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15 Cringeworthy Photos Of People Posing With Statues

15 Cringeworthy Photos Of People Posing With Statues

Many cultures have produced statues. The oldest known statue in the world is from the Swabian Alps in Germany and dates back 30,000-40,000 years. Statues come in all different sizes and shapes. From small statuettes that can easily be picked up to colossal statues which are life-like. They can represent anything from people or animals to even abstracts. They can be freestanding, full-length or busts. Some statues are made on commission, usually to commemorate some historical event or life of a person of influence. Statues are ART and lots of them are exhibited in public buildings or outdoors for people’s enjoyment. They can become famous in their own right, like the Statue of Liberty, the Great Buddha of Kamakura and the Great Sphinx Of Giza.

People’s fascination with statues has been ongoing for thousands of years, but in today’s age of technology, they are able to forever memorialize their appreciation for these great works by simply pulling out their phone and snapping a shot. The people shown here today are extremely clever and creative and have “enhanced” their statue subjects with their very own twist. They have put thought and effort into their photo composition and this is why these people are featured here today because they took their poses with statues to the next level.

15. Pigeon Power


It’s no secret that pigeons have a bad reputation and most people only think of them as the “rats of the sky”. Someone knew this was not true at all and wanted to pay homage to this powerful and smart bird by creating this statue. Placing him in this park-like setting to graze among the seeds and worms looks completely natural. What doesn’t look natural is the giant size of this beast. Then along comes this tasty morsel of a man and it’s too much temptation for the bird to resist. He looks like a big kernel of popcorn, so you can’t really blame the pigeon now, can you?

14. Grin And Bear It


Biking and hiking in the beautiful wilderness is a favorite pastime for many people. The fresh air, the rugged terrain, and oh, the family of bears. This kid is simply ingenious and proves it with this fantastic statue pose. He has proven his athletic prowess by using his bike as a ladder to climb all the way up into the arms of this mother bear. You can’t be certain if the bear is helping the boy who might have been injured in a biking accident or if she was the cause of his injuries in the first place. One thing you can be certain of is that the baby bear is not at all interested in what is happening here.

13. Bat Out Of Hell


If you have ever visited Target Field in Minnesota, then you know there is plenty of homages paid to the long history of the Minnesota Twins baseball club. There are several statues surrounding the stadium there to honor the greats of their past. The statue in this photo is of Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew in full swing and no doubt hitting another one of his many home runs. This kid took posing with this statue to the next level by placing his head at the end of Harmon’s bat. The expression on his face as the bat makes contact with his head is very believable.

12. Can You Take Our Picture Please?


Sometimes things just play out perfectly in life. This couple has really taken their posing with statues to the next level. They look to have been enjoying their day in a park of some sort when they decide they want to forever memorialize their visit with a photo. Fortunately for them, they have come across this statue who is more than willing to oblige. Certainly, they can hand their camera over to the statue and never have to worry that he will take off running away with it. They can rest assured that he will capture just the right shot for them and no worries if it takes all day. He has all the time in the world.

11. Hey Man, We Didn’t Do It


This is a very well thought-out and hilarious photo. Three friends saw this statue of a cop writing a ticket and decided to have some fun with it. Two of the guys have obviously been up to no good and are on the ground being detained. The third guy just can’t believe the bad luck that they have run into. It looks like he is pleading with the officer for their freedom. These three guys saw an opportunity and really committed to posing with this statue to take it to the next level. Make sure to stay out of trouble so you don’t get a real picture of yourself snapped like this one!

10. Hockey Blocky


Any hockey player or fan for that matter knows that when you get near the front of the net there are a lot of things you have to contend with. There are plenty of defenders who want to stop you from trying to get a shot on goal. Not to mention the heavily padded goalie who will try to stop the puck if you do get a shot away. Sometimes if that goalie is making a glove save on a shot from another player, the players near the front of the net need to pay close attention. This funny photo shows you exactly why.

