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15 Female Bloggers Who Went Viral Just For Their Looks

15 Female Bloggers Who Went Viral Just For Their Looks

It’s true that social media has us all hooked on its virtual world and insane features to such an extent that it almost feels like there’s no cure for our addiction. Undoubtedly, we’re pretty aware of it, and yet we just can’t help scrolling down the news feed. When you think about it, there’s barely a thing that you can’t do online – you can chat with your friends, watch movies, listen to great tunes while reading [fake] news about celebrities and all. Indeed, this can hardly be described as something abnormal. It’s no secret that social media has put an end to many relationships as well. Thanks to the incurable addiction that social media triggers, there’s a whole lot of relationships that have bitten the dust sooner than expected.

Not paying attention to your significant other can totally send your love life at death’s door as well. Nevertheless, we see that it’s pretty hard not to stare at beautiful and smoking hot photos of other women anyway. But still, you’ve got to be a gentleman and keep your obsession under wraps before your girl grows suspicious of you. Needless to say, we know that it’s really hard not to drool over these #15 smoking hot bloggers….

Spoiler: It’s going to get so hot and heavy in less than 10 seconds! It’s time to enjoy your ride through our charming list of #15 hot bloggers and beauty queens your girl probably secretly hates!

15. Nikki Glor

Via: CNN and Zimbio

Meet the wonderful Nikki Glor whose personal dedication has been focused on sharing her healthy lifestyle and workout calendars with the world. Alongside this, Nikki is also considered one of the most famous Fitness bloggers these days. Not only is she a renowned fitness instructor at Crunch gym in Manhattan, but Nikki is indeed a reputed fitness expert featured on many websites, magazines, etc. Additionally, Nikki is keen on practicing yoga which helps her take the stress off her shoulders so efficiently. All in all, her charismatic personality and captivating presence make it so hard for us not to stare at the gorgeous Nikki.

14. Lacey Stone

Via: Birchbox and Tumblr

Have you ever heard of Lacey Stone’s signature BOOTYCamps? There’s no denying that Lacey is one hell of a beauty whose unique fitness programs have won many fitness enthusiasts over quite effortlessly. As gorgeous and charismatic as Lacey is, she’s also proved that it only takes a bit of motivation and dedication to bring visible results to the table. As for that, Lacey talks highly of her own methods of achieving fitness goals. Surely, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend hours at the gym for this purpose. Rather, you can maintain a great shape by joining her BootyCamps. And so, you can challenge yourself every now and then by working out outside of the gym as well!

13. Katy Hearn

Via: katyhearnfit and pinterest

It’s all about booty gains, girls! Needless to say, Katy is another genuine wellspring of inspiration and positive energy. The amusing Katy seems as though she’s the greatest fitness addict of all time. Well, it almost sounds like a pretty nerdy feature anyway. All joking aside – Katy is one wonderful lady who’s a great source of motivation for so many young women out there. Also, her shredded abs and extra-toned booty will surely make any girl green with envy! In truth, there’s always something new that you can learn from this hot fitness beauty! And so, it’s time to enjoy your ride through her sexy workout pics, tricks, and tips!

12. Kristen Leanne

via Elektro-PR

Last, but certainly not least, let us present you with the wonderful Kristen Leanne aka the Goddess of Makeup. Honestly, is there a more amusing female blogger and a hotter YouTuber than Kristen herself? Oh, let’s not ignore the fact that the gorgeous Kristen has launched a successful cruelty-free brand named Arctic Fox as well. Considered a fitness enthusiast as well, Kristen Leanne is definitely one hell of a beauty who’s not afraid to speak her mind either. Have you checked her Youtube channel lately? Well, you’ll be surprised to see how many hearts Kristen has totally captured with her charismatic and colorful nature! Way to go, girl! You rock!

11. Tiffany Rothe

via Pinterest

Just in case you’re still a rookie in the vast world of beauty and fitness bloggers then you probably haven’t come across Tiffany’s social channels until now. It’s said that there’s always a time for everything in life. Indeed, the time has come to meet you with this wonderful lady named Tiffany Rothe. Indeed, Tiffany has managed to make a name for herself thanks to her inspiring blog and useful piece of advice. Also, her personal motto reads “Always Stay In The Game” which could be interpreted as “never back down” regardless of what’s at stake. Well, her capturing smile and lovely presence definitely help her gather more attention and fame.

10. Kayleigh Johnson

via Couture Girl

Here we are with the gorgeous bombshell named Kayleigh Johnson. Her girlie and innocent looks will probably make you think of her as a less famous and worthy female blogger. Actually, you may even think that there’s barely anything you could learn from the young and beautiful Kayleigh. But no, you’ll be wrong for the 100th time in a row. We’re pretty sure that you’ve got no idea how exceptional Kayleigh Johnson’s makeup brand looks. You may not believe it, but Kayleigh is not only a stunning girl but she’s got the nerve to challenge the majestic ruling of classy makeup brands, such as Sephora itself. Well, Kayleigh is without a doubt a super sassy beauty blogger!

