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15 Embarrassing Things McKayla Maroney Wants The World To Forget

15 Embarrassing Things McKayla Maroney Wants The World To Forget

Former American artistic gymnast McKayla Maroney was a member of the U.S women’s gymnastics team known as the Fierce Five at the Summer Olympics in 2012. Maroney was a part of the gold-winning American team at the 2011 World Championships, where she won gold medals in the team events and vault competitions. She then defended her titles at the 2013 World Championships, becoming the first American female gymnast to defend a World Championship vault title. However, due to health issues Maroney decided to retire from gymnastics and no longer competes. She has since moved on to pursuing a career in music.

Attending a worldwide competition such as the Olympics can put a lot of pressure on young athletes. Wanting to do your best and come home with gold hardware is every athletes dream. Once you achieve the ultimate goal you can feel like you are on top of the world. That is what happened to America’s Fierce Five. Bringing home the gold, the five ladies attending day time talk shows, interviews and even visited the White House. Being in the public eye at a young age can make you feel like you are being judge every move you make. Not so young anymore McKayla Maroney has done some questionable stunts leaving her wanting the public to forget about and move on. Here are 15 things McKayla Maroney wants you to forget.

15. Silver Winning Fall

via: Buzz Feed

At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Maroney was favoured to win gold at the Women’s Vault Final. Her first vault was executed perfectly even though she landed partly in the red zone. However, it did not affect her score as it was a 15.866 and remained the highest score. It was not until her second vault that this changed. When she went for her second vault run, Maroney was not able to stick the landing and landed on her behind. She ended up missing out on gold by only 0.108 points. Maroney was disappointed and knew this was a moment no one would let down. Moving on from this disaster was proven to be hard because it lead to events no one would ever forget.

14. Showing Off Her Mean Girl Side

via: Buzz Feed

Maroney came into the Olympic games as the reigning queen of the vault, but when she fell on her second attempt at the vault she knew she was no longer the queen. Feeling angry about her performance, Maroney did not even try to look happy and is pictured rolling her eyes and not giving fellow gymnasts hugs. Maroney came across as a mean girl and it did not sit well with the public. People proclaimed that it was a poor display of sportsmanship. Maroney got a lot of backlash from the public and wished they would just understand how she was feeling in the moment. It is something she cannot take back, but wishes the public would forget about it as it does not define who she is as an athlete.

13. Silver Winning Unimpressed Face

via: Salon

During the medal ceremony, Maroney’s famous “unimpressed face” was born. It was obvious that she was not happy about winning silver especially after all the success she was having. A picture of her receiving her Olympic silver medal went viral due to the face she was making. The face she made was turned into many memes and could be found all over the Internet. She became the target of an online joke and the “unimpressed face” became her unofficial nickname. Maroney stated that she is not always a smiley person and this is just how she was feeling in the moment. It can be assumed that this picture haunts her and she wishes everyone would just forget about it. She is unimpressed with all the noise that was created because of this picture.

12. The Face With Obama Goes Viral

via: The White House

Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, knows a lot about Internet memes. During a visit to the White House, Maroney was pulled aside by Obama and was asked to discuss the face. Fully aware of the Maroney “Unimpressed Face”, Obama and Maroney posed together doing the famous facial expression. The former POTUS proclaimed that he does that face at least once a day. Once the White House tweeted the picture it added new life into a meme was was starting to become out-dated. Just when she thought people have forgotten about it, the White House brings it back. Even though Maroney seemed comfortable with the attention the picture was giving her, no one wants to be known for a meme and not her achievements as an athlete.

11. Lip Injection Rumours

US Magazine

Once rumours started that Maroney’s lips started to appear different than what they used to look like she took to twitter to shut them down. She stated that her new look was due to makeup tricks that she has now included into her beauty routine. The now pouty fuller looking lips are a result of liner her lips. She explains that growing up in the social media world you are exposed to different styles and trends. Maroney explains that you fall into liking certain makeup and makeup looks. She has been trying different makeup trends that she thinks would look good on her and lining her lips is one of those trends. Forget about lip injections, Maroney wants you to know that they are just over lined lips.

10. Plastic Surgery Rumours

via: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Online

After rumours of lip injections started to die down a new set of rumours were born. People started to think that Maroney had underwent plastic surgery including a nose job, breast augmentation and butt implants. Once again faced with crazy rumours, Maroney shut them down and proclaimed that her face has changed as she got older and once she stops training aggressively she began to gain weight. Maroney knows that this topic will keep coming up and she does not want to have to always answer them. People will always have opinions and she knows that it is better to just move on. She wants people to know that she has not had anything done and please forget about how she looks and focus on more important things.