9. Pounding Steel And Nuts


Pounding giant steel railroad spikes into the ground with a giant hammer for thirteen hours a day, six days a week was how the transportation lifelines, known as railroads were built. This detailed statue scene of the three men working in unison with their hammers pounding down upon the tracks makes for the perfect photo opportunity for this guy. As he lays himself down on the uneven, rocky, dirty and rough surface he puts his all into this shot. He certainly can’t be very comfortable getting his nice white shirt dirty, but he did get a great shot. The facial expression and the perfect position of his body make a great picture!

8. Here’s A Girl Bearing It All


Here you have a bear with a message. It’s entirely possible that this woman ventured a little deeper into the woods than she should have. Maybe she came upon a family of bears who weren’t up for visitors at that moment. It doesn’t look like it turned out well for her at all. The papa bear then decided to bring her back into town and show the townspeople what happens to those who disturb the bears! This is a great pic and very funny one as well. She obviously needed some help to get up there but it looks like the effort was well worth it.

7. Can I Have This Dance?


Here you have a statue of a man and women interacting with each other in some strange way. Then this kid comes along and decides to intrude on them and it makes this statue display look even better. The kid is obviously strong and is holding on with his hands but it looks like he is being held up by his head. The kicking legs below him make the pic look even that more realistic. From the look on his face, it looks like he is in a lot of pain. We assure you though; no children were injured or harmed in the making of this funny photo. We think…

6. Peter Piper Picked


This photo is funny but at the same time disturbing on so many levels. It takes a perfectly placed nostril to get this authentic nose picking picture. You can see he went as far as actually placing himself so the statue’s finger really protrudes up into his nose. You have to imagine it’s a bit disgusting to go to this length though. The Earth’s elements are all over the tip of that statue’s finger, not to mention all of the people who have touched it before his arrival. Then, of course, you have the normal bird crap that seems to go hand in hand with any statue. Is it funny? Hell yes. Is it worth it? I’m thinking maybe not.

5. Check This Out Dude!


We have all been in a park before sitting on a bench all alone. It can be lonely but at least you get the chance to enjoy some peace and quiet. However, when that all important text comes in telling you that you have just been offered that dream job you have been chasing for years, well, you want to share it with someone, right? Sometimes there just isn’t anyone around if you are in the park but a statue can always do the trick, and I hear that they are really good listeners. This photo didn’t take a lot of planning but it sure turned out funny!

4. Flying Saucers, Nope Flying Papers


Sometimes something as simple as having perfect timing can be an important factor for getting a great photograph with a statue. You can see a perfect example of this here as this woman really puts on a show with this baseball player statue. A perfectly timed jump, tossing a folder of papers high into the air, coupled with a well-timed snap of the button gives you this awesome photograph. It looks like she just got slammed in the butt with the baseball bat. It’s obvious that she planned this one out with a lot of attention to detail. Great job!

3. Human Tug-Of-War


This is a very funny photo that was taken in Utah (I’m guessing it’s in because of the 801 area code that is posted up on the sign). The statue looks to be a mom swinging her child around during an afternoon of fun. Three people came upon it and had an idea to take a funny picture. Now it looks like the three of them are in a fight for their lives, trying to save the little girl from the woman who is trying to pull her away. Great stuff and a very funny idea! The guy in the middle is putting quite a lot at risk in the name of fun though. If his hands slip he is going to eat a lot of pavement.

2. Superman Vs. Ronald McDonald


Have you ever seen the movie called Superman vs Ronald McDonald: The Battle for the Bronze Cheeseburger? Well, chances are high that you probably haven’t so here is a sneak peek. In this scene, Superman tries to sneak up on Ronald while he is riding his unicycle playing with some children, but the clown knew he was coming and gave him a swift smack to the face. He knows that he has delivered a solid blow to Superman and you can tell by his face that he is pleased with the result. This is a well thought out and executed photo. Very funny stuff!

1. Back Off Baby – He’s All Mine


This woman came upon these statues and put a lot of thought into what kind of pose she could do with them to take it to the next level. The statues are of a little girl running into the waiting arms of what looks like a police officer. Instead, this woman gave him something else to focus on, leaving the little girl out in the cold. She planted a long kiss right on the cop and it actually looks like the cop is trying to “cop” a feel from her. The woman didn’t want the intimate moment to be interrupted so a well-placed hand to the kid’s face keeps the child at bay. This is a very funny photo and well executed!

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