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15 Disgusting Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Hotel Room

15 Disgusting Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Hotel Room


A quick chat with your friends will reveal very interesting, uncomfortable, scary and outright disgusting hotel room horror stories. While some of these incidences may seem far-fetched or exaggerations on your end, you will be shocked to find out that these things have actually happened, and the hotel staff is aware, but will never tell you. For example, do you know what really happened in the hotel room before you checked in? How clean is the room and how often is it cleaned? Is the hotel staff secretly spying on you? Did someone die on that same bed in the morning, with foam oozing all over?

Such questions have led to different research studies, and one of them revealed the level of bacteria found in these rooms. Researchers from the University of Houston found out that TV remotes and light switches are among the most contaminated items in hotel rooms, and toilet sinks and bowls were the most contaminated, as expected.

Additionally, hotel workers have also spilled the beans online, revealing very shocking and sickening details about your hotel room. Ranging from crazy suicide cases, perverted guests, bedbugs, dirty beddings, and undetected corpses, these disgusting stories could be chilling. Here are 15 of the best.

15. A Suicide Could Have Happened There


For over a century, hotel suicides have been a phenomenon that has triggered numerous scientific studies. Research has unearthed that the people who commit suicide in hotel rooms are oddly more likely to have lived locally. Weirdly, yet scary, the more hotels built in one place, the more locals become hotel suicide victims. Las Vegas, for example, is one area that has proven this theory. Reportedly, the suicide rate in Las Vegas is higher, compared to other cities within the state of Nevada.

So, the next time you are in your hotel room, say a prayer, because someone could have checked out in a disgusting way on that same bed.

14. A Bedbug Was Raped On Your Bed


With a high influx and exchange of people from all walks of life, your hotel room has obviously harbored both good and evil in almost equal measure. One of the unsavory characters that your hotel room, more specifically bed, has entertained, are bedbugs. The bedbug menace was in the recent past a nuisance, to the extent that the Washington Times labeled it an increasing concern.

Fact is, there is a realistic possibility that bedbugs could be hiding in crevices in your hotel bed, having a violent and weird sex life. According to entomology (study of insects), male bedbugs don’t have a penis. Instead, they use a stabbing element which they use to inseminate female bedbugs, by violently stabbing them.

13. A Corpse Could Have Resided Under The Bed


Imagine if you checked into your hotel, only to smell something pungent and weird later on? What would you do if you actually found a decomposing human body? While this seems like a script from an old movie, it could have actually happened in your hotel room, and the hotel staff is just mum about it.

Narrating his real life ordeal, a man had to check out of his room at the Capri Motel in Kansas City, because of a stink, after spending three nights there. When cleaners went into the room, they lifted the mattress and discovered a decomposing male corpse.

12. The Room Is Infested With Germs


Exposing your hotel bedding to UV light will reveal disgusting things that you will never forget. While the rot is dependent on the quality of the hotel you checked in at, germs will always exist in your room, courtesy of the fact that hotel cleaners are not always diligent (otherwise they would have noticed a corpse in the room, as in point 11 above).

Factually, hotel cleaning personnel usually have a fast turnaround for rooms, prompting you to think twice before touching anything in those rooms. As revealed in a study by the University of Houston, items such as television remotes and light switches are rarely cleaned, consequently containing as much bacteria as toilet seats.

11. The Hotel Glass Is Not As Clean As You Think


In an exposé by Fox News, a hidden camera was placed in hotel kitchens, where it was discovered that hotel maids don’t wash out glasses with soap, as required. Even worse, was that these maids instead wiped the glasses with a wet cloth, which they had previously used to clean the room. In my view, it would be better at least if these glasses were dipped in warm water. Clearly, to be safe, you need to instead ask for bottled water, and ensure that the seal was not tampered with, before using it. Alternatively, ask for disposable plastic cups from the reception, or buy your own at the supermarket.

10. Hotel Linens Are Not Changed As Often As You Think


The truth behind hotel cleaning practices will shock you. Ideally, you expect fresh, clean sheets, but sadly, you can’t be sure whether they were changed after the previous guest or not. An investigation by Inside Edition on 9 hotel rooms was shocking. The team sprayed harmless, washable, fluorescent paint onto the bed sheet using a stencil, and wrote, ‘I slept here’. While the writing was not visible to the naked eye, UV light and presto showed exactly what was written. The team checked out the next day, leaving an unkempt bed. The same rooms were booked the next day, and sadly, the sheets were the same.

