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15 Dirty Secrets Couples Will Take To The Grave With Them

15 Dirty Secrets Couples Will Take To The Grave With Them

Ever been in a relationship? Dumb question, you probably have, and if you are in a serious long relationship that’s lasted more than a few minutes then you know, it’s only a matter of time before both parties get involved in a library of secrets that have been going on. Truth be told, you might keep certain things to yourself, but be rest assured your better half does the same. And while half the things might be pretty harmless and wouldn’t lead to a breakup, some will definitely spiral things out of control. However, this does not mean that they do not exist.

Women are prone to opening up, and especially when it comes to the little things that slip up their emotional lives, men are a bit hesitant to opening up to their feelings and will divulge every action they have done and every single thought that crosses their minds. While it’s a great idea to be an open book in a relationship, some crazy stories from the past might not really be interesting to your current girlfriend or boyfriend like it would be to your friends. That drunken stranger kiss or that hot guy at the subway who asked you if you were single and you said “yes”, your bachelor party escapades, could bring a lot more fire in your relationship than you thought. If you are wondering what kinds of nasty secrets couples would take to their grave, this is the article for you.

15. Confessing Who Was Their Best Partner


Wow! This is a big one, it’s so big it would bring down the most ruthless fighter in the MMA (no pun intended). If the best hanky panky you’ve had was not with your current boyfriend or girlfriend then you definitely have no business yapping it to them. Disclaimer alert! You will get dumped so fast you won’t hear it coming. Well, most straight thinking partners will never let this secret out, unless of course, they are fishing for a fight. If you partner asks you this question, you better lie, if it’s a throat to knife situation, then you are on your own, rather than be a cry baby, get into survival instinct mode.

14. Slept with how many People?


Okay, before we get overly excited, if you have slept with more than 100 people and you know them by name you deserve to be in a mad house! On a serious note, this might be a surprising question, but it comes up more often than you think, and no matter what answer you give, the number will most likely always be too high for your spouse. It’s a no win situation. Most straight thinking couples will never answer this question, however, avoiding it sometimes brings in suspicion. Make up a number that you feel will be reasonable, however, if you haven’t been scoring medals in that field, then you can always be honest. But watch out!

13. The Drunken Kiss


So you went out to a night club with your friends and you were still dating your current partner and a hot girl or guy started hitting on you and you ended up sharing a kiss, no big deal right? Is it not like you pursued it afterward right? Well, WRONG! It’s a big deal, even if you did not instigate the kiss and stopped it immediately it’s started, this is the kind of revelation that ends relationships. Most guys will never confess this, and if you are clever enough, you better follow suit unless of course it was mutual and you are feeling guilty.

12. Do you still think of your EX?


Well, that’s a trick question, and you better say NO! Everyone has that one person that they still think about from time to time. This might be an ex-boyfriend that cheated on you or a girl you never gave a chance and you wish you did. Whoever, this mysterious person might be, you partner has one too, news flash! Chances are there was once this special person in your lives that is no longer there but still somehow comes up in your mind and sparks a memory. Either way, these are people sane couples would rather never reveal to their loved ones.

11. Insecurity Issues


This is a big problem with the ladies, but on their defense, it comes naturally. Your boyfriend or girlfriend might be pretty insecure, and in case not, more due to the years they have been bottling up everything inside. It’s obvious they would never want to let you know or spend time explaining why you make them feel this way. So why wouldn’t couple’s confide to this feeling, well, they don’t want to feel vulnerable? What normally happens is, when your spouse notices that you are flirting with someone they will try to be better than that person instead, rather than admit they are jealous.

10. Past Romance and Affairs


Like the saying goes, once a cheater always a cheater, true? Well, don’t crucify me for this but I don’t believe in this saying. Like most humans, we learn from our mistakes. In case you learnt from your past and vowed never to get into that messy situation again, then it’s best to keep that information to yourself or risk being branded a cheater. While it’s natural to feel compelled to be honest in a relationship since you feel you might have outlived your past, these details wouldn’t suffice for pillow talk, but in case you feel the urge, to be honest, then go ahead and learn from this mistake too LOL!

