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15 Cringeworthy Selfies With Celebs We Want To Forget

15 Cringeworthy Selfies With Celebs We Want To Forget

Bumping into celebrities is a rare thing. Your first reaction when seeing someone famous is to take our your phone and snap a picture. Bonus points if you are in the picture. Selfies are the best way to capture that moment and show off to your family and friends that you were lucky enough to see your favourite celebrity in person.

However, not every picture turns out the way you would want them to. Most of the time you catch the celebrity off guard and they are not ready for the picture. Leaving you with cringe-worthy selfies that you cannot re-take because the opportunity is rare so you are left with no choice, but to act quick and snap a picture hoping it turns out for the best. When they do not turn out the way you expected you are left with a selfie you wish you never took in the first place.

From celebrities like Rihanna to Kanye, they have all had fan encounters that resulted in selfies that we want to forget. Selfies displaying how they really feel or just captured at the wrong moment. Some of these selfies come from fans being too clingy or just excited to meet their favourite celebrity, either way they leave us with cringe-worthy selfies. Here are 15 cringe-worthy selfies with celebs we want to forget.

15. Rihanna Meets A Patriots Fan Selfie

via: Blaze Press

It’s always a great time in your life when your favourite NFL team makes it to the Super Bowl, but it is even better when your team wins and you bump into a famous celebrity at a bar. This New England Patriots fan spotted the bad gyal singer herself drinking at a restaurant bar. Feeling on top of the world after a great game, the Patriots fan felt lucky and decided to snap a selfie with Rihanna. By the looks of the picture Rihanna did not seem ready for the encounter as she looked like she did not want to take the picture, or she was just sad that the Patriots won and the Seattle Seahawks lost. Either way the fan sure looked ready for the selfie. Probably not one of the best pictures Rihanna has of herself online.

14. Kanye West Emotionless Selfie

via: Blaze Press

Kanye West is notorious for his emotionless facial expressions. During Super Bowl 49, two fans approached the rapper and posed for a selfie. Kanye however did not seem amused by the encounter and did not pay any attention to the fans, classic Kanye. A true fan of the artist would know Kanye’s personality and would have known the outcome of that encounter, however when presented with an opportunity to pose with the celeb why not take it. Even though this selfie did go viral it is a cringe-worthy selfie to look at. You can just feel the awkwardness, however the fans did not seem to mind, they got a selfie with Yezzy.

13. Emma Watson Chin Selfie

via: Blaze Press

Fans wait hours along the red carpet to catch a glimpse of their favourite celebrity. Taking pictures as they walk the red carpet. If you are lucky the actor may stop to take a few seflies. You wait for the perfect opportunity to get that one perfect seflie. Unfortunately they do not always turn out as glamorous as the actor themselves. During a movie premier, British actress, Emma Watson poses with a fan for a selfie. The selfie was taken on a terrible angle making it look like the two were comparing chins. Watson tried to perfect her smile and pose with the angle the picture was being taken on, however it looks like she just gave up and does not care how the selfie turned out. One thing we know for sure is that the man’s seflie game can definitely use some work.

12. Bill Clinton Stare Down Selfie

via: Blaze Press

Everyone has been caught staring at something they should not have been. Some people are able to get away with it while other’s get caught and a picture is taken during the act. This happened to Former President of the United States Bill Clinton was caught staring at something he should not have been. The selfie is taken with a woman and shows Clinton staring at her chest. Clinton was clearly not ready for that picture, or maybe wanted the women to know where he was staring. Whether or not he was actually staring at this specific body part is unknown, but it sure makes for a cringe-worthy selfie.

11. Fan Catches Gerard Bulter’s Bad Side Selfie

via: Blaze Press

Every Hollywood actor has their off days, where the last thing they want is to be bothering for a picture. Gerard Bulter is no different and his encounter with a fan was one of those moments. Based off of the actor’s facial expression this fan caught Bulter’s bad side. The selfies shows a fan with Butler and judging by the image, Bulter was not up to the seflie. His eyes are half closed and he is showing no emotion, not even a smile. The fan however seemed this was the perfect opportunity to snag a picture with the star as he looks ready for the shot. This selfie is so cringe-worthy you do not even know where to stare.

10. Nicholas Cage Woken Up For A Selfie

via: Buzzfeed

With long nights and long days, being a celebrity can be hard and you find yourself getting rest at any possible time. Nicholas Cage was taking a nap during a flight when he was woken up by a fan and asked for a seflie. Even after being woken up from a nice rest, Cage is expected to smile. The selfie shows a women smiling and the actor Cage with a tired and troubled face. This seflie has been mocked all over the Internet. As cringe-worthy as this selfie is you almost feel bad for the Hollywood actor all he wanted was to take a nice snooze.

