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15 Fantasies Men Have About Their Female Best Friend

15 Fantasies Men Have About Their Female Best Friend

“Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship and love but no friendship” said a man who needs no introduction, Oscar Wilde. And yes, it is true in all dimensions. Men are programmed to wish for the fulfillment of their needs deep down, below the belt. Women, on the other hand, wish for stability and financial security and that deep connection before giving oneself over to someone. For realizing that, men act as friends, even though they wouldn’t object to sleep with his female friend from day one. Hence they begin to fantasize all those things with her. However, they know that they can’t tell the woman that they want to sleep with her because she’d think it’s creepy. So they tag along with the fallacy that it was ‘just a friendship’ that “suddenly” developed into more when the woman finally feels inclined to sleep with the guy “because they have a deep connection.”

Envy is the desire to have what someone else has. Jealousy is the fear of losing what you have. The more insecure you are about yourself or your relationship, the more jealous you are, because you are afraid to lose your significant other to someone else. Hence it’s seen that men do not disclose their fantasies to their female friends. Do you want to know what your male bestie might be fantasizing about you? Well, you’re in for a shock!

15. It Would Be Fun If She Talked Dirty


“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities,” said the American writer Dr. Seuss. Dirty texting gives deep satisfaction and pleasure to a man, they feel as if they’re playing in a safe zone. Sometimes, they think of having a dirty talk with their female “hot” best friend. Yes, extremely intimate and freaky talk!  Dear ladies, though your friend has been seeing you like a hot bunny in his fantasized world, he is clever enough to keep his thoughts hidden from you.  Men are expert in drawing a line between fantasy and reality, they really are!

14. How would she act when she’s hot and bothered?


As the saying goes, men are always men. Although they respect their female best friend, sometimes their thoughts tend to go out of control. A man may be comfortable in sharing their personal life secrets with his female bestie, but when it comes to speaking exclusively about freaky time, he develops a cold foot. That’s normal. But ladies, you have no idea what he fantasizes about your private life. So far, you have shown him only your friendly side, but what if you are in your bedroom? How would you feel? Horny? Soft? Dominating? Your friend is highly curious to know that and this crazy curiosity stimulates him to imagine you with your boyfriend having a “great time”. Lost for words, eh?

13. The World’s best Sandwich


Just like women, men also want to make their girlfriends jealous by having a close bonding with another girl. However, they don’t try that contrivance in reality since they don’t desire to risk their relationship. Most of the men try that trick at least in their imagination and get thrilled. A man can assume the facial expressions of his girlfriend when he walks hands in hands with his seductive female bestie. If two women are fighting each other for a man, that is just the epitome of success for a man. And fantasizing his female bestie, fighting with his girlfriend makes him imagine it all. He can also fantasize his bestie and girlfriend, trying their seduction skills to win him over. He is the lucky man between two hot chicks, in his fantasies for sure!

12. Kiss her when she looks pretty


“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water,” said the then First Lady of the US, Eleanor Roosevelt. For a man, his best friend may be a simple and casual girl, but sometimes she has him totally at a loss for words because of her looks. In her hot outfits, she seems totally different. Ethereal, out of the world she looks to her male friend! Of course, men are expert in complimenting a woman’s beauty. But deep inside they fantasize about taking their bestie into their arms and kissing her just like how they do with their girlfriend when she surprises them in a beautiful attire.

11. A great night spent together


Spending a night in a female friend’s room, that sounds interesting. But when you are in her friendzone you cannot approach her directly. This is the reason why a majority of men consider friend zone as the worst place in the world. But they keep dreaming about it. In his “Neverland”, a man wants to be a playboy with his best friend who has stolen his heart with her captivating looks. He imagines her opening the doors of her bedroom and standing in front of him in her negligee. What happens next? Exactly what you think!

10. How nice it would be if she was with me and not her boyfriend


It’s a fact that men are a bit possessive when it comes to women. All of them are not, but a majority of them are. They become possessive when they spot their female bestie with her man. Of course, no woman would want to have such a friend who is non-tolerant towards her boyfriend, let alone tolerate him. And so, call it unfortunate, they cannot reveal their feeling in front of her. So how can he take revenge, a sweet one? Yes, through fantasizing! In his imaginary world, he’ll make her boyfriend green with envy. He’ll talk relentlessly about the time prior to his entry. How she used to have fun with him. Obviously, it will boil her boyfriend up like anything!

