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15 Everyday Things Only The Richest Can Afford

15 Everyday Things Only The Richest Can Afford

What’s the priciest thing you currently have? Is it a fancy watch or a brand new car? Whatever it is, it sure can’t challenge the absurdity of the following objects. Not only are they super pricey, but most of these items are actually pretty trivial. Believe it or not, there’s such a thing as cheesy objects that can cost an arm and a leg. Today you’ll have the honor to take a look at everyday items that are pricey as hell. Indeed, it sure sounds like an amazing experience. But before we get started, allow us to tell you a few more details about these insane objects. It’s true that we spend a lot of time searching for the finer things in life. Awesome supercars and fancy jewelry have always been in the wet dreams of millions of people. So frankly, that’s hardly a surprise anyway. What comes as a great shock though is the weird price tag on other everyday objects, like toilet paper. Did you know that there’s a 24-carat gold toilet paper? We bet you didn’t. But again, these are perfectly normal everyday things to billionaires. From the 24-carat toilet roll to the diamond-encrusted flatiron, today we bring you 15 everyday things only the richest can afford.

15. A Chinese Green Tea that sells for 1,700 Yuan ($3,000 per kg)


Are you willing to spend $3,000 on a tea? Well, it’s not like we’re talking about a gigantic sum of money. However, who in their right mind would want to buy it? Apparently, it’s a special Chinese Oolong tea that’s best known as “Tieguanyin”. So if you’ve never heard of it, there’s a logical reason for it. This type of tea sells for $3,000 per kg. It offers a wonderful blend of chestnut flavor and can apparently be infused up to 7 times before the flavor is no longer there. The greatest surprise here is that this Chinese tea is actually named after the Buddhist Iron Goddess of Mercy. From the look of things, it almost sounds like you’ll have superpowers after a sip of Tieguanyin. Again, this is just another overly priced everyday thing that’s a no-no for the average consumer.

14. A Special Doorstop that costs $3,500

via The Most Expensive Homes

Who doesn’t want to feel a little breeze when it’s boiling hot outside? Back in ancient times, people used an item called the doorstop. Just kidding. Let’s not pretend that we’re hardly using it these days. Seriously, doorstops work wonders when there’s no air conditioning. So we just leave the door open and enjoy the fresh air. For the most part, these handy items look quite simple. However, there are also modern versions of doorstops, resembling a bouquet of flowers or other shapes. These cool items rarely cost over $25 so it really seems odd that there are more costly designs of the regular doorstop. For example, you can actually find concrete designs priced at $3,500. The item is designed by a guy named Tobias Wong. Well, he’s certainly gone a little overboard with its price tag.

13. The iPod earbuds with an 18-carat gold coating

via Engadget

After an exhausting day at the office, we all crave a little solitude. More often than not, we just long for relaxing tunes too. So without any hesitation, we just grab our earbuds and lose ourselves into mellow songs. Well, it’s not like this is the only way to do so. You can still enjoy tunes over the radio or through your laptop. However, the most practical way is to use earbuds, especially when you’re on the go. They’re portable, easy to use and save you lots of precious time! Speaking of practical things, there’s nothing better than a new pair of earbuds. Some of us are even ready to dish out the big bucks for a new modern set of earbuds. In this sense, there’s a specific design of earbuds that feature genuine diamonds. Designed by a guy named Casa Di F., these earbuds are encrusted with 118 real diamonds. He thought that his high-end clients need something special; and there we have it – the shiny earbuds that cost $5,253.

12.  Toilet Seats Made of Carbon Fiber aka The Royal Flush

via Fortune Lounge Club

Frankly, most of us don’t really care what the toilet seat looks like. As long as they’re perfectly clean and comfy when sitting down, that’s actually more than enough. Indeed, toilet seats are hardly the most important item in your bathroom. However, there are people who just don’t settle for average things. Well, these people usually have thick wallets. Luckily, there are lots of aesthetically pleasing options for a fancy toilet seat. The most luxurious version we know of is the full carbon fiber toilet seat. Also, it’s made from the same material used in supercars, like Lamborghini or Ferrari. Allegedly, the whole package (toilet seat + bowl) costs around $10,000 and is known as the royal flush. So if you want to flush it down like royalty, this luxury will cost you at least $10,000.

