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15 Creepy Sea Creatures That Washed Ashore On The Beach

15 Creepy Sea Creatures That Washed Ashore On The Beach

There are so many weird and creepy things we don’t know about yet in this world. Weird and creepy can go for sea creatures too. Many people often wonder if sea creatures even exist or if they are just a figment of our imagination. As far as the ocean is concerned, there are many creatures under the sea that none of us have even heard of, let alone seen yet.

Take this as a warning to you. Some of these creatures that have washed ashore on the beach are ugly and scary at the same time. Although scientists say that the facts from their research show that sea creatures, or monsters as some people call them, don’t even exist. This may or may not be true. Although many people believe they exist and many people say they don’t, because of what science says. But how can the following encounters be explained if they don’t exist at all?

What do you believe? Do you believe in what this list is about to tell you or do you believe what science says? No one answer is right or wrong when it comes to a person’s beliefs. Although there are some explanations for the following sea creatures that have washed up on the beaches all over the world, some have not been identified yet and no one knows what they are, exactly.

You never know if they exist or not. Maybe they are hiding under the sea and some of these creatures are real. Maybe all of them are real. Will we ever know the truth about sea monsters? Read the list below and tell us what you think about these weird and creepy monsters that have washed ashore on these beaches.

15. A Mass of a Sea Monster

Via: Metro

This sea creature washed ashore on the beach all the way back in 1924. They called it Trunko the Organic Mass but we will just call it a Mass of a sea monster. Although this Mass is technically called a globster but nicknamed Trunko, it was described to look like a hybrid fish and polar bear. Wow! What do you think this creature really is?

According to some reports, this monster Mass was seen fighting with killer whales before it washed up on the beach. Scientists never even tested this creature so we still don’t know exactly what it is. However, many people think it is some sort of whale. Not only do we still not know what this Mass of a monster is, but there are only four pictures of it that exist today.

14. Montauk Monster

Image credit:

A list such as this one wouldn’t be any kind of list without mentioning the Montauk Monster. This sea monster has everyone baffled, still to this day. Even scientists don’t quite know what type of creature it is.

Some people have speculated that it is a decayed body of a raccoon. However, raccoons are longer legs than this monster. The Montauk Monster made a media frenzy when it washed up on the beach in New York in 2008 and people have been talking about it ever since. They have also been talking about how the carcass of this monster mysteriously disappeared.

Although no one has any idea, still, how it got onto the shore of the beach of New York or even exactly what it is, even scientists for that matter, it is still a popular topic since it was discovered nine years ago. What do you think this creature really is?

13. Atlantic Sturgeon

Image credit:

This huge sea monster looks like something from a sci-fi or horror film. After research on it was done, scientists found out it is an ancient sea creatures, the Atlantic Sturgeon. That may just be much more fascinating than what people may have been speculating it was when it was found washed up on the beach in 2012 on Folly Beach in South Carolina. The residents of this area may have felt they were in a sci-fi or horror movie or even the Pirates of the Caribbean when they discovered this huge sea monster.

According to scientists, the Atlantic Sturgeon can grow as long as 15-feet and weigh as much as 800-pounds when grown to full size. Wow! This thing is huge! What if it wasn’t determined to be an Atlantic Sturgeon though? What does it look like to you?

12. Bird-Like Creature

Image credit:

What in the world is this thing? Even scientists are baffled by it still. This huge creature was found on the shore on the beach in Far East Russia and those who live nearby are speculating about it but no one, not even researchers, know what in the world this bird-like creature thing is.

Although it has a bird beak on it, some scientists at first thought that maybe it was some sort of mutated dolphin but they are not 100 percent sure what this monster is. All anyone knows is that the sea creature is huge so it cannot be a mutated dolphin. Can it? What do you think?

11. Frilled Shark

Via: Earth Touch News

This looks like one of those serpentine sea creatures from folk-tales. Many scientists believe that although this is a frilled shark, it may have inspired the type of sea monsters they talk about in those folk-tales. You know those mythological stories you were told when you were little about the serpentine sea monsters from mythological times?

The frilled shark is a deep-sea shark. That may be why we haven’t heard much of anything about it in the past or recent years. The one that you see washed up on the beach in the picture above was found near the Lakes Entrance in Southeastern, Victoria, Australia in January 2015.

Frilled shark or not, it looks scary! What do you think about this one?

10. Alligator Snapping Turtle

Image credit:

Is it a dinosaur? A turtle? Or an alligator? Do you know what this creature is? Although when the images of it showed up all over social media for people to see, many of them thought it was a fake. However, it is as real as you and I. It is actually an alligator snapping turtle and was found on the beach somewhere in Russia.