9. Gathering admiration from one and all


Usually men become very jealous when they notice that their male counterparts have a female bestie. They start speculating about their relationship status and the rumor mill reaches its peak! In their perspective, he is a blessed guy since he has a close association with a woman. So, what does that so called ‘blessed guy’ wants to think about himself? Well, he keeps fantasizing about people admiring him and his bestie, when they are spotted together. He picturizes his beautiful bonding, earning appreciation from one and all. And his male friends to curse themselves for not having such a hot woman by their side.

8. Enjoy Some Role Play


There are some awesome movies about male and female best friends. Men are more forward when it comes to daydreaming. They put themselves into the characters shoes and just enjoy the experience. They relate their real life friendship to the story that they have watched on the silver screen. For example, after watching the movie “Friends With Benefits”, a man may imagine himself in Dylan’s role and his bestie in the role of Jamie. Through role play, he will try to find out what will be his take when his bonding with his bestie encounters various challenges.

7. Want to watch a romantic movie together


Controlling libido is extremely challenging for most of the men when they are watching a love making scene on the screen. They get stimulated from the visuals and if their hot bestie is sitting next to them, they start fantasizing about having a horny time with her. Her physical closeness adds fuel to their desire. In his mind, he recreates the scene that he has been watching in the theatre. And of course, the bestie in contention will be the hot bunny in his imaginary world. That gives him a lot of pleasure. In fact, he carries that fantasy for a long time.

6. Getting a feel of her body


Most of the men may not accept this fact, but they secretly fantasize about touching their female bestie. Well, usually men may share a side hug with their female best friends or put their arms around her while posing for a picture. But in their fantasy, they do something beyond that. A man may have a secret desire of hugging his female best friend without a reason and touching her cheeks. Sometimes, he expects her to sit very close to him and rub her arms against him. However, he can’t confess his desire since he is scared shitless of registering his name in her bad books. So he keeps on fantasizing about the physical intimacy, though unable to realize it.

5. Going down on one knee before her


There are many instances of men falling in love with their best buddy, but a majority of them hesitate to kneel down and confess their love to her. That is because they have a fear, deep inside their heart- that of losing her. A man who is madly in love with his bestie would fantasize about proposing her. Arranging a candle light dinner, looking into her eyes and presenting her a stunning ring while to confess his love for her. If you have been fantasizing about proposing your bosom friend, take the right steps before she becomes someone else’s sweetheart.

4. To be a hot guy for her


No doubt, everyone desires to look beautiful and be the center of attraction. Winning compliments from a female best friend is a secret wish that every man has in his heart. Whenever a man presents himself in a new attire, he fantasizes about his bestie’s reaction. He imagines himself walking towards her in a stylish manner and that she looks at him with admiration and pride; his flight of fantasy has no brakes on. Dear friend, don’t feel inferior if you love to fantasize such things. Multiple researchers have claimed that majority of men spend quality time in their fantasy world. If fantasizing makes you happy, then please don’t stop it. But, remember everything must be in a limit.

3. Her Different “Shades Of Grey”


Men are physically attracted to women and they would never mind having her in their bed, even if it’s her female best friend. And several have confessed to this thing on sites like Reddit! Many of them have admitted that they are crazy for their female best friend and are just waiting for her to make the move. In fact, men really like women being bold and asking for what they want. They fantasize about their female best friend voluntarily approaching them for intercourse! Some of them even go to the limit of determining what type of intercourse they would have! Bondage, domination and what not! As mentioned earlier, nothing can stop a man’s flight of fantasy. And that, men will always be men.

2. Getting preference over her boyfriend


If your bestie has a boyfriend, and she prefers you over him, you are sure to reach on cloud nine. On the other hand, the boyfriend is sure to get extremely angry. A man can share anything with another man, but not the love that he has been receiving from a woman. It’s a common syndrome everywhere! And hence, men become upset when their bestie starts dating a man. They find a competitor in her boyfriend, a competitor for her love. You might have already seen such cases in your friend circle. A man may develop a feeling that he is getting ignored or not getting enough attention from his bestie after her boyfriend enters her life. To overcome the ignorance he starts imagining his bestie preferring him over her BF and finally breaking up with him to save her precious friendship. Sadly, that will always remain a fantasy.

1. A beautiful future together


All around the world, there are thousands of men who got married to their best friend happily. Well, if a man can find a friend in his wife he is fortunate, but if he is married to his best friend he can be considered as the luckiest man on the earth because no one can understand him better than his bestie, isn’t it? When a man starts liking his female bestie’s character, unknowingly he starts fantasizing about her. A wonderful husband, an adorable wife and sweet kids, a cute little family! If he is courageous enough, he’ll pour his heart out in front of his bestie. Whether or not it gets realized is another matter.

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