11. Get the Diamond Studded Cricket Ball for $68,500

via Quartz at Work

There’s really no doubt that some people will do anything to gain more and more attention. This sure includes purchasing an item that seems to be 100 % useless. Such things can only make you wonder what lengths rich people will go to prove their social status. For example, the famous Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhary is a proud owner of one of the two famous diamond-studded cricket balls.  In fact, one of the two balls is to be presented to the Best Interim Player. By the way, this curious item is worth over $68, 500. This only gives rise to 1 simple question: would you give that much money for a cricket ball? As crazy as it is, there are too many rich people who would really buy it.

10. A pack that costs an arm and a leg

Via: Imgflip

Here we are with another absurd version of an everyday thing. What’s even crazier here is that we’re actually talking about a pack of cigarettes! Designed by Lucky Strike, these cigarettes are not just dangerous for your health, but they’ll drain your wallet without a drop of mercy. It’s the packaging, however, that’s allegedly valued at nearly $100,000. This sure makes you wonder who in their right mind would ever spend $100,000 on a packaging. The worst part is that it’s the cigarette box that costs that much money. As fancy as it looks, this unique cigarette box is presumably made out of 18-carat white gold, plus a ruby diamond. All of these glossy details make this box an exceptional item.

9. $150,000 Diamond Encrusted Bentley Shifter Knob

via ifitshipitshere.blogspot

If you think that owning a Bentley is cool enough, then how about having a posh diamond- encrusted shifter knob? Indeed, that’s the real deal here. Besides, you just can’t deny that the automotive giant Bentley has become a synonym for high-end luxury. This sure explains why the richest love playing around with fancy toys. They just love the idea of being in a position of power and money. Gladly for Bentley, these people can purchase the amazing diamond-encrusted Bentley shifter knob. By the way, this super expensive thing has been estimated at $150,000. Another mind-blowing detail is that this gear shift knob features about 30 carats of diamond. Indeed, that’s a lot of money for a shifter knob that only the richest can buy like it’s no big deal.

8. Fishing Lure that costs $1 million: now you can catch fish in style


A fishing lure that is worth at least $1 million? Indeed. This crazy fishing lure must be so special because it’s really estimated at such an insane amount of money. This unique item is manufactured by Uneek Fine Jewelry Collection. According to Uneek F. J. C., this extraordinary fishing lure will help you catch more fish while attracting it in style! Now we finally know that fishing is a hobby for the filthy rich out there! Thankfully, there are still lots of other places where you can find cheaper versions of this item. This crazy-looking fishing lure features 4,573 stones, 100 carats of diamonds, and platinum. Another interesting feature is that it’s also encrusted with beautiful rubies. Well, that sure looks like an exceptional fishing lure only possessed by people with fat wallets.

7. A Toilet Paper Made of Gold: it only costs $1,3 million

Via: Home Design By Fuller

What if we told you that there’s such a thing as a toilet paper made of gold? Well, it turns out that there’s a lot fancier version of the typical toilet roll. Speaking of it, we all have to answer the call of nature when the time is right. By the way, the richest aren’t really an exception to this rule. Although there’s a wide variety of toilet tissue, like cashmere, it’s clearly not enough for some folks. If these people can’t settle for anything less than gold, then they’d hardly settle for cashmere. Well, they’re just enjoying life to the fullest. Can we blame them for doing so? No, we just can’t. They’re just rich people who can afford everything, including a gold toilet paper. Allegedly, a single roll costs $1,3 million.

6. A Gorgeous Pen that costs $8 million


It’s not news that the richest people just love collecting unique items. More often than not, they even opt for the retro version of some regular items. After all, it’s a wonderful hobby that really makes you travel back in time. Retro things, like unique pen sets, truly make you feel amazing. The same goes for this particular kind of pen that offers a price tag of nearly $8 million. What’s so special about it anyway? Well, just take a look at its marvelous design: it’s easily one of the most beautiful pens we’ve ever seen! Designed by the respected pen-maker, Tibaldi of Florence, this item was sold for the insane 8 million dollars at an auction in China. Unfortunately, it’s just way too expensive for the average person anyway.

