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15 Dumbest Architects In The World (And Their Mistakes)

15 Dumbest Architects In The World (And Their Mistakes)

I remember the first time I saw Taj Mahal and…wait who am I kidding, I don’t actually remember the first time. I do know, though, that I liked this architectural wonder from a very young age. Maybe it is the symmetry that makes it perfect or it may be the vast size it has. Still, one thing we can all agree on is this monument, just like most others, is unique and beautiful in its own way.

But sadly, not every piece of architecture and design, in general, will always be very good. On the contrary, many times building can be hideous. A wrong combination of colors or an awkwardly placed stairway can turn an amazing specimen of workmanship into complete garbage. That doesn’t mean that the architect who designed it wasn’t good.

We are all only human; everybody can make mistakes. Little mistakes are most times not even visible to the naked eye. But there are some occasions that these faults can be so damn bad that everyone who isn’t blind can spot them in a heartbeat. Today we are going to talk about some of the biggest fails architects have made on their final version of the building.

So just sit back and prepare yourself as today we are taking a look at the 15 dumbest architects in the world and their mistakes. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

15. Malaysian first world hotel

malaysia first world hotel

via trip advisor

When the architect was asked to design this building nobody thought it would turn out to be so “unique”. An idea of a building that would make Malaysia look like a serious country turned out to be something more of a circus act.

Design-wise, not many things are wrong but when it comes to the colors chosen to paint this building then the architecture clearly didn’t have a clear mindset. Malaysia may not be the most popular or advanced country in the world but in no case did it expect to be treated like that.

Instead of having a prestigious building to represent the rich history of Malaysia it came out looking like the architect wanted to mock it and make fun of it.

14. MIT Stata Center

mit stata center

via inquiriesjournal

It must be considered a great honor to be asked by MIT to design their new building. The architect didn’t think so and decided to have some fun with this project. So what did he do?

Well, you can clearly see for yourself that he may as well have been on drugs while still in the design process. Square and straight walls are so plain looking so he wanted to go with something a little more extreme. Leaning walls, many irrelevant shapes, and weird physics were the results of his crazy imagination.

13. National Library of Kosovo

national library of Kosovo

via pinimg

When you are assigned to design a national library then you should probably try to make it look inviting and easy on the public’s eyes. No, that would be too plain, right? Well, that’s what the designer of this place thought.

Kosovo may not have the biggest history among other countries as it has been considered a nation on its own for only a little while but that doesn’t mean it should look like a freaking prison. This can only be seen as an ironic act. I hope this architect isn’t assigned any other big projects like that.

12. Hotel Uzbekistan

Hotel Uzbekistan

via staticflickr

What do regular folk look for in a hotel? For it to look relatively nice and have reasonable prices is the answer. The architect assigned to design this building didn’t think that way.

Instead of a beautiful front appearance, you will most likely get dizzy from the single same motif expanding as far as your eye can see from one side of the hotel all the way to the other, making it look disgusting. If I was the hotel manager, I would get furious and demand that the guy who did the design should lose his license.

11. All the way to the top

atm fail

via boredpanda

The bank that owns that specific ATM will not be happy with the result. Every bank wants their customers to be able to withdraw or deposit money in a quick and tireless manner.

So the architect was paid to do quite the opposite. He put the ATM so high that you would have to be 6 feet tall taller in order to be able to even reach the buttons and make a transaction. I think it is pretty safe to say that everyone who knows who was the designer responsible for that atrocity will not trust him to be the architect of their new house or store.

10. You are going nowhere

stairway fail 1

via boredpanda

This wasn’t exactly the architect’s fault but more of the builder’s. When you are asked to just follow directions and you are paid to do it then you should do exactly that without having second thoughts.

And indeed that is what he did. He may have taken the design too literally because he created a staircase that would be impossible to use. I don’t know about you but I personally wouldn’t hire either the architect or the builder.

9. Why are you doing this to me

hotel room fail

via boredpanda

There’s nothing wrong with the reception space but as soon as you look up you will witness something coming out from a kids cartoon. It would be a great little resting space if there was a physical way to get there without having to grab a freaking ladder to do so.

