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15 EPIC YahooAnswers That Will Make You Cringe

15 EPIC YahooAnswers That Will Make You Cringe

Well, it’s true that the world is full of freaks and weirdos who can totally shock you with their pretty high level of… stupidity. But all in all, we should probably thank them for being so ignorant and downright brainless. Otherwise, the world would be a pretty boring place lacking any entertainment. Let’s be honest, there’s always that dummy and likeable person who’s only there because of their crazy sense of humour. Ultimately, somebody needs to be the life of the party, right?

In a nutshell, nobody can be attractive, smart, rich and funny at the same time. Every one of us has their own role which they are supposed to play like a pro. And since we’re talking about people who are anything but intelligent, let’s see what their tiny brain came up with, this time. Warning: some of these answers are such genius comebacks. Indeed, today we’ve got the most EPIC Yahoo comebacks to all kinds of absurd questions ever found on the web. Enjoy your ride through the most unbelievable replies to actual Yahoo questions! And guess what, they are just as real as me and you!

15. “What’s a good comeback when a guy says GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH!”

via Know Your Meme

Epic answer:Well, you better come back with a HAM GOOD SANDWICH!”.

Well, that’s a surely a tough one. Just kidding! Frankly, we can’t tell you who this person is, but it seems like the answer to such a “serious” question is “GO MAKE THAT FREAKING SANDWICH”. Well, if a guy ever asks you to go MAKE A SANDWICH, there are two basic options for you. You can either make him that ham sandwich or have him make it himself. What’s the issue anyway? Is making a sandwich that hard? Obviously, the person whose reply is so viral today will probably agree with us. As for that famous answer, here it is:

14. “My girlfriend’s period is missing after she got pregnant. Is her baby drinking all the blood?!”

via YouTube

Epic answer: “And you’ve got the nerve to reproduce??? Duh, girls don’t get their period when pregnant!” Oh, that was pretty nice!

Oh, my goodness! Dear, Mr. Stranger, are you out of your mind?! Well, this is probably the most logical answer here. Otherwise, there’d be no other rational explanation for such an absurd thought. So apparently, this guy struggles with a couple of issues which need to be solved. ASAP. First and foremost, his girl’s period is missing after she got pregnant…Well, don’t get us wrong, but your girl’s case is hardly that special at all. Besides, girls miss their period because of the fact that they’re actually pregnant! And no, her baby is barely interested in sucking her blood out. So the best thing you can do is to shut your mouth. Believe us, it’s better this way.

13. “Is there a spell to become a mermaid?”

via Know Your Meme

Epic answer: Enter a pond or a lake with a mask on so you can still be able to speak. Once you do it, just start chanting “Let my power surge and fly!“. Well, that’s pretty creative, don’t you think?!

Oh, nice! Is there such a spell anyway? Honestly, this sounds like a really interesting experiment. Hopefully, the person who tried it all out is still healthy as a goat. But just in case the spell failed to work, you shouldn’t feel bad or disappointed in yourself. After all, the spell was probably the wrong one.  Therefore, you should call an authentic wizard next time you decide to give it a go. Besides, practice makes better, right? So, don’t sweat it that much, okay? Furthermore, there are other folks out there who’d love to help you out with this. Indeed, you can find so much useful info on Yahoo about all of this wicked mermaid story. That’s pretty absurd, isn’t it?

12. “What should I do about my girlfriend?”

via adele ml

Epic answer: “Duh, marry her or take out a hefty life insurance policy on her car”.

Really?! What kind of question is this? First of all, allow us to ask you the following thing: “Is your girlfriend like an object or what”? Believe us, you wouldn’t love the look on her face if such a crazy thought ever slips your tongue. And much like us, there happened to be another rational human being whose answer absolutely nailed it. Besides, the following reply is kind of perfect. Seriously, there are many things that you can about your sweetheart such as getting her the priceless life insurance on her car. And yes, this would be pretty awesome.

11. “Why do people call me a “chode” at work?”

via Imgflip

Epic answer: “It’s a compliment. You should be proud of it. You’re doing such a nice job at work and your colleagues just love telling you how good you are at it.”

