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15 Disturbing Tourist Confessions

15 Disturbing Tourist Confessions

Over the last decade or two the media has covered a myriad of explicit, disgusting, and unimaginable stories of tourists on vacation. Not to mention the inappropriate behaviours reported from nude beaches across the world. Or, uncomfortable passenger encounters on one’s flight to their travel destination. Perhaps you have heard confessions from your closest friends after they return home. These stories include poor buffet foods or rotten service dining out. Likewise, crying babies disrupting the experience for the entire crowd during a tourist event. But, hey, can we really blame babies for crying? I mean, they are babies right? Their parents should be to blame for not arranging child care. Nonetheless, the 15 most disturbing tourist confessions will reveal unforgiving choices that were made.

In the same fashion the examples above are simply common irritants. Try and think about the absolute worst thing you encountered on vacation. What about what you have read in the tabloids regarding celebrities? Certain celebrities are notorious for their foul conduct on holiday. All things considered though, it isn’t uncommon to let your hair down and loosen up while traveling for pleasure. However, tourists getting way too carried away with their behavior is a whole other story. Although there may have been a few stories that caused a raised eyebrow, these 15 disturbing confessions of tourists certainly take the cake!

15. Otztal Alps Disturbing Discovery


The Otztal Alps mountain range covers parts of Germany, West Austria, Northern Italy, and more. A man went on a trip to hike the Otztal Alps in Italy. As he traveled to the trail point where Austria meets Italy he noticed something he’d never seen before. This tourist stumbled upon an abandoned building and went inside. As soon as he entered the building, he smelled an odor consistent with sulfur and smoke.

In a short time, he heard the cries of a young child. Surprisingly, after looking ahead about 20 feet, he saw a toddler aged boy completely naked. Uniquely disturbing was the fact that this naked little boy was sitting next to a woman who had been burned alive. Her remains were still intact but not one sign of a burn, or smudge of soot was found on the boy. The hiker noted this experience in his journal but did not alert the authorities in fear of becoming suspect.

14. Confessions of a Drug Smuggler in Cuba


An ex U.S. coast guard found himself on a surfing trip in El Salvador. What turned out to be a leisure vacation turned into international drug trafficking. Essentially, the only cargo he transported was cocaine. Eventually,”they” asked him to push 190 kilos of product from Columbia and deliver it to a boat off the coast of Cuba. After agreeing, they loaded four large refrigerated boxes. Without question, he began his trip across the Atlantic ocean.

Along this venture, he noticed a strong odor coming from one of the containers. Upon opening the box, he noticed five unusually wrapped objects. He decided to peek and to his complete surprise he found cut up human body parts. Immediately he changed course and headed to the U.S. Embassy, ditching his boat first. He told the Embassy that pirates had high-jacked his boat and that he was stranded. He spoke nothing of what really took place.

13. Ten Last Flings Before “I Do”?

This confession came from the groom to be, sharing what his fiancée did the night before their wedding. A young couple madly in love planned their wedding in Cabo, Mexico. Although they were excited to get married, there was one skeleton in the groom’s closet: he has a secret voyeurism fetish. In brief, voyeurism is the fetish of getting aroused by watching other people engage in sexual activities. Although the bride to be was none the wiser, it wasn’t long until she found out.

The evening prior to their wedding day, the couple had met some tourists at a local cabana bar. Eventually, they all began to drink in excess. After the Mrs was staggering drunk, her groom suggested something spicy to commemorate the end to their “single-hood”. Ultimately, he convinced his fiance to suck off 5 random guys while he watched. After much resistance, she reluctantly gave in. Surprisingly, the couple did in fact tie the knot. However, the husband now lives with regret. And, he can’t get over the images of that night playing on a loop in his mind.

12. To steal, or not to steal a Rolex


On a mother-daughter trip to explore the mountain towns of Colorado the daughter had to cover for Mom. It’s not often that this duo gets away together for some bonding time. After arriving at their first destination they met a really nice family. Due to both families hitting it off so well they decided to spend the day together sight-seeing. Given that, the grandfather and small children of the other family needed to take their daily nap. So, they all headed to their cabins. The mother, excusing herself to the bathroom, decided to snoop.

Quietly she went through the travel bags of that family. With the intention to steal any items of value. Disappointed, the mother only found a Rollex watch. To emphasize, this style of wrist watch was valued at $2,900. Next, her daughter walked in catching her red-handed. She pleaded with her mother to put the watch back, especially since the families were enjoying each other’s company. Needless to say, she didn’t want her mother to go to jail. While traveling, whether it be in other states or abroad, be weary of the company you meet.

