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15 Countries With The Most Promiscuous Women

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15 Countries With The Most Promiscuous Women

People love the deed; you know that, we know that. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. But the truth is some people love it slightly more. Or are they just less afraid to show it?

It seems that there are places around the globe where people simply have more fun in the bedroom, more s*xual partners in a lifetime, more one-night-stands, and a more open attitude towards “playtime” in general.

Anyway, if you are a single guy planning to go on a vacation, maybe you should double your chances of getting lucky by choosing a place with more promiscuous women. But is it even possible to determine where the most promiscuous women live? You bet it’s possible and it has been done.

Psychologists have found a way to actually measure people’s sociosexuality. If you wonder what sociosexuality is, basically it’s just a fancy word for promiscuity, and it has been measured by a test administered in 48 different countries. As a result of that, we now know what the top 15 countries with the most promiscuous women are.

15. Nigeria

Nigerian women just can’t get enough, which is both good and bad for their men. The average session of sexual activity in Nigeria lasts for 24 minutes. Here’s to the Nigerian men! They can run the distance for sure!

That being said, it’s still not good enough for their women since 62% of them have reported cheating on their partner. 24 minutes of sexual intercourse is good, but twice as much is twice as good, even more so with different partners. It’s safe to say that you’ll probably have some fun in the sexual department if you decide to visit Nigeria. Just make sure that you can compete with the locals and better start working on your endurance because the competition there is fierce indeed. You don’t want to leave them disappointed.

14. France

France, and especially Paris, has been known as a perfect place for love; both the romantic and the sexy kind. According to “Travel + Leisure” this is the best place in the whole world for romance. Whenever you walk down the streets of Paris, you can simply feel the love in the air. And where there’s love, there is the s*x too. Heck, there is s*x even with no love in the mix at all.

Frenchmen have a reputation for being charming and super promiscuous, but what about the French women? Well, they’re no different at all. Maybe the reason is the romantic vibe all around, or maybe it’s all that great wine they have, but whatever the reason, France has earned one of the spots on our list as well.

13. Germany

Germany is well known around the globe for its successful adult industry; all categories and styles imaginable. You name it, they’ve got it. If a country shoots so much p*rn, people there must be open for the deed and everything around it. Or to put it differently, they have to be at least a little bit promiscuous, don’t they? And the truth is simple, Germans love getting their freak on and they’re not afraid to show it, not in their adult movies, not in their lives. So if you’ve been planning on visiting Germany, the list of things to do there should include trying German beer, getting some pretzels, and getting it on with a promiscuous German woman. Maybe not in that order. We’ll leave that up to you.

12. Czech Republic

Similar to the Germans, people from the Czech Republic have also made a significant impact on the adult industry. Czech p*rn beauties are some of the most famous girls in the industry. No wonder the Czech Republic has made it onto our list of the countries with the most promiscuous women in the world. They are open to almost anything. If you plan on seducing a devilish Czech girl, maybe think twice because she might actually be a little bit too much for you to handle. Who knows? You might find yourself in an unplanned threesome since that practice seems to be quite popular there. If you don’t mind sharing, it might be just the thing you’re looking for.

11. The Netherlands

If you want all of your hedonistic pleasures satisfied, there is one country you shouldn’t miss and that is The Netherlands. There is a famous red-light district in Amsterdam, which is one of the most famous prostitution districts in the world. The district is filled with various “toy” shops, adult theaters, adult bookstores etc. There is also an actual s*x museum if you’d like a little artistic twist on the deed itself.

The Dutch people have no problem communicating their desires openly and their highly adventurous spirit makes everything even more interesting. The Dutch women for sure have some exciting tricks up their sleeve. You might not want to miss that.

10. Croatia

Croatia is a small and romantic country famous for beautiful beaches, great wine, truffles, and some of the best olive oil in the world. Oh yes, and s*x. So much of it. According to the testimonies collected from various tourists visiting Croatia, they all had their dose of sexy time with the local women. So if you’re up for a hot and steamy summer on the beach, this country might be just the right pick for you. Just make sure not to mess around with married women too much because Croatian husbands can be quite hot-headed sometimes. And while they’re hot-headed, their wives are simply just hot.

9. Australia

There have been some really interesting reports regarding the deed in Australia. It seems the Australians are quite imaginative and adventurous people. For example, over 75% of people have confessed that they have done “it” in their cars, so if you’re in the mood for some “business” in the public, go to Australia and rent a car. Possibly a comfortable, big car instead of a convertible, and have some fun in it.

Another interesting survey was the one covering sexual fantasies, where 20% of Australian women reported that their number 1 fantasy is having a threesome. It might not seem like so much, but that number is actually huge when you compare it to the rest of the world. For example, only 4% of US women share the same fantasy. So if you’re up for a threeway, you know where to go.

