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15 Exotic And Wild Creatures You Can Legally Own As Pets

15 Exotic And Wild Creatures You Can Legally Own As Pets

Often described as a lucrative business, the exotic pet industry is slowly but surely becoming an interesting topic that’s worthy of a heated day-long discussion. Honestly, the idea of owning an exotic animal that you could actually pet like a cute little puppy is a really adventurous one. What’s even more, it’d be safe to say that this profitable pet business has already caught the eye of so many people out there. Besides, it’s even believed that there are more exotic animals in American houses than at any zoo.

Additionally, you may think of us as totally crazy people who have lost their minds, but some of these wild creatures seem to get along with their owners so well. Ultimately, everyone can take care of a cat or a cute puppy, right? But is it the same with bearded dragons or scorpions?

Indeed, there are some exotic animals that you can legally have and walk around with just like any normal dog. Naturally, the only difference here is that these exotic creatures are probably a bit more dangerous than any talking parrot, cat or dog. But, you know what, let’s not spoil the fun… Instead, let’s see what we’ve prepared for you today!

15. Capybara

via Chicago Tribune

Capybara? What is this thing? Why is this rodent so big? Well, Capybaras are unusually big. Seriously, they are even much bigger in person. If you thought that there’s probably something wrong with this animal, then you’ve got a point there for sure. Capybaras are actually the biggest living rodent in existence. Indeed, this grouchy looking Capybara may not be the prettiest mammal, but at least it’s a really social animal. Additionally, it really is a team player, so if you’d like to have an exotic animal at home, then a Capybara may be your best pal.

14. Two-Toed Sloths

via Reddit

Oh, aren’t these really cute?! Do you know that you can actually have these handsome guys as your pretty exotic pets? It’s true – the two-toed sloths are sweet animals which would probably love to play around with you now and then. We believe that this feeling certainly goes both ways. The only tiny issue is that these two-toed sloths are not very active, to say the least. So, you should not rely so much on them when feeling either extremely bored or moody. Apart from that, two-toed sloths are really funny and friendly animals, and the best part is that you can actually own them as pets without breaking the law! How awesome!

13. Hippopotamus

via Sites-at-Penn-State

Oh, my Goodness! A hippopotamus? Really? What are you going to do with its weight anyway? Honestly, having a hippo can’t be a good idea. After all, it can become such a problem! Where would you put it? It can’t live in your room with you, can it? Owning a hippopotamus may be 100 % legal, but just because something is legal, it certainly does not mean that you should have it, right? Well, it’s surely the same with this big and sluggish animal. Also, keep in mind that its colossal size will become such a burden on your shoulders sooner than you could possibly expect. Do you think you’re ready for this step?!

12. Scorpion

via YouTube

Scorpions aren’t the most unusual pet that many people can brag about nowadays. Surely, it’s not the best option either. What if it suddenly decides to play around with you? What if it decides to sting you anyway?! Not all types of scorpions are deadly, but how can you be sure that your cute “pet” is totally harmless? That’s the point.

Surely, people love to follow trends, such as having an exotic pet like a tarantula, snake, scorpion or even cheetah, so this has definitely become a very lucrative business for many individuals. And much like any other trend, people just go for it without thinking about the potential perils that their decisions may offer. Even though there are a few venomous scorpions, these animals are still known as totally legal to own as a pet.

11. Tarantula

via YouTube

Indeed, the tarantula may be fuzzy and curious to explore, but all spiders do have something in common: they’re neither cute nor welcoming. Rather, they would probably try to trick you into their web and suck your blood out. However, it’s true that they’re quite exotic and wild creatures which simply can’t be tamed no matter what you do. With this in mind, why would you like to own a tarantula as a pet? It’s perfectly legal of course, but this is hardly the point. Finally, believe it or not, there are also poisonous tarantulas in existence. With this, we do hope your fuzzy little friend doesn’t belong to the venomous type.

10. Wallaby


In truth, the wallaby really bears a striking resemblance to a baby kangaroo, but guess what – it’s NOT. The wallaby is actually quite finicky as these animals are thought to be quite goofy. Ultimately, it’s not a German Shephard that can be trained to do certain types of things. Rather, it’s a wild animal that loves the idea of spaciousness. So if you can’t think of anything that’s closer to spaciousness, you had better leave this idea behind. Maybe the wallaby is not so wise to own as a pet even though it’s totally legal to have. All in all, this animal can’t live in places lacking spaciousness. It has to be out there in the wilderness in order to thrive and be happy.

9. Muntjac Deer

baby deer via YouTube

Who owns a deer anyway? Do you ride it? What do you do with it? All jokes aside – the Muntjac Deer probably sounds like a very interesting and quite unique pet, but in reality, it’s nothing but a wild deer that needs some extra space. After all, what have you been thinking? It’s an exotic example of a pet, of course. But it simply can’t be tamed since it’s supposed to live and grow in a very different environment which you can hardly offer. Besides, these animals are certainly not the smartest creatures, so that’s another great drawback for sure. With that, you should probably turn to simpler and more traditional ideas, such as cats, dogs, parrots, or a mountain lion. Just kidding!