Sincerely, I don’t know whose fault it was, the architect who designed it or the builder that turned it into reality. I hope that the hotel proceeded into making a way to reach that little room or at least block it off because it looks really dumb and embarrassing for the hotel’s general appearance.

8. What a view

stadium seats fail

via boredpanda

“Hey honey, guess what I have behind my back. Yeah, I managed to get us front row seats for the game tomorrow.” That was probably how the conversation before the game went between some spectators who thought they were really lucky. Capitalism isn’t necessarily a bad thing, except in cases like this where you’re robbing the clients blind.

Going the extra mile by putting front row seats behind a rock solid wall blocking the view of the playing space is just a bad thing to do. Maybe the builders didn’t implement the design as they were supposed to or it may be the architect’s fault to start with.

7. Best balcony ever

balcony fail

via boredpanda

Are your visitors a pain in the butt? Did you always want an easy way to get rid of these bad situations? Then, have no fear the floor-less balcony is here!? It could as well be a real advertisement but fortunately it is not. Imagine all the midnight ambulance workers that would have to rush there because people have “slipped” off.

Maybe they ran out of materials or they didn’t have enough money to complete the full design. Was it the designer’s fault? I guess we will never get to know.

6. I said exquisite, not squeeze it

stairway fail 2

via boredpanda

I guess the owner of this place wanted his mall to look nice and the designer misheard what he was assigned to do. But look at the result. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s exactly what we always wanted, a physical staircase with an escalators design to go alongside it.

No, this isn’t nice; this is an example of why humanity shouldn’t be saved if the time of the apocalypse comes. Stupidity has to come to a stop at some point because if it doesn’t then we are all doomed. I mean look at it, what is even the point of that? Was it planned to be an escalator there or a physical stairway to the next floor? No one will ever know.

5. The tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

via mental floss

You probably are aware of this magnificent piece of architecture but did you know that a fault is what made it popular? Sure its design is excellent but the implementation of said design went terribly wrong somewhere. Due to the ground where the famous tower was built on, it leans even more sideways year by year.

Who would have thought that something known worldwide would be because of a mistake the architect made while still in the designing stage? The good thing is that visitors can enter the tower up to a specific level due to the danger of it going down because of the extra weight.

4. Art school of fail

art school design fail

via reddit

Look at that atrocity of a design. Sure, why not get this supporting pillar to go through the actual building it supports. Well, not the “actual” building but an external part of it, you get the point.

What is even funnier than the design mistake itself is that this took place in a school of design and fine arts. If they couldn’t afford a good architect, they could at least have trusted one of their own student or graduates to help them out, but judging from the outcome I guess it’s better that they didn’t. Maybe the teachers there aren’t that good after all.

3. Stairway not to heaven

stairway fail 3

via buzzbuzzhome news

This looks like it came out of Photoshop but unfortunately, it did not. How can anyone get that wrong? They just had to follow simple logic. Build the stairway in a way that it can reach the doors. Imagine if someone from the upper levels doesn’t remember what is wrong with their house and tries stepping outside.

They would probably get a broken rib or leg. Next time, hire better workers and a better architect. I mean, look at this. What is that even supposed to be? A joke? It is not funny at all. Well, maybe it is… just a little bit, though!

2. Friends forever

bathroom fail

via alpinedesign

Don’t get me wrong, friends must support each other through both good and bad but enough is enough. Everything can reach a certain point before becoming weird. Let’s talk about this design fail though. Aren’t toilets of that kind supposed to be designed in a way that the person using them has privacy?

If there wasn’t enough space then they should have sacrificed one of the urinals. Just think a bit before implementing an awkward design . Look at it. It looks even more strange that it really is. Think before you act.

1. Two in one

Via: buzzfeed

Maybe that isn’t a bad design after all. I mean, it could be very practical and space efficient. You could go to the bathroom and wash your hands immediately afterwards. Plus, you wouldn’t have to flush because the water from the sink would fall right into the urinal.

Who am I kidding here; you probably wouldn’t even get close enough so that you don’t get yourself dirty from the splashes. It defeats the whole purpose of a urinal: privacy. What if this is the only sink in the bathroom and someone else wants to wash their hands before they leave the room? They simply would not wash their hands or they would have to get in the way of the other person. You could wait for the other person using it to finish. However, this would take a lot of time.

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