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15 Embarrassing Bathroom Selfies Women Don’t Want The World To See

15 Embarrassing Bathroom Selfies Women Don’t Want The World To See

Nowadays people seem to become more and more interested in the amount of “likes” they get on social media, like that is the right way to feel popular. They will go to great lengths in order to achieve that so called internet’s “Fame”.

They will check in, on Facebook and write statuses about where they are, who they are with and even … what they are eating!? But the age old best way to accumulate fans and followers on social media is to upload photographs or the alleged “selfies”.

Many people take selfies of themselves, others with friends or their better half and others with a beautiful scenery or monument as a background in an attempt to appear more “cultured”. But no, these are the good kind of selfies, because when you take a photo of yourself many times there will be something you forgot about sitting somewhere behind you or someone photobombing you.

Though this type of incident can take place anywhere, the worst possible and most likely place to happen has to be the bathroom. Some forgotten “objects” behind you or a mirror fail showing your real appearance are just a little example of what can occur while taking a selfie in the bathroom.

If those kind of pictures were to get published on the internet imagine the embarrassment the women who have taken them would have to cope with. Oh but wait, they did get uploaded.

So today we take a look at 15 embarrassing bathroom selfies women don’t want the world to see.

15. Can a man go to the bathroom in peace?

via sovacodesapo

Sometimes you just have to capture the moment even if there is a disturbing odour in the air. Everybody knows that when the time comes to take a dump then there are no second thoughts, you just have to go whatsoever.

Maybe the girl was already trying to take a selfie when her boyfriend or brother, we don’t know for sure, rushed to the toilet. Another possibility and the most likely one is that he was already minding his job in there when the girl decided to snap a photo of herself.

Next time better be more aware of the things that are going on in the background.

14. Help from Grandma

via green beauty makeup reviews

Taking a selfie showing off your flexibility skills is one thing, but needing help from your grandma in order to achieve it is not looking so good in other people’s eyes.

But when your granddaughter asks for help, if you love her which I bet the grandma in the photo above does very much, you would do anything they ask you to. But the face she is making and the power her poor aged body needs to lift the girl’s leg up is simply majestic.

Let’s hope that this girl loves her grandparent as much as she apparently does because if not this photo would prove to be in really poor taste.

13. When you are just too short

via dump a day

Getting your grandma to lift you up in order to take a selfie is one thing but standing in a toilet to get leverage is another. I can’t imagine what she thought. Even though she obviously is in her own bathroom how can she withstand to stay in there while snapping a photo?

It’s just disgusting what people will do to capture a great moment which still in our occasion isn’t so “great”. It’s simply embarrassing to do that let alone upload it online. Next time just stand on a chair or something a little more discrete than a freaking toilet.

12. When you simply are too damn thirsty to wait

via topyaps

Maybe that girl ate something so spicy she simply couldn’t wait even for a couple of seconds before getting in the shot. What is even weirder is the fact that the girl taking the photo doesn’t even seem to care.

Maybe she thought her friend wouldn’t get in the photo but she clearly should have been paying more attention. Just take a damn look before you upload your picture on the permanent warehouse we call “the internet”. It makes you wonder, what are these girls even thinking about when they choose a photo to upload. Well, it appears that the thing they don’t give a heck about is their surroundings.

11. Someone please help that poor kid in the background

via buzzive2

When the lighting is perfect so will be the picture be too, right? Well, if your kid is drowning in the bath tub behind you that should mean extra points for you because the woman in the picture doesn’t seem to find it as disturbing as her twitter followers.

Can’t you just take a minute to help your child and see if it’s ok and then try again to take a picture? Is it just that damn difficult? Obviously, it must be for her because she keeps on posing for her amazing selfie. Help the child, you psychotic woman!

10. Photoshop Fail

via CDN

In my opinion, that girl already had it all. She is a beautiful girl. But apparently, she didn’t think the same of herself. “Damn, they are too small” she probably said and then quickly rushed to her laptop to open up photoshop and edit “them”.

When you use the liquify tool in Photoshop you must always be careful not to mess up your surroundings because then it is very easy to spot that the image has been retouched. This girl didn’t know or forgot to do that and that resulted in an epic fail.

I wonder what her friends commented on the picture when she uploaded it. Probably the comments weren’t very good.

9. Not so hot or attractive

via Pinimg

If it wasn’t for the paper roll and the abnormally luxurious looking toilet then that would be a very good photo. Sadly, the protagonist of the picture thought otherwise and decided to use the toilet paper as a sexy prop!?

