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15 Dirty Truths About Coca-Cola

15 Dirty Truths About Coca-Cola


“Dear Coca-Cola, you really take a toll on our health, but you’re so addictive!” Does it sound familiar to you? The much-loved and preferred carbonated drink has been around for what really seems like an eternity. It’s been many decades since the first classy bottle of Coca-Cola has been presented. Today, however, we don’t think much about such epic moments of its glorious past and beginning. Rather, we just grab a few bottles or cans of Coca-Cola to welcome the end of our heavy office duties. Naturally, who would think of any downsides here when the body reacts so positively after drinking the whole bottle in a few big gulps?

But actually, Coca-Cola has been known for a couple of other not-so-typical applications as well. Do you know that you can totally rely on Coca-Cola for cleaning your car engine? Yes, this is not a lie. You may not believe this, but you can dissolve engine grease quite effortlessly. And don’t think that you’ll have to invest much money into toxic cleaning solutions. Just grab your Coca-Cola and see what happens. And guess what, this is just a quick example of the “magical” properties of your favorite fizzy drink! Pretty nuts, right?

15. Coca-Cola can cause impotence in men

via Mirror

Well, we can’t deny it – Coca-cola may really be one of our favorite fizzy drinks, if not our very favorite, but it definitely has a lot of sins to share and admit to. Not only does Coca-Cola make you an addict, but it has been proven to lead to impotence in men. According to many surveys, Coca-Cola has been estimated to contain an abundance of chemicals which totally takes a toll on the reproduction. Indeed, it’s not like you’ll be doomed after enjoying a 330 ml can of Coca-Cola every now and then. It’s hardly that case. But if you go crazy with it, you will certainly lose your mind along the way, and this is a really dangerous game for your health!

14. Embrace extreme stomach acidity

via YouTube

Well, don’t call us names for being too open with you. Actually, Coca-Cola may really seem to be super refreshing and mouth-watering, but it does trigger an extreme amount of stomach acidity. Needless to say, a bottle of water or a glass of fresh orange juice may not be that attractive but at least it’s much better for your health. The bad news: the more you get addicted to it, the more health issues you may experience sooner or later. As scary as it seems, you’d better cut down on the Coke today before things get irreversible tomorrow.

13. Problem: bad teeth

via Urban Leak

Have you heard of a specific ability of this popular drink? Well, just in case you haven’t, the chance is that you’d be really impressed! Coca-Cola has been known for its unique properties of dissolving certain types of objects. Well, a tooth seems to be an object too, right? We do realize that this sounds like perfect nonsense, but it’s true as steel. According to initial rumors, which don’t seem to be only empty words, Coca-Cola can really dissolve a tooth and many other objects for that matter. It’s believed that the acidity in a 330 ml can of Coca-Cola is so high that it can totally dissolve a tooth overnight. Isn’t that crazy?! It sort of makes sense, to be honest…

12. Coca-cola contains the scary phosphoric acid

via Jill Cataldo

No, we hardly mean the natural acids which another beverage like orange juice may offer you. We’re talking about something that’s much bigger than this. Coca-Cola has been proven to contain scary amounts of phosphoric acid. And believe it or not, the amount of this chemical substance that’s contained in a can of Coca-Cola has been linked to crazy side effects. When inhaled, the phosphoric acid powders can cause blurred vision and many other gastrointestinal problems. The craziest part is that it can also cause you untypical breathlessness or even difficulty when swallowing! Besides, this substance may even result in dermatitis when the acid powders come in contact with a sensitive skin type. We know! It’s hard to believe!

11. It can dissolve oil stains and engine grease

via YouTube

Saying that fizzy beverages can totally destroy your toned abs and thighs won’t be breaking news. But saying that a regular consumption of Coca-Cola can truly cause you dangerous stomach acidity is probably an interesting topic. In truth, we all love Coca-Cola, but we should also think of the numerous unhealthy issues it can trigger. Besides, think about its “mighty” character: how in the world can a “healthy drink” dissolve that nasty grease all over an engine so quickly? Have you thought about this? Frankly, Coca-Cola surely contains “strong” ingredients. Perhaps, we don’t want to know about them either.

10. A high chance of a kidney failure, obesity, etc.

via Lifehack

As crazy as it is, the regular consumption of such carbonated drinks like Coca-Coca, Pepsi, etc., is actually linked to a lot of heavy cases of kidney failures which could totally be a life-threatening situation. Naturally, we can’t blame only the white sugar for making people fat and sick. In this regard, we can certainly point to the super unhealthy artificial sweeteners as well. When it comes to such health issues, there have been many cases where the individuals have been really addicted to such fizzy and energy-filled drinks. Have you seen such documentaries about this? If not, then you’d better find a good one and enlighten yourself about the dangerous effects of these fake sweeteners!

9. Coca-Cola is so bad that it strips paint from a metal surface

via Mirror

Yes, it’s true. Unfortunately, here we go with another crazy and pretty nasty fact about everyone’s favorite fizzy drink! At the end of the day, the naked truth is a pretty hard pill to swallow, right? As refreshing as this fizzy drink is, a bottle of Coca-Cola can totally strip the paint from any metal surface. Can you believe this? Now think about what it could possibly do to your body when pouring yourself another glass of Coca-Cola. It can’t be a pretty image, can it? And again, Coca-Cola’s bad side effects should not be underestimated! You can see for yourself that Coca-Cola isn’t the most “natural” drink that includes dangerous chemicals, right?

