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15 Examples Of Odd Teacher-Student Relationships

15 Examples Of Odd Teacher-Student Relationships

The student/teacher “relationship” is something that has been happening for decades. While most people see it as some kind of perverse fantasy, many people have lived it. Apparently, it is not as great as one would assume though. Not only are two lives ruined, there is also the fact that people actually go to jail for crimes like this. ‘What would possess a teacher to think it would be so amazing to have a relationship with one of their students?’ is something that the majority of the world is still trying to figure out.

Decades ago, people were able to sweep something like this under the rug. However, now it isn’t so easy thanks mostly in part to stupid behavior like having tryst out in public, or students going around and bragging about what they have been up to. When people think of a prominent student/teacher relationship, they normally think of Mary Kay Letourneau and her very public relationship with Vili Fualaau. She ended up in jail for 7.5 years and pregnant. When she finished her stint in jail, she resumed her relationship with Faulaau, got married and had one more child. Now, 12 years later they are separated. While they had a good run, most of these relationships do not turn out this way. In fact, almost all of them end while the student is still in high school either because they were caught, or like any normal relationship, things fizzled out. Regardless, one thing is for sure, these teachers were always in the wrong. If you thought the Faulaau/Letourneau relationship was shocking, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

15. Wesley Ellis

via Daily Mail/Weekend Notes

Wesley Ellis was 34-years-old when he was caught having relations with a student who was reportedly 16-17 years-old. Even though he was married he would pick up the student and drive her to a parking lot where he would hook up with her. When he was caught, he justified his relationship by saying that he had very strong “romantic” feelings for her. The student commented in court that they did research and knew the consequences, but they were both willing to drag out the relationship because of the feelings they shared. His wife and parents commented that this behavior was out of character for him and that they would continue to support him throughout the trial. Chances of him getting a long sentence are slim because of the age of the minor in question. He may end up with a few months in jail and maybe probation.

14. Eppie Sprung Dawson

via Daily Mirror

Eppie Sprung Dawson was caught in one of the worst ways possible. She was caught in the act, with the student, in her car; she was banned indefinitely from teaching, but she can always apply for re-registration. Many believe that Sprung Dawson was only given a slap on the wrist, but she has lost so much more (including her three-year marriage and respect). But hold on, the situation gets weirder, the student (when he turned 18) moved out of his parent’s home and into the marital home of the teacher who seduced him. He claims however, that they are now just friends. As for work, she is a bartender and has applied to have her job back as a teacher. It is rumored that she was spared jail time because she was assaulted by a 29-year-old when she was a teenager.

13. Alexandria Vera

via Houston Chronicle

Alexandria Vera was a middle school teacher who was caught engaging in inappropriate behavior with her 13-year-old student. To make matters worse, she got pregnant. In early January 2017, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. When she found out that she was being investigated she aborted her pregnancy because no one wants to have a baby in jail. Vera claimed that her student’s parents knew about their relationship and they even allowed him to spend nights at her house. She once went to his house for dinner and he introduced her as his girlfriend. They were also supposedly excited to hear she was pregnant. This whole situation is kind of weird. Regardless, she is now in prison where she has to spend at least 5 years before she can be considered for parole.

12. Steven Amedeo

via Click2Houston

Steven Amedeo was 38-years old when he started a relationship with an underage student. He was charged with s*xual performance by a child. He was found out when his girlfriend found inappropriate text messages between him and a male student. She immediately confronted him and reported him to the police. The boy claimed that the teacher would pick him up and they would run errands together. At one point he invited the student to his home and they hooked up. The student was able to describe the teacher’s apartment to the police. It’s obvious he has now been fired and he posted bail for $30,000. The Texas Education Agency opened an investigation into the teacher as well. This guy is basically screwed. We hope he realizes now that it wasn’t worth it.

11. Pamela Roger-Turner

via Pinterest

Physical Education teacher Pamela Roger-Turner was 28 when she was caught having relations with a 13-year-old student. She only got 9 months in jail because of a plea deal she struck that promised she would not use this situation to gain financial benefits. Roger-Turner obviously resigned from her job before she was fired and was apparently visibly unemotional when she was handcuffed and hauled off to jail. She was a teacher at this school for just over 2 years and had always been described as beautiful; maybe she used this to her advantage. Because of the age of her victim, she could have spent up to 100 years in prison. The crazy thing about this case is the boys’ parents considered Turner a family friend and she even lived at their house for a time when she had nowhere to go.

10. Stephanie Ragusa

via Zimbio/ABC News

Stephanie Ragusa has gotten one of the longer sentences for her relationship with students. Yes, plural. The MIDDLE SCHOOL teacher was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her explicit relationship with 2 students at her school. She served six years and is now out of prison on parole where she will be on probation for 15 years. Her first relationship was with a 14-year-old, who she told she could help “overcome his shyness“. She was arrested for her involvement with him, but she must not have taken the arrest seriously because afterwards she was caught having relations with a 16-year-old student. This is most likely what prompted the long sentencing. She now has to register as an offender and live in a motel until she is told she can move somewhere else. By the way, she is smiling in her mugshots… What’s up with that?

