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15 Crazy Prison Escapes That Actually Happened

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15 Crazy Prison Escapes That Actually Happened


As a die-hard fan of the Prison Break series, I cannot hold my feelings back when it comes to such daring stories about crazy prison escapes. Besides, who wouldn’t be thrilled to hear about the prison escape of an infamous and genius psychopath who might have killed a dozen people for real?

Well, that’s the point. Indeed, there’s something so appealing and compelling about all those prison escapes. Don’t you think? It’s like you’re watching a creepy horror movie about a weirdo who has unleashed his darkest side. The only exception, however, is that it’s not a movie. And guess what, it’s certainly not as interesting as it is in the movies.

Rather, it’s scary as hell to know that a wicked person really escaped the long arm of the law… How could it be possible, right? Aren’t prisons supposed to look like the ones shown in the Prison Break series? Well, if criminals have the genius mind of Michael Scofield, then nothing could really be impossible. As crazy as it sounds, these prison escapes did actually happen even though all of it may seem like just another thrilling movie plot.

15. Stalag Luft III Escape

via WWII Today

Haven’t you heard of it? Hmm, that’s weird. Frankly, the infamous Stalag Luft III Escape still serves as an amazing example of one of the craziest prison escapes ever. Yes, it’s totally insane, but it’s true. Referred to as an almost impossible escape, the Stalag Luft III Escape did actually become a thing thanks to an inmate named Roger Bushell. The British citizen must have been sick of spending his days behind bars given the fruits of his actions. It’s exactly Roger who came up with a genius plan to dig three tunnels. Does that sound familiar to you? Or maybe it’s just me. It’s probably just me. Michael Scofield has nothing to do with it, right? All jokes aside, Roger really managed to escape from prison alongside 49 other prisoners. Awesome, right?

14. Choi Gap-bok

via Huffington Post

Welcome to the world of the most insane prison breaks! Meet the crazy inmate who rose to fame after escaping from prison in the classiest and most unique way EVER. This wicked person named Choi Gap-bok turned out to be such a genius who apparently knew how to bust his way out of prison so easily! Obviously, his plan was so perfect that he had no problems squeezing himself through a food slot. What in the world…? Exactly. This guy was so crazy to even think that he would fit through it. But eventually, he did it! How crazy! After all, we know nothing about prison schemes, so Choi Gap-bok really deserves a pat on the back for such a clever getaway.

13. The Pascal Payet Escape


Famous for his heinous criminal acts, this guy named Pascal Payet was arrested after killing an armored truck driver. It’s not that he managed to get away with it. It’s nothing like this. Actually, he had to serve a 30-year prison sentence, but guess what – he seemed as if he didn’t like that idea, to say the least. A result of that, he knew that Luynes prison was not designed very well; and so, he took advantage of this major downside. And honestly, who wouldn’t? His prison escape was so crazy that it actually involved a helicopter hijacked by his friends. Sadly, the rest of the story is really scant, but the whole idea still takes anyone’s breath away.

12. Jay Junior Sigler


Oh, the wicked Jay Junior Sigler! Well, Jay must have really felt that his place isn’t in jail. After all, why should he stay locked behind bars when he can enjoy his life, right? Perhaps, this thought must have crossed his mind too. Not only did he break out of jail, but he actually did it in the most unusual and ridiculous way ever seen. While most of his inmates called their loved ones to talk about their days as criminals in prison, Jay Junior Sigler must have discussed something else with his relatives and …mommy. Jay’s sweet mother was actually the one who contributed to his adventurous escape. Alongside a few close family friends, Mrs. Sigler hopped in an 18-wheeler truck and then rammed through four of the prison fences.  Well done, Mrs. Sigler! Nice job!

11. Jack Sheppard

via Wikimedia Commons

The notorious Jack Sheppard – there’s hardly a person who could tell you all of the juicy details of that crazy prison escape which took place a few centuries ago. You may not be familiar with his personality, but this crazy inmate became really famous for his extraordinary prison escapes. Regardless of the pretty insignificant scale of his crimes – he was actually a small-time thief – Jack Sheppard rose to fame after tying a bunch of bedsheets altogether as he turned them into a rope! Does this scene sound familiar to you? It sure does, right! Just think of all the awesome movies where someone sneaks out like that! Well, the chance is that Jack Sheppard might have been the big inventor!

10. The Texas Seven

via Dailymotion

Who were the Texas Seven prisoners anyway? There can’t be a more compelling story about a prison break that actually happened, right? And guess what – we’ve got the juicy details on it! All of it happened at the Karnes County prison where a couple of bad guys decided that they didn’t want to spend another day in jail. The plan that one of them made up included the main Maintenance Supervisor Patrick Moczygemba as well. They called themselves the Texas Seven given the total number of prisoners who were a part of the oncoming getaway. All in all, the criminals managed to lure the Maintenance Supervisor into the warehouse. Once there, he was greeted with a hard and deadly blow. And the tool happened to be an ax.

9. The Colditz Prisoners

via Yesterday Channel

The main characters here are actually none other than two infamous officers from World War II. In truth, there are many stories of soldiers who put some crazy efforts into escaping the power of the law. However, most of them are either boring or unsuccessful. Well, it’s hardly that case with the Colditz Prisoners. There was a camp situated on a cliff overlooking the city of Colditz where two British pilots came up with genius ways to sneak out of this improvised jail. These men were Jack Best and Bill Goldfinch. Initially, their plan was to build a two-man glider which could be the key to their freedom. Eventually, they didn’t need to come up with a plan B since they managed to break free just like in the movies.