9. Erin

via Live Life Active

Regarded to as one of the most attractive female bloggers, the lovely Erin is the ultimate go-getter. Actually, Erin rose to fame after being chosen as the bronze medal winner of Bikini America Midwest Championships Tall Class a few years back. Although she couldn’t get the #1 spot at the renowned event, Erin has totally managed to become a renowned fitness & beauty blogger. Not only does she offer alternative ways of staying fit, but Erin’s cardio routines, before-and-after collages are quite trending as well. Frankly, we can’t deny that her own methods seem to be paying off so well!

8. Cassey Ho

via Twitter

What exactly do you know about the charming Cassey Ho? The wonderful Cassy has made it to the very top thanks to her useful lessons and effective classes of POP Pilates. Believe it or not, she has helped so many fitness enthusiasts perfect their healthy regimens and body shape. Thanks to her easy-to-follow tricks and tips, anyone could stay as fit as a fitness model. Also, you may not be aware of this, but Cassy Ho owes her successful career to her POP Pilates and a clothing line dedicated to the active lifestyle. Besides, let’s not forget the fact that Cassey Ho has actually been named “The Top Healthy Living Blogger of 2012” as well. Presently, the beautiful Cassey Ho amuses her followers by sharing workout videos and calendars alongside healthy snacks ideas when running late.

7. Tara Stiles

via Alchetron

Even though you may not have heard of Tara Stiles, you’re probably aware of her Strala Yoga and fitness interests. Actually, she’s the founder of her successful experiment named Strala Yoga as she’s also a cherished author of a couple of books already published. Much like our previous mega hot fitness gurus, Tara Stiles is hardly a stranger to the modern social media channels where she talks about her exciting Strala Yoga journey. Indeed, you can just type her name in your google search box and see what curious details pop up. All in all, there’s no denying that Tara is one hell of an inspiration for so many people out there as well.

6. Ann Colville Somma

Via: and

Honestly, Ann Somma is a gorgeous lady whose femininity and elegance could absolutely take your breath away. Saying that Ann Colville offers nothing but decent looks would be the perfect underestimation. Rather, she’s so much more than fine looks and delicacy. Therefore, you had better prepare yourself for a full serving of magnetic smiles with a side of girlie laughs. Browsing through her public photos somehow lifts the mood as well. So anyway, Ann Somma has proved her beauty reign once again. Well, this is what she’s best at after all, isn’t it?

5. Jenny’s Margo&Me

margo via Pinterest

If there’s anyone who can challenge the beauty and fitness reigns of our previous mega-hot #queens, it would be Jenny for sure. It’s no secret that the majority of people think that starting a blog is a piece of cake while in truth it takes more skills than expected. In order to be a successful blogger, you’ve got to sacrifice a great percentage of your personal time so as to develop it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t go anywhere near your wild goals. As for that, Jenny seems to be balancing pretty well between hobbies, interests and job duties. Besides, she’s quite a lovely lady, isn’t she? Well, it seems like Jenny is just another stunning female blogger making girls green with envy.

4. Jessica Smith

via New York Post

Certified in Martial Fusion, Jessica Smith seems like a “tough player” the moment she enters the gym. Obviously, this fabulous girl is pretty aware of any professional and healthy ways to put off some major weight without starving to death. What’s even curious about this gorgeous lady is that Jessica is actually quite familiar with this field as she’s been a fitness instructor for more than 10 years now. All in all, Jessica has been teaching classes at Equinox gym for about some time now while contributing for a couple of outlets as well. With such a broad experience in this field, there’s no doubt that the stunning Jessica will know how to take care of you and your workout buddies.

3. Sasha Exeter

via This Renegade Love

Just in case you’re currently in an urgent need of a motivation to put on your fitness equipment and head for the gym, Sasha Exeter is the expert you need on your journey. Sasha’s unbeatable reign in this particular industry has got no indication of letting up anytime soon. The beautiful Sasha is indeed one of the most famous Toronto-based female bloggers who’s been entirely focused on developing a much healthier lifestyle. Surely, her dazzling smile and charismatic nature must have contributed to her present success to some extent as well. Frankly, Sasha’s one hell of a beauty and an expert who knows how things should be done professionally.

2. Robin Black

Via: and charlotte tilburry

Hmm, Robin Black is definitely a win on our burning hot list of gorgeous female bloggers every girl would feel envious of. Well, Robin Black is hardly a less cherished beauty blogger who does nothing else outside of her fancy makeup ideas. It’s nothing like this with her. The gorgeous Robin Black is also considered as one of the most influential women on social media sending meaningful messages to younger generations. Her unique makeup styles and personal photo essays have made her stand out from the rest. Indeed, Robin Black’s works and photos are such a masterpiece! Perhaps this easily explains why she’s become such a big deal in this industry.

1. Alina Baikova

via YouTube

Oh, the stunning Alina Baikova! How can you not love her?! She’s a lovely young woman who seems like she’s got it all together. The fabulous Alina has made a reputation for herself after becoming a high-top model walking the catwalk for high-end fashion giants, such as Dior, Zac Posen etc. Well, we can’t neglect the fact that Alina is actually the founder of a mobile app named Alina’s Flowers. Also, her Instagram’s account is followed by thousands of followers who’d die to disclose how Alina Baikova takes care of her smoking hot body and glowing skin. Well, such great features have just turned her into a pretty popular woman…


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