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15 “Curious” Pics Of Kate Middleton That Will Drive Anyone NUTS!

15 “Curious” Pics Of Kate Middleton That Will Drive Anyone NUTS!

She’s beautiful, feminine and elegant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s hardly like the Duchess of Cambridge needs any introduction whatsoever. But still, we feel kind of obliged to display our deep admiration for this gorgeous lady. Actually, do you know that her whole name isn’t exactly Kate Middleton? Indeed, “Kate” has served as her nickname for more than 15 years now. As fabulous and elegant as the Duchess of Cambridge is, Kate’s whole name is Catherine-Elizabeth Middleton. Surely, you can always refer to her as the next queen as well.

Undoubtedly, the story of this brilliant lady with a captivating smile is quite a riveting one. Regardless of how crazy it sounds, Prince Williams and Kate crossed paths at the prominent St. Andrew’s University which they both attended at the time. Well, it would be safe to say that Prince Williams actually became Kate’s Prince Charming sooner than expected. Indeed, the fabulous “commoner” is actually the daughter of flight attendants as she absolutely swept Prince Williams off his feet. Well, you know the rest of the story, don’t you? But did you know that Kate’s got a pretty curious collection of edgy photos as well? Believe it or not, today we’ll unmask her wild personality by presenting you with some “curious” pics of the cherished Duchess.

15. Cowboy looks? No worries!

via Mirror

If we say that Kate Middleton doesn’t really serve as a source of inspiration, we’d come across as unscrupulous liars. Indeed, is there another celebrity who could be a better fit for this purpose? Well, we don’t think so. Frankly, there are many people who use Kate Middleton as a natural source of lies and speculations but this is another story for another time. Besides, who would believe a story that openly disrespects her? With such a beautiful smile and fancy looks, Katy would get away with everything. As for her looks, we can’t really think of anyone who could rock cowboy outfits better than Kate! So glamorous, casual and…sexy!

14. Kate can be “playful” as well

Via: Univision

Needless to say, Kate is a lady who’s got so much more than fine looks and delicacy. She’s got brains as well. It’s said that beautiful women aren’t really that bright at all. Hmm, does Kate look brainless to you? Also, it may sound pretty crazy, but Kate’s got such a lovely sense of humor as well. Although she’s currently the Majestic Duchess of Cambridge, Kate is still a woman whose desires and dreams aren’t really that different than ours. Besides, she’s also a caring wife and a lovely mother who needs affection and tenderness just as much as you do. Ultimately, it lies at the foundation of every family, right?

13. Oops! It’s so windy outside!

via YouTube

Frankly, it’s absolutely no wonder that Kate Middleton always looks dressed to the nines whatever the occasion. It doesn’t even matter whether it’s a public speech or a season of festivity. The wonderful Duchess of Cambridge seems to be quite aware of how to make everyone stare at her. Perhaps, she just relies on her title and fame but there’s also a chance that her positivity and attractiveness draw people like moths to a flame. Well, it’s not like she’s got many choices left anyway. She’s the Duchess of Cambridge at the end of the day, right? So, she’s kind of obliged to look her very best when the whole world is constantly staring at her.

12. Kate knows how to play “tricks” pretty well


Whatever you say, Kate Middleton will always be that lovely girl who once even tried her hand at modeling. When you think about it, Kate would have become a pretty decent model for sure. But obviously, life had something else in mind. Luckily, she met her handsome Prince Charming while attending the same school back in 2007. Since then, the gorgeous Kate Middleton hasn’t stopped mesmerizing the world with her magnetic presence and dazzling smile. Well, it seems like Kate is everyone’s Magician Girl, isn’t she? How can you not love her, right?

11. Kate simply rocks the beach

via YouTube

Well, we’re kind of used to seeing royalty members of the Crown in less revealing clothes. It’s not like these significant people are hardly interested in exploring the riches of life. It’s hardly the case at all. What’s really curious is that even royalty members aren’t that hard to spot at the supermarket or at the theater. Obviously, they are not that hard to reach even when enjoying their summer getaways. We realize that Kate Middleton and Prince Williams are still ordinary people who would love to soak up the sun and get tanned as well. But unfortunately, the greedy world of Hollywood doesn’t really seem to have lost its interest in Kate’s private moments at all.

10. So charming and feminine

via Royal Fans

When it comes to notions, such as elegance and femininity, the first name that instantly comes to mind is Kate Middleton. How come? Well, just have a look at her exquisite style and flawless looks! Not only does she look like a real life Disney princess, but the gorgeous Kate has got it all together. She’s good-hearted, beautiful, friendly and generous. Surely, she’s one hell of a beauty as well whose wardrobe picks and hairstyles are today’s most desired looks by women. Well, it’s quite easy to see why she’s deeply loved and appreciated, right? Indeed, she’s the splendid image of what a genuine Queen should absolutely look like. Bottom line: she’s simply amazing!