I guess the toilet would be relatively fine but why did she think the paper would arouse her male followers? Judging from the huge heart and the innocent looking face she must be a pretty shy girl who doesn’t know how to appear sexy in photos. At least she gave it a go but unfortunately did not succeed.

Well, better luck next time, I guess.

8. Worst mom of the year

via Pinterest

I don’t know about you but when I was still a baby my mom wouldn’t take a picture in the bathroom with me in the background. In this case, that isn’t even her own bathroom, it’s a public restroom. I can tell by the air pusher on the right.

Even more awkward for us viewers is that the mother has also taken off her shirt and thrusts forwards to capture a better-looking photo. Well the result, except tragic, is also something that got talked about between thousands of people. My opinion and I believe most of you will agree with me, is that this woman or “mother” should be ashamed of herself.

7. Why Is She So Sad in the background?

Via: College Humour

This picture can be shown as an example of the quote, “Real friends will always be there for you” even though the “real” friends decided to take a selfie while the other one sat on the toilet looking completed depressed. Both girls don’t seem to bothered so it’s safe to say that this was indeed a fail and not a purposely taken photo. Next time either don’t take a selfie near your friend who is clearly having a bad day or just be careful to not get her in the picture. Just move or ask her to lean the other way. Is it that difficult to do? Or better yet, go and tend to your sad friend who looks like she clearly needs a hug.

6. A monster in the mirror

via bored panda

This one is more fun than it is embarrassing but I thought it should deserve a place in this list just to give you a good laugh because it sure made me happy. This was a good example of a great bathroom selfie. You have a beautiful girl taking a selfie in a clean and nice bathroom. The girl probably was thinking the same when she uploaded it.

But what she didn’t notice was her enlarged face on the small mirror near the faucet which made her face look like a cute deformed monster. All in all, I would be pretty embarrassed by a picture like this but also happy that I would have captured it at the perfect moment so that I and my friends would have a good laugh over the outcome.

5. A bathroom selfie stick!?

via viralnova

When I look at this photo there is a thing other than the obvious one that is wrong. The image is blurred on the edges which mean that the girl edited it before uploading it. Didn’t she notice that something else was wrong with this specific picture?

Most people use selfie sticks in order to capture a moment with friends or to get a more wide and panoramic view of the background behind them but this girl doesn’t seem to understand the purpose of this gadget. She just uses it for showing off purposes without utilizing it to its fullest potential. On top of that, it just seems ridiculous and stupid.

4. Timing is key

via Tumblr

I will give it to them, the description cracked me up! Apart from that, there are so many disturbing things about this selfie. First, they are on a freaking funeral for god’s sake. Like who does that, don’t they have a little respect for the deceased and their family?

“Cried off all my makeup so ew. But funeral” plus a cute android emoji. They seem to be making fun of the morbid occasion that was happening at the same time they were taking a selfie fake-crying in the bathroom. There is not even a sample of respect. I don’t know about you but I sure am not proud to be a part of this generation!

3. Caught red handed

via Pinterest

Before smartphones, people would get bored while being in the bathroom and didn’t know how to pass the time. I get it, everybody, including me, takes our phones to the bathroom so we can watch a video or play some game while we are “doing our jobs”.

Many of us would also have taken a selfie while in there at a point of our lives. But to upload it on the internet, that is just a bad idea, especially when you have a mirror on the door reflecting you taking a dump. I too have taken a selfie in the bathroom but I was careful not to reveal any intimate parts, let alone upload the photo.

2. Isn’t the bathroom supposed to be a private place?!

via janetkcho

I think it is safe to say that this photo was staged because it is pretty damn obvious she wanted to include both herself and her friend in the picture. Or maybe she was so drunk she didn’t even notice her friend in the background.

Everybody takes silly photos with their friends but only a few people dare to upload them and get criticized by everyone that sees it. Next time better be more respectful to yourself and your friend before throwing the picture in the stream of the internet. At least keep them to yourself and don’t upload them because they are pretty embarrassing, to say the least.

1. Mom stop ruining my selfie!

via Pinimg

We’ve all been there, you come home after a long tiresome day working in the office and you just want to lay back and relax. Some do that by watching a movie and others drink a glass of wine.

But some people have the desire to take a long bubble bath or just a hot shower to get rid of the built up tension. That is the case in that selfie. The girl’s mother probably wanted to take a nice hot shower and for some reason, her daughter thought it would be a good idea to take a picture but she didn’t pay much attention to the mirror’s reflection.

That is why you must always check if there is someone else in the bathroom apart from you before you take a selfie.

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