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15 Costumes He Is Secretly Dying For His GF To Wear In The Bedroom

15 Costumes He Is Secretly Dying For His GF To Wear In The Bedroom

He has fantasies and so do you! While every guy has different preferences in bed, most guys have the same fantasies, and because not all guys are comfortable with discussing the crazy costumes they want you to wear, we are here to help.

It’s always important to keep it fun and interesting in the bedroom, so don’t be shy to talk to your partner and find out what they like. The more you communicate about what you like and what you want the much better time will be. Sometimes we all want to escape adult life, the bills, the responsibilities, the kids, the boss, whatever it is, it feels good to just get out of your head and role play is the perfect way to do that. There’s nothing wrong with escaping reality for just a little bit, especially with the one you love.

Costumes, kinky outfits, and role play are pretty much the easiest way to spice up relationships! Talk to your partner and share your fantasies, your naughty dreams, and it just might be the glorious break you need. While it might be intimidating for a girl who is not comfortable in her body to get in these costumes, guys, make your girls feel comfortable and sexy in her own skin.

With Halloween coming up, or just a funky Friday night, these could also be fun outfits to try!

15. Nurse


Probably one of the most generic costumes ever! Every halloween there is a sexy nurse’s costume. I guess there’s just something about having a hot girl take care of you when you’re sick. In any case, there are so many things you can do with that costume depending on your partner’s’ fantasies. A couple of examples include:  a war soldier who has been wounded, a soccer player who has a mild injury, or maybe just a husband or boyfriend who has had a long day at work who wants attention from his woman and maybe a little massage. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a wig and fake name while you’re at it.

14. School Girl


Short skirt, white shirt tied up, a cardigan and throw in the pony tails to really make him drool. Maybe it turns him on because it takes him back to Britney’s Baby One more Time Era, or maybe there’s just something about the innocent school girl look that just gets all guys going. Find out if there are certain things that turn him on more, maybe he loves the colour red, so you wear a red skirt instead! Play the role of the helpless school girl who needs help, maybe a little tutoring after school or if you’re a good dancer, recreate a little part of the Baby One More Time video. There are definitely so many things you can do with this outfit, girl get creative!

13. Hooters Girl


If it makes you uncomfortable that your man likes to go to Hooters (even though he could be going just for the chicken wings because they freaking amazing!) then bring hooters to him! The outfit is super simple, one you can probably buy online or make yourself, just buy a pair of orange shorts (the smaller the better) and a hooters tee. Once again, you can always add a wig and make those wings a little bit spicier. The little things matter, so you can also do something as simple as cook in that outfit, serve dinner, or just sleep in it! You would be surprised how these little things makes the biggest difference

12. Cheerleader Of His Favourite Team


Every guy loves it when cheer for his favourite team with him, and with football season starting, it’s the perfect time to get your cheer on! A guy’s favourite team, whether it’s hockey, baseball, soccer, or football, means so much to him, and what better way to show him it’s important to you too than by dressing up as sexy cheerleader. Every guy enjoys feeling like a macho man, and there’s no better feeling than your sexy woman cheering for you and your team! If you were a cheerleader in high school then you should have no problem remembering old routines and if you weren’t, here’s your chance to try new things!

11. Wigs, All Kinds Of Wigs


There is no easier way to re-invent yourself than by just putting on a wig and speaking in a sexy accent. Guys are attracted to different accents, if you happen to know how to do your man’s favourite one, go for it! If he enjoys the valley girl accent, put on a blonde wig, be Jessica for a couple of hours and watch his eyes light up! If your man loves blondes, and you’re a proud brunette who doesn’t want to dye her hair, just take the lazy option and go for the wig. This option doesn’t involve any costumes whatsoever just a little imagination. 

10. French Maid


Most of us see this and automatically think of Babette from Beauty and the Beast… you know the sexy french maid that was turned into a sexy feather duster! There’s just something super attractive about a woman with a french accent, lightly dusting in a provocative outfit and heels. Ladies, don’t get too comfortable in a relationship, remember when you first started dating and you dressed up and got all cute for a night out? Don’t stop doing that just because you’re tired or stressed at work. Sex may not be everything but it’s definitely a big part of the relationship and men are very visual creatures so get your costume on.

