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15 “Curious” Pics Of Pippa Middleton That Are SO On Point

15 “Curious” Pics Of Pippa Middleton That Are SO On Point

You sure know a lot about the gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge.  However, what exactly do you know about Kate’s beautiful sister, Pippa Middleton? Well, it’s pretty obvious that both of them are beautiful and attractive, and there’s really no one who can claim the opposite. But if we look beyond Pippa’s beauty and charisma, we’ll probably realize how little we know about her. There’s just something about Kate’s younger sister that still keeps us awake at night – she’s beautiful, fun and quite well spoken. Also, she sure is a brilliant lady who can totally brag about her degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburg. By the way, Charles Darwin was also a UOE alumnus. Isn’t that pretty impressive? Also, she allegedly had fun participating in different kinds of sports there, such as hockey and tennis. So now you see that she isn’t just another brainless doll who only cares about her perfect nails. Rather, she’s Kate’s gorgeous sister who has proven to the world just how charming, well-mannered and classy she is. So to speed up the process, today we bring you 15 of Pippa’s loveliest and most curious moments in front of the camera. Have fun!

15. Pippa’s white dress stole the show at Kate’s wedding


Kate’s gorgeous younger sister has always impressed us with her perfect fashion style. Honestly, it feels like she doesn’t even have to try that hard: she just looks amazing whatever she throws on her back. By the way, her Alexander McQueen dress is an excellent example to prove our point. Although Pippa’s bridesmaid dress seems pretty simple and traditional, it features really elegant detailing that is quite similar to that of Kate’s gown. Also, it kind of reminds you of Princess Diana’s glamorous wedding where all the bridesmaids wore similar dresses. Indeed, sometimes less is more and her simple, yet glamorous dress totally proves it.

14. Pippa’s wedding dress wowed the world!

via Eyes on Events

We didn’t believe it, but Pippa’s gorgeous wedding gown even managed to overtop her dress at Kate’s wedding. This beautiful lace dress was probably her best look ever! As for her designer, Pippa Middleton owes her amazing gown to the famous fashion designer, Giles Deacon, who made sure Pippa’s wedding would wow the world. Frankly, it really left us speechless. Indeed, Pippa’s high-necked wedding gown was wonderfully created as she completed this glamorous look with a refined bespoke tulle veil. Surely, Pippa wouldn’t go without delicate sparkling jewelry – she wore a Maidenhair fern tiara to add a touch of glamor to her bridal look.

13. Pippa’s a great supporter of Marylebone

via Pinterest

Have you seen this picture? Wow, that’s a shame because you’re literally looking at the future of fashion. What seems as a simple handbag to any guy looks incredibly hot to any woman out there. This fashionable handbag seems to be Pippa’s most favorite tote in the world. So yeah, it’s pretty special. For the record, it’s not only a cute tote but it can also be used as a portable phone charger. Yeah, it’s true – you can just grab your bag without stressing over the phone’s battery running low so quickly. So it turns out that Kate’s gorgeous and stylish sister prefers more practical things rather than over-the-top styles. At least her phone’s battery won’t die that quickly.

12. Looking sexy on the beach? Why not?!

via Daily Mail

As you know, Pippa Middleton and her handsome guy have been friends for more than 10 years. So it’d be safe to say that it definitely took them a while to realize what a wonderful couple they’d make. Thankfully, they didn’t let the chance slip through their fingers. These lovebirds tied the knot earlier this year and their exotic honeymoon pictures will totally make you green with envy. By the way, Pippa’s finely shaped abs and toned thighs can certainly make any guy lose his mind over her. But unfortunately for them, Pippa Middleton is now happily married to the handsome James Matthews.

11. Check out Pippa’s killer abs

via & ET

Still wondering how Pippa Middleton takes care of her killer abs? First of all, she’s not a couch potato. So we don’t really think that she’d rather stay home than go for a run. Instead, she’d most likely choose to go out and bust a move or two to keep her tummy in the greatest shape possible. Besides, this is really good for her greatest fans because they can bump into her in the park where her fine abs and thighs are built. So how about throwing this nasty donut away, huh? Remember, she loves the splendid St. James’s Park which is simply perfect for a scenic jog.

10. Pippa looks amazing in shorts too

via Pinterest

So do you like what you see in this lovely picture? Well, Pippa definitely proves us how amazing and attractive she looks even in basic shorts. Besides, did you realize that she’s actually without a drop of makeup here? Also, Pippa Middleton’s cute pair of red shorts gently accentuates her well-shaped body. Actually, it’s kind of sad that her sister’s aristocratic title doesn’t allow her to wear more casual or eccentric stuff. You know, she’s the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge so a little formality every now and then is a total must. Indeed, Pippa’s got duties, too!

