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15 Creepy Places Known For Celebrity Ghost Sightings

15 Creepy Places Known For Celebrity Ghost Sightings

Celebrity ghosts exist everywhere around the world. Their bodies left the world, but according to many, the ghost of some actors, comedian, presidents, gangsters and artists still haunt their favorite places. From their houses to the recording studios and even favorite hotel and restaurants are haunted by these celebrity ghosts.

Many places around the world are known as the most haunted places on earth, and many of those ghost stories don’t appear to be realistic. But the places where these celebrity ghosts were seen even make the hardest skeptics stop and think again.

Most of the celebrity ghost stories you’ll be reading here are well-documented and are worked on by paranormal researchers. If paranormal activities easily get you rattled, you may want to think before you read about these places and their popular ghost stories, as every bit of these incidents is as haunting as the places where celebrity ghosts can be seen.

Some of the sightings were only experienced by people who visited these places, while some of the celebrity ghosts were caught on tape. If you’re someone who gets an adrenaline rush with the word ‘supernatural,’ here is a list of 15 places famous for celebrity ghost sightings. Peek into what’s going on in the mysterious world of the afterlife.

15. Suite 1200 of Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood


Famous American actress and model Marilyn Monroe’s ghost can be seen in Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Known for her style and beauty, Monroe died in 1962 due to an alleged drug overdose.

The lady lived in the Roosevelt Hotel for approximately two years and the first sighting was confirmed by an employee of the hotel. Her ghost reportedly appeared in a mirror which was later moved to the lobby.

The employee was cleaning the mirror and saw Monroe’s reflection, but when he looked back, no one was standing there and after turning back to the mirror, he once again saw Monroe’s face staring back at him.

Many guests have claimed that they saw Monroe posing and some of them even saw her dancing in the ballroom and even walking through the bar.

14. Mexico Restaurante Y Barra


Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the world-famous rock band Doors, died in 1971 and his ghost reportedly haunts a restaurant in West Hollywood. According to the restaurant owner, he tried to have a spiritual cleansing done on the site, but Jim still haunts the building. Guests say that Jim’s presence can be felt in the place and some people have also claimed to hear voices.

The building is situated on the land where Jim’s recording studio “The Doors Workshop” was located. The late singer used this space for a long time and his recording room was located where the restaurant’s bathroom is. The bathroom is reportedly being haunted by the late rockstar, and at present, the restaurant status shows that it is permanently closed.

13. Neverland Ranch


Locals say that Michael Jackson’s ghost can be seen at Neverland Ranch, where the King of Pop lived for 15 years. The ghost has been haunting the places since he died in 2009. It is said that those who wanted to purchase the estate were warned about the ghost and many workers have also left the estate due to supernatural experiences.

A worker by the name Marie Andre claims that Jackson’s spirit was seen by many workers and it was obviously a scary experience for all of them. The main house sits on the grounds with a swimming pool, two lakes, a tennis and a basketball court. Since Jackson’s death, there have been many ghost sighting stories circulated by the locals.

12. Booth No. 1 of Musso & Frank Grill


Charlie Chaplin’s ghost in Musso & Frank Grill restaurant is one of the central tourist attractions in Hollywood. People wish to dine in Booth No. 1 because it used to be Charlie Chaplin’s favourite booth. The restaurant provides a mix of leather booths, and includes some private and open booths. However, Booth No. 1 is not just famous for its window view, but it is said that Charlie Chaplin’s ghost haunts this place and his spirit can be felt around. Some people claim to have photographed the ghost of Charlie Chaplin in the said booth.

If you ever visit Hollywood and wish to dine at Booth No. 1, be ready to spend some extra hours waiting as it is one of the places every tourist wants to enjoy.

11. The Hart Building


Lucille Ball’s ghost haunts the Paramount studio lot known as the Hart building. It is one of the oldest buildings in the premise and was owned by Lucille Ball. According to many people who work there, a woman’s spirit haunts the upper floor area. Some people have even reported that they have experienced a strong smell of Lucille’s favourite perfume.

Many reports claim that it is Ball’s spirit that takes things from desks and throws them onto the floor. Ball’s Beverly Hills residence is reportedly visited by her spirit as well. Many occupants have complained about activities which are beyond explanation. According to the residents, furniture starts moving automatically and many things suddenly appear and disappear repeatedly.

10. RCA Recording Studio, Nashville


Elvis Presley’s ghost haunts RCA Recording Studio in Nashville. Although the studio was demolished after his death, many people claim that his ghost can be seen wondering around. He recorded “Heartbreak Hotel” in this studio and its lyrics were also mentioned on his suicide note.

His recording room is now being used for a television production. A statement released by the current employees of the establishment claims that after saying Elvis Presley’s name a certain amount of time, strange things start to occur. These strange incidents include lights being turned off automatically, odd noises, and the sound of footsteps. Many people have reported that they have seen his ghost as well. Some people have also claimed seeing him in a vintage red Cadillac. 

9. The White House


The White House ghost stories are pretty popular as many presidents, staff members, first ladies have reported presence of ghosts. Many of them have reported hearing noises and footsteps. Ghost of Abigail Adams was reportedly seen in a lace shawl and cap, heading towards a room. It was reported that her arms were outstretched as if she was carrying laundry.

