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15 Countries Where The Women Love European Men

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15 Countries Where The Women Love European Men

People seek different things when they are on the hunt for a suitable candidate for a relationship. There are a lot of people, both men and women, who are preoccupied with good looks and money while others are more interested in personality and the prospect of true happiness. In any case, trying to find an absolutely perfect match is a near-impossible task that few people ever accomplish. Sky-high divorce rates support this.

The subject of interracial relationships has become a hot topic in recent years. Places like North America and Europe have become so culturally and racially diverse that nobody bats an eye when they see a white woman with an Arab guy or an African with an Asian partner. 50 years ago, such a thing would have had heads turning and tongues wagging. It’s much easier these days to connect with and develop a relationship with someone halfway around the world. Would you like to meet an Asian woman? A Swedish blonde? An exotic Argentinean beauty? All you need to do is avail yourself of any of the countless internet chat sites that specialize in bringing people together. Better yet, pack your bags and head to any of those destinations and jump right in. If you are a European male then you are a hot commodity in several places. Women all over the world dream of having a European guy as their partner. Take the following countries as examples. Here are 15 countries where the women love European men.

15. China


There are about 20% more men in China than there are women. That means that there is some pretty stiff competition among Chinese males when it comes to finding a suitor. It gets even tougher for Chinese males when you consider the fact that Chinese women have a thing for European men. Just as many foreign men find Chinese women to have an exotic appeal, Chinese women feel the same way about European men. They also like that most European men are a little more outgoing than local men and European guys are generally thought to treat their women with a little more respect than the local male population. A European male in China can easily find that he will catch the eyes of a few sweet-looking dames that are searching for their Prince Charming.

14. Thailand

If you like a tropical climate, a rich history, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world then you will absolutely love Thailand. This is especially true if you are a European male who is looking to find a sexy female. Thai women are very attracted to European men who are oftentimes able to offer them a chance at a better life and increased financial stability. Thailand isn’t exactly the richest country on Earth and a large portion of the residents live in poverty. It’s true that some Thai women take advantage of foreign men but most of these ladies are fiercely loyal and treat their men very well. Just be sure that the woman that you are eying up is actually a woman and not one of the many “lady boys” that are out there.

13. Vietnam


Growing up as a woman in Vietnam can be quite challenging if not downright depressing. Many are victims of human trafficking and sold into a life of sexual slavery. Those that are lucky enough to avoid such a cruel fate still need to deal with poverty and life within a paternalistic society. Vietnamese women love European males because they represent an opportunity to lead a happier life. As with many other women in poorer countries, Vietnamese women see European men as having the ability to be good providers while also treating their women with a bit more respect than the local men. A lot of people might see this type of relationship as a trade off but these women treat their men very well if they are properly provided for. This makes for a great deal for both parties.

12. Cambodia

Cambodia is another Southeast Asian country that is a popular destination for tourists. While the scenery, history, and traditions can be described as being rich, the same description doesn’t normally apply to the citizenry. Most people, especially Cambodian women find everyday life to be a struggle. When a European male walks down the street, Cambodian women pay attention. A guy has to be aware that a lot of these women are scammers and just want to make a fast buck but there are plenty of gorgeous Cambodian women that are attracted to European guys for more than their thick wallets. A trip to any of the smaller towns and villages will make even the most homely guy feel like he is Brad Pitt. There is no shortage of pretty women that will be dedicated to their knight in shining armor.

11. Philippines


The Philippines might lag behind other first-world nations in many areas but one area that this Southeast Asian country is a leader in is the availability of extremely beautiful women. While Philippinas have a good selection of local guys to choose from, these women are always on the lookout for European males. Just as in some of the other countries on this list, there is a lot of poverty in the Philippines and European males are seen as a way to achieve a better lifestyle. It is very easy for a European male to live in the Philippines for up to three years at a time on a tourist visa and the cost of living is very low. It doesn’t take much to please or support a Philippina and these women know how to keep their European men happy.

10. Taiwan


This East Asian country is one of the richer nations on this list so it’s not like the women here are purely motivated by money. Taiwanese women are attracted to European males by their physical appearance as well as the fact that these men tend to treat them with more respect than the local guys do. If you are a European male with the means to support a Taiwanese woman then you should have no problems finding the perfect mate. One of the great things about being in a relationship with a Taiwanese lady is that you will be living in a developed and economically stable nation should you both decide to remain there instead of returning to your home country. There will still be a degree of culture shock but it is mild when compared to other Asian countries.

9. Great Britain

You might not be too shocked to learn that British women have a thing for European men. What you may find a little odd is that British males are not necessarily what these women are partial to. A 2014 survey asked thousands of women what nationality they preferred when it comes to their lovers. Italian males were the clear favorites while men from Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Portugal rounded off the list. These women are attracted to the legendary romantic prowess of Italian men but they also appreciate the many commonalities that exist between their cultures. So, if you are a European male who is looking for romance then you probably don’t need to travel to distant countries to find it. You should be able to find happiness in your own backyard.

