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15 Disturbing Things You Can Find On The Deep Web

15 Disturbing Things You Can Find On The Deep Web


If you have been a fan of TV shows like House of Cards or Mr Robot, then chances are you have already heard about the mysterious part of the internet – The Deep Web.

You cannot access the deep web directly through any web browser or connection. It’s like being on a different frequency; you have to match its wavelength to catch the signals.

There is no way to search deep web sites on Google or any other search engine. You need to know the exact website URL to be able to access a deep web site. You also need the Tor Browser installed on your system as it is the only browser which will give you access to a deep web site. But before you install Tor, you should know that just installing Tor on your system gives the US government enough evidence to confiscate your system.

So make sure you have a VPN setup on your computer before installing Tor. You also need to prepare yourself mentally before you start snooping through the deep web, even if it’s just out of curiosity.

It’s the place where hitmen, terrorists, hackers, murderers, and Interpol officers get together. If you are diving into the deep end of the internet anyway, remember to not disclose any personal information, the people on the deep web are more dangerous than you think.

Here are 15 disturbing things you can find on the deep web:

15. A detailed guide on how to cut and cook women


This isn’t a joke. There is a page on the deep web dedicated to sharing knowledge about how to cut women into pieces and how to cook them. The information is so in-depth that you will find a comprehensive guide on how to cut the specific body types and how to prepare them before cooking them.

To make everything even more horrifying, the web page explains how people can cut body parts and cook a woman while ensuring that she is alive for as long as possible. There are also detailed descriptions about how each part tastes.

14. Wish pills


No, it’s not one of those pills that you ingest and then start hallucinating that all your wishes have come true.

This wish pill is literally a wishing pill. You buy it, make a wish, and your wish will come true. At $100 a pop, this pill seems like nothing less than a scam but the creators have done everything to make it look real by describing elements which aren’t even found in nature. And then there is a video of how the pill is made, which is basically blue lights being thrown around the room.

13. Hitmen


The deep web is filled with hitmen and trust us, you wouldn’t have to dig a lot on the deep web to find hitmen because they are literally everywhere. It does give a very ‘House of Cards’ vibe of contacting a hitman to get someone killed. If you are planning to do so, then the first thing you need to know is that there are high chances that they are fake or even cops waiting to snag you. The second thing is that they are hilariously overpriced, so you might have to cough out a lot more than a couple hundred dollars for one.

12. Comprehensive templates for counterfeiting brands


Getting counterfeit brand products is easy these days. It doesn’t matter where you are, finding a fake Chanel or Gucci bag is easier than finding a McDonald’s.

But the deep web takes everything to a whole another level by selling a comprehensive template to counterfeit Gucci handbags and start your very own illegal side business. After all, who needs a mafia lord when you can download a guide to fake Gucci at your own home and become a new mafia lord yourself? While the template might help you manufacture genuine looking Gucci handbags, it does not have a guide on how to avoid the police.

11. Legit credit card information


The deep web is filled with credit card numbers and PayPal credentials. Every other post that you see on the deep web is about stolen credit cards, and we really aren’t exaggerating it. By the way, these credit cards are stolen from other websites, and apart from the 16-digit number, you also get the expiry date, CVV number, and PIN to ensure that you can, in fact, use these credit cards for anything you want.

There are also PayPal credentials available with money still in them that you can buy with your BitCoins.

10. Hackers for hire


Now this one is a little too predictable, but hey, you cannot really hire hackers for any illegal activities through the normal internet. After all, actual hackers don’t advertise their work on their Twitter bio or have a portfolio website. They keep everything on the down low, and you have to exercise some effort to dig them up.

While finding hackers on the deep web is easy, hiring them is not. They are extremely shady and definitely not cheap. Not to mention, just like everything else for sale on the deep web, you will have to spend BitCoins to hire hackers as well.

9. Child abuse


One of the most disgusting parts of the deep web is child pornography, and there is absolutely no doubt about it. But if you think that this content is just involving pre-teens who are slightly below the legal age, then you are absolutely wrong. On the deep web, videos include little kids and toddlers who are forced to have sex with adult 40-year-old men.

Yes, that’s absolutely pathetic and still way too easy to find on the deep web. If you are going there to just browse through things, remember to not download anything. Because possession of these images is enough to land you in jail for a long, long time.

8. Burglars


If killing people isn’t your style and you just want to steal from them but have no skills, then you can hire a professional burglar on the dark web who will do your dirty work for you. There are people on the deep web who claim to steal anything that you would want. Once they have acquired the object, they then send you a picture to confirm, and finally physically mail you the object when they have been paid in full. But make no mistake, if you pay them any less than what was discussed, you will never get what you asked for. Instead, that object will be put on sale online.

7. Match fixing


There was a time when the only way to illegally bet on matches was by talking to a man in a shady alley and deciding what team you wanted to bet on. Just like most things we do in 2017, match fixing has also gone digital, and the bookies are the ones who are making the most money out of it.

By taking match fixing on the deep web, bookies are not just able to protect their identities, but they are able to work from any part of the world, and the privacy attracts a lot of people who otherwise would have been scared to take part in match fixing.

6. Illegal weapons


You can probably get small pistols around your city illegally, and it might not even be that difficult. But for big time terrorists looking for heavy machinery, the deep web works as the main marketplace to sell and buy weapons. From the oldest to the most advanced weapons, they are all available for sale on the deep web. While surfing you will also find videos of these weapons in use to give people an idea of their effectiveness. While the payment terms are clearly mentioned, the delivery terms are a bit shady. After all, you can’t just Fed Ex a big gun, right? Well, that is something you will have to discuss with your seller.

5. Human experimentation for money


There are some people on the deep web who claim to have people in warehouses all around the world. They have probably bought the people, trafficked them, or just kidnapped them from third world countries.

They advertise on the deep web that you can come and experiment on these people for a fixed amount of money. Since human experimentation is illegal in the world, this is mainly used by people to see how long a substance would take to kill someone or leave them unconscious. Sickening, but it still happens around the world.

4. Top secret government documents


Time and again, the deep web has been used by journalists and whistleblowers to leak top secret government information. In fact, the New York Times has its own deep web URL Strong Box which people can use to upload documents anonymously without being tracked.

There are many courageous government employees who have previously shared US government top secret files on the deep web. Though do remember the government is probably spying on the deep web as well and the secrets might not stay online for so long.

3. Narcotics


Probably one of the most predictable things you can find on the deep web are drugs. From the standard weed to the hard stuff, everything can be bought here in bulk. The drug sellers not only claim to ship the drugs in 2-4 days, but they also drop it off to the place of your choice. Though the drugs on the deep web are a bit expensive; you are almost guaranteed good quality.

If you are interested in becoming a drug lord of your area, then this might be a great place for you to start.

2. Fake American Passports


Ideally, you would have to contact a lot of shady people and walk through many dim lit allies to be able to find someone who could create a fake American passport for you. But the internet has made the world a smaller place, and you can get everything delivered to you, even a fake passport or any other identification card.

But don’t think they will come in any cheaper. A fake American passport can cost you over $10,000 on the deep web, and there is still no guarantee that you can go beyond the border.

1. Women crushing kittens


This isn’t a metaphor for anything; it’s literally what it says. There is a website on the deep web which has pictures of nude or semi-nude women in heels crushing sweet and innocent kittens.

Why they do that? We have absolutely no idea. Just like everything else on the deep web, this is a pretty weird and disturbing as well. Maybe it’s a fetish for some, and that is the reason why they are willing to pay for it. If you don’t want your soul scarred for life, we recommend staying as far as possible from this website.

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