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15 Dumb Bachelor Party Ideas That Could Ruin Your Night

15 Dumb Bachelor Party Ideas That Could Ruin Your Night

You may be looking for the best bachelor party ideas and want to throw a bachelor party you’ll never forget. The major goal of your bachelor party is to have as much fun as possible. You will probably want to plan a weekend to stay away from family, work and relatives, and maybe you are just dreaming about an amazing night out that you and your friends will never forget. You’re so excited and you can’t wait to celebrate your last day of life as a single male. But hold on—one of the most important things is planning a bachelor night no one will regret attending.

Sometimes, dumb bachelor night plans turn out to be great lessons for men and it is really wise if you avoid including those ideas into your bachelor party. We all have friends who love the thrill of drinking and dancing all night, trying new adventures, and meeting women but unfortunately the adrenaline can lead to big crashes and tragedies in your life.

Mistakes are inevitable, especially when you’re planning a bachelor party, so try not to spoil it by poor planning. Here’s a heads-up on 15 of the dumbest bachelor night mistakes so you can avoid them. Trust us, these bachelor night ideas are guaranteed to make your party an epic fail.

15. Taking Revenge on the Ex-Girlfriend


You are going to be a married man very soon. That’s exciting! On your bachelor party, you think of the moments you lived, but there is someone whom you never want to remember. That’s none other than your ex-girlfriend. According to you, she is a witch who ruined your life and your friends are also aware of your unsuccessful love story. They may encourage you to make a call and screw her up, you would not want to say “no” to their demands, but you’ve also been waiting for an opportunity to take revenge on her. Of course, you will literally abuse her on phone and your friends will ask you to turn on the loudspeaker just to get entertainment from your conversation. At that moment, you may not realize the mistake you are making because you are under the influence of alcohol. However, the next day you will find your ex banging your door just to slap you!

14. Inviting Your Fiancee To The Party


Lol, never ever try this! If you invite your future wife to the party, she will get the clear picture of your bachelor life. You may be wondering how it will be possible. In front of your girl, your friends may start speaking about your relationships, bad habits and there is also a possibility of revealing your sex life. You cannot stop them because they are drunk, and your girl knows the proverb “a drunken man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.” Don’t be shocked when she leaves the party after hearing all your real life stories. She may cancel the wedding and leave you behind forever. So, be careful!

13. Getting A Group Tattoo


This is one hilarious idea and you must stay away from. You are someone who has a bunch of best buddies, and on your bachelor party you want to show off your friendship in front of guests. So, you have been thinking of getting a group tattoo. And it’s the permanent kind! During the bachelor party, your group tattoo may look awesome to you all, but later you may regret it. As you know, if you do not like the tattoo, you may not be able to get rid of it unless you spend a huge amount. So, take care of your pocket and delete the tattoo idea from your mind.

12. Bringing Hot Girls To Serve Drinks


Of course, you are a gentleman and deeply committed to your future wife. But you still prefer having female servers at the party just to please your guests. This idea may cost you an arm and a leg. There is a possibility that your friends will misbehave with female servers after consuming too much alcohol, and that will affect your enjoyment. Don’t be surprised if you are going to be behind the bars due to sexual molestation lawsuit filed by those female servants. All of this just because you are the one who invited them to the bachelor party. Also, this news will clearly reach your fiancee!

11. Getting A Little Too Touchy With The Stripper


Most men have several secret desires, and watching a nude dancer is included in the list. If you confess that you want to have a nude stripper in your party, your friends will be on cloud nine because they are also looking for the same! As you know, nudity can provoke a man to want to have sex. And your girlfriend may not really be happy with the idea of bringing stripers to the party since she is possessive about her relationship. And if she comes to know that you booked a stripper, she may cancel the wedding immediately and there is a chance that your nude dance story will be shared with her friends and family.

10. Playing The Confession Game


Everyone loves to hear secrets, and playing the confession game is a tricky way to know them. But you have no idea how it will cost you for the rest of your life. Confession game gives an opportunity for your friends to know what happened behind the bedroom doors! There is a prize for the person who confesses the most shocking secret about his personal life, and just to win the game people will reveal the hidden truths of their life no matter how dirty it is. You may also commit the same mistake by sharing some personal secrets and that will ruin your life. There is a possibility that someone will play with your married life with your “dirty” secrets.

