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15 Creepy Ghosts Caught On Camera

15 Creepy Ghosts Caught On Camera

People have been wondering about the existence of the ghosts for centuries and, even today, we still don’t have a conclusive answer or proof that would reassure us whether they’re real or not. Some people believe they are the souls of the dead, left behind to resolve some unfinished business, others believe they seek out a revenge for the people that have done them wrong, and some believe that we will all eventually turn into ghosts. While most people think of ghosts as some neutral beings dwelling around, there are people who believe ghosts are pure evil. But the biggest question of all isn’t who or what they are, but do they really exist?

Some people have a strong opinion on the subject and they are either sure that ghosts are real, or they are sure that they are just a result of someone’s imagination. So how can we know which theory is the true one? Well, we can’t.

One thing we do know is that there are strong arguments going both ways. While there are some obvious and rational reasons why people doubt the existence of ghosts, there have been some creepy pictures collected over the years that could make every skeptic think twice.

15. An Uninvited Party Guest

Group photos at the parties are sort of a must, but sometimes, they can go terribly wrong, especially with a photobomb from an unexpected guest. That was the case for this particular group of friends. At the party, there was a little girl crying and complaining about another little boy that was being mean to her. Of course, nobody paid too much attention. I mean, come on, an invisible mean boy? Who in their right mind would believe that? When the time came to take the group picture, the little girl was still crying as we can see in the picture, but the real surprise came in the shape of a little boy’s face appearing in the picture. It seems like the boy is sitting on the floor between those people. Maybe they should have listened to their daughter. Or maybe it’s just a shadow in the picture. Check it out and see for yourself.

14. Mirror Selfie with a Ghost

There is nothing weird about two girlfriends taking a selfie while they’re alone. Or is there? The word “alone” is actually open for a discussion in this case. Those two girls were partying in a house all by themselves and nothing weird has happened for the whole time until they decided to take a selfie. While the girls stated that they had been all alone in the house, there is a clear reflection in the mirror of a third girl standing behind them. So who is she and what was she doing there? The only answer that comes to mind is that it was a ghost of some girl who might or might not have lived in that house previously. Or was it just a girl-shaped shadow? Whatever the truth is, you will agree that it would be super creepy to see something like this in one of your future selfies.

13. Easter Brunch with Unknown Person

One could say it seems like ghosts really like to make an appearance at the parties they weren’t invited to. This is another case like that. A group of friends were having a nice Easter brunch and they decided to take a picture of it. There was a mirror next to the table they were sitting at and while there is nobody but the people supposed to be there sitting at the table on one side of the photo, there is an extra person’s reflection caught in the mirror on the other side of the photo. It looks like a woman with an extremely pale face, standing next to the table. All of the guests at the brunch claimed there was no one like that there with them and they had no idea who the person caught in the mirror reflection was. Was it just a prank or is it possible they caught an actual ghost on camera?

12. Baby’s Guardian Angel

There have been a lot of debates and different rumors about the existence of guardian angels during a couple of past decades. You might have heard at some point that all people have their guardian angels always by their side. Those theories are similar to those regarding the ghosts; there are a lot of them and no one can be sure if they’re true.

In this specific case, parents took a picture of their baby in the baby seat and there was something unusual caught on that photo. It appears to be a ghostly hand reaching down onto the baby’s head. It looks like a cloud of smoke, vapor, or dust, but parents claim that no one in the room was smoking at the time and there was nothing there that could even remotely resemble the shape that appeared in the photo. They believe it was something unnatural and mysterious, such as a ghost or a guardian angel.

11. Mysterious Child Caught on a Security Camera

There was an interesting thing caught on a security camera outside someone’s house. The people living there had noticed some strange activity in front of their house, resulting in loud noises during the night. They decided to set up a camera outside of their home, hoping that it would help them find out what the cause of all that mess was so that they could put a stop on it. However, what they saw on the footage caught them a bit off guard. It wasn’t anything they expected to see.

The camera caught something that appeared to be a figure of a child, running through their front yard during the night. They believe it was a ghost because it was too transparent to be a real, live kid. Besides that, what would a child be doing there running in the middle of the night? One must admit, it’s quite strange.

10. Woman Living in a Haunted House

There was a woman who had been claiming for some time that her house was haunted. There are quite a lot of people claiming this sort of thing and no one takes them too seriously because, most of the time, it’s nothing more than their imagination running wild. However, this specific case had proved itself to be different. It all started when the woman started noticing strange things happening in her house, such as strange noises when no one else besides her was home. Her husband didn’t take her seriously, he thought she was just being paranoid. However, one day he took a picture of her and their dog, and he noticed something weird in the photo. It looks like a transparent person looking through the window on the door behind the woman and the dog. It is not obvious right away, but when you look at the picture closely, you can see a face staring at the camera.

9. The Amityville Horror

The Amityville house is one of the most famous haunted houses in the world. The tales of the ghosts living in this house have spread so much that they have inspired a huge franchise known as The Amityville Horror. Before this whole story started going around, the Amityville house was a place like every other and there was, what appeared to be, a happy family living there. One night, the man went crazy and he killed his wife, all of his children, and he committed suicide after that. From that moment on, people have been claiming that their ghosts have still been living in the house. Paranormal investigators went there to see if there was a truth to that story and they took a photo of a little boy. The curious thing about that photo was that there were absolutely no children around at the time the photo was taken.