9. Memes Memes and more Memes

via: Mashable

The events that took place during the 2012 Summer Olympics led to an outpour of memes, due to the many faces of Maroney. She became the main topic of every joke and can find her face on almost any website poking fun at her famous “unimpressed face”. Seeing your face posted everywhere and not for the positive reasons can be annoying and only makes you feel worse. Maroney wanted to forget about the picture, but it is hard to when there are a million memes on the Internet referring to her facial expressions. Safe to say, Maroney would want you to forget about the pictures and stop making memes with it.

8. Injury During Kellogg’s Tour

via: Flo Gymnastics

During the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions in Ontario, California, Maroney got injured. Maroney had a bad landing during a dismount on the bars. She landed with her feet a part and then hopped and fell. Seconds after paramedics came and carried her out of the arena. She did not return to the arena and she later posted a picture of her from the hospital. This was an embarrassing moment for Maroney as she had a huge audience watching and they were people who were there to see her preform. Fellow gymnast, Aly Raisman was also injured seconds after, however this is a moment in her life she hopes people can forget.

7. Fall Forces Maroney To Leave Visa Championship

via: Universal Sports

During the 2012 Visa Championship in St. Louis, Missouri, while practicing her floor routine, Maroney landed on her back and hit her dead. She started to display signs of a concussion, which forced her to drop out of the competition. She was then seen leaving the arena on a stretcher with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face, she was definitely not impressed. Athletes love to compete and when they are told that they cannot that is never a good moment. You are only given so many chances to prove how good of an athlete you are. Another moment in her life that she hopes people can forget and pretend it never happened. Not one of her finest moment in life.

6. Leaked Nude Photos

via: Uproxx

In 2014, supposed nude pictures of the gymnast were posted online as a part of the Fappening leak. This was when several celebrities found their iCloud accounts got hacked and intimate images were then posted on the Internet. Her pictures then ended up on porn websites, however Maroney denied that the photos were of her and took to Twitter to make that know. She tweeted that the photos were fake and that she would not give the ‘creator’ of the pictures any attention. It was later disclosed that the photos were actually of her, but they were taken before she was 18, therefore they were taken down from the sites. The photos may be gone, but she hopes everyone can forget about them.

5. Racy Instagram Video Post

via: The Richest

Not all photos and videos of Maroney are leaked; some racy photos have made their way onto the Internet by choice. Maroney posted a shocking video of herself dancing in a tank top and thong. Once the video was released fans were quick to assume she was hacked. Mckayla proudly took credit for the video and let the world know that she posted the video herself and that they should just enjoy it. However, she did not get good feedback from the video, people commented saying that she is suppose to be a role model for young girls. Maroney responded by letting the commenters know that if they want her to be a role model they should get inspired by the fact that she does not care what other people say. Whether or not releasing that video was a good idea, it is a video that is meant to just be seen and then forgotten.

4. Good Morning America Butt Sweat

Via: Just Jared Jr.

During a visit to Good Morning America for a GMA Games, Maroney wore what most gymnasts wear, gym attire. Sporting skin-tight shorts and a tank top, Maroney was photographed taking pictures with fans that were waiting outside. However, those photographs were not flattering because it looked like Maroney was rocking some butt sweat or she just peed in her pants. Maroney was at the GMA doing was seemed to be a mini Olympic sports event. The wet stains that were on her behind was due to one of the sports games she was playing, however like any other non-flattering picture of her, this image circled the Internet and she found herself in another joking affair.

3. Suffering From Injuries

via: Pinterest

Over the course of her career, Maroney has suffered from multiple injuries. These injuries caused frustrating set backs and which ultimately led her to announcing her retirement. Gymnastics is a tough sport. With all the traing that has to be done it definitely takes a huge toll on the human body. Moments of Maroney’s career that involved injuries are times that she hopes everyone can forget. During anyone’s career it is important to forget about the bad times and remember the good. She wants to be known for her accomplishments not the times she spent in pain.

2. No Longer A USA Gymnast

via: CW44 Tampa Bay

Since retiring, Maroney no longer competes and is nowhere included in the gymnastic world. She has starting to do some acting and is now working on becoming a singer. Despite all her fans wanting her to return to gymnasts, Maroney is firm with her retirement and is not thinking about making a return. She wants her fans to forget the gymnast McKayla because she has moved on from it and is perusing different avenues in life. She makes her own decisions on what she does in life and she does not care what others think. McKayla is doing her own thing and she is happy.

1. The Young McKayla Maroney

via: J-14

Every girl would love to forget her teenage years. The years where they spent perfecting their look and figuring out the type of women they want to be. Maroney is no different. She would love if everyone could forget her younger years and accept the person she is today. She is grown up now and of course not the same person she was when she was younger. People grow and they change, it is a part of life. She wants her fans to know that she has changed. It is not fair to judge Maronery for the things she does when she is only trying to live her life. Forget the old Mckayla the new McKayla is here to stay!

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