11. Best Friend Taking Advantage

You are supposed to be able to trust your best friend explicitly. This is not the case for two friends who took a trip to San Francisco, California for some bestie time. Up until the best friend get-a-way, trust was never a doubt for this co-ed duo. As soon as they got there, the young man got his best friend very drunk and took advantage of her. She woke up the following morning not remembering anything that took place the night prior.

Essentially, she had passed out drunk in the hotel room. Shortly after she woke up, she asked him what had happened. In detail, he explained how he woke up “inside of her”. Then, he continued with how he had blacked out and wasn’t sure how it all took place. Regardless, she lost complete trust and felt that he purposely took advantage of her. As a result of a sloppy night of irresponsible drinking they found out two weeks later that she was pregnant.

10. Sinister Metal Detector Discovery


Halloween season always brings fun, costume parties, haunted houses, and complex corn mazes. According to a middle-aged gentleman, New Orleans, Louisiana is the best tourist spot. When he was in New Orleans a couple of years ago he discovered something that will send chills down your spine. Just after Halloween he decided to take his metal detector out one last time.

He decided to go to the largest corn maze location once it was torn down after the Halloween festivities. As he was scouring the trampled ground, his metal detector started beeping. Immediately he bent over and saw something shiny. As he dug out the dirt h realized that he stumbled upon a cell phone. Due to his curiosity, he opened the camera app and clicked on the most recent video recording. Because of the damaged screen, he could only hear the audio recording. Initially, he heard a loud man’s voice shouting profanities. Then he heard a woman screaming for help with extreme fear in her voice. Then, two gun-shots were fired. Instantly, the screaming and yelling stopped and he heard the phone drop to the ground and footsteps walking away.

9. Las Vegas STD Station


A stomach turning confession of a young woman who went to Las Vegas, Nevada may make you nauseous. Inevitably, one bad decision led to another in this tale of “what happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas”. In this case, it really should have stayed in Vegas. Just before her trip to Vegas she and her boyfriend got into a very heated argument. Although irrational, the couple broke things off in the heat of the moment.

Due to the break-up, she was more motivated than ever to go on her trip. While touring the infamous “Las Vegas Strip” she made a life changing decision. Meeting a decent looking guy and having a few too many martinis, she asked him up to her room. She had a one night stand without using protection. Ultimately she contracted herpes. After returning home and becoming aware of her new health condition she made amends with her boyfriend. She then had unprotected make-up sex with her boyfriend. Obviously, he contracted her STD. Needless to say, she broke things off permanently after sharing her Las Vegas souvenir with him.

8. Suicide Pact in the Caribbean


Another story of best friends traveling together brings us to a sick confession. Two young ladies made plans to go on a cruise through the Caribbean. The girls decided it would be great to go on a cruise together. During their seascape vacation, the girls partied a lot and drank alcohol daily. In the same fashion, they experimented with an array of illegal drugs. Midway through sailing the ocean on a cruise liner, one of the ladies convinced her best friend to commit suicide with her.

In effect, coming down off of several party favors put both of them into a depressed and anxious state. The agreement was made and during the evening they would execute their plan. In particular, they split an entire bottle of medication often used for mild sedation and reducing anxiety. Sadly enough, one friend woke up in the morning and one did not. The surviving friend, the one battling depression, never told anyone about the suicide pact. Instead, she led others to believe that she was unaware of her friend’s plan.

7. A Cross-Dresser’s Encounter Turns into Blaickmail


A man in his mid-thirties shared a story about a time he visited Dallas, Texas for a cross-dresser’s convention. Back at home, his wife was clueless to his double life. Although he enjoys dressing up in feminine attire, he is straight, married, and has children. Meanwhile, in Dallas he searched through Craig’s List’s personals. He was looking for a man to explore his bi-curious fantasies with. Someone replied to his inquiry and the two men decided to meet up in a hotel not far from the convention location.

Unfortunately, the other party involved placed a hidden camera in the room. Days later, the other guy tracked him down and showed him two parts of the footage. Specifically, one of him stripping down to his bra, girdle and stockings. Then, another clip of them having sex. With the intention of forcing the man to continue their sexual relationship, the blackmailer threatened to expose him by uploading the video to the internet, in effect, making it available to his family, friends, and co-workers. Since then, he has flown back to Dallas, monthly, for this unwanted rendezvous.

6. Desperate for Cash Uber Scam


To what extent would you go if you were desperate for money? One woman explained an incident in Tampa Bay, Florida when she was there visiting family. She was in need of a ride from the airport to her brother-in-law’s house. Due to all the hype about Uber as the preferred way to travel locally she decided to give them a try. After all, renting a vehicle to drive during her stay comes with exuberant expense. Little did she know that her bank account was about to be taken for a ride.