8. Ghost at the Party

There was a controversial photo posted on Instagram by a news anchor, capturing a moment of the party she had thrown the night before. One of her friends was entertaining everybody by playing the guitar and singing, so she captured the whole thing with her phone. Later, as she was going through the pictures, she noticed something strange in the background. It looked like a young boy peeking around the corner, trying to get a better view on the show. After she posted the photo on Instagram, a wave of discussions started. People speculated that she faked the whole thing in order to get more media attention that could help her kick off her news anchor career, and others believed it was proof of yet another haunted house. No one can be sure what the truth actually was, but it indeed seemed strange. Look up the picture and decide for yourself.

7. Ghost in an Abandoned House

When it comes to abandoned houses, it is quite easy to start a rumor about some paranormal activity. Most of the ghost stories actually start this way; “Once upon a time, there was an abandoned house…” We’ve all heard something like that already. However, there is one specific house that has drawn a lot of people’s attention after a picture of a ghostly figure was captured there. No one knows exactly who used to live there or what happened to the people living there previously. There has been some speculation about different horror stories connected to this house and the ghosts inhabiting it. But the picture was quite clear; someone was standing in the doorway. We can’t be sure if it was just a shadow shaped like a person, but from the look of it, it surely seemed like a ghostly, transparent figure. Maybe we are just more prone to believe that abandoned houses are haunted. Or was it really something more?

6. Ghost or Dust?

Another interesting photo was taken by a homeowner who was renovating their newly purchased house. They hadn’t noticed any paranormal activity prior to this since they had just bought the house recently, but this detail was something that caught their attention. They were in the middle of cleaning up an old basement when they decided to take a picture in order to document the progress of their work. There was a lot of dust and dirt all around, but the thing that caught them by surprise was a dust cloud shaped like a man. This one really is a long shot since there was dust all over the place, but despite that, it was quite bizarre to see a dust cloud so clearly shaped like an adult person.

5. A Silly Picture Gone Wrong

There was a girl who wanted to take some silly pictures of her cousins while they were playing. Instead of that, she captured something that can hardly be identified as anything else other than a potential paranormal activity. The weirdest thing about this photo is that it’s impossible to say what we actually see in it. It is clear that there is some weirdly shaped gray and black figure behind the little boy, but it’s impossible to say what it resembles. It is not a human nor an animal, but it clearly is something that has appeared only in the picture; nobody saw it in the room before or after that. This picture is definitely unique and different from the others, which is what makes it even more disturbing and mysterious. What do you think the shape in the picture was? Or was it just another attempt to make an ordinary picture go viral?

4. Haunted House for Sale

Real estate agents often say that there are three key things that make a house more valuable: location, location, location. “Location without ghosts”, one might add to that.

A disturbing picture appeared on a real estate website and it was hardly the best shot to sell the house. The house was in pretty bad shape and it had been foreclosed for unknown reasons. Because of all the damages, it was on the market for very long time; it seemed that nobody wanted to buy it. But that might not be the only reason.

When you look closely at the picture of the house in question, you can see a girl with long black hair standing in the door, peeking out. It’s no wonder no one answered to that ad. Selling a house with the picture featuring something that obviously looks like a ghost might not be the best marketing plan in the book.

3. A House for Sale; Free Ghost Included

There was another house on the market that appeared to be haunted. When some potential buyers came to check out the house, they decided to snap a couple of pictures that would help them remember every detail and decide whether to buy it or not. They probably didn’t count on capturing a ghost in the picture, but it seems that they might have done just that.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see something that looks like a person peeking through one of the windows on the second floor. There had been some speculation that it actually was just the reflection on the glass, but who could know for sure? Reflection or not, would you buy a house when there is a chance that you would get a free ghost included in the package? Probably not. Or maybe you still think there is no reason to be alarmed by things like this? It’s up to you to decide.

2. Particularly Scary Halloween

There was a man who had decided to surprise his wife and kids by turning their house into a haunted mansion for Halloween. He might actually be a little bit too successful in that. He decorated their front yard with spider webs and spiders, a couple of scary pumpkins and other things that are pretty normal and expected to be a part of Halloween decorations. However, when he took a picture of his masterpiece, he saw one detail that he didn’t plan to add to the mix. There was a ghostly figure standing in the door.

Halloween can be pretty scary even without capturing things like this on camera, so was it really a ghost, or was it simply a mind’s trick or an attempt to make Halloween even more mysterious and scary? Maybe the dad just wanted his decorations to really stand out that year so he saw what he wanted to see. Who knows?

1. A Christmas Guest

It was what seemed to be a completely normal Christmas get-together; people sitting in their living room next to their Christmas tree and a pile of presents. Nothing curious about that at all. At least until someone decided to take a picture of that merry moment. After that, the moment wasn’t so marry anymore.

In the middle of the picture, there seems to be a ghostly figure squatting over the pile of presents. You can clearly see the feet that belong to this mysterious being.

After the photo was analyzed by experts, the conclusion was that the feet probably belong to one of the kids in the picture, and it was nothing more than a glitch in the camera. However, there still is some doubt since the child in question was wearing socks, while the feet in front of the present seem to be bare. Besides that, they are also too large to belong to the little boy in question.

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