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15 Deal Breakers Women Do On A First Date (Revealed By Men)

15 Deal Breakers Women Do On A First Date (Revealed By Men)

Ladies, are you wondering why a man did not ask you for a second date? Not everyone has the best “first date ever” and there are people who are really not so lucky in getting along with each other. That is already normal in today’s generation since a lot of people who are on their first date just met online. But, have you asked yourself why you and your date did not get along?

Perhaps, you showed some behaviors that men are not interested to. Remember, first impression is very important during the first date, because this is the best time to know someone better. This is the first stepping stone in having a long term romance, or even a start of a new friendship. First dates are exciting, but also overwhelming that women tend to focus on how to impress their dates and forgot about just being themselves.

There are times that women do their best to be attractive – wearing their best clothes, their most sophisticated pair of shoes, and their best makeup. Yes ladies, you need to be attractive, but sometimes you overdo it and forgot how to be on your best behavior. There are simple things women are unaware they are doing that can make the men feel awkward or even offended.

The men population has spoken and they revealed what are the things that women do on their first date that they consider annoying and a total turnoff. Here is the list of the things that women need to avoid doing during their first dates.

15. Poor Hygiene


Physical appearance is always the first thing that your date will notice. As a woman, you are expected to be presentable at all times, no excuses. A poor hygiene can also indicate that you don’t value yourself much, as well as the things around you. Your date might think that if the woman he is dating can’t even clean herself up, her house could be a mess, too – a total sign of being unorganized and dysfunctional.

Remember to take a bath before your first date, which is actually not a brainer. Women do tend to look good, so dressing up will not be a problem, but remember to consider clean and comfortable clothes first before looking on how trendy or attractive a dress is.

Proper hygiene does not just stop on the looks, but also extends to the smell or scent, which is one of the biggest factors affecting first dates. There is no room for body odor and bad breath, so always apply your everyday deodorant and do breath checks. This also applies to perfume; the scent of perfume is important. Don’t apply too much perfume; just make sure that you use something that smells sweet or light.

14. Always on Your Phone


Men don’t want divided attention, so you better keep your hands off your phone. Classes and some jobs don’t allow phones because this is a form of distraction and disrespect. This is also applicable to dates because this is an important leap in your life of romance. Phones are distractions – yes, this is true. Whether you are sharing something on social media or texting your best friends about your date, this can distract you from your date. You might not be able to focus on your conversion and miss his reaction and stories.

Using phones during your face-to-face date can also mean disrespect. He might think that you are not having fun and not enjoying his physical company, making you dive in to the virtual world. Remember, this is a major turnoff, because you also don’t want his eyes glued to his phone.

13. You Are Late


Alright, it is totally fine that you want a dramatic entrance during your first date – you want him to arrive first, so you can flip your hair and walk towards him in slow motion, while he is being mesmerized by your beauty, like the usual scenes in the movies. That is acceptable, but don’t let him wait for too long. Nobody wants to wait; you don’t want to wait in queue or be stuck in traffic. If you are late, it means that you don’t respect and value his time. This can make a bad impression and can even offend him.

If you have a bad habit of being late, consider preparing everything you need the night before your date. Plan your route early and do consider heavy traffic. This way, you will still arrive on time for your date even if there are unexpected situations.

12. All Night Swearing


Be a woman of grace, beauty, and wisdom and no one will resist you. Be a woman that screams profanities and no one will take you seriously. Women don’t want men who swear and curse a lot, so it’s just fair that men don’t want women who talk like there are no other words in the dictionary other than profanities. Women who swear at every sentence they utter show that they have low intelligence, as per men.

Here is a great tip – expand your vocabulary and act like a grown-up woman that you should be. Don’t sound too cool by saying profanities a lot. Always think before you speak, because the way you speak can reflect your personality. Speaking decently won’t hurt, so practice this everyday.

11. Pretending To Be Someone Else


Just be yourself – that is the greatest tip, not just in dating, but in almost all of life. Don’t lie and pretend to be someone else. Pretending does not mean that you are creating poser accounts on social media platforms and dating apps. This means that you should never pretend that you are a hipster, but you are not, pretend that you are interested in cooking, but all you can do is boil water, or pretend that you like salad, but you actually like steak. If you pretend that you do things that you don’t, you’ll be stuck in that lie forever and eventually, he will know. You will end up making him feel disappointed and you will just be anxious about it.

10. Showing No Interest


Don’t make your date feel like he is not appreciated. Men are always attracted to women who understand and support them in their life and to women who give them attention. If he shares something about himself, don’t just give a nod and response with silence. At least ask him questions about his interests, hobbies and passions. Just like women, men like to be complimented. Show support and compliment him if he seems to be very proud about the things he shared to you. This is the best time to practice your good listening skills to help him feel like he is important to you and that you are enjoying the date with him. Women who listen a lot and understand a lot are the ones that men find attractive.

