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15 Essential Netflix and Chill Rules To Get ANY Girl

15 Essential Netflix and Chill Rules To Get ANY Girl

Netflix and Chill’s sessions have been the best budget dates for such a long time, and it’s almost impossible to remember when its buzz started. Could it have started back in the Garden of Eden? Adam probably asked Eve to bite an apple and chill Lol! Well, that’s a little bit over exaggerated don’t you think?

In case you have never had a Netflix and Chill session, then you have missed out on a new dating trend because people are using it to get dates and to hook up. However, if you are still eager to sample out this new dating trend, then there are a few things that you need to know. First of all, it might not work out for you as the first guys who tried it out, since women nowadays know better, but in case you are looking for an ice breaker, then you need to go for it!

While the Netflix and Chill pickup line is slowly becoming the world’s favorite pickup line, you can always use it for the greater good. The greater good here is searching for a true movie buddy. But still, all hope is not lost if you are looking to hook up or date. In case you are wondering how to make your Netflix and Chill session worthwhile. Here are 15 Unofficial Rules of Netflix and Chill.

15. If you are a Girl, Eat before you leave your house


We all know guys don’t make the best cooks, and in case your date hasn’t hinted about what you will be eating, it’s better you don’t die of starvation or get poisoned at his house. Guys also don’t make the best hosts, if you are expecting snacks or refreshments, then you need to think this over again. The worst thing that could happen is you sitting next to this hot guy, and your tummy starts growling. You could also bring in some snacks (extra points for you). Your Netflix and Chill session will take a while, have your fill, you will need the energy, trust me, I know! Wink!

14. Always have a pack of Mints for you and your Date


Depending on what you decide to cook or order for the Netflix and Chill session, you will need to keep fresh, meaning your breath needs to be extra minty. Having Chinese over Netflix and chill is a great idea. However, some of the ingredients can turn this perfectly hot date into a nightmare, if there are garlic and onions involved, then things can’t be rosy when it’s time to make out. Ensure you have a pack of gums ready. Could also be a good way to find out if she is good to go, if she picks the gums, then you know it’s time to pounce!(Thank me later).

13. Cute Bra and Panties


We might have warned against getting trashy and skimpy, but you need to look super sexy underneath. While you will be wearing your leggings and a baggy sweater might be comfortable and easy to slide in, you need to look sexy when it gets hot and steamy, and a nice pair of sexy bra and panties will do the trick. For the guys, well, you don’t need that now, do you? Unless you are planning on a freak show, then that is out of the question. Find your cutest pair of lingerie and you are set! Won’t hurt to break out those cute Victoria secret cheekies.

12. Go slow on the Makeup and Jewelry


Well, the ladies need to go slow on the jewelry, it’s not a fashion show or a parade for Swazi Land’s King Mswati to choose his million and one bride. It’s movie night, lights will be dimmer, no one will care that you are wearing pearls or your favorite knock off diamond earrings. Keep it simple and sexy underneath, trust me the surprise will be worth it. Plus you don’t want to mess up your Netflix and Chill session, we all know all it takes is pulling of your top too fast for an item of your jewelry to come off. Simple advice, keep the good stuff home.

11. Have A Comfortable Couch


If you have spent the past week eating chips and playing video games with your buddies, your couch is a mess, and a breeding ground for rodents, then it won’t cut it for a Netflix and Chill session, and you probably won’t be getting some, unless of course, she is trashy! Comfort is key, and there is no way you can chill if you can’t get comfy. An uncomfortable couch will get you watching the whole movie, and that’s not what we are aiming for here. A successful Netflix and Chill session starts with a few minutes on the couch and the rest of the evening in the bedroom.

10. Wear Cute and Cozy Outfits


You are going to watch a movie; this is not a star wars convention or a party night. Your skimpy dressing will turn him on, but then again, that’s not the whole point of it. You need to look presentable for that Netflix date. If you are guy slide into something warm and comfortable, it needs to be easy to cuddle, and when temperatures get high, they need to come off first. Your leather jacket and Jays won’t do today; you can flaunt them off at the club. For the ladies, some leggings and an oversized sweater are your ideal wear.