8. Frank Abagnale

via Spielberg, Abagnale, and OCR

Perhaps Frank’s extremely cunning method of busting his way out of prison deserves a round of applause. Not only did he obviously decide to go wild with his ideas, but he actually succeeded in breaking out of jail. He didn’t even bother serving his sentence since he snuck out of prison so effortlessly. This guy named Frank did the impossible! He made his guard believe that he was the new Prison Inspector after stealing the real inspector’s business cards. And guess what – he actually tricked his guard into his prison scheme! What’s even more, Frank got himself out of prison as he even exited it right through the main door. Way to go, Frank! What a crazy man!

7. The Alfred Hinds

via ListeList

While serving a 12-year sentence for what was proven to be a robbery, a man named Alfred did somehow manage to escape the hands of the law like the most wicked criminal! Also known as Alfie, this guy simply ignored the fact that the prison was heavily packed with security systems of all types and shapes. Furthermore, he passed through all of them so easily and effortlessly that he made it all seem like he didn’t even break a sweat while doing it. Well, Alfie might have been captured, but he certainly got his freedom back! And the professional and cunning way in which he did it still amazes the world. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? How was it possible for him to break out of jail like this anyway?

6. The Parkhurst Escapees

via The Sun

Meet the so-called Parkhurst Escapees who made their own master key, ladder and even a gun! Naturally, when you’re thrown behind bars, you have to work with anything you find around you, right? Maybe this was exactly what these guys did before coming up with the great idea to build their own ladder, weapon and master key. Of course, the gun was a necessary component just in case something went awry. Fortunately, their plan was not only extremely cunning but these infamous prisoners actually made it out of jail thanks to the improvised master key that they constructed so well! Well, these guys certainly had skills!

5. Antonio Ferrara

via Libération

Meet Antonio Ferrara who was actually described as the classy image of the movie gangster back in the day. Regardless of this cool nickname, Antonio was no one but a criminal who rose to fame thanks to his pretty clever ideas of how to break out of jail without being caught. An interesting fact about him is that he was a significant part of a group of thieves and veteran bank robbers. Prior to their imprisonment, all of them were labeled as some the most dangerous criminals at that time. Eventually, he was thrown in jail as he didn’t wait too long before breaking out of it in the craziest way ever! This wicked person used his old trick (explosives) to blow open the front gates of the prison! Then he was awaited by other criminals dressed as police officers! Nice move, Ferrara!

4. Meet the Sobibor Death Camp


Here we go with a really unique case that’s a total exception to our list of escapees who not only escaped from prison but left a bloody scene as a memory of their action. Actually, some of the prisoners did bust their way out of prison without having to kill anyone or injure them badly. However, sometimes life doesn’t give you two options. Well, this seems to be the case with the famous Sobibor Death Camp which resulted in many deaths. There was a specific prisoner named Leon Feldhendler who got together with Sasha, another inmate sent to prison for being a Jewish. Both of them decided that if all of the prisoners work together, they can eventually break out of jail. Unfortunately, their efforts led to the murder of many prisoners, although more than 600 prisoners actually made it. Naturally, a big part of them was recaptured as others were already dead when found by officers.

3. Libby Prison Escape

via The American Civil War

Indeed, the Libby Prison Escape is just another pretty awesome example of how clever some of the inmates must have really been! In truth, this is one of the most popular cases of a successful prison break that helped more than 100 imprisoned soldiers break out of jail! While serving their sentences during the American Civil War, more than 100 imprisoned Union soldiers made it out of prison. As if this is not crazy enough, all of it actually happened overnight between Feb 9 and Feb 10, 1864. We know, it’s definitely hard to believe! Today, the Libby Prison Escape remains one of the most famous prison breaks ever!

2. The Maze Prison Escape

via RTE

Well, this one really got us caught up in a “maze”. The story of the prisoners who actually made it out of prison is really riveting. A few IRA prisoners finally put their clever plans into action as their successful efforts to break free led to the death of a prison officer and a couple of other guards. All of this got over 20 people awfully injured. Eventually, they did fulfill their initial plan of busting out of jail but nobody thought of the dreadful outcomes that their prison escape would be accompanied by. The craziest part is that these IRA prisoners actually escaped from the H7 Block, which was greatly encompassed by an 18-foot concrete wall that was actually topped with a barbed wire. How did these guys do it anyway!?

1. The Alcatraz Escape

via NY Daily News

Well, well, well – the Alcatraz escape truly deserves the #1 spot on this interesting list of crazy cases of prison breaks which actually happened. Only the word Alcatraz makes us go back in time to cherish the old-school versions of the Prison Break episodes. Do you actually remember any scenes? If you can’t think of any, then have a look at this crazy image of the real prisoners at Alcatraz which was exactly the place where one of the most intricate prison escapes happened. Meet the lunatic Frank Morris and the Angelin brothers who thought of an effective way to burrow out of their nasty cells and see the daylight far away from the prison of Alcatraz. The trio actually did the impossible: these guys climbed to the very top of the cell block from where they could cut through a few bars so as to reach the roof via an air vent! Well, this could totally inspire another great season of the Prison Break TV series, right?


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