9. You’ve had an Abortion


This mostly applies to the ladies, but to the gents too, if they agreed to the abortion for whatever reason. Some people are very emotional about abortion, and you wouldn’t want to go round telling all your current lover that you have had one. For men, you might feel like used goods, to women, well, you definitely wouldn’t come out as a keeper. However, in case you can’t have kids because of your previous abortion, and you know well that you will want kids at some point in his life, then, you better come clean. Otherwise, this is a decision that you made by yourself, and you don’t need to explain it to anyone.

8. Twisted Fantasies In The Bedroom


This depends a lot on the type of relationship that a couple has, and at most times both partners can never be completely open about the kind of twisted thoughts that pop into their minds from time to time. While guys will tell it to their friends, it’s often an uphill task to disclose this to their girlfriends. And then comes the really twisted ones that might involve clowns or worse their mother, or something else that might make you think they might need some psychiatric help. Instead, most couples would rather keep these secrets safely tucked in their heads and pretend not to be as freaky as they are. Probably a good idea.

7. All the Times you haven’t been Safe


When you start dating, it’s always rosy, and couples will only share brief histories of their Exes and probably even add about a few rebounds and escapades but not number specific. But even if you both tried to be somewhat honest about your past, and you are both a little bit familiar with each other’s lives, on the other hand, you might not entirely be familiar about how safe you both were in the past, and especially with strangers. Most guys will be quick to pretend of how they used protection every time they met a girl, but you probably know that isn’t the whole truth, and that you might have risked it a few more times than your partner might have liked to admit.

6. Prior Criminal History


Unless one of the partners is a registered sex offender or have a history or armed robbery and murder, that public indecency charge you had in campus will remain a secret. However, if you had a record and did a bid, then it’s just a matter of time before everything comes out in the open. Most couples will keep that shoplifting charge secret to the grave rather than admit it to their spouses. The reason behind this is, most people feel disclosing such charges might give their spouses a reason to give them a side eye, while they have been law abiding citizens for a long time.

5. Buried in Debt


Well, this is often a big problem, and it’s hard for most couples to admit they have a money problem and especially if it’s no longer at an infancy level. Spouses who have shopping problems or huge debts would rather have the authorities knocking on their doors or have their cars towed by the repo than admit to their spouses that they will have to live the rest of their lives paying for mistakes they did when their partner was not there. While most partners would want to take this to the grave, it’s not something you can hide for long, and especially if you are going to soon pay for a wedding, mortgage or your future child’s upkeep.

4. That time you slipped up


Relationships have ups and downs, and especially if they are long relationships. If you have dated for a while there’s probably a time when things got bad and you decided to give each other space. You were probably hurt broken and vulnerable and one thing led to another and you slipped up. But after the incident, you realize you are much better with your spouse than anyone one else and decide to make up. Most partners will never reveal this little slip-up incident, and they would rather take it to the grave than jeopardize their relationships. If you have ever been in a similar situation and you came clean, you know how single you got after.

3. Disgusting habits


Well, we all have these, if it’s not purely bad cooking, then it has to be your snoring, or how dirty you are, or probably something you thought was cute but is plain disgusting to your spouse. Well, most spouses would rather they live all their lives with their spouses than tell them they hate to see the skid marks they find in the bathroom after you. It might be a good idea to tell your boyfriend you hate how he snores or the loud crunching sound he makes when he eats, but it’s a totally different scenario when you completely hate her food.

2. You like Girly Stuff


This is specifically for the gentlemen, most men would rather die than admit they like girly stuff. They will always order a beer, when they know deep in their heart they want a Bloody Mary, they will switch off the telly and spend countless hours reviewing sports when all they really want to do is watch the next episode of “Pretty Little Liars .” When a Taylor Swift Song plays they will frown with disgust but all they want to do is cuddle and sing along. He reads gossip magazines in secret and is the type of guy who would totally go for a pedicure when no one is watching. He might be in touch with his feminine side, but he will never admit it to anyone, not even you.

1. How badly you need your Spouse


As we have already figured out, most couples have a really hard time admitting their feelings, and this is because they feel it will make them vulnerable in their relationship. In case someone gets upset, they might try to mask it off like it’s not a big deal when in reality they want you to hold them and make them feel better. They are terrified of letting you know how much you mean to them because they might be insecure about not always having you. Women sometimes find it really hard to hide their emotions, but when the relationship is still fresh and everyone wants to look like the cool partner, they will never let out their fears in the open.


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