8. Mexico

Some people talk about s*x, some don’t, but there are some countries that have that sexual vibe on at all times. They don’t have to talk about it, but you simply know they think it. One of those countries is Mexico.

In Mexico, sex is just all around; from the billboards you’ll see by the road, to their newsroom, to their famous regulated brothels. This hot and steamy country has constantly been rated as one of the h*rniest on the planet. 63% percent of Mexicans claim they are sexually satisfied, and those who are not… well, that might just be your chance to score. Get down there, have a few shots of tequila and lower your inhibitions as much as possible. You might be in for some banging good times.

7. Greece

Greeks are well known for being super open when the time for some sexy talk comes. Badoo actually ranked the flirtiest cities in the world based on the internet flirtations and Athens came in at the very top of the list, way ahead of cities like Paris and Madrid that would immediately come to mind when talking about the sexiest cities.

It seems that dirty talk is simply a part of everyday life in Greece and, if you take their history into an account, it shouldn’t come as such a big surprise. Greece has always been known for its ancient days of orgies and sexual openness. It seems that some of those ancient traditions have found their way into today’s Greece too, which makes Greece one of the most promiscuous countries in the world.

6. Brazil

Have you ever seen those beautiful Brazilian people? Their bodies and their minds just speak s*x all the time. Brazilians have actually been rated as the second-best lovers on the planet, right behind Italians who are holding on to their first place. So they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk, too.

Brazilian women are some of the most curvaceous and sexy women on Earth, and those bodies in combination with a promiscuous mind could be just the right thing to make some sexy magic happen during your visit there. It just might be hard to compete with those gorgeous local men there. However, a little change could always be an interesting addition to the mix and you could seem as exotic and interesting to the local women, as they seem to you. Sounds like a win-win situation.

5. Italy

There is no need to talk much about Italy; it’s beautiful, it’s romantic, the architecture is amazing, the food is superb and so is the wine. But Italians are famous for something else too. They are rated as the best lovers in the whole wide world. Sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? It seems that the Italian men know what they’re doing and the women know what great s*x should look like. There is no wonder they just can’t get enough of it. 64 percent of adults state they are satisfied with their lives between the sheets and a third of them expect the deed to last more than 10 minutes. So if you’re looking for some passion, you will find all the passion you can handle and then some more right there.

4. Slovenia

Slovenia is an interesting part of our list. It seems that the whole world knows Slovenian women are some of the most promiscuous women in the world, except the Slovenians themselves. So what does a typical Slovenian woman look like? Actually, they are not very recognizable by anything and you won’t be able to notice their sexual openness at the first glance. But you’ll be highly surprised once you find yourself alone with a Slovenian girl. Apparently, they have low to no inhibitions at all. Numerous tourists visiting Slovenia have stated that they have had some of the craziest and hottest sexual encounters there. So if you plan on visiting Slovenia, don’t let their quiet appearance fool you. Quiet storms are actually some of the biggest ones and they might catch you by surprise.

3. Spain

Where there’s hot nightlife, there’s hot s*x life as well. Those two things simply go hand in hand. Fodor has rated Madrid’s nightlife as the number 1 on the planet. Mix all the partying with alcohol flowing like water, and you’ll find yourself in a promiscuous paradise.

But Madrid is not the only destination in Spain where you’ll find hot and promiscuous women. The statistics show that a quarter of Spanish people rate themselves as premium lovers, and 90% of them are satisfied with their sex lives. Spain is simply a country of great lovers and amazing passion all around. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you’re guaranteed to get your daily dose of passion there. Don’t forget to wash it all down with some great gin and tonic and then come back for more.

2. Switzerland

The Swiss people are holding records in sexual openness. They start teaching s*x education in kindergarten and people are encouraged to speak about it openly at all times. They love the deed and they are the adventurous sort too. 32% of Swiss people claim they have done it in a public place.

Prostitution is legal in Switzerland as well, so if you’re into that sort of thing, you might enjoy your visit there even more.

However, even if you’re not really into that, you will have no problem finding a suitable Swiss girl ready for some action.

1. New Zealand

There are three words to describe women in New Zealand: hot, hot, hot. Biologically, men are designed to be more active sexually than women. That is just nature’s way of things. Kiwi women, however, have beaten all the odds. They are actually more promiscuous than men!

Kiwi woman has an average of 20.4 sexual partners in a lifetime. Doesn’t seem like that much? Well, guess what. It’s three times over the global average of 7.3 and double to British and Australian women that have also found their way on our list. An average Kiwi woman has on average more sexual partners that an average local man!

A 2007 Bloke survey revealed that 29% of 5000 men felt that they had been pressured into doing the deed. Could you imagine that? It’s official. Kiwi women have broken all records and they are the world’s most promiscuous women!

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