Wow, that’s pretty epic. In truth, there could be many reasons why people think of you as a … “chode” or a “choad” being another legit version. First and foremost, you may really be a d-bag or a “choad”. But the chance is that you just don’t know it all yet. All joking to the side – if you ever get called a “choad”, please, don’t take it as a compliment. Why? Because it simply isn’t. Besides, can’t you read between the lines? It’s pretty obvious to see that there’s barely anything positive about it. And so, somebody took to unmask the mystery by providing the most fitting answer to such an irrational question.

10. “How can I get my girlfriend to sleep with me?”

via YouTube

Epic answer: “Lies are a great place to start. Tell her you love her and that she’s the best…and crap like that”.

You just can’t get her to do anything. Why? Because it’s pretty obvious! You just can’t force somebody to obey your rules and do as you tell them. Therefore, you hardly stand a chance at that. If she doesn’t want you in her bed, she’ll do her best to keep you at distance. Obviously, there are folks who don’t accept negative answers. Besides, it’s like they don’t really understand the meaning of “GTFO”. Seriously, why do you think Yahoo users would be able to help you out with this?! All in all, strangers love making fun of all those goofy people. And so, let’s see how this anonymous Yahoo user managed to deal with this insane question. Anyway, we hope that you won’t tell her “I love you and …crap like that”.

9. “Is Pokemon real and how can I find it ?”

via HipHopDX

“I’m doing a study and I need a legit answer. Is Pokemon real and how can I find it?”

Epic answer:Pokemon is real but you need to buy poke-balls in order to catch any. There’s one Pokemon market next to my house. Pokemon is usually found in Poke-centers.”

So you’re into Pokemon, aren’t you? But you’re having a hard time finding any, right? Frankly, the last thing we’d want to do is break your heart and let it bleed. We would never do it, okay? However, how do you think you’d succeed in finding any Pokemon? All of this craze gives rise to a single question: what do you need Pokemon for? Would you train it if you suddenly run into one? And no, we barely know where and how to catch such a wild and imaginary creature. In spite of that, there happened to be an anonymous Yahoo user who barely gave a damn about the imaginary world of Pokemon. He’s into Pokemon investigation so he needs to find at least one Pokemon, okay? Frankly, it’s one hell of a story, isn’t it?

8. “I can’t find a song that goes by the title OOOO-OOOO-Ah-Ah-Ah”

via The Good Men Project

Epic answer: “My wife sings it every night. I didn’t know it had a title though.” Nice answer, dude! What a smooth comeback!

There’s scarcely anyone who hasn’t been in such an awful situation. Rather, we’ve been there for sure. And so have you. In truth, you can’t deny how annoying this feeling is, can you? In most of the cases, you just go ahead without trying too hard with it. Eventually, you can always repeat the following: “OOOO-OOOO-AHH-AHHH”. So what on earth is this anyway? We can’t remember hearing it. Sorry, pal! We can’t help you with this one! But there’s one guy who may save the day for you. Ultimately, that’s the only help you’ve got. So you’re kind of obliged to show some gratitude for it.

7. “Does Stevie Wonder know that he’s black?”


Epic answer: “Picosadeok.djj655gfo707554”. Answered by Steve Wonder.

Oh, nice! This sounds pretty “legit”, right? We love this comeback!

Honestly, this question almost sounds like this: “Do you know that you’re downright brainless?” Well, it seems like Stevie Wonder made you wonder yet again. Indeed, Stevie will forever be our favourite celebrity who knows how to make the world talk about him 24/7. In truth, he even made a single stupid person wonder about his origins and skin complexion. Believe it or not, we’re pretty sure that Stevie Wonder has a clue about his darker skin complexion. But after all, you can’t make an intelligent person out of a silly human being. Also, there could be a way of…Just kidding! We’re truly sorry to say this, but there’s no cure for idiocy.

6. “Is it illegal to kill an ant”

via Know Your Meme

Epic Answer: “YOU STEPPED ON A DOG!”