5. The special version of the iPhone 5 is all about glitter

via SlashGear

Since its first generation, the iPhone has easily become one of the most used and preferred mobile devices. It didn’t really need much time to reach the whole world. In the US alone, the iPhone firmly holds the greatest share of the smartphone market. Allegedly, the iPhone has even reached the mind-blowing rate of 43,6 %. Indeed, that’s a huge number. As we enjoy our iPhones though, some people own a much fancier version. Each generation of iPhone features better functionalities. In other words, it’s always an improvement on the last version. However, style often overrides function. In this case, we’re talking about a personalized iPhone that costs roughly $15,3 m. Well, it seems like the designer of this shiny iPhone has gone a little overboard with his ideas. It turns out that this special version of the iPhone 5 features a 24-carat gold casing, plus 600 diamonds, and a sapphire glass. Pretty decent, huh?

4. Selfridge’s diamond-encrusted flatiron

via Luxurylaunches

Another insane gadget that’s overly priced is the famous Selfridges diamond-encrusted flatiron. It’s crystal clear that flatirons are women’s favorite hairstyling tool. However, why does it have to be so expensive? This particular flatiron is allegedly made from 18-carat white and yellow gold. Another crazy detail is that this Selfridge’s flatiron also features a total of six Dutch Rose-cut diamonds. As you can guess, this item is clearly a limited edition that only the richest can afford like it’s nothing at all. Currently, this special Selfridges diamond-encrusted flatiron costs £9,500 or nearly $12 887. Obviously, this crazy flatiron must do wonders when it comes to hairstyling. Indeed, it’s just another glossy version of an everyday thing with an unusual look and a shocking price tag.

3. A diamond-studded flash drive aka the Snow Drive

via techtickerblog

If it blinks and it’s gold, you just take it. Well, this is what the richest guys out there do. This time, however, it’s all about that insane diamond-studded flash drive. If you’re running out of memory or diamonds, you can always buy this cool item. This super fancy flash drive is also known as the Snow Drive. It owes its curious nickname to the 18-carat white gold casing decorated with diamonds totaling to 96 on the sides. Oh, let’s not forget that the beautiful diamond-studded flash drive also comes with an 18-carat white gold chain. It features a Sandisk 4GB drive. By the way, this posh item only costs the staggering amount of $18,856. Well, it sure sounds like a pretty insignificant sum of money to any billionaire out there. But for most of us, a flash drive that costs thousands of dollars sounds like suicide.

2. Get the most expensive computer mouse for $25,000


If you can’t wait to replace your old computer mouse with a new one, here’s the chance to do so. Well, we’re not saying that you should get this fancy version. However, if you can afford it, why compromise it? Seriously, this gorgeous-looking computer mouse is probably the dream of any gamer. Designed by a Swiss manufacturer of computer mice, this diamond-studded version is worth almost $25,000. Would you give $25,000 for a computer mouse? Well, we think we know the answer. As for rich people, they aren’t really bothered by its staggering cost. It was even dubbed the world’s most expensive computer mouse. Now you can finally see why this flashy thing is featured on our list of ordinary stuff that’s worth a fortune.

1. The Gold-Plated Bluetooth Headset that’ll cost you nearly $50,000

If you’ve ever wondered where you can find the priciest Bluetooth headset, then look no further. This particular version of the typical Bluetooth headset will make you faint at its price tag. Apparently, this item is encrusted with diamonds totaling around $50,000. This extraordinary headset was first introduced at an Elle Magazine Charity Event. Indeed, it’s really no wonder why everyone speaks so highly of it. After all, this special headset is gold plated as it also features lots of diamonds. Indeed, every guy wants this flashy Bluetooth headset and so do women. Besides, you’ve heard that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, right? So don’t be stingy – just get your lady this special gift. Well, it’s quite pricey, but hey, who puts price tags on feelings, right?


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