8. Say HI to bone damage

via Daily Health Post

Ouch! Much like our ugly case with the tooth, Coca-Cola isn’t very nice and friendly to your bones either. Rather, its levels of pH are so high that it can surely cause you an abundance of health-related issues affecting both your teeth and bones. And just to illustrate it for you in case you’re too curious about it, the pH levels of Pepsi or Coca-Cola are almost identical (3.2). Frankly, this number is significantly higher than any norm. As for the pH levels, they have the last word on the acidity of a liquid. Logically, the acidity of Coke and Pepsi is quite high. This perfectly explains why such fizzy beverages can destroy enamels and bones so quickly.

7. Coca-cola can clean the toilet bowl to perfection

via Thought Pursuits

Finally, we’ve reached a really unique application of Coca-Cola that usually won’t cross your mind. Let’s clean the house! Doing the boring chores is easier than ever when you have a 330 ml can of Coca-Cola! Believe it or not, just a can of Coke can totally deal with any type of microorganism and bacteria living down there where you’re supposed to answer the call of nature. Frankly, you don’t have to buy pricey cleaning solutions with high chemical concentrations when you can open the fridge and grab a can of Coke. Indeed, Coca-Cola contains such chemicals that can eliminate any bacteria dwelling in your bathroom. As for your body, let’s not think of what happens down there in your stomach…

6. Your fizzy Coke can get you high (34 min later)

via Vimeo

Did you know that? In truth, enjoying your Coca-Cola may really get you high. You might have never thought about it, but your body starts acting like it’s on heroin no sooner than 34 min after drinking your Cola. What’s wrong with being full of energy, you might ask? Well, the problem is that you’re not feeling energized at all since it’s actually the familiar stillness before the crazy storm that’s coming your way sooner than expected. And surely, these are not the natural effects after a workout session. You’re simply high, that’s all, and it’s not okay!

5. Coca-Cola goes wild on pesticides (in India)

via Healthy Food House

Well, we’ve already mentioned a few basic things about the high concentration of acids and other pretty dangerous substances contained in your favorite can of Coca-Cola. When it comes to the role of pesticides, we’ve got some pretty disturbing news for you. Thankfully, this awful procedure doesn’t happen in the more developed countries; but still, there are other unfortunate regions of the world where the concentration of pesticides in a bottle or a can of Coca-Cola is extremely high! For example, some Indian regions have been proven to sell versions of the famous fizzy drink with a really crazy concentration of pesticides.

4. Coca-Cola can help you loosen a rusty bolt

via Treasure Pursuits

Well, well, well – we’ve just found out an extremely easy way to do away with stuck nuts and bolts! Bingo! Coca-Cola is not only a super refreshing drink – which could also get you high – but it can also help you clean the engine grease or eliminate the bacteria living in your bathroom. After all, is there a better “tool” that can offer so many diverse and practical applications? As for that rusty bolt, you’ll surely save a lot of time fixing the problem. So, Coca-Cola may be quite bad for your health, but it can certainly offer some help when you need to loosen a bolt or dissolve something. How crazy, right?

3. It contains aspartame

via Dr. Mercola

Here we are with the most loathed substance ever! Meet aspartame, aka the crazy artificial sweetening substance that’s definitely a killer, literally. Let’s not put the blame only on aspartame for many heavy diseases, such as cancer. The mighty combination that can really lead to scary outcomes is aspartame, caffeine and …sugar! Another interesting fact is that the world-known brands Coca-Cola and Pepsi have really been under lawsuits against the use of aspartame in their product line. Presently, we can’t be sure whether the amount has been drastically cut down. But all in all, aspartame isn’t the best substance to treat your body with.

2. Premature birth or reproduction issues in women too

via The Health Orange

When consumed too often, the fizzy drink can totally lead to numerous health issues in women as well. Ultimately, there’s no insurance for anyone! Much like the impotence in men, the addicted female consumers of Coke are at a high risk of dealing with reproduction problems at a later stage. Additionally, such diet fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola Zero can totally lead to a premature birth in pregnant women as well! So, the greatest irony is that the heavy consumption of Coke can take a toll on women’s fertility. And just in case it fails to do so, it shifts the focus upon causing a premature birth.

1. It can clean the grout between the tiles (the toughest thing to clean)

via Healthy Food House

How do you clean that awful grout stuck between the tiles? Is it hard for you too? If you can relate, then you certainly know how nasty this thing truly is. Well, maybe you could have spared yourself a couple of more minutes… Anyway, that’s already in the past but if you ever happen to need an effective method to clean that nasty grout between the tiles, just think of your most favorite fizzy drink. Bingo! Indeed, you may not believe this, but a can of Coca-Cola can do wonders with that grout. Actually, this is absolutely one of the hardest things to clean at the end of the day. Well, you can thank your Coca-Cola later…


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