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15 Drunk Moments Caught On Google Street View

15 Drunk Moments Caught On Google Street View

There are few things so amusing as the drunk photograph. Whether it’s a picture of you and your college buddies at the biggest party of the year or a shot taken toward the end of long bachelor or bachelorette party weekend, we cherish photos that record our booze-fueled revelry even as we cringe a bit at just how silly they often make us look. I’m speaking, however, only of those drunk pictures that remain private. In the days of social media, our drunkest moments often become all too public, shared among large circles of friends, family members, and professional colleagues when someone posts an image that should have stayed on your friend’s phone.

When the Google Street View car catches your drunk antics, though, you’re opened up to a whole new level of inadvertent publicity. The Street View car’s unblinking digital eye is unbiased, capturing images of all it sees out there on the road. But the people with whom its snaps are shared are often anything but unbiased, and can laugh at the foibles of hapless drunks all around the world. Here now are 15 images of drunk people who probably didn’t plan to become permanent fixtures of the digital record when they had their first drink that day.

15. Down for the Count in Poland

Via: Google Street View

It was a lovely day in Poland in June of 2012, and all this gentleman wanted to do was get so drunk he could no longer stand up. And that he did! In public, on a city sidewalk. Then the Street View car went by and recorded his drunk ass laid out there on the ground for all of posterity. (Side bar, it looks like the car parked beside him was handled by someone a few drinks in also. Ideally not by the guy in the image.)

14. Pole Dancer on the Corner

Via: Google Street View

If you spot a Google Street View car passing nearby the corner where you’re standing, what’s the only logical thing to do, assuming you’re drunk at the time? Pole dance! That’s right, pole dance. And from the perfect split this impromptu public pole dancer pulls off, we’re guessing this is not a first time thing, but is simply the “dancer’s” first move caught on camera. The pub prominently pictured in the background of this image might just play a role in the image.

13. A Pair of Peeing Buddies

Via: Google Street View

This random moment from October of 2009 was one the men pictured above would probably have just as soon not shared with millions of people worldwide. It seems these drinking buddies both decided to relieve themselves at the same time, stepping off the road into an alley where, presumably, they could share a urination session in private. As one of the two Romanian men noticed, their moment was less on the private side, and more on the soon to be World Wide Web fodder side.

12. A Post Bar Fight Snuggle

Via: Google Street View

Sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words. This image captured by a Google car in Belfast, Northern Ireland, shows the aftermath of what might have been quite an intense few minutes. Two men lie unconscious on the flagstones, one draped over the other, almost surely following a bout of fisticuffs. The police presence heightens the likelihood of that. And it’s a safe bet these battlers were plenty drunk, given the abundance of beer cans strewn about the scene. As for why there’s an office chair outside and what the shocked-looking guy at the back right is thinking, we’ll never know.

11. Class Act All the Way: The Shirtless Mooner

Via: Google Street View

This Google Street View snap shows a collection of presumed regulars hanging around outside a wine shop. We assume they’re regulars thanks to the presence of a folding chair, a blanket on the ground, and their casual disposition; it’s like the street corner is home. Which… it might be. The man front and center in the image spotted the Google car and immediately had the original and inspired idea to lower his pant, exposing the majority of his posterior. I think it’s safe to say his shirt had probably been removed long before for entirely unrelated reasons. Or without much reason at all.

10. Drunken Street Fight In Russia

Via: Google Street View

Hey, what’s better than a Google Street View car capturing the aftermath of a fight in Ireland? A Google car’s camera capturing a drunken fight in progress in Russia! In this case, a pair of female fighters are having a genuine knock down drag out fight. As we can clearly see, one of the women has indeed knocked down her opponent and is now beginning to drag her across the pavement by her shock of red hair. In a few other images taken in progression with this one, we also see an audience passively enjoying the spat.

