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15 Features That Attract Women The Most

15 Features That Attract Women The Most

So many men have asked what a girl looks for in a guy: great personality, makes a lot of money, etc. What is it that really attracts women to men? Well, there are a lot of different factors in the laws of attraction ranging from psychological to quite shallow. Every woman is different, and every man reacts differently to the women who show they are attracted to them. Before you get all shouty, calling out double standards, know that this works both ways. Both men and women can be attracted to members of the opposite sex without thinking of them as pieces of meat. In the end, most people experience an initial attraction that might be considered shallow, but it is an attraction nonetheless.

Additionally, while women are attracted to different features, they are also attracted to different variations of those features, which can make it difficult to “guess” what women really want to see and experience when they first meet you. Ultimately, it boils down to being yourself, guys, but it’s always good to have some kind of basis for what women are thinking when they first meet you, and whether or not your features might attract them right off the bat. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 15 features that attract most women.

15. Those Eyes

A bold pair of eyes can be caught from across the room, and sometimes seem to speak without saying a word. They say that eyes are the window to the soul, and most men and women take this very seriously. The colour a woman prefers might vary, but the way your eyes act is a great indicator of whether or not a woman is attracted to you. Keeping eye contact is a great way to show your confidence, and shows a woman that you are looking at her and listening to what she has to say. Eyes tell stories, and if yours tells the right one, nearly any woman will be attracted to you.

14. That Smile

A genuine smile goes a long way with the ladies. Note how I said “genuine.” Fake smiles can be awkward and tell women that you are not interested in them. Forced smiles can be frightening and tell women that you don’t like them at all. Never smiling can be a huge turn off to women. The brooding man is a construct that women like to see in the movies and on TV (and perhaps even in their fantasies), but it isn’t all that attractive when you’re out on a date with someone or trying to get a phone number for that matter.

13. Cleanliness

Okay, this one might seem a little obvious (I mean, who wouldn’t pick a clean guy over a dirty guy?). However, there is nothing shallow about wanting a guy to take a shower and wash his hair. Hygiene is just as important to women as it is to men, and it’s essential for attraction. Trust me, your natural male musk isn’t going to send her running into your arms. Wear deodorant. Shower daily. When you take care of your appearance (on the level of cleanliness and hygiene), a woman will know that you take care of other aspects of your life, and that’s also something that is attractive.

12. Well-Dressed and Put Together

Alright, this one works on a few different levels. Some women are on the lookout for designer clothes. The ones who do this aren’t necessarily always gold diggers, of course. People are generally attracted to those who are like them in certain ways. If a woman is attracted to a man in designer clothing, chances are she has some of her own, and that doesn’t mean she’s shallow, it simply means she wants someone who is as interested in fashion as she is.

Women who are attracted to clothing can also be attracted by what that clothing is making your body look like. Even women with long-term boyfriends know that certain articles of clothing make his body look better than others. It’s not that he’s unattractive when he wears the others, it’s just that some clothes make us want to tear his clothes off more than others.

11. Facial Structure

While some women look for the rounded face, and others look for jagged jawlines, your facial structure can have a lot to do with whether or not a woman is attracted to you immediately. It’s one of the first thing women see, so it’s important to the first impression she gets of you. This one goes along with “that smile” as one of the first things women notice. What do women focus on when the see your facial structure? Well, all women are different, but for the most part, we notice the jawline and cheekbones right away, then the shape of the eyes.

10. Buff Arms

Tan, muscular, under a tight shirt… some women want that. Large and in charge… other women want that. Thin and long… still others want that. Women are attracted to the arms of a man, because they often think about how those arms may or may not hold them one day. Whether it’s during sex or during snuggle time, a man’s arms can tell a woman quite a bit about her future if the two of them ever start dating. Your arms are a great indicator of how you take care of yourself as well, and that’s why women are attracted to a nice pair of arms.

9. Mucular Legs

Yes, guys, we like your legs. A man’s legs are amazing. Women aren’t just fascinated with the fact that you don’t have to shave them either. We like the look of a man’s legs. The shape of extremely muscular legs can be seen through dress pants and even jeans sometimes. While the current style of men’s shorts can be deceiving when it comes to the look of your legs, women are interested in the calves as much as the hips and thighs. Plastic surgeons even offer calf implants for men…but you can just do some calf-strengthening exercises for free.

