstars like John Cena and Undertaker. Surprisingly these results came out to be true.

5. The new world order


This conspiracy is considered to be the biggest conspiracy. Apparently, there are small groups of the world’s rich people who shape and rule government, media, industries and other organizations worldwide. Central banking is considered as the source of their authority over the world. It also said that they were the cause behind the wars in the last 200 years, and they have full control over the world’s economy. These people are mostly bankers who own large private banks around the world. These people meet every year and their meeting remains unreported. In their meetings, they mostly discuss world affairs, wars, economy or in other words they discuss world policy. The term ‘new world order’ is basically a dramatic change in world politics and the balance of powers after the two world wars.

4. Denver international airport


Denver already had a fully functioning airport and there was no need of a new airport. However, the Denver airport took about 4.8 billion to build and everyone is clueless why this was so expensive to build even though it had less runways when compared to others. It took a period of 16 months to complete this mysterious airport. It is considered to be mysterious because of the scary dystopian murals and the sculptures that depicted the four horsemen of the apocalypse. It has been considered that the reason why it went over budget was that it has an underground bunker for the world’s elite; these bunkers will be used at the time of natural disasters.

3. The Manhattan Project


This famous project was operated during World War 2 and the main aim behind this project was to establish the first-ever atomic bomb. It was initiated by the United States, but the United Kingdom and Canada also played their part. It was formulated by the engineer of the US army and an American physicist J. Robert who conducted the scientific research. Almost 13,000 individuals were employed and about US$2 billion was used to make the project successful. The roots of the project come from Nazi government who tried to build their own atomic weapons. It is considered as one of the largest conspiracies in history. A number of secret sites were built for research purposes. This project never came to the public as media never reported anything and the government always denied news about it.

2. Fake news of moon landing


There is a conspiracy theory that we never landed on the Moon, as the world knows that Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon in 1969, but it is believed Stanley Kubrick assisted in filming the fake landing. The main reason behind all this was that the US wanted to beat Russia in the space race. The only clue that defends this conspiracy was that the American flag as waving in the wind. It is impossible as there is no wind in the vacuum of space, yet the American flag was waving high on the Moon. It is believed that it was just a movie set which portrayed the surface of Moon and the world was fooled.

1. Conspiracy about fluoride


There was a conspiracy that fluoride is harmful to teeth. For many years, this conspiracy was considered to be false but now CNN has confirmed it to be true. There is a condition known as fluorosis that causes spotting and streaking on children’s teeth. This is basically caused by fluoride. Many of our daily use toothpastes also contain fluoride; doctors say that this can lead to depression, weight gain and thyroid problems. A study was conducted in New Zealand which claims that the teeth of children in non-fluoridated cities are better as compared to fluoridated cities. More studies have also shown that children who are exposed to higher level of fluoride tend to have low IQs.

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