9. Not Sure What’s Happing, Almost Sure Alcohol Involved

Via: Google Street View

It’s hard to say exactly what’s happening on this sidewalk located somewhere in some American city, but it’s a safe bet that both the man pinned to the sidewalk and the woman holding him down are pretty drunk. This image could very well depict a moment of unbridled passion as two lovers collapse to the street to make love, casting any semblance of decorum to the wind. Or the woman could be about to beat the man’s face into a blood pulp. Or something in between, but regardless, we’re going out a limb here and calling them both drunk.

8. Face Down Drunk

Via: Google Street View

It’s hard to say whether the lady in this image is “Let her sleep it off drunk” or “Call the paramedics drunk,” but one thing is clear: she’s drunk. The woman has passed out face down in the middle of a London park after presumably enjoying one or ten too many pints.  Or shots or glasses of wine or whatever, the point is she drank her fill and then went right on going, as have so many drunk people recorded by the Street View cars. (You can spend  hours browsing the images that “passed out street view” brings up.)

7. Proud Pants Pisser

Via: Google Street View

How can this gentleman stand so tall and proud when it appears that he has pissed his pants just seconds before the Google Street View car trundled past? Well, according to reports, this is not actually a drunk man who pissed his pants, but a man named Josh who was tapping a keg and inadvertently sprayed beer all over himself. He went outside to stand in the sun and dry his pants just as the camera car passed. Regardless of which story is true (and it’s probably the keg tap one, not the drunk pee one), the image of casual grace with a soaked pant leg is sublime.

6. Man Chases Bear with a Bat

Via: Google Street View

At first glance, you probably assumed this picture of a drunk man wielding a baseball bat while chasing a bear was taken in Russia, but no, this is the good old United States of America. At least according to the graphics overplayed on the image, which indicate the picture was captured by a Google Street View car passing through Tennessee. We’re thinking there might have been a bit of tricky editing at play here as far as the location (this has to be Russia, right?) but regardless, you can still enjoy the image of a drunk man chasing a bear.

5. With a Little Help from His Friends


This picture shows a man who is apparently so drunk he can no longer walk. Thus his loyal drinking buddies have grabbed him by the shoulders and feet and are carrying him down the street. But look closely, because this drunk who seems down for the count is about to be very much up on his feet again. It seems that spotting the passing Street View car was all he needed to reanimate, because this is the same guy you’ll see chasing the Street View car down the street in the next picture.

4. Drunk Man Chases Google Street View Car Around Town

Via: Google Street View

In what would become a famous (or infamous, depending on how you see things) series of images, a drunken man chased the Street View car up and down the streets of Birmingham, England in August of 2015. The man enjoyed a degree of celebrity after the images of his epic chase went viral, though he apparently later regretted his drunken rambling, and called himself a “changed man” after seeing himself through the unblinking eyes of the Google car. Here’s hoping he hasn’t changed so much he wont give chase the next time he spots a camera car, stumbling drunk or not.

3. Wrong Time and Place for a Pee Break

Via: Google Street View World

Presumably the line to the men’s room in the bar where this guy got drunk was just a bit too long, so he took the only logical step and stepped outside to relieve himself on the street in broad daylight. And he is clearly a modest man as he has not dropped his trousers to go to the bathroom in broad daylight. The random passerby seems plenty amused, or unamused, as are countless people made privy to the situation thanks to Google. Not sure if the man was drunk or just a moron or both but one can only image what was going through his mind when he made eye-contact with the lady passing by.

2. Naked Drunk in the Trunk

Via: Google Street View

Does this Google Street View photo captured a few years back in Mannheim, Germany show the dramatic moment a kidnapped man escaped from the trunk into which he had been forced? Or is he giving his car a thorough washing, and that bottle on the ground is some kind of cleaning fluid? Or is the most likely explanation correct: he’s just really drunk, so there’s no need to try to figure out a logical reason for the tableau.

1. Women Also Get Caught Peeing on Street View

Via: Google Street View

See? It’s not just drunk men who get caught urinating in public by the Google Street View car; women are also capable of classless public relief sessions that are occasionally immortalized by an internet camera car. Here we see a Dutch lady in the city of Almere peeing against a wall in broad daylight, clearly while quite drunk. Fortunately for here, Google did a good job blurring her face, so what’s not clear is who she is.

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