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15 Eye-Opening Truths About What Women REALLY Want

15 Eye-Opening Truths About What Women REALLY Want

Have you ever wondered what’s that thing all women deeply desire? You sure have. Well, you just can’t put the wool over our eyes and run away from the truth. It’s no secret that women’s thoughts and desires are sometimes pretty tough to decipher. Peeping into a woman’s mind is just like playing chess. You think you know what follows next, however, she proves you wrong with her next move. Actually, you’ve got no clue what’s going on at the back of her mind either. She may be planning on ditching you or walking the aisle with you. Does that ring a bell with you? Because this is exactly how it feels to be with a real woman who knows her worth. Also, you may think that her list of life goals and desires is only focused on her career, but you’ll be wrong once again.

Actually, the chance is that her life list of interests focuses on you as well. In truth, she may not be very open about it but she wants you to get to the core of things on your own. Also, she believes that you’re an emotionally intelligent individual who can see beneath the glossy surface of her genuine thoughts. Are you that person for real? Well, we’ll see about that in a bit.

15. She’d die for a banging body


Surely, the girl of your dreams actually wishes she could be a better version of herself. Therefore, you should better show her how perfect her imperfections are before she meets somebody new in her life. And just take a guess – she doesn’t even think she’s that beautiful at all. Indeed, you may see her as a goddess, but the chance is that she hardly sees the same image in the mirror. This is why she’d die for a compliment even though she may look cold as ice. Be a gentleman and tell how amazing her body, smile, and mind truly are.  You see, your girl wants pretty basic and trivial things in her life. The question is whether you want to be a significant part of them.

14. Be her source of strength

via Mirror

There’s barely a woman who doesn’t dream of a real life super hero. It’s exactly what girls daydream about and there’s no second opinion about it. Women love being spoiled, appreciated and respected. You may not believe this, but your muscles and shredded abs don’t matter at all. For the record, your great and extra-athletic body is perhaps the last thing she cares about. Those big arms of yours are just like the splendid background of a superb portrait painting. Put in a nutshell, it takes more than muscles to be a source of strength and security. It is what it is, fellas. That’s just the truth of it.

13. Motivate her 24/7

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She’d give her right arm for a bit of inspiration and motivation every now and then. Indeed, if you happen to be her wellspring of creative ideas and motivating force, she’d never think of letting you go. “That’s my girl!”, “Bring it on, baby”, “You’re unstoppable, dear!” Doesn’t that make you want to reach the very top of your career? Doesn’t that make you go for it right away? Yes, that’s the point here.  Your radiance draws her attention like a magnet. Besides, your lovely presence oozes such a positivity that totally increases her urge to follow all of her dreams. And yes, this is exactly why she needs you by her side.

12. Be her best friend

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It’s said that female friendships don’t really last long. Surely, it’s hardly like women are some evil creatures wishing harm on other people including their girlfriends too. It’s nothing like that for sure. But still, there’s a tiny issue that takes a toll on their “loving” and “genuine” friendship. Women just can’t help comparing themselves to other females and measuring their own flaws and all. Who’s more respected and likeable by mutual acquaintances and friends? Who’s more successful and attractive? You can see that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Bottom line: women are often phony to one another. Therefore, she needs you around more than everything.

11. She’s just a hardworking lady so don’t judge her

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Seriously, who doesn’t dream of landing a prestigious job? Don’t you want to climb up the ladder of success too? This is precisely what we all want, isn’t it? Thus, you shouldn’t point a finger at her for coming home a bit later than expected. She’s an idealist who’s got the need to perform her duties at work in the best possible way. Actually, you should feel proud of your self-driven and diligent lady. She’s got the fire in her eyes. And so, she’ll do everything she’s capable of to achieve her goals one by one. This is why she’d need your support and positive energy to help her climb up the ladder of success. Indeed, this is where she truly belongs, isn’t it?

10. She needs a faithful guy

via In Touch Weekly

You need to be faithful just as much as you want her to be true to herself. This feeling and mindset must flow both ways. Otherwise, it won’t be a genuine relationship filled with companionship, understanding, tenderness, and happiness. After all, there are too many unfaithful guys out there anyway, so don’t be one of them. Besides, phony people are the easiest to spot right off the bat. Even though she may be pretty aware of her guy’s tricks and games, she may play it cool until she kicks him out of her life for good. It would be fair enough, wouldn’t it? Indeed, loyalty is like a tiny diamond that often gets misprized.