Many reports claim that the First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln held seances to communicate with her dead sons. The Rose Room in the White House is said to be one of the most haunted areas in the building.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt claimed that she saw President Lincoln’s ghost in her study room which was earlier used by Lincoln as his bedroom. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands also reported seeing Lincoln’s ghost during her visit to the White House.

8. Chateau Marmont


Staying in Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood may give you a chance to see the ghost of comedian John Belushi. He died in the hotel due to drug overdose in 1982. His body was found in the hotel’s Bungalow 3 and since then many have reported strange sightings in the hotel.

For instance, in 1999 a family checked into the hotel and moved into the Bungalow 3. Their 2-year old son claimed to have met a “funny man” in the room. Out of curiosity the mother of the child started to check a list of celebrities that once stayed in the Chateau Marmont. As she was going through the list, the kid pointed to a picture of the late Belushi and claimed that that he was the “funny man” who visited him in the room. 

7. George Reeves’ House


One of the scariest celebrity ghost stories include the ghost of 1950’s ‘Superman’ George Reeves. In 1959, Reeves reportedly committed suicide in his house after a fight with his partner Leonore Lemmon. The “Adventures of Superman” actor reportedly drank too much and in a foul mood shot himself in the head.

Many people believe that it was not a suicide because there were many strange things found at the spot. Those who later occupied the place reported that they have been plagued by the noise of gunshots and even George’s apparition. Many visitors have reported that they don’t find their rooms in the same condition they left it. They often found torn out beddings and an ominous smell of gunpowder.

6. The Pickfair Estate


The silent film actress Mary Pickford and her husband chose to live in the Pickfair Estate and on several occasions, the couple witnessed the spirit of a female. When the duo got divorced, Pickford kept the estate. Later she married Charles “Buddy” Rogers and after she died, her husband reported being visited by a spirit he believed was Mary.

Rogers sold the estate to Jerry Buss and the new occupant reported ghost sightings as well. In 1988, Pia Zadora purchased the estate and in a controversial move, demolished the house in 1989 claiming that house is full of termites and that repairs would be useless.

She later revealed that she and her kids were being haunted by a ghost of a lady. And this was the reason she had to demolish the house.

5. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary


Al Capone was a powerful gangster who ruled Chicago and was eventually imprisoned in Alcatraz island. Just like all the other prisoners, he was not allowed to talk, but musical instruments were allowed there. His wife sent him a banjo which he used to play.

According to many witnesses, Capone’s ghost haunts his cell in Alcatraz. A guard at the Alcatraz prison reported that he heard banjo music often from a cell. He was not aware about the fact that Capone was kept in that particular cell.

Many tourists and travel guides also reported that a ghostly banjo sound could be heard coming from Capone’s cell B-181, which was later renumbered and is known as cell B-206.

4. Jean Harlow’s Hollywood House


Jean Harlow, a beautiful actress who died at the age of 26 from kidney failure, reportedly haunts her old house in Hollywood. Many new occupants claimed that they saw her husband’s ghost and many other ghosts in the house. Jean’s husband Paul Bern, an MGM executive, committed suicide in the same house and left a cryptic suicide note that left the police baffled.

One of the more infamous celebrity ghost sighting stories includes the one in which the actress Sharon Tate was terrified at this house. She saw the ghost of a short man, and later she saw the ghost of another man tied to the railing of the staircase with his throat slit open. There have been many reports like the above mentioned ones.

3. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino


Anna Nicole Smith died at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and since then her ghost wanders the hallways. The hotel was later renovated, and the room in which Anna stayed was renumbered as well so that no-one would try getting into the room on purpose.

Local residents say that Anna never left the hotel and still haunts the place. Many guests claimed that they have seen Anna’s ghost in the lobby, and one guest named Stephanie Pont spotted Smith’s spirit in the hotel’s resort when Pont gathered with her friends for New Year’s Eve party. According to her, the spirit she saw looked strikingly similar to Anna Nicole Smith.

2. The Baker Hotel


America’s famous gangsters Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were driving down Louisiana when the police from Texas and Louisiana started to chase them. The duo were eventually cornered by the cops and shot down and killed. Bonnie was found dead over Clyde and since then many people claim that their spirits still haunt the area where they were gunned down.

Before their death the couple stayed at the Baker Hotel for several nights, and many say that their ghosts haunt this hotel as well. More specifically, the Ballroom and the Brazos Room are the places where the spirits of these two were reportedly seen by many. The duo is said to regularly haunt the area where their ambush took place and also this hotel in Texas. The hotel has long been shut down and abandoned.

1. Sweet Lady Jane’s Bakery


The legendary actor Orson Welles, who started his career as a movie maker, haunts the Sweet Lady Jane’s Bakery and Restaurant. It is reported that his spirit still enjoys dining, smoking, and drinking at his favourite table. The famed Ma Maison was shut down in 1985 and then it was re-opened and turned into a bakery.

Staff members say that they have seen the spirit of the dead actor sitting around the tables. Many reported seeing the ghost of Welles wearing a hat and a black suit, and holding a glass of whisky with his cigar. The staff even reported smelling the cigar and brandy Welles used to enjoy.


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