9. Always Have Food


If you are planning to entertain a guest at your apartment, then you need to grab some food. Cooking is a bad idea, especially if you are a guy unless of course you have featured on Top Chef or you come from Italy Lol! If you decide to cook, let it be before, and not after, otherwise you will actually ‘chill.’ Either way, having take-out from your local diner or some fresh buggers or Pizza should do the trick. Always have food, we all know that eating the right food during a date will lead to a night of romance, it’s scientifically proven. Snacks and drinks wouldn’t kill either, always a good choice.

8. There are two types of Netflix and Chill, Choose the right one


The first type of Netflix and Chill is the one where you end up having sex before the movie is over, and the other type of Netflix and Chill is the one where you have sex right after the movie is over. The reason you need to choose the right one is that you will need to gauge which type of Netflix and Chill your bae fancies. The last thing you want to do is to pull out your junk before its time. Well, that would make for a nice story later. Your boys will never forget this one; you better watch out!

7. Carry protection


Well, if you are going to a girls place, you need to be prepared, things might get romantic during the movie, and she might want to get a little steamy, don’t expect her to be packing some for you. It’s expected that the dude will supply the condoms, it’s an unwritten rule, but if you are a girl, and you feel things might get a bit steamy, it’s always advisable to carry protection. Birth control is a no no, you don’t know where he has been! While a Netflix and Chill session doesn’t necessarily mean you will get laid, it’s better safe than sorry!

6. Always go for the indie or feel-good movies


Everyone wants to get something better than they have, that’s why it’s important to pick a movie your bae has not watched before. Your average box office movie won’t cut it unless it’s going to be interesting for the both of you, and you don’t want to test that during a Netflix and Chill session. Indie movies make the perfect stream. This is one session you don’t want to come off looking normal or ordinary. Plus you don’t have to pick a boring movie, we know you want to get laid, just don’t make it too obvious. Do your research.

5. Don’t be a Creep


If it’s one of your first dates and she has accepted to come over to your place for a Netflix and Chill session, then count yourself lucky because she likes you enough not to meet you in a public place. Avoid looking creepy, and if you have anything in your house that will make you look like a serial killer get rid of them. That luminous skull your best friend got you for Halloween three 12 years ago needs a space in your attic or the bin. Your apartment needs to be clean and decent for this session.

4. Always have an Excuse ready in case you want to leave


Well, these sessions never go well all the time, and due to a few weird people, the Netflix and Chill session might get a little awkward, case scenario, you move in too quick or try to make something better after you have messed up. If you are a girl and you feel it’s getting out of hand, or the guy is a complete creep, always have an excuse in case you want to leave. Having your best friend call you for an ‘Emergency’ has worked for the longest time. There’s always room for creativity though. Just don’t look like you want to break the door.

3. Look for a Documentary


You are probably wondering how a documentary will be interesting to a girl, this doesn’t mean that girls can’t enjoy a good documentary, but playing documentary during a Netflix and Chill session is all part of a strategy. In case you want to get straight to chilling then have a good documentary. Your date will think you are smart, and women love smart men, it’s an unwritten phenomenon. Another aspect of this strategy is that the documentary might be boring, and she might let you chill halfway through it; you can thank me later for that little piece of info Wink! Wink!

2. Don’t Expect too much


Well, Netflix and chill sessions don’t guarantee you a night of steamy love making, plus it all depends on how you lay your cards, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, accept it and move on. While it’s common knowledge that Netflix and Chill’s sessions are a code word for hooking up, you should never think it’s going to be a direct hit and you will get laid. You might be one of the few or many people (Don’t have the stats) who Netflix and Chill, but that’s still okay, you don’t have to beat yourself over that. Just don’t make it awkward because you didn’t get some.

1. Patience Pays


There’s never a correct time to start making out during a Netflix and Chill Session, and there isn’t a blue print of how the whole session is supposed to pan out. Therefore, you need to be keen enough to read her signs. If she gets all cuddly and comfortable in your arms, then it might be time to make your move. Trying to hurry the whole session might get you looking like a creep, and this isn’t the best time to come off as a creep. Be patient, read between the line, when its time, you will know. If that ‘time’ doesn’t come, don’t beat yourself over it, you won’t be the first person to Netflix and Chill.


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