9. She shines like a diamond

via Vanity Fair

So who wears it better? No offense, Ms. Hilton, but we believe that this gorgeous white dress looks so much better on Kate. What are your thoughts about it? Do you love Kate’s version too? It’s true that Kate Middleton absolutely graced the covers of many fashion magazines throughout the years. Indeed, who would not want to see her on the fancy cover of a prominent and successful magazine? The answer is pretty obvious. Kate Middleton simply steals the show wherever she shows up. Put in a nutshell, this woman seems like she’s got the fire in her eyes to melt any guy’s heart away.

8. Looking a bit edgy? Why not?!

via YouTube

There’s no denying that Kate’s got some less glorious and classy moments to share as well. Do you remember her scandalous skin-revealing photos? Does it ring a bell with you? If so, then you’re pretty familiar with the whole crazy situation back in the day. We don’t blame her for her decision to go topless while vacationing. After all, we’re all humans who long for similar experiences and adventures in life. But still, the gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge got in some serious trouble for her “frivolity and thoughtlessness”. After all, she’s the Duchess of Cambridge who isn’t supposed to go topless nevertheless her logical reasons for it.

7. Her street style is just fabulous

via YouTube

While you think it’s almost impossible to meet the Duchess of Cambridge at the Mall, she may be enjoying some shopping therapy with her handsome husband right about now. Seriously, do you really believe that Kate Middleton goes to bed and wakes up in glamorous gowns? Do you actually believe that she’s such a woman? Just in case you’ve forgotten, Kate is still an ordinary lady who’d love to rock some casual street styles too. Therefore, it’s not that impossible to see her somewhere in a super casual and even sporty look. Besides, such casual outfits match her girlie sides just fine.

6. Obviously, Kate knows how to turn heads


With such a gorgeous body, it’s no secret that Kate Middleton looks like a sought-after VS model. We know it’s quite hard for you to see her in such a normal side given her title as the Beautiful Duchess of Cambridge. But after all, Kate is one hell of a beauty who also craves for some beach action every now and then. Who isn’t keen on such things anyway?So next time you’re about to hit the beach, you should probably look around and check for any celebs and royalties. You see, Kate is a genuine beach-lover who isn’t that hard to spot on the beach at all.

5. Elegance is her nickname

Via: NY Daily News

Today we may know her as the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, but Kate was once an ordinary girl with bold goals and dreams of the future. For example, do you know that Kate used to work as an accessories buyer for Jigsaw? You had no idea, right? Anyway, her ordinary days bit the dust right after she said “YES” and married the World’s Most Eligible Bachelor. Indeed, there’s no doubt that the title fits her just perfectly. All in all, Kate’s one lucky lady who’s got the charm, the brains and the necessary set of skills to stand right beside her Prince Charming. Needless to say, her elegance would be pretty tough to challenge anyway.

4. Kate’s extremely stylish as well

Via: Vanity Fair

The wonderful Kate Middleton may be a significant member of the royal family, however, the beginning of her days as a Duchess must have been pretty tough for her. Frankly, we can’t really imagine how she actually managed to win Queen Elizabeth’s heart over. After all, Kate’s family is a pretty decent and ordinary one, however, Katy wasn’t exactly raised among aristocrats. Surely, this could have been an issue in the very beginning. But no, Prince Williams must have done his very best to make his royal family accept a common girl as the next Duchess of Cambridge. Thankfully, his efforts didn’t fall through…

3. A walking inspiration? Checked!

via Pinterest

The wonderful Kate Middleton is without a doubt a walking inspiration for so many young women out there. Surely, her style hasn’t always been that exquisite which is pretty normal given her origins. But no matter how fortunate Katy Middleton may seem to you, she’s got some unpleasant and less glorious moments to share as well. It’s true that Kate and Prince William almost put an end to their relationship a few years back. By the way, Kate’s appearance at The Cheltenham Festival of 2007 quickly ignited some major rumors about her future with Prince Williams. But as you can see, they didn’t call it quits and today they’re one of the most stylish and cherished couples ever!

2. Kate’s smile does wonders. Obviously.

via About Kate Middleton’s

As a Duchess of Cambridge, Kate’s responsibilities must have grown enormously since her glorious marriage to Prince Williams. Needless to say, she’s been in the limelight 365 days a year since that significant day. Actually, her first official appearance in front of the media walks us back to the launching of a ship in Trearddur Bay in North Wales. As a matter of fact, their wedding took place a couple of months later. But anyway, Kate absolutely proved that she’s worthy of her position that day. Besides, her casual yet charming style along with her good manners made such a good impression on everyone back then.

1. She’s just beautiful from every angle


As natural and gorgeous as she is, Kate Middleton has just proved that she looks fabulous from every angle. Guys, cheer up! The Duchess of Cambridge has got some really nice curves as well. Honestly, it’s hardly like we’ve expected something less worthy at all. Kate Middleton is without a doubt a wonderful lady whose beauty is beyond challenging for sure. As for her wardrobe picks, Kate knows how to play around with fashion like a kid with toys. Indeed, this pair of jeans is definitely a win so there’s barely a guy who would be able to resist such a mesmerizing photo.


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