9. Pippa’s casual street style slays the day!

via PopSugar

If there’s one thing that makes Pippa Middleton stand out, it would be her lovely street style. When you’re from an aristocratic family, you’re kind of obliged to look as formal and elegant as possible. Pippa definitely follows these fashion rules, however, she doesn’t really live by them. In fact, she’s the queen of street style and she creates amazing looks that are easy to pull together even early in the morning. So what do you think about this gorgeous polka dot?  It’s a simple yet elegant dress that looks really fresh and cool on her. Indeed, that’s her most beautiful daytime look, and we totally approve of her choice.

8. Pippa Middleton’s just as normal as we are

via Reddit

Well, Pippa may be Kate Middleton’s beautiful sister, but it doesn’t make her less human. In fact, she’s a down-to-earth lady who proved to be no different than us. She may be widely known but she also loves going out with her girlfriends and this picture totally proves it. We don’t know where she’s heading, but she looks happy and excited because of it. Apparently, she’s also got a beautiful face and a figure that can totally make any woman green with envy. Besides, this tight dress really highlights her long legs and the world can’t be any happier about it.

7. Pippa’s such a fitness beast!

via Pinterest

You didn’t expect to see her like this, did you? Well, she’s the real deal even when she enters the gym or goes for a run. She trains hard, she runs, she eats healthy, therefore she looks great. It’s really as simple as that. But unlike many other celebs who only go to the gym for a selfie session, Pippa’s like a fitness beast when working out. Rumor has it that Pippa Middleton often rides a bike on her way to the gym for a typically intense workout session. However, she can also be spotted running in the park as well. You see, Pippa’s extremely dedicated to fitness.

6. Kate’s sister knows how to strike a pose!

via Evening Standard

Let’s admit it – Pippa Middleton’s posing skills are just as good as Kate’s. As a matter of fact, she even waves like she’s the authentic Duchess of Cambridge. Well, it’s possible that Pippa has taken some advice from her gorgeous sister. After all, Kate’s already walked this road so she’s pretty aware of the proper way to walk and talk when the camera is on her. As for Pippa, we must say that she really knows how to strike a pose and this picture is her glamorous proof of it. Indeed, it’s one of her most fascinating photos.

5. Together they spread positivity and happiness!

via Vogue

Aren’t they the most amusing and charming sisters ever? Sadly, we don’t get to see them together that much. Indeed, it’s such a shame because they look so cute together! Finally, we’re able to see that they’ve got so much more in common than we think. There’s really something about their facial expressions that make us fall in love with these two beauties. From the look of things, these two lovely brunettes are really enjoying each other’s company. Well, we don’t really know what’s the reason behind their excitement and joyfulness in this picture, but it definitely makes us feel happier!

4. Sorry, guys, this beauty is happily married!

via Daily Mirror

Much like the gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton also tied the knot in a lavish ceremony that the world will always remember. After Kate’s extravagant ceremony, it’s Pippa’s wedding that’s still considered one of the most exciting and memorable events. Rumor has it that the creation of her fabulous wedding gown allegedly took more than 1000 hours. Frankly, we can’t imagine how much talent, dedication, and commitment it takes to create such a masterpiece. But no matter how stressful it was for Giles Deacon to create it, Pippa’s gown definitely turned out to be his greatest fashion achievement.

3. Pippa’s formal dress code is gorgeous

via red PopSugar

Obviously, Pippa’s formal clothing style really reminds us of Kate’s. Well, we can’t deny that these two are almost lookalikes, but Pippa’s formal wardrobe picks seem kind of familiar. The beautiful and charismatic Duchess of Cambridge has always been a role model and a fashion icon. Therefore, it’s possible that her sister, Pippa, often turns to her gorgeous sister when struggling with color combinations and fashion choices in general. Whatever the case, one thing is certain – Kate and Pippa Middleton are two well-mannered ladies whose formal looks will always take our breath away.

2. Pippa also loves rocking yoga pants!

via Pinterest

She’s beautiful, attractive and smart as hell! Not to mention that she’s Kate Middleton’s younger sister. As you can see, they are both charming, intelligent and pretty fit too! But unlike Kate, whose constant duties don’t really allow her to enjoy walks in the park that often, Pippa Middleton never misses her jogging sessions. Indeed, this woman is amazing and there’s nothing that can stop her from her enjoying her workout routines. After all, she needs to take care of her gorgeous figure, right? You don’t think that she owes her fine looks to donuts and chocolate, do you?

1. Looking amazing in RED! Wow!

via GotCeleb

Indeed, there’s something about this color that drives women nuts. It may be just a color but it makes them go wild. Believe it or not, it really urges them to be more passionate about the world while feeling more attractive too. Besides, this color helps them boost their confidence, so, yeah, it’s hardly just a color. And finally – let’s not forget that this fervent color definitely looks better on lovely brunettes, like Pippa Middleton. As for her, she’s the perfect example of a stunning lady whose red dresses only highlight her feminine features.


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