8. Cheetah

via Their Turn

There are folks who actually think that having a cheetah and a cute kitty is probably the same thing. Additionally, it’s not that rare to see a cheetah being walked around like a puppy on a leash either. Well, at least this is the case in certain parts of America. Maybe that’s the “American dream” everyone is talking so highly about. Maybe, however, it’s just that this same American land is filled to the brim with crazy people who actually own cheetahs as pets! And just to top it all off, let’s not forget the fact that a few States in America don’t really care much about the safety of the kids! For example, owning cheetahs, snow leopards, mountain lions, etc. is totally legal.

7. Burmese Python

via National Geographic Kids

Owning what seems to be a crazy Burmese Python may sound like a fun idea at first, but believe us, it’s hardly the most rational thought that could ever cross your mind. Indeed, the idea of having a python and treating it like a regular puppy may certainly sound cool and adventurous. However, if you do own another pet, our piece of advice is to keep an eye on it since the python can really eat it whole; and this will happen in less than a couple of minutes. Also, keep in mind that these wild creatures grow up to 17 feet in length! Do you still want it?! After all, it’s a crazy Burmese Python that’s anything but predictable!

6. Squirrel Monkey

via Mashable

At first, having a squirrel monkey may truly sound like fun times and lovely memories. Do you remember the cute and quite smart monkey from the Pirates of the Caribbean? This little buddy was really bright and cute for sure! But still, owning such a wild and unpredictable animal that would constantly turn your house into a bloody mess is surely not that thrilling! All jokes aside, squirrel monkeys are usually tough fighters that will probably try to make YOU the pet. They’re genetically inclined to fighting for the alpha status, so keep this in mind before getting in such deep water with this crazy monkey!

5. Spotted Genets

via YouTube

Generally, Spotted Genets aren’t dangerous animals so there are surely many people who can personally attest to this fact. Furthermore, if you think that they are not welcoming animals, you’d be totally wrong as well. These creatures are actually pretty smart as they also feature a whole lot of unique characteristic traits. The only issue is that these cute animals are really skittish and hard to tame. Besides, they are certainly not fond of being hugged all the time. Additionally, Spotted Genets crave to be in their natural habitat, so you’d better let these wild animals live freely where they are supposed to be.

4. Crocodile

via YouTube

Have you ever wanted to get a crocodile and pet it like your fluffy puppy? Regardless of how awesome and thrilling this idea truly sounds, please don’t do this. This would be a total mistake and a really dangerous step leading to unfortunate outcomes. After all, it’s a crazy crocodile that can not only maul you or any other member of your beautiful family, but it can totally eat you whole! All in all, crocodiles are the wildest animals on this list, so you just can’t put your life right there on the line because of a frantic idea! Besides, crocodiles aren’t supposed to be legal! Do you agree? It’s simply NOT right.

3. Chinchilla

via Pinterest

Here we go with another extremely exotic animal that nobody could resist! Everyone, meet the cute Chinchilla! Undoubtedly, it’s a really curious animal that certainly does not seem like it can eat you alive. Naturally, these are really friendly animals that are overly loved and adored by so many people. Certainly, Chinchillas are not the brightest animals, of course, but who would want them to be that smart when they are simply supposed to make us love their fluffy nature! And guess what, you can absolutely own this totally wild animal that’s absolutely harmless!

2. Fish Piranha

via YouTube

Have you seen the lunatic movie entitled Piranha 3D? Then you can totally read our minds right away. You do realize what these demonic creatures are capable of doing, right? Certainly, it’s not just a movie, it’s 100% real. Piranha fish aren’t supposed to be owned or treated like a pet. And unlike movies which love being super shady and unclear about what’s going to happen, your exotic pet Piranha is probably a better fighter than you are! This type of fish simply loves fighting as it is extremely feisty and carnivorous for sure! Just in case you’re on the lookout for a friendly fish, the Piranha is definitely the wrong choice for you! Besides, the Piranha loves dining on worms and other insects. But if you try to feed it with bare hands, it won’t think twice about dining on your flesh either.

1. Green Iguana

via Exotic Animal Medicine for the Vet Tech

Finally, we’ve reached the great winner! Meet the Green Iguana which certainly catches the eye of pet owners! With its gorgeous and exotic looks, the Green Iguana is definitely a beautiful wild animal deeply desired by so many people out there. After all, it’s the most famous type of a lizard, so it can’t be that dangerous, can it? No, you’re totally wrong! Iguanas are famous for their sharp teeth that can really cause severe bites wounds. What’s even more, some types of iguanas can treat their owners with a really nasty bite when not cared for properly.

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