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15 Countries SO Densely Populated It’ll Give You Claustrophobia

15 Countries SO Densely Populated It’ll Give You Claustrophobia


Dreaming of seclusion and tranquility? Well, in some parts of the world there are nations which have no clue of such notions. And even though this may sound a bit comical to you, there are also many people, just like you and I, who are unfortunately deprived of the chance to enjoy the idea of solitude and genuine peacefulness. Additionally, when you add the hustle and bustle of the busy city to the overall overpopulation issue, the whole picture gets pretty messed up.

Speaking of this, in this article you’ll be presented with a few examples of the most densely crowded places on the planet. Be warned while reading this piece focusing on these exceptionally populated destinations. After all, there’s a chance of feeling a bit claustrophobic in the process of exploring them virtually. All jokes aside, today’s roundup of genuinely crowded places is measured in the number of individuals per square km or mile depending on the unit used in the different regions of the world.

From Ethiopia and Nigeria to China and Japan, get to know these #15 crazy and colorful places on the planet which feel as though they’re bursting at the seams with indistinguishable voices, unbearable street noise, and total pandemonium! Enjoy them to the fullest, literally!

15. Vietnam

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Here we go with our first “top participant,” the population of which goes beyond 89,000,000. That’s a huge number! When it comes to our keyword today, aka “density”, the Vietnamese nation takes up about 1.3 % of the world population. How crazy… Besides, you may not know this, but Vietnam is a total winner regarding the huge travel distances within the country itself. As a pretty logical consequence, locals are hardly interested in revving up the car engine as a means of transportation. Instead, the view of seeing them firing up their scooters is definitely a common one in this country. Moreover, rumor has it that crossing a Vietnamese walkway is a pretty bold move and quite a hazardous experience. All in all, the chances are that locals on scooters may not even see you.

14. Ethiopia


Saying that the nation of Ethiopia houses only a few million inhabitants would be the perfect dispraise. Presently, the population of the African country simply jumps over this number. To be exact, today the Ethiopian country gives about 84 million people a roof over their head. What a number, really! And since we’re still on terms like statistics and charts, the overall percentage of the world population that the poor African country owns is about 1.22%. Surely, Ethiopia doesn’t belong to the flourishing and modern countries pushing forward, however its density per square km is certainly pretty impressive.

13. Pakistan


Meet the official Islamic country that can surely offer you lots of communication, pandemonium and unbearable noise! With this in mind, if you think that it can’t be that bad, Pakistan is quick to prove you wrong. Located just between the western and central sections of the Asian continent, the super populous republic does have two major issues, one of which is related to the high population density. According to the 2017 census, the total number of inhabitants goes beyond 197,322,000 as the density is 244.4 per square km. Seriously?! Isn’t that mind-blowing? Nestled, and almost squeezed for that matter, in between western and central Asia, Pakistan also struggles with inflation dragging the country down faster than ever!

12. Egypt


Here we proceed with another extremely populated country. Welcome to Egypt serving as a great example of how incredibly crowded a country can actually be. If you’re originally from a place surrounded by dense forests, lush greenery and fruitful fields reaching no ends, then Egypt will certainly have you feel as if you’re being closed into a room as big as a box. The Mediterranean country is actually considered to be a really significant and mighty regional center. And if you’re thinking about its present-day looks, wait until you learn how immensely crowded this place has become. According to the official census in 2016, the country’s population was estimated at more than 72,798,000 which is about 90 individuals per square km.

11. Japan


Nowadays, it’s not rare to read or hear about predictions regarding the future world population by the end of, say, 2050. When talking about this, how much could be too much? Actually, Japan houses the oldest population on the globe, and believe it or not, more than 20 % of the country’s population is older than 60. Perhaps the Asian life standard is not that bad, is it?

All jokes aside, if we think ahead in time, there’s really a chance for the country to become even more populous. Indeed, what if Japan could hit 100 million inhabitants by the end of 2040-2050? Wouldn’t that be scary? The question is, however, how many years does the planet have before breaking down? We don’t know how to answer that.What we know for certain is that the Japanese country houses about 127 million which is, without a doubt, a huge number.

10. China

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Beijing and China – this totally sounds like a whole new world, right? Of course, it’s a curious and wild picture to Europeans and Americans alike, so it’s always refreshing and thrilling to go somewhere for the first time. Much like in real life, sometimes what we see on the web and what it actually is, in reality, could be as different as chalk and cheese.

The beautiful and unique Chinese downtown quarters may look really attractive in commercials or in posts on the social media, however, the chance of hardly breathing amid the heavy crowd is realistic enough. Moreover, the population of China has almost reached 1.3 billion people as this number doesn’t even include other major and densely crowded cities, such as Hong Kong or Macau. With that, the Chinese density population is certainly a winner with its 19,6 % of the world population.