9. Robert Downey Jr. Avoids Selfie

via: Scribol

Sometimes the hardest part about being a celebrity is having to go out and smile for pictures even when that is the last thing you want to do. Faking a smile is not always easy. Robert Downey Jr is a prime example of this. This selfie shows a man taking a picture of an uninterested to be there actor. The actor looks like he would rather be anywhere else, but taking that picture. Downey Jr. is not even discreet about it, it looks like he is trying to avoid taking the selfie. However, the fan looked happy to take a seflie and had no problem posing for the picture. I guess that is all that matters, as long as you look good in the picture.

8. John Travolta Gym Seflie

via: Scribol

Not all selfies with celebrities are taken at the wrong time or without them knowing. Some celebrities are willing to take picture with you and some celebrities will ask their fans for pictures. According to a post found on Reddit, the man stated that he thought he was alone at his gym at 3am, but then a man introduced himself as John Travolta. As awkward as this selfie may look, the awkward part was that this picture was not even asked for by the man, Travolta asked for the selfie. It is not disclosed why the actor asked for the picture to be taken.

7. Not Happy Cara Delevinge Selfie

via: TheTalkO

Cara Delevinge has not had the easiest modelling career. With many ups and downs she states that her career has caused a lot of mental issues. Despite her successful career, she proclaims that she does not like her life or her career. This feeling is apparent in this selfie with a fan. Delevinge is not smiling and seems like the only reason why she took the picture was to be nice. I guess a fake smile is better than no smile. Since feeling unhappy with her life choices the model has switched to acting, let’s hope that this switch will help her with taking selfies with fans.

6. Copy Cat Beyoncé Selfie

via: Witty Feed

Beyoncé knows how to make her fans happy, even if that means doing cringe-worthy facial expressions. This lucky fan snapped a selfie with the goddess herself. Not knowing what to do, Beyoncé thought quick and just copied the facial expression of the fan. Their faces looked like something smelled terrible, but surely that was the look they were going for. Even though it’s not the best look for Beyoncé, she rocked it and I bet the fan felt ecstatic he got a picture with the Queen B. What makes this picture cringe-worthy is the fact that the celebrity is not only the one making the awkward face, but the fan is too. Double the cringe!

5. Robert Pattinson Wrong Camera Selfie

via: BuzzFeed

Celebrities are confronted with many cameras in their faces all the time and at times it is hard to figure out what camera to look at. In this seflie Robert Pattinson and a fan is caught in one of those situations. However, in this selfie it is hard to tell who is actually looking at the wrong camera. The picture seems to be taken from a camera in front of Pattinson, however the fan seems to be looking at his own camera. This confusing image leaves us to think whose selfie is this? As cringe-worthy as this seflie is, atleast Pattinson looks good.

4. Mariah’s Awkward Smile Selfie

via: I Daily

Mariah Carey has always had awkward encounters with her fans and this seflie is a prime example. She is often portrayed as someone who does not care about her fans. Mariah’s fake smile confirms that she would rather be anywhere else than taking this selfie with her fan. Awkwardly positioned, Mariah gives off a fake smile making this selfie cringe-worthy and hard to look at. You can only image what is going through her mind while this picture was taken. After all Ms. Carey does have a reputation for being a diva and she lets the world know it. At least that lucky fan was able to take a selfie with her.

3. Confused Rihanna Selfie

via: ALW Daily

Rihanna has more than one cringe-worthy selfie circling the Internet. In this selfie with a fan you can assume that the singer has no clue who that man is, but we do know one thing he is sure happy to get a selfie with her. Cannot say that the feeling is mutual, her face says it all. Rihanna’s face is so cringe-worthy you cannot help but feel bad that this man has a selfie with Rihanna and it looks like she did not even want to be in the picture and this is the only image he has to remember that encounter. Poor guy.

2. Lady Gaga Makes Baby Cry Selfie

via: Pinterest

This baby is definitely not a fan of the mother monster herself. Lady Gaga frightens a baby as she cuddles with her while trying to take a selfie. Some people would do anything to take a picture with the poker face star, but this baby was not down for the selfie. What makes this picture so cringe-worthy is that you can only imagine the fight this baby put up to get away from the star and how that made her feel. There is also a creepy man who photo bombed this picture, which gives it an ever more awkward vibe. I am sure this is a selfie Lady Gaga would love to forget.

1. Unimpressed George Clooney Selfie

via: Blaze Press

This selfie has cringe written all over it. Most celebrity and fan selfies at least the fan is ready to take the picture, in this case either seem ready for the picture. George Clooney looks unimpressed and the fan looks shocked that a picture was being taken of him even though he was the one taking the picture, either way this selfie is not Instagram worthy. Surely this is one selfie neither the man nor Clooney are proud of or would love to forget about. However, when you only have one chance to take a selfie with your favourite star you have to seize the moment whether you are ready for it or not.

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