Uber drivers were parked along the taxi lane at the airport with signs showing the Uber logo and their availability. She approached an Uber vehicle and got in. By the time they pulled up to the curb at her brother-in-law’s house the total fair seemed exceptionally high. Generally speaking, the total charge for the drive should have been close to $30 or $40. Be that as it may, her total was $85. Never using Uber prior, she was none the wiser and proceeded to pay with her debit card. Attempting to pay for lunch the next day her card declined with “insufficient funds”. It turns out that her debit card information was captured and saved. In short, her “Uber driver” drained her bank account.

5. Getting Busy in the great Pyramids


One couple described a time when they were touring Egypt. Important to point out this couple had a very extraordinary sex life. They were never afraid to try anything new or explore their sexual limits. That being said, they don’t always keep their experiences private. For these two uninhibited lovers, they thought what better way to document their Egypt tour than by video taping it.

They decided to get hot and steamy while touring the great pyramids. Specifically, one of pharaoh’s tombs. This was despite the fact that many tourists may be present. But, on that day it was not very crowded. They placed their camera on top of a flat surface facing the tomb and went for it. Mid-way they were interrupted by the sound of a family with children walking toward the burial room. Without delay, they grabbed their clothes and ducked behind a large sarcophagus. After the family left, the couple hurried out and casually walked the other way. When they returned home and went looking for their home-video, they realized they lost it!

4. Unwelcome Advances in a Train in India


While touring south India, one traveler experienced something he’d never forget. After a day of touring and sight-seeing he decided to take a three day train ride. After getting settled into his sleeping chamber some middle-aged men dressed in army fatigues entered the car. In order to paint a clearer picture, the cars held two bunks on one side and six on the other with a narrow walkway dividing the car. The Keralites and the tourist hit it off pretty well.

As the night continued, the booze started flowing. After a while the solo traveler was pretty tipsy and went to his bunk. Shortly thereafter the three Indian soldiers and the other passengers in this car turned down for the night. All of a sudden, the tourist felt the hand of one of the soldiers slowly reaching up his shorts. As soon as he felt this, he jerked his leg away. The person violating him whispered, “stay still” in a demanding and threatening tone. Needless to say, the tourist was forced to lay there and allow the drunk soldier to perform a hand-job. This is one disturbing tourist confession that remained a skeleton in his closet.

3. Cyclists Voyage to Dangerous Vietnam


Two cyclists took a nine month trip on their mountain bikes from England all the way to Vietnam. Although many bizarre and disturbing incidents took place, this one was the scariest. Just after they set up camp in the mountains of Tajikistan, they rode their bikes near the border of Afghanistan. All seemed peaceful and the scenery was breathtaking. However, what happened next literally took their breath away.

Heavily armed, walking on the dirt road were eight men dressed all in black. In fact, one of the men had a machine gun hung over his shoulder. In the same light, another had a small missile launcher. The men aggressively headed towards the men on bikes. After a short interrogation, and scaring the two men half to death, the men began laughing. The two men on bikes thought for sure they were going to become prisoners of some terrorist group. Instead, the combat dressed men verified the other’s passports and began walking away. Would you be disturbed if it were you?

2. Kidnapping in Malaysia


If you are considering traveling to Malaysia, this may influence you to choose an alternative destination. This woman’s true story about her experience there would scare even the bravest tourist. To begin with, she arrived in Malaysia around 10 p.m. and checked into her hotel. Just four hours later, realizing that she was out of cigarettes, she walked to a nearby convenience store. You wouldn’t believe what happened on her way back to her hotel.

Suddenly, a police car pulled up beside her and stopped her. Two men were in the vehicle wearing plain civilian clothes. Immediately, they asked for her passport. However, she had left it in her hotel room. Because she couldn’t provide her passport, the men became aggressive, ultimately stating that she was there illegally and needed to go to the police station immediately. Then the men forced her into the back seat of their car and sped off. Due to the men speaking in what sounded like Tamil, she became extremely paranoid and frightened. Before too long, her fright turned into survival mode and she punched the passenger hard in the face. Instantly, she opened the car door and jumped out. As soon as she hit the ground, the car accelerated and drove off.

1. Language Barrier Could Be Fatal

Last spring, two college students took a bus trip from California crossing the border into Mexico. They both had the intention to party off that semester’s stress from finals. Approximately 10 miles from the American border they exited the bus and checked into a cheap hotel for the evening. Soon thereafter, they began accomplishing their goal. With the evening coming to an end and bars closing down, they turned in for the night.

Despite their hang-overs, they needed to head back to California. First, they approached someone and with broken Spanish, they asked for directions. The local resident gave them instructions and pointed towards a muddy dirt road. After a mile or so, they passed a white house where a man on the porch hollered in Spanish, “Gringo’s, you lost”? They asked the man where the border was. After the man pointed in the opposite direction in which they were heading initially, they thanked him. As they turned around to go the correct way, the man told them that if they had continued down the dirt road they probably would have been robbed and killed!

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