9. India

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To say that India’s population is quite huge wouldn’t be breaking news. However, do you know how many people India has been housing? According to the official census in 2016, India was estimated at about 1.28 billion. Keep in mind that if you search for an online birth calculator to check the present-day situation with India’s population, you’d certainly be thrilled to see what’s going on out there. Also, only 71 million babies were born in the beginning of the year as the number keeps growing and doubling by the second. Naturally, India’s take on the world population is quite remarkable. In other words, this diverse and colorful country has about 17.5 % of the world population! Yes, we know what you’re thinking! It’s simply unbelievable!

8. The Democratic Republic of Congo


With its population of about 81 million, this exotic and boiling hot place, being basically blocked between other African countries, namely Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is surely just another quite negative example of the most crowded countries nowadays. When thinking about how bad it could possibly get by the end of 2050, the sole idea of the world population in the future surely sends shivers down the spine. This otherwise beautiful and exotic land has a lot to offer to its international visitors as well. However, the picture of so many people being stuck in one place is surely not the most gripping one.

7. Turkey


Oh, the exotic and wild Turkey! Is it really that “tight” over there? No, it’s actually quite beautiful and adventurous. Only the high-density population takes a toll on its gorgeous image. Apart from that, Turkey is famous for its exotic character and picturesque landscapes. Perhaps, this is exactly the reason why it gathers so much attention from the world. The tourism in Turkey, particularly in its capital Istanbul, is so greatly developed that it has become a world-recognized tourist spot that welcomes millions of adventurers year-round. With its population of about 80,307,030 inhabitants plus a few million visitors year-round, the exotic country is surely filled to the brim with people, clutter, and a perfect chaos.

6. Indonesia


Officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, the transcontinental country is locked in the southeastern section of the Asian continent as it also possesses a few territories in the vast and awe-inspiring Oceania. With its several thousand islands under its wings, the sovereign state is located somewhere out there between the Pacific and Indian oceans. When it boils down to its total area and population density, Indonesia has indeed a lot to brag about, regardless of the downside effect of these facts. With an estimated population of more than 250 million inhabitants, it’s no wonder why Indonesia tops off many lists of extremely and unbelievably crowded places, making your hair stand on one end at the sight of so many people clustered together.

5. Bangladesh


Situated in the southern parts of Asia, Bangladesh doesn’t really strike with that much grandness and magnificence. Undoubtedly, it’s a mysterious and quite unique place, however its populous nature isn’t its best feature. What’s even more, the high population density is definitely a great downside, making so many international tourists choose a more peaceful place over the Asian country. If truth be told, we’re talking about crazy numbers, such as 1,446 people per square mile, which is certainly mind-blowing. If we reflect deeply upon this, we’d actually arrive at the conclusion that even Russia’s population isn’t that impressive!

4. Nigeria


Here we go with another super populous place on the Earth that has earned its position on our hot list of the most crowded destinations. Perhaps, you’ve hardly heard about this, but Nigeria is actually believed to be among the next great economies in the world. Really?! The Federal Republic of Nigeria is actually a pretty quickly developing African country attracting millions of international tourists with its unique features, such as exotic safari trips and desert adventures as well. All of this surely excites the heart, however, think about the crowds of people you’re going to run into while trying to have the best time of your life over there. Moreover, the present-day population density of the country has been estimated at about 197 per sqr km.

3. Thailand


Well, Thailand is surely a lovely and extremely exotic place that’s worthy of exploring. Everything sounds so great about it that we’ve almost got the feeling of packing up and flying over there right away. Thank god we used the word “almost” since we won’t be thrilled to land in a place that’s literally bursting at the seams with people!

As a gorgeous island somewhere out there in the eastern parts of Asia, Taipei, being Taiwan’s most crowded city, can offer a really controversial status from a political viewpoint. Naturally, its flourishing economy has made it a somewhat wealthy region, which is exactly the reason why it’s so heavily flooded by people trying to settle down here. As for that, it’d surely be an impossible mission given all those 67 million inhabitants within the island country.

2. Algeria


If you’ve been wondering what’s going on nowadays down there in Algeria, let us break the mystery for you. Lying on the Mediterranean coast, the North African country has absolutely earned its place on our crazy list of 15 most populous countries on the planet with its immensely crowded capital and chief city.

As ironic as it sounds, Algeria is indeed an extremely crowded place, the population of which reached its peak back in 2014. As of today, the small country has a population of close to 40 million people.

1. Bahrain


As another extremely populous country, Bahrain has a long way to go in terms of the air pollution, heavy traffic and border conditions it has been struggling with since forever. With such a dark variety of major issues, the high-density population of the country appears to be the last straw. Surely, all of it is too much to handle. Besides, all these essential problems have been created out of the heavily and rapidly increasing population. As a matter of fact, it contributes to a major density expansion ending in almost 5,000 people per square mile. Additionally, Bahrain has been dealing with other unbearable global issues, such as water shortage, air pollution desertification and so on and so forth. It simply can’t get worse, can it?

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