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15 Dark Secrets We All Hide From Our Bosses

15 Dark Secrets We All Hide From Our Bosses


Those people who go to work every day normally have some kind of secret that they hide from their boss. It could be anything really, from the most minor of things to the most serious. In most cases though, they are just everyday life issues that bosses just don’t need to know about.

A boss that knows too much could let that information hinder an upcoming decision he has to make regarding you or your employment at the company, or possibly a promotion you may be in line for. Common sense tells you that being completely open and honest with your boss, in most cases, is just a flat out bad idea. Now I’m not saying that all bosses are bad people or they would use certain information to make decisions they shouldn’t be considered in, but it does happen and we all know it.

Everyone wants to be seen in a good light in the eyes or their boss. Things like being pregnant, losing a nanny, being in therapy or maybe being depressed could certainly change the way their boss sees a person or their work performance. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to keep some things to yourself. If you are wondering if you might be alone, you aren’t. Here are a bunch of other secrets people don’t want their bosses to know.

15. You’re seeing a therapist


This is something that most people want to keep a secret from everyone, not only their boss. A boss that has any doubts at all about an employee is a boss that will keep a watchful eye over said employee, looking for anything wrong so they can act out. No employee wants to be under the watch of their boss so most take measures to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

Anyone that is seeing a therapist should keep it a secret for as long as possible. Who knows, if things go smoothly, your boss may never have to find out. That’s probably best for all involved.

14. You are depressed


There aren’t many bosses that are looking for someone that is depressed to work for them. The perception would be that the person would move slower, think slower, and make a lot of mistakes while on the job. Someone that’s going through the motions is not a good employee to have around.

For the depressed person though, work might just be the thing that can snap them out of a prolonged bout of depression. The responsibility and feeling of self-worth that comes from a job well done could be just the boost they need. However, it would never be a good thing to tell the boss about.

13. The nanny left


This is something that no boss ever wants to hear so it’s a good idea to keep it a secret if it happens to you. No boss likes anything that is going to change things in the workplace, or disrupt a smoothly running process. It’s something that is very important to you, that’s for certain, but it’s a good idea to try and handle things in such a way that they don’t affect your work performance.

If things go your way it’s a secret you may not ever have to share with the boss. If things don’t go easily for you though, it’s probably a good idea to let them know, just put it off as long as you can.

12. Brown-nosing is an acceptable option


There aren’t many people in the world who don’t want to get ahead in their chosen careers. There also aren’t a lot of people around who don’t realize that a little bit of ass-kissing can go a long way in helping that career continue down a smooth path. However, you’ll never want to advertise the fact that you are willing to do this with the bosses.

It’s kind of an unwritten rule that bosses expect it to be done when they want it, but at the same time, they don’t really like those who are willing to do it at a moment’s notice. It’s best to keep the secret to yourself and just pucker up when given the chance.

11. You appreciate your boss


Believe it or not there are actually plenty of people who really do like their boss and they appreciate them for what they do. Good bosses are few and far between so when you do get a good one, you don’t want to do anything to mess it up. Telling them how you feel about them could certainly do that. It doesn’t take much sometimes for a boss to grow a big head after receiving a couple of compliments.

While you may indeed like your boss, you might be better off just keeping that to yourself. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for the bad changes that might affect you directly from a boss on an ego trip, which you gave him!

10. They’re not funny


How many of us have laughed at a joke told by a boss that wasn’t even remotely close to being funny? That would fall into the brown-nosing department a little bit. They like to think they are lightening the mood in the office when they are actually doing quite the opposite.

The best thing for you to do is just take it as that, a mood lightener, and give it a hearty chuckle before completely forgetting about it moments later. They think they are funny so what harm can it do to let them think so? A happy boss is a more pleasant boss to work for right?

9. They need to stop with the war stories


Employees just don’t want to hear the war stories from their bosses. It’s as simple as that. If someone wants to hear them they will surely ask for one. It’s worse if it happens to be a story that has been told over and over again.