9. Make her feel secure with you

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Does she feel safe in your company? Do you think she feels protected enough when you’re around? Frankly, if she can’t feel 100 % protected in your presence then something is wrong with your relationship. Moreover, guys who are less confident in themselves have a hard time dealing with their own insecurities. So how would an insecure person make her believe in her own skills, talents, potential, etc? It just makes no sense, right? Therefore, mature women need grown-up men in their lives. Frankly, this is sexy as hell.

8. Be more compassionate

via Amber Salhus

Do you often display your soft, delicate and sensitive sides? Well, it’s been a while since the last time you opened up to her, right? Romantic relationships are based on mutual confidence, loyalty, and open-heartedness. If you can’t confide in her then she won’t be able to trust you either. The exchange of experience and emotions is quite an essential step for it. Besides, there’s no better way to lock your genuine and strong feelings in place than that. Be more compassionate and she’ll never think of running away from such a blooming relationship.

7. Talk about your future with her


How do you think your blooming relationship will evolve in 2,3 or 5 years? Does that idea send chills down your spine? Does it sound exciting? If this perspective doesn’t enthral you then you had better find another place where you’d feel more thrilled. Indeed, wasting somebody’s time is the worst mistake you could ever make. Talking about your future with her is another story. Both of you could go through major changes together in the next 3 or 5 years. Also, you may even experience some less pleasant situations. What’s more important is how you’ll deal with them.

6. If only she could eat without putting on weight


If you think that she dreams of meeting the prince on a white horse, then you’ve been a fool all your life. Well, she’d love to find somebody who’s nice, caring, loyal and passionate. But outside of this, women’s desires are hardly a tough riddle you can’t solve. No matter how crazy it feels, ladies just daydream about enjoying another donut without putting on weight. And you think that you’re the center of her world. Well, we’re truly sorry to disappoint you, but she’s got some other crucial issues to think about, okay?

5. Gestures matter

via Funnyjunk

Flowers, candy bars, ice cream, teddy bears – just name it! It’s absolutely true that ladies are crazy about such cute surprises. Needless to say, she’d appreciate your efforts and lovely ideas to make her smile and feel special. Indeed, it doesn’t take millions to make her feel the most special girl in the world. Thus, don’t be so stingy and just enjoy some shopping therapy for your cute lady. Just make sure she won’t grow suspicious of your little surprise. In truth, gestures matter more than you could ever imagine. Besides, nothing of this will go unnoticed by her. You can now see that making your girl happy isn’t that hard, right?

4. Coffee & Breakfast in bed? Sure thing!

via Sarah Cunningham

Are you a crazy coffee lover? Then you can imagine how stunned your girl will be if she gets her favourite cup of strong coffee in her bed. It truly sounds so romantic, doesn’t it? Gladly, she’ll feel a bit drowsy in the morning so that’s your best chance to surprise her with a delicious breakfast served with coffee. How wonderful! It would be just like in the movies! Your girl will be excited to reveal that soft and thoughtful side of your lovely personality. Besides, you’ll give her another cute reason for loving you even more than before.

3. Never lie. You’ll regret it.

via Best Of The Best Memes

Why would you lie to her in the first place? Don’t you feel loved, adored and appreciated enough? Being fake and unfaithful is such an ugly and repulsive personality trait. If you’re not happy with her then why are still by her side? Everybody’s time is precious and so is hers. Therefore, you’ve got two options: you either love and respect her for the person she truly is, or you stop wasting her time. It’s up to you. But if you choose to be her guy, then spare her the drama and unnecessary lies. Don’t forget that she can be miserable on her own as well. It’s fair enough, isn’t it?

2. Go to the movies together

via The Week

There’s barely a person who doesn’t enjoy going to the movies especially on a sensational movie premiere. Also, you could always spice things up in case you decide that this idea won’t impress her that much. What’s her favorite movie star of all time? Are there any films starring her favorite Hollywood movie stars? Bingo! That’s a perfect way to make your movie night even more exciting than it usually is. Enjoy some popcorn, ease yourself in your comfy chair and make the most of your movie night! After all, both of you deserve to get spoiled every now and then, right?

1. Do the chores for her

via Chuck’s Fun Page 2 – blogger

Well, let’s be honest here: she’ll need somebody to run the errands for her every now and then. After all, her source of energy is not inexhaustible. Also, there would be times when she’d come home late from work and the last thing she’d want to do is to organize the whole house. Just imagine how unpleasant all of this would feel after work. Therefore, she would really appreciate your presence and help in her life. After all, you’ll prove what a thoughtful and caring guy you truly are. Isn’t that what you really want? Indeed, she’ll love you deeply for your efforts and understanding. Well, it’s no longer that difficult to understand what women really want, is it?


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