8. Manly Hands

A man’s hands tell a lot about him: what he does for a living; if he gets nervous; how hard he works; the list is endless. Despite what you’ve heard, the only thing big hands actually means is that you need bigger gloves. Women are generally attracted to hands because they believe the look of your hands tells a lot about you and how you take care of yourself. While some women are attracted to scars, others like the oil stains of a mechanic’s hands, and still others like smooth, well-kept hands that are pleasant to touch. As always, it goes by what the girl prefers.

7. Facial Hair

For the women who love facial hair, this is the one thing that really attracts them to men. While women prefer different types of facial hair, one thing is very important: it must be well-kept. Whether you have a fu manchu, a ZZ Top look, or a beard with no mustache, if your facial hair isn’t well-kept, it can be a total turn off for a woman. It’s not attractive to have pieces of your lunch hanging off your whiskers… no matter how hungry she is, she’s not going to like looking at that very much, so comb that facial hair, and keep it clean guys.

6. A beautiful lock of hair

Long, flowing locks…high and tight…male pattern baldness…women are attracted to your hair. No matter what kind of hair you naturally have, there is a little more to a woman’s attraction to it. How it is styled, for one thing, is definitely something that can boost your attraction points with the ladies. Some gel, hairspray, a man bun (I’m not 100% sure how this is a thing, but it actually is) can go a long way with the ladies. If you’re looking to attract a woman who is up on all the trends, check out what’s happening in up to date styles.

5. Stylish Shoes

Just like with clothing, some women look at your shoes to see if you’re up to date on the latest trends. It’s not necessarily shallow; she could just be looking for a guy who cares as much about fashion as she does. Women who are attracted to a man’s shoes that aren’t necessarily worried about style or trends will generally look at the comfort level of your shoes. Remember what Forrest Gump said, “you can tell a lot about a person by they shoes.” Yes, you can. Are you the outdoorsy type? Are you looking for comfort over fashion? Women who check out shoes can find out pretty easily.

4. An Attractive Smell

The Axe Body Spray commercials are pretty accurate…while women aren’t going to tackle you to the ground and tear your clothes off, different smells can attract women more than others. The way you smell can tell a woman a lot about your hygiene, but it can also just make her experience with you more pleasant. Sometimes, there is nothing like a man who smells good, and it doesn’t stop there. Your pheromones can actually attract a woman on a primal level, telling her that you’re better breeding stock than your competitors in the dating world. This subconscious attraction can change the game if you’re not necessarily the best player out there.

3. Good Oral Hygiene

This one goes along with hygiene as well. Women who are attracted to nice teeth generally have a reason for it…maybe they had an aunt with horrible breath who was a horrible close talker. Maybe they had braces as a child, so they are obsessive about their own teeth. Whatever it is, some women really look at teeth as the number one factor in attraction, especially during first impressions. Now, you don’t have to go and spend thousands of dollars on dental care to attract a woman, just make sure you clean and maintain your teeth regularly, just in case the girl of your dreams is worried the most about how your teeth look.

2. Pecks, Pecks, Pecks

Yeah, we look there too. A man’s chest is a nice thing to look at, and it’s something that a woman who is attracted to you will see quite often if the two of you hit it off. It’s a good thing for you that muscle shirts made a comeback. Although, it doesn’t necessarily matter, because if a woman is looking for nice pecks, chances are she’ll be able to recognize them whether or not you’re wearing one of those shirts that’s a bit too tight and shows the temperature of your nipples. They can also tell by the broadness of your shoulders and how your shirt lays against your chest.

1. A Nice Butt

Guys, you’re not the only ones who look at booties. If you ever wondered why women are attracted to cowboys in anyway, it’s because of those tight jeans that show off those muscular butts in great detail (of course, those jeans give a little extra support to the cowboy butt, and that definitely helps women who are attracted to glutes). You don’t necessarily have to wear skinny jeans to attract a woman looking at your butt, but finding the perfect pair of jeans that shows a little of your contour can give you an extra boost if you want to attract that kind of woman.

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