9. Anything Leather


Whether it’s just a bodysuit, a full cat woman costume, a leather bra, there’s  just something about material this tight on your body that will make any guy’s jaw drop! Role plays include: sexy spy looking for cover or a superhero on a mission to save the world. Just surprise him at the door, coming back from work;  guys love to be caught off guard and they enjoy it sometimes when their woman initiates. While some women might be shy, maybe a little  liquid courage before you put on the outfit can help you loosen up.

8. Favourite Costume From Music Video

Via: Daily Mirror

Most artists enjoy the different roles they get to play in their music videos, whether he has googly eyes for Christina Aguilera in Dirrty , Nicki Minaj in Anaconda, or Shakira In Whenever Wherever, some outfits are super simple to wear. Each guy has a different favourite artist, and maybe a specific outfit in one of those videos drives him crazy. Instead of freaking out about him drooling over Ariana Grande, use it as motivation to show Ariana who can do it better 😉 To find out what he loves, just ask him, guys are clueless, there’s no way he’ll actually be suspicious of anything if you’re trying to keep it as a surprise.

7. His Favourite Superhero


There’s just something sexy about a strong, confident, independent woman who can save the world. Always remember, being confident is such a turn on! The list of super heroes is endless: SuperGirl, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot made her even cooler!), Batgirl (combines both leather and superhero), Black Widow, and many more! Pick one, love it, live it, and drive him crazy. Another thing you can do is secretly take a couple of pole dancing classes, a beginners class can definitely teach you a few moves to have his eyes rolling in the back of his head. The best thing about the classes is that it will definitely give you a huge  confidence boost! Ladies you should take a girlfriend and make a fun day out of it.

6. Fire Woman


So many sexual innuendos can be said here concerning a fire hose (hint hint wink wink). Most women just find a man in costume crazy hot, especially firemen, and men aren’t any different. You don’t even have to go crazy with this one, a red dress or lingerie with a fireman hat is probably all you need, oh and don’t forget the red lipstick. Show your man that you can be out there and spontaneous. It’s so easy to fall into the routine of going to work, coming home, going to the gym and sleeping, but shake it off and get out there woman!

5. Sexy Genie


Grant him three wishes, three moves, three favourite things he likes, and the list goes on!  Don’t think Aladdin Genie, think more like Christina Aguilera Genie In The Bottle. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add heels to your costume, men go cuckoo over heels. Surprise him and randomly wake up him up from a nap or in the morning with that costume, he’ll totally love it. If your man is having a hard time at work, you can also give him a little hint that you have a surprise waiting at home from him.

4. Princess Leia


Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, you know Princess Leia and the gold bikini; if you haven’t seen it on Star Wars then you’ve seen in on Friends; remember the episode where Jennifer Aniston wears that bikini and all Ross can see is his mom? Talk about awkward! In any case, trust us, with the new Star Wars movie coming out, you will definitely bring his fantasies to life. Every man can have his version of Of Princess Leia, find out what your man’s version is and surprise him. There doesn’t have to be an occasion, sometimes Tuesday night is good enough!

3. Playboy Bunny


Who doesn’t want to be Hugh Hefner for a couple of hours? This costume is pretty simple, all you need is a colourful bodysuit, black stockings, heels, obviously bunny ears, if you’re a brunette, maybe slap a blonde wig on  and just add little bit of glitter all over the place to create that exotic dancer environment if you know what we’re saying. Want to go the extra mile? Get him a satin robe and a fake pipe while you’re at it so he can really get into the Hefner mood; if you’re really comfortable with your partner, you can enjoy a couple of laughs during role play.

2. Disney Princess

So many to choose from! I would say most guys go for Princess Jasmine only because of the sexy outfit, but again it’s a preference thing. The Disney Fantasy is a pretty popular one, just check any Halloween store and see how many different versions of it there is. Ladies, you’ve drooled over Hercules muscles and Aladdin charm, so why can’t he drool over Jasmine’s Midriff? Be his Disney Princess for the night or maybe a couple of hours. You can have so much fun with that depending your favourite cartoon, he can even be the Beast and you can be Belle!

1. Devil Or Angel


Depending on your man’s preference, you can also be one or the other! There’s something super attractive about an innocent angel doing mischievous things, or a naughty devil just being well…naughty. Again, that’s another super simple outfit, white or red lingerie with a cape should definitely do the trick, and a head band with either a halo or horns. Keep things spicy by sending your man a picture of just the devilish horns with a “waiting for you at home” text. Women usually complain that their husband won’t spend enough time with them, but guess what? If all you do is nag, complain and ask him to do chores, he probably will run the other way. Always be your own man’s mistress.

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