Is it illegal to be that…dumb? Now we’ve got one question for you too: how do you deal with so much stupidity in the world? Perhaps, this person really felt kind of confused and worried about that ant’s health. In his own words: “I was walking down the street and saw an ant on the back of a cute puppy. So I decided to step on it hoping that it would kill it. The problem is there was a police officer nearby who gave me a really dirty look”. Honestly, we can’t say that killing an ant is the biggest crime ever. However, many folks did time for killing an ant. Just joking! Killing an ant is hardly a crime at all. Now stop whining! Just cut it out!

5. “What’s a person from London called?”

via Club-S12

Epic answer: “I’ve got a neighbour named Rob. So I guess it’s Rob.” Oh, you don’t say!

Seriously, what is a person from London called? Well, there was one stranger who took to reveal the truth for such ignorants. “Ignorance is bliss”, remember? Maybe it is, but not today. And since we’re basically playing the good cop now, we can’t let this person live in such painful unawareness anymore. Thankfully, there are many people out there who are always happy to help. And much like in our case, there was one crazy and pretty hilarious answer that became as glorious as the sun itself. Really, what’s a person from London called? Is it a…Mr/Mrs. Londoner or what? No, it’s Rob, it must be Rob!

4. “What percentage of water is celery?”

via Meme Generator

“Celery has no nutrition in it. It’s basically all water. So what percentage of water is celery”?

Epic answer: “Water is exactly 0 % celery”. Ohh, that was a fine one for sure!

Do you actually realize that sometimes somebody’s creative reply sounds funnier than the question itself? Well, it seems like this is precisely the case with our “celery problem”. What’s even crazier is that there are actually people who don’t know what to do with their lives. Therefore, they end up typing any kinds of stupid questions. Gladly, a great part of them happened to be on Yahoo. After all, Yahoo’s purpose is to help people out, right? When having an issue, you should probably ask Yahoo for the answer itself. Isn’t it how it’s supposed to work at the end of the day? Maybe it is but…maybe it isn’t.

3. “I’m white, I’m round, but not always around. Sometimes you see me, sometimes you don’t see me. What am I?”

via Dailymotion

“I’m kind of here and there.I’m a bit round but not always around. Sometimes you see me, but sometimes you can’t. What am I?”

Epic answer: “You are my dad”.

There’s no denying that sometimes platforms, such as Yahoo, get used for all kinds of purposes. Some turn to it for answers while others use it for making fun of others. Surely, there’s a third type of users who only need it for sharing the fun with the world. Btw, you can thank us later for it. Perhaps, we belong to this group of people simply because we enjoy browsing through Yahoo’s most hilarious and stupid questions. Indeed, the replies to some of them are pretty awesome and…mind-blowing. And so, let’s see who finally got this crazy riddle solved!

2. “What does India produce more of?”

via YouTube

Epic answer: “They produce more Indians than any other country in the world”.

Oh, that’s one hell of a question! Technically, India does produce more than we could ever imagine. But the greatest irony is that it doesn’t really manufacture many valuable goods at all. Neither does it offer a whole lot of recognizable leading brands in any field anyway. And as such, it seems like this riddle will forever remain unsolved. Just kidding! Fundamentally, India produces more Indians than any other country in the world. So practically, this answer is 100% correct. Therefore we’re really grateful to the person who enlightened the world with such an epic reply. Hey, you, we salute you!

1. “What’s the abbreviation for committing suicide”

via Imgflip

Epic answer: “YOLO”

There’s no better way to tackle a serious yet dummy question in such a funny way. But surely, we have a saying for special cases like the person who actually asked this question. “When you are dead, you don’t know it. It’s only difficult for the others. It’s absolutely the same when being stupid.” Surely, this is exactly what’s going with our next “clever question” which totally deserved its epic and ironic reply. After all, we can hardly think of an abbreviation for committing a suicide. We’re pretty sure that it’s not “YOLO” though. Don’t you agree? Anyway, it’s such a nice way of dealing with downright dummy questions, right?!


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