9. Enjoying the drinks a little too much


Put the booze down; this isn’t a girls night out with your best friends and this is not a night to be binge drinking. This is a first date where you need to remember everything you’ve done and every single detail of it. Who even wants to get drunk on their first date? Unfortunately, there are fine ladies who got drunk when they were supposed to get to know their date. There are two types of drunken women – the one who loses control and the one who sleeps it off, which are both not good during the first date.

Ladies, take care of yourselves! Do not get drunk, not just because you want to avoid giving off the wrong impression, but also for your own safety. Getting drunk can also mean an open invitation for him to get in your pants.

8. Ex-Boyfriend Time!


Don’t bring up your ex-boyfriend! Your date is interested to know more about you, not about your ex-boyfriend and your past relationship. Do you want him to talk about his ex all night? You should also not open up about your past relationship. If you do, it would imply that you are still not over your ex, because you are talking about someone who should no longer be in your thoughts.

Bringing up your ex can also mean that you are already comparing your date to your ex, and this will just make him uncomfortable and even insecure and offended. This can also mean that you totally don’t enjoy his company, because instead of asking about him, you are sharing stories about another man.

7. Complaining and Whining


Girl, stop whining and complaining about every little negative thing and mistake you notice on your first date already. Men don’t like women who complain a lot because that means that those women are very difficult to please. You don’t want to give him the impression that you have very ridiculous standards that no man can ever reach. Why do you even complain a lot, anyway? Studies suggest that people who always complain about even the tiniest detail are people who exhibit dissatisfaction with everything in their lives. This may also make him think you’re high maintenance and needy, which is something men don’t like. They are attracted to women who are self-fulfilled and can see positivity in life.

6. Bragging all the time


Alright, he got it – you are a self-accomplished and independent woman. Yes, men find independent and confident women very attractive. However, don’t brag about every accomplishment you have made in your life. This may be the stage of getting to know each other, but this does not mean that you need to tell him everything about your life and your success. You don’t need to parade yourself too much; let him find this out. It is not bad to stay humble and think of other people.

Bragging about your life and your accomplishments can give him a bad impression of you. First, this will just make you look like you are desperate to impress your date. It also appears as though you are looking for someone who has the same accomplishments in their life, which can hurt your date’s ego.

5. No Confidence


Keep your head up and don’t bring yourselves down, ladies. Never lack self-confidence, because this is one of the most important factors that will bring positivity in your life. Men are attracted to strong, confident women who look at themselves as accomplished. It will never be healthy for a woman to have insecurities in life. You should not ask the question, “What if he does not like me in this dress?”

You don’t need other people to reassure you that you look beautiful. You just need to feel that you are beautiful no matter what. If you lack confidence, you can be afraid to speak up and talk to your date or exhibit unwanted behaviors like nail biting and too much hair twirling.

4. No Sense of Humor


This is the best time to stop being dull and boring. Men don’t like dull women and dull conversations. Throw him some witty statements, jokes, and other exciting topics that are not offensive. Loosen up and have fun and you’ll see that you’ll feel less pressure. You’ll actually be able to enjoy yourself! Everyone has a crazy, silly side and men like that. Remember, women are attracted to men who have sense of humor and are fun to be with, and so do men. They are attracted to women who are lighthearted and who can poke fun at things. Don’t be afraid to laugh; a woman’s laugh is attractive, because it makes you looks very easy to please.

3. The Silent Type


Ladies, speak up! If your date is an interesting guy with a lot of wit and a sense of humor, don’t just laugh, talk to him and ask questions, too. If your date is not much of a chatty person, then at least try to work things out and open up the conversation. Don’t let the conversation reach a dead end and feel awkward because you have nothing to talk about. There’s no room for one-word responses; prepare for some answers that will invite him to have a follow-up question and so on. If you are not talking to your date, this may imply that you are not interested in knowing more about him and that you are not enjoying your date. Men like women who share a lot.

2. Being a Chatterbox

Via: Twitters

Are you a chatterbox? Men do find that attractive, but being too talkative can actually spoil the first date. If you don’t cutely babble and speak in sentence fragments like Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak and your date is not Oliver Queen, you don’t need to be so chatty. A woman should always make her date comfortable while talking, but a woman should also know when to keep quiet. If your date is sharing something and talking about his personal life experiences, don’t butt in and distract him from sharing. There are women who cut their dates mid-sentence, predict the next thing their dates will say, and then relate the topic to their own experience and start talking. Men are turned off by this behavior.

1. Being Rude and Ill-Mannered


Always remember to show the real you and don’t pretend to be someone else, but if the real you is rude and ill-mannered, then you better change your attitude. Everyone, not just your dates, will be turned off when you start showing bad manners in public. This will show a lot about your character and your personality. Even if you are nice to your date and you are fun to be with but you disrespect the people around you, including waiters and drivers, he will be completely turned off.

Ladies, have some manners and have some class! Being kind-hearted, courteous, and respectful to the people around you will not just bring you a second date, but it will also show that you are an intelligent and sophisticated woman.

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