9. A Couple ‘Did It’ When You Left For The Day


It is common knowledge that under-the-sheets business is usually done in hotels. After all, what do you think couples on their honeymoon or weekend getaway come to do in these hotel rooms after an adventurous day touring the city? While this fact is not so disgusting, keeping in mind that you could order new sheets when you check in, there is a twist. The hotel staff could be doing it in your room and not telling you about it. This happens when you innocently leave your keys at the reception for housekeeping, only for colleague lovers with pent up tension to use the opportunity to cool their blood, leaving you to innocently snuggle in those sheets later in the night.

8. Someone Was Trafficked Via Your Room


Hotel rooms are sometimes home to crazy evil, instead of a safe haven, when you are out of home. For example, these locations have been used by travelling businessmen and politicians to gratify their darker desires by hiring prostitutes and abusing them in hotel rooms. A classic example is the Dominique Strauss-Khan case, a former IMF director, who allegedly subjected prostitutes to sadistic acts in hotel rooms. Worse still, hotel rooms have served as avenues for human trafficking, because of their low risk value, earning human traffickers annual average annual revenue of $150 billion.

7. A Cadaver Could Have Floated In Your Bathtub


A lady gave a rather scary, but disgusting narration of a frightening day at work, cleaning a hotel room. Her routine cleaning exercise was cut short after she walked into the bathroom and found 10 severed heads in the bathtub, with hotel water running. She immediately left the room, and alerted the manager, who contacted the police. Luckily, the gentleman who had booked the room didn’t check out, so they only had to wait for him to come back for interrogation. It was discovered that he was in charge of an ENT cadaver lab being held the next morning, and was thawing the specimens.

6. The Amount Of Bodily Fluids In One Day Is Shocking


Some hotel guests are outright disgusting, leaving a messy room that would force the cleaner to quit. One day, excited to be cleaning her last room for the day, a hotel cleaner was welcomed to a room by a grotesque display of repulsive bodily fluid. It seemed that the couple residing in the room were drug addicts, with a sexual appetite equivalent to that of two rabbits. There were used condoms filled with semen on the bed, blood throughout the room, used needles, broken liquor bottles, and vomit in the bathtub, around the toilet and ceiling. A fabric cleaner was called, and later that night an innocent visitor checked in.

5. It Was A Shoot Location For An Adult Movie


Do you know how dirty the adult industry can be? Confessions from adult entertainers range from pooping in the middle of a shoot, or engaging in weird fetishes such as scat s*x. Now imagine if this happened in your hotel room? Would you still stay there even if everything was washed? A hotel employee confessed that after getting too many wine and coffee requests in the wee hours of the night, he got curious and the few times he opened the door, he found active shoots of adult films.

4. Pervert Alert


Another hotel employee confessed that the weirdest thing he ever found in a hotel room came as the result of a little exploration into why a regular customer always requested the same room at least once a week. The staff discovered that he had been hiding a blow-up doll under the mattress, which they ended up throwing away. This stopped the customer from coming in pretty quickly.

While this confession gives a sigh of relief because the person was caught, what happens in other cases where a perpetrator has never been discovered? Take for example, the famous story of the guy who left hidden cameras in rooms, just to watch ladies get naked?

3. The Towel Wiped More Than It Should


If you are a completely cautious person, you always carry your own towel when going on vacation, because you don’t trust hotel towels. On the other hand, there are occasions where you have booked a hotel room ad hoc, and had to use the towel provided. So, you wonder, was this towel properly cleaned? How did the previous user use it?

In all imagination, it is hard to think that someone would poop on a towel. But, as one Reddit user confessed, they found that their guest had filled a towel with poop. This confession makes me wonder, how much worse have people treated hotel towels?

2. Curtains Are Rarely Cleaned


While many hotels rarely wash their linen, especially bedcovers and duvets, some are keen to at least wash them on a monthly basis. This sadly does not mean that nothing is ignored. A hotel employee’s confession on Reddit revealed that while their hotel washed duvets on a monthly basis, curtains were washed every quarter. A different user confessed to rarely cleaning the curtains, sometimes dusting them once in a while.

Fortunately, an analysis on bacteria in hotel rooms shows that curtain rods and curtains contain the least amount of bacteria. This however does not mean that they should not be cleaned because generally, hotel room bacteria levels are between 2 to 10 times higher than the levels accepted in hospitals.

1. Carpets Are Hardly Cleaned


Much consideration is taken to the bathroom, toilet and bedding cleanliness, when picking a hotel room. But, have you ever imagined the bacteria contained on the carpet? How often is it cleaned? Fact is when you place your handbag or suitcase in that carpet, you could be placing it directly on top of dried semen. According to one hotel employee, lots of disgusting sex has happened in your hotel room, even on the carpet. As much as the hotel staff will clean the sheets and vacuum, the carpets are rarely deep cleaned, hence containing lots of dried body fluids.


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