It does look like an alligator and a snapping turtle hybrid, doesn’t it? This snapping turtle is actually said to be the heaviest fresh-water snapping turtle in the world.

What do you think about this huge alligator snapping turtle? Would you think it wasn’t real if you didn’t now know what it is?

9. East River Monster

Image credit:

The image you see above was named the East River Monster because it was found on the shore along the East River. A photographer by the name of Denise Ginley and her boyfriend were walking along the East River when they found this thing lying there under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. It is also known as the Brooklyn Bridge Monster.

Although many people, including the parks department, determined that it was a roasted pig that someone threw out for some reason, this doesn’t exactly explain why it has a long tail and five toes. What do you think it is? Looks much scarier than some discarded roasted pig, doesn’t it?

8. Dog-Like Monster

Image credit:

This dog-like sea monster washed up on the shore in Santa Barbara. Many speculators still say it is some type of dog. However, its arms are pretty short for a dog and this thing has some pointy claws and, look at those teeth on it! Of course, it could also be a relative of an ancient dog or something like that, right?

This creature still hasn’t been identified by scientists and no one knows where it came from. One thing we do know so far is that it was found on the shore of the beach after a really bad storm. What do you think this creepy looking creature is?

7. Temuka Monster

Via: Image

The people of Temuka, New Zealand hadn’t had much action until this creepy sea monster was found on the South Island beach on October 28, 2009. Although it has not been figured out what this creature is, many people said that it had to be some kind of alien. Others said that the white things coming out of its dead body were tentacles. However, many people also thought it was a blob.

Whatever this thing is, it sure looks creepy! Everyone can agree on that, right? What do you think this is? Take your best guess because until scientists figure this one out, that is all it will be right now.

6. Human-Like Sea Creature

Image credit:

Is this an Internet hoax or is it real? It could easily be a hoax with technology the way it is these days. However, this human-like creature was said to have been found on the shore on a beach in Australia. It looks more like an alien than it does a human though, right?

Do you think this one is real or fake? It is hard to say but if it is real, it is one scary looking monster, right? What do you think about this one? Although it could have easily been photoshopped and put on the Internet to get people talking, it is still creepy looking, don’t you agree? What is even creepier was that they said it was alive when they found it! Wow!

5. Megamouth Shark

Image credit:

This huge sea monster, called the megamouth shark for a good reason, was found on the shore in the Philippines. The fishermen who caught this huge shark at first thought they had caught a whale. However, when this huge monster was studied, they found out it was actually a megamouth shark, something they have never seen before in their entire lives.

The megamouth shark is called this because it has huge jaws with 50 rows of teeth in them. It is also 15-feet long. Wow! Have you ever seen a shark this huge before? What do you think about this sea monster?

4. St. Augustine Monster

Image credit:

Is this a giant squid? Or maybe it is a huge octopus? Although many people back in 1896 speculated about it being one or the other, after research on this huge sea monster that washed up on the St. Augustine Florida shore was done, scientists decided it was just the carcass of a sperm whale. Do you agree?

Although many people thought it was a giant squid or octopus and scientists determined it was just the dead body of a sperm whale, the people back then decided to call it the St. Augustine Monster. What do you think it is?

3. The Chilean Blob

Via: Cryptid Wiki

And we thought the Hebrides Blob was huge, take a look at this one! This blob, called the Chilean Blob, was found on the shore of Los Muermos, Chile. This blob isn’t called a blob for just any reason, either, since it weighed in at 14 tons and was measured to be 39-feet across! Wow!

However, don’t get your hopes up yet about it being something you have never heard of before, because scientists did some research on this huge sea creature and found that it is actually a sperm whale. They checked its DNA and it came back a match with the sperm whale!

2. New Zealand Globster

Image credit:

Now this blob is so big, they called it a globster. It is much bigger than the two previous blobs found in Chile and Scotland! This globster was found washed up on the beach in North Island, New Zealand in 1968.

This thing is creepy, right? Well , they call it the New Zealand Globster because it is still to this day unidentified. According to J.E Morton, the chairman of the Zoology department at the University of Auckland, there is nothing that even closely resembles this creature and no one knows what this thing is yet.

What do you think about this huge blob?

1. Hebrides Blob


This huge blob of a monster that was named the Hebrides Blob was found on the shore on Benbecula Beach in Scotland in 1990. This sea creature has fin-like lines along its back. Although no one can identify it, it is called a blob because it looks like one. It is beyond anything we have ever seen before!

What do you think about this blob of a sea creature? Can you figure out what it is? This one may be something creepy that we have never seen before or could even imagine, wait until you see what is next on this list!

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