8. France


French males have a reputation for being some of the world’s greatest lovers. They are depicted as suave, smooth, and experienced lotharios that make women weak in the knees. French females are also viewed as being trendy, sexy, and sophisticated so it would only seem to make sense that French ladies would be more than satisfied with French men. Curiously, this is not the case. Now, you may be thinking that perhaps these women fall head over heels for Italians or Spaniards but they apparently prefer the romantic company of English dudes. French women adore how seemingly grateful British guys are when a French woman pays attention to them. It is true that Italian and Spanish males are also desired but it is the men across the English Channel that are in demand.

7. Estonia


This Baltic nation in Northern Europe has a population of about 1.3 million. Estonia is a vastly different country than the one which gained independence from Russia back in 1991. The country enjoys a high-income economy, a very good education system, and low unemployment. The population of women exceeds that of men by about 110,000 which means that there are plenty of Estonian women looking for European men. It’s no secret that many of these women are extremely attractive and they want a happy relationship like anyone else. They aren’t afraid to initiate contact in order to get your attention and they know how to make a guy happy. A European man that is free for the taking might find that women will even fight over him. That’s quite a boost for the ol’ self-esteem.

6. Laos

Laos is well-known for several things such as having a lot of poverty, a corrupt government, and a poor record when it comes to human rights. While Laos currently has one of the fastest growing economies in East Asia, there is still a lot of work to do. Of the estimated 6.8 million inhabitants, around one-third lives on less than $1.25 per day. It’s no wonder that Laotian women are always on the prowl for European men. These lovely ladies will do almost anything to have a better life and European guys are their ticket to realizing their dreams. There are countless small towns where you can find a great gal without putting forth too much effort. Supporting a Laotian female is relatively cheap and you can be sure that they will show their appreciation.

5. Brazil

There are a few things that come to mind when thinking about Brazil. A tropical climate, storied history, and diverse ecosystems like the Amazon jungle and Araucaria pine forest come to mind. Of course, if you have ever watched a Brazilian women’s beach volleyball tournament then thoughts of curvy and sun-kissed women will also cross your mind. These women love European males. Brazilian belles love how Europeans dress, the way they use their charm, and the way that European men go about wooing them. Brazilian women appreciate a bit of romance and European men tend to put a little more effort into it than males from elsewhere in the world. Just be prepared for your Brazilian beauty to spend a lot of time with her family as they are usually close-knit units.

4. Indonesia

There aren’t too many things that make an Indonesian woman and her family happier than when she finds a good European man. Age certainly doesn’t seem to be much of an issue. Not only is it common but it is also acceptable for a younger woman to fall in love with a man that is much older. As long as you have the ability to financially and emotionally support her then you will have a devoted and loving woman by your side. Indonesians are known to be welcoming to foreigners so it isn’t difficult to gain acceptance. Retired European men can afford to live here and get by quite well. If you happen to visit and stay at some of the many reasonably-priced resorts you will find that many of them are run by European men and their Indonesian wives.

3. Japan


It’s not that Japanese men aren’t capable of being romantic and making their significant others feel important, it’s just that Japanese women prefer the way European men go about these things. There has been a trend in recent years that has seen more and more Japanese men opting to stay single in order to avoid the high costs associated with supporting a wife and kids. This has been a blessing in disguise for all of those women who have discovered how satisfying a relationship with a European man can be. A lot of this is due to the little things that European men pay attention to. They like to give their special lady a bouquet of flowers or make her breakfast while she sleeps in. They are also not afraid to express their love.

2. South Korea


South Koreans enjoy an advanced economy, low unemployment, and an excellent education system. They are technological leaders that take pride in their manufacturing sector, as well as having the highest median household income in Asia. South Korean women go crazy for European men for a number of reasons. To begin with, they love that European men are generally taller than Korean men. The foreign guys make the Korean women look quite petite when they are side by side and Korean women love this. They also dig that European guys are more assertive than the more reserved Korean men and they aren’t afraid to do some of the domestic work such as cooking and cleaning. Perhaps a more important attribute that European men have over the local guys is that European men are much more emotionally aware.

1. Saudi Arabia


Located in Western Asia and sharing borders with several Arab countries, Saudi Arabia is an Islamic nation of about 33 million people. It’s not the best of places to live if you are a woman. Women do not have equal rights and are thought of as inferior to their male counterparts. They are also forced to put up with their husband’s infidelities and need permission to do things like attend school, travel, or get a job. It’s a no-brainer that Saudi women dream of being with European males. European guys are known for treating women much better than Saudi men do and they are less likely to be physically and mentally abusive. More and more Saudi women are trying to find European dudes and this is especially true of those Saudi women who live abroad.

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