9. Jaymee Wallace

via Tampa Bay Times

Jaymee Wallace, a teacher in Florida, cried like a baby when she was sentenced to 3 years in jail for an inappropriate relationship with a student. Wallace engaged in a relationship with a female student who was 15-years-old at the time. Wallace was married with a child. She and the student got close when she began coaching the high school basketball team. Wallace blamed her bad judgment on her upbringing; she watched her father abuse her mother and older siblings and she had to abort her first pregnancy. She supposedly had post-traumatic stress disorder. The relationship lasted over a year and was only revealed once they broke up and the student confessed to her mother what had happened. By this time, Wallace had been married for a few years, had a child, and gave her life up to god. How convenient?

8. Lisa Robyn Marinelli

via BakLOL

Lisa Robyn Marinelli had a brilliant plan to set up her 15-year-old daughter with one of her students. Only, her real plan was to lure him to her house and try to hook up with him herself. What 17-year-old is going to turn down a “hot” teacher? They continued an affair for months and sent some pretty lewd text messages back and forth. “How about a quicky 2morrow afternoon?” or “You can meet me at home at 3. Real men only need 20 minutes. We will be alone cause there is a field trip”. You get the picture. Eventually they were found out when the student’s father saw him exiting her car, “putting his pants back together”. Seems like they were literally caught in the act, and the student sang like a bird to the police when questioned, even showing them several locations where they hooked up.

7. Jeremy Forrest

via Daily Mirror

Jeremy Forrest sparked a manhunt when he and a student that he was just so in love with fled the country and made their way to France, the city of love. The student and teacher first started speaking on Twitter, then it quickly escalated to text message, phone calls then a full-blown relationship. The student spent her summers at his house everyday while his wife was at work and she even told a few friends about her relationship with the teacher. When police became aware of what was taking place, the two fled to France only to be caught several days later by French authorities. Forrest was ultimately arrested for child abduction and relations with a minor. He got 5.5 years in prison but, he only served 3 years.

6. Justin & Amy Northcutt


A husband and wife duo, both teachers were sentenced in 2009 to two and three months in jail for soliciting a minor. The couple thought it would be a great idea to send lewd text messages and pictures to a student at their school. They admitted to trying to set up an encounter with the teenager. She was a former student of Amy’s and was in no way sending anyone any kind of signals. Both husband and wife have to register as offenders and take counseling to combat their “habit”. The incident came to light when a family friend saw the student and Justin Northcutt speaking outside of a home. Apparently, it didn’t look right and was concerning, so they immediately notified the girl’s parents. It’s safe to say these people are no longer working teachers.

5. Heather Daughdrill


It seems like the Catholic church is constantly taking a hit, well at least this was the case in 2011. Heather Daughdrill was a teacher and aid who spent her summers teaching the Bible to students at a Bible camp. The 28-year-old carried on a relationship with a 13-year-old student, one which she initiated (obviously). When summer was over she continued the relationship by picking the student up from school in the middle of the day to “spend time” with him. The police were tipped off to some inappropriate text messages between her and the student. She was charged with things people probably didn’t even know existed, like four counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile. Some of the other charges included kidnapping and s*xual battery.

4. Carrie McCandless

via LifestylePassion

In 2007, teacher Carrie McCandless was arrested for engaging in an inappropriate relationship with her student. The encounter took place on a school camping trip, where she boldly found herself in the student’s tent. McCandless was arrested and tried for the crime. She ultimately spent a little bit of time in jail and was released on parole. However, her story does not end there. McCandless was fresh on parole when she began another relationship with another underage student. During this time, she was married to the principle of the school she worked at. Fast forward to 2011, McCandless was again arrested but this time it was for driving while under the influence of morphine. It seems like her life has gone completely downhill, and she has now violated her parole twice.

3. Shelley Dufresne & Rachel Respess

via WGNO

Shelley Dufresne started a highly inappropriate relationship with one of her her students when he was 16-years-old. Ever the savvy, she contacted him on Facebook to get the romp going. After a month long, the relationship heated up quite quickly and this is where Rachel Respess comes into play (no pun intended). Respess knew both the teacher and the student because she also worked at the school where they respectively attended and worked. The “relationship” lasted a few months until it came crashing down because of a video the student took of the teachers sleeping in the bed beside him. Like every teenage male, he wanted proof of his dalliances. Dufresne and Respess have not gone to jail because there is a lack of evidence. The only evidence was a video, which was erased before it could be used against the teachers.

2. Brianne Altice

via Soulpost

Brianne Altice is savage AF when it comes to the inappropriate teacher/student relationship. Altice was involved with not one, not two, but three of her minor students. In February of 2017, she was jailed for 30 years for her inappropriate behavior. She was reportedly turned in by one of her students who was most likely jealous when he found out he wasn’t the only student in her life. The crazy thing is, when she was initially arrested for her crimes and let out on bail, she continued to carry on a relationship with one of her students. Her defence during her trial was low self-esteem, admitting that the attention and the compliments from her students made her feel good. She can apply for parole in 2019 and she may even get out, but she has to register as an offender. Did we mention she HAD a husband and kids?

1. Sarah Jones

via Huffington Post

Sarah Jones was a Bengals cheerleader turned teacher. By all accounts she was considered extremely good looking by many of the male students. However, one student in particular took his chance and ended up in a relationship with Jones. At 27-years-old she started a relationship with a then 17-year-old male student, Cody York. Unlike many of the teachers on this list, she managed to avoid jail time by pleading guilty to a number of charges, including felony custodial interference and misdemeanor assault. To make matters worse when York came of age, they continued their relationship. Currently, they are married and apparently living their best life. Jones drummed up so much controversy that a few production companies are supposedly interested in giving her a reality show.

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