Employees come to work to do just that, work. They know that there will be some interaction with the boss, and that’s just fine. Let’s keep it about work though ok? We all appreciate what you did for our country, we really do, but we don’t want to hear about it every single day.

8. You don’t want to be a part of the next fad


Employees always appreciate a boss that wants to make things better in the workplace. Some of the things they try can work out really well and be great morale boosters, but the fact of the matter is that most of them don’t.

When you see your boss walking in with a new book in their hand you know it’s only going to be a matter of time before something new is implemented in your workplace. It’s best to just keep an open mind and take part in it. Voicing your true opinion could have devastating consequences. Not wanting to be a part of it is a secret better left locked away.

7. You’re always looking for a better opportunity


Everyone wants a better job than they have. It’s the grass is always greener syndrome, or the money is always more syndrome. Nobody wants to stay in a dead end job and even people with great jobs are always looking for better jobs. Who doesn’t want a new position that pays more, has more power and/or prestige or more perks? Every boss knows that their employees want better jobs, they probably do too. It’s a secret better kept inside though because it could very easily be used against you.

You don’t want to be passed over for a promotion that could be what you’re looking for, just because the boss thinks you are looking to advance with another company.

6. The boss’s flirting creeps you out


There are plenty of people in a power position who flirt with their employees, and that includes both men and women. A lot of people think that just because they are above you, it gives them the right to do this. A very high percentage of the recipients of this treatment don’t like it. Either because they aren’t interested, they just realize how inappropriate it is or maybe a combination of both.

Unless things go over the line to flat out harassment, it’s a good idea to keep the dislike of it to yourself. Have a good laugh to yourself at their expense if that helps. If things go over the line however, always speak up.

5. You’re out of here


When an employee is actively looking for a new job, they can get as secretive as a Navy SEAL Team 6 operation. They don’t want anyone to know because if the boss were to find out, well it just could lead to a firing from a job that you weren’t ready to leave quite yet.

It could also lead to several other negative impacts around the workplace by not only your bosses but by co-workers as well.

If you are tired of your job and actively looking for a new one, it’s a great idea to keep this a secret for as long as possible.

4. You’re pregnant


This secret can only be kept for a certain amount of time, for obvious reasons. In today’s society you just never know how you’ll be treated once the boss finds out that you’re going to have a baby. They know that they will be losing your services for at least a little while and no boss likes to break in someone new, especially when things run smoothly.

You’ll want to keep this a secret for as long as you can, but as soon as you find out you’ll want to start looking into what rules your company follows. Don’t take your time on this though because obviously it won’t be a secret for long.

3. You don’t really like this job


You never want to let your boss know that you don’t really like your job. That’s one of the biggest no-nos of the employment world. Sure, it might be true, it probably is with more than half of employees, but it’s not something that you’ll ever want to share with the boss. If you did such a thing it wouldn’t be surprising if you heard that someone else could easily be found that would like it, if you don’t want it anymore. If you are one of the people in the world that really doesn’t like their job, it would be a good idea to take up lying very quickly!

2. Salary desires


There are very few people out there who feel they are getting paid what they deserve. From the most menial job all the way up to the most important, everyone wants to make more money, but very few are willing to say anything to their boss about it. The main reason is most people know a pay increase wouldn’t be given if asked for, and that just the opposite might end up taking place. You may be replaced with someone that would be happy making your money.

It’s a very slippery slope to walk because it’s a guarantee that most people feel that they don’t get paid what they deserve, and most people will not share that with their boss. It’s a good idea to keep this a secret, in the name of job security.

1. You hate them


Yeah, this one probably happens every single day, countless times, all over the globe. The thought comes into the head or the words might actually come out of a mouth, but you never want the boss to hear it. Their solution may just be to fire you and while it might solve the problem at hand, it certainly isn’t good for the overall scheme of things. Nobody wants to be without a job.

Anyone that doesn’t like their boss should just do what they can to get through each day with as little drama as possible. Sharing this secret would no doubt in most cases cost you your job.


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