9. The Kidnapping Prank


Youngsters are always ready to take risks for fun, but sometimes such attempts create a disaster for others. Here you have the best example. In 2016, a group of friends planned a kidnapping prank for their friend McHardy just to make his bachelor party a memorable one. The group entered into his house when he was out for work. They had decided to blindfold him when he enters the house and take him in a car. Unfortunately, McHardy’s neighbours noticed these six men and called the police! Police cars, sniffer dogs and a helicopter came to catch the kidnappers until the police were finally informed that it was a bachelor party prank. So, stay away from such dumb ideas and keep yourself safe.

8. Choosing The Wrong Destination


These days, men love to celebrate their bachelor party in distant, exotic places. But, they lack good planning and end up having miserable bachelor party experiences. Before deciding the destination where you want to spend the last night of your single life, you must conduct some background research.

For example, if you are planning to visit Dubai in the summer, you may have to face hot weather that will make you super dehydrated. Once after reaching your destination, you will realize that it was perhaps a mistake. Rather than regretting it later, you must have a clear picture of what you are going to do, which will help you save your money and time.

7. Having The Bachelor Party Just before The Wedding Day


No doubt you will be the centre of attraction at your wedding. Since a year, you are preparing yourself for this beautiful day. But, your previous night Bachelor party will not allow you to enjoy those memorable moments. Do you wonder why? The answer is simple. The hangover from the previous night! Your girl may sense what you have done the previous night. The symptoms of a hangover include vomiting, stomach pain, poor or decreased sleep, fatigue and weakness, thirst, headaches and muscle aches, nausea, increased sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness etc. On your wedding day you may find yourself inside the four walls of a hospital ward.

6. Clicking Images To Make A Photo Album


Of course, only once in your life you will get a chance to celebrate at your bachelor party. So, you have thought about clicking several pictures and making a photo album in order to preserve the memories. But, your camera may capture several intimate moments that can break your engagement. As you know, no one will behave like a monk during the overnight party. When you hear the word bachelor party what comes first to your mind? Yes, beer bottles, hot strippers and dancing women! In your bachelor party pics, your fiancee may find you enjoying the lap dance a little too much. No one can save your wedding then!

5. Having Some Pre-Wedding Coitus


There are men who arrange bachelor party with the intention to have sex with ladies. In their perspective, a bachelor party is the last chance to have undisciplined sex. Are you one among them? If yes, then you must change your plan. Because, your girlfriend has several ways to find out about your infidelity. She may send her friend or a cousin to your party just to know what’s happening there and her secret spy will catch you red handed. So, never ever think of having sex with friends or strippers in the bachelor party, if you break the rule, you may remain single forever.

4. Filming The Bachelor Party


Posting the bachelor party video on YouTube is an ongoing trend. Youngsters love this idea because it makes them popular overnight. If you type the keyword “bachelor party”, Google will list several videos that are recorded by prospective grooms. What’s wrong in filming your bachelor party? Dear buddy, your reputation will be damaged! When you post something on YouTube, it will be visible to all. Your colleagues and boss will also watch your insane dance skills that can make anyone laugh. Your friends may slap you if you post the video without their permission because it’s a clear violation of privacy.

3. An Open-Invitation Party


Are you planning to have an open bachelor party? Try this idea only if you are someone who is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. There are people who get into bachelor parties without invitation. Since it’s an open party, you may not have control over the crowd and you will realize your mistake while paying the bill. Most of the men prefer having the bachelor party at their home in order to keep an eye on guests. They prepare the guest list and also make sure that the doors are closed after the party begins, which will easily prevent the entry of random strangers.

2. A Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party


This is the deadliest plan one can ever try. No doubt, by having a joint bachelor and bachelorette party you can save a lot of money, but there is no guarantee that you will have great fun. Of course, many of her friends are total strangers to you, and perhaps, you may feel uncomfortable throughout the party. As a man, you have a secret wish list exclusively meant for your bachelor party. How can you complete them when your girlfriend is also celebrating her bachelorette party under the same floor? It’s nearly impossible, because it will break the gentlemanly image you have been maintaining since your first date.

1. Embracing Unsafe Adventure


Trying some risky bachelor party ideas may leave you paralyzed or end your life. A group of friends who gathered to celebrate the bachelor’s party witnessed the worst tragedy of their life due to the adventure that went wrong. There is an aircraft rental service called Sky Combat Ace that allows people to become student fighter pilots for an hour and these friends booked their slots well in advance. When they reached the spot, they realized that the weather was not in favourable conditions, but still they did not cancel their plan. However, the bad weather caused the plane to crash and took away the lives of two. “We thought this was going to be a fun bachelor party and it turned out to be the worst nightmare any of us have ever experienced,” said Dan Lichau, a member of the bachelor party. There are hundreds of similar examples around the world.

Source: DailyMail, Ranker, TheRichest

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