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15 Female Celebs Who Take Their Workouts VERY Seriously

15 Female Celebs Who Take Their Workouts VERY Seriously

Abs are awesome but have you had stuffed crust pizza? We all want the toned body, the bubbly or firm butt, and of course the flat stomach, and for men, the big chest, unfortunately for all of us, this takes a lot of work. Having a lit body doesn’t come from going to the gym twice a month and eating pizza whenever you want, it is a results of consistent healthy eating and a strict workout schedule. A strict workout schedule means not ditching your workout because you’re too tired or because there is a soccer game airing at the same time.

Celebrities are always under a microscope, they can’t go grab a drink without having cameras in their face, they gain 1 lb and the whole world notices, even worse, a picture is taken at a wrong angle and the whole world thinks its ok to comment about it! Social media is harsh on everyone, especially the women; anytime a woman gains weight, everyone just assumes she’s pregnant or going through something that’s causing her to eat her feelings! Many celebrities have definitely had body image issues, heck, at some point of the day we all look in the mirror and have a “ugh I hate my body” moment.

Magazines are always airbrushed, and that’s why we think that this is how we are supposed to look like. Some women though work very hard for their body, here are a list of 15 hot female celebrities who take their workouts very seriously!

15. Jennifer Lopez


Ay, Dios Mío! At 48 years old, Jennifer Lopez puts most 20 year olds to shame! The mother of twins has a killer stomach and crazy energy on stage, but stays extremely modest. The true queen of the luscious booty has been entertaining us with her sexy moves, crazy voice, and enchanting smile since the very beginning. Lopez has had several music hits including Jenny From the Block, Love Don’t Cost A Thing, On The Floor, and recent hit Ain’t Your Mama, have all been nothing below the very high standards the Latina singer has set from day 1! J-Lo is the true triple threat: singing, acting, and dancing, there’s nothing she can’t do. This beauty has shared the screen with so many great names like Jane Fonda, Ben Affleck (who she was engaged to), and Matthew McConaughey.

14. Khloe Kardashian


Khloe is the third Kardashian sister, and growing up with two gorgeous sisters is definitely not easy. Unfortunately Khloe has always been scrutinized in the media, being called “the giant” or “the ugly sister.” After her breakup with husband, Lamar Odom, she went to the gym to release all of her negative energy and came out with a killer body! Earlier this year, Khloe started the show Revenge Body on E! She works with participants who have been dumped or are facing other challenges in life, to work on themselves to gain more confidence, and deal with their problems in a healthy way. Since mother, Kris Kardashian, released a memoir saying she cheated on Rob Kardashian, people have been speculating that Rob isn’t actually Khloe’s father, and it actually could be O.J. Simpson.

13. Nathalie Emmanuel


Originally from the UK, the gorgeous English actress first caught our attention as Ramsay in Furious 7, and her role on the very popular Game Of Thrones definitely put her on the map! Known as Missandei, she works alongside the gorgeous Emilia Clarke for most of her scenes and recently delivered a very hot scene with Jacob Anderson, known on the show as Grey Worm. While her curls are absolutely perfect and her smile is super charming, we can’t help but notice the super flat stomach in all the hot outfits she wore on the show. Don’t believe us? Google her!

12. Demi Lovato


While it is no secret that the singer and actress had serious image problems, eating disorders, and a mental illness, Lovato has definitely pulled through and is now healthier than ever! In 2010 the actress, checked into a treatment facility, and it took her two years to get treated. In an interview on 20/20, the actress reveals that the first time she cut herself she was 11 years old and when asked why, she stated, It was a way of expressing my own shame of myself on my own body, I was matching the inside to the outside…” Lovato has definitely come along way since she was a little kid on Barney. Since then, the star has been very candid about what she went through and how often she trains to keep herself healthy.

11. Lea Michelle


Lea is best known for role in Glee, her beautiful, angelic voice, and the tragic loss of her boyfriend Cory Monteith, also a Glee star. The body of Cory was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room at the age of 31 in 2013. The actor had been to rehab twice, and has always been honest about his substance abuse problem. The singer has shared that she was having a girl’s night when she got a call saying her boyfriend had passed away. In an interview with Ellen, the singer expressed that dealing with his passing publicly has been extremely difficult. Clearly grief did not slow her down though. She is stronger than ever, both in mind and body. Just check out her svelte physique! 

10. Britney Spears


We have definitely seen the Oops I Did It Again Star at her best and worst! The world has seen Britney from her first single, Baby One More Time in 1998, to her head shaving incident in 2007 that no one will ever forget about, to the Piece Of Me artist is currently performing at Las Vegas with a killer body. Spears has definitely had her share of weight issues. A couple of years ago, she appeared on stage and surprised everyone with her weight gain, but since then we can definitely tell that the mother of two boys, has worked super hard to get her hot bod back and we can’t stop staring at her!

9. Kaley Cuoco


Those abs tho! Cuoco stole are hearts in 2002 starring in 8 Simple Rules and of course became an even bigger star as Penny on The Big Bang Theory. The show has been on air since 2007 (10 years now WOW!) and Kaley has definitely been through a lot since then. Kaley has dated costar John Galecki, and married former professional Tennis Player, Ryan Sweeting, after dating him for 6 months and engaged for 3. Unfortunately the couple divorced in 2016 after less than two years of marriage. The gorgeous actress stepped out of that relationship and worked on her kick ass body, appeared on lip sync battle with these sick abs! The star gave quite a performance on Lip Sync battle a year ago, channeling her inner Britney as she sang, I’m A Slave For You, and Ludacris’ Move Bitch, while displaying her sick stomach in her sports bra!

8. Sophia Vergara


Oh the Colombian Queen! 45 year old Sophia married hunk, huge Steelers Fan, and Magic Mike XXL star, Joe Manganiello at the end in November 2015. Joe is her second husband. Sophia was briefly married in 1991 and had a boy, Manolo who is 24 years old. We first met the gorgeous actress in 2009 as Gloria in Modern Family and in 2015, she shared the screen with Southern Star Reese Witherspoon in Hot Pursuit which didn’t receive the best reviews. This year, she gave her voice to The Emoji Movie, playing the voice of Flamenca. One thing is for sure, Vergara makes 45 look oh so good!

7. Jenna Tatum


How is it even possible that both Channing and Jenna Tatum can be together in the same room let alone married! You want to see a crazy stomach? Check the model’s performance on Lip Sync battle last year! The gorgeous brunette danced her husband’s Magic Mike Routine, dancing to Ginuwine’s Pony, to him…or on him! You would think that this was the highlight of the night, but you are wrong! Jenna was battling against her own husband who performed to Who Run The World and surprised everyone with an even bigger guest star at the end, BEYONCE! The couple met on the set of Step Up, 10 years ago and now share a beautiful daughter.

6. Fergie


None other than Fergalicious to make the list! We all noticed her crazy stomach from her Black Eyed Peas days, and if you’ve forgotten that, she reminded us in her recent M.I.L.F clip. The gorgeous singer includes a hot milfs, bathing in milk like Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian; if you haven’t seen the video, you’re missing out! The gorgeous singer is married to Win A Date With Tad Hamilton Star, Josh Duhamel in 2009 and had a baby boy in 2013. Fergie had spoken to Oprah about her addictions in the past and how far she’s come. One thing is for sure, Fergie definitely works hard to keep her body in that shape!

5. Shakira


Shakira Shakira! This beautiful woman came into the light with her hot song, Whenever Wherever in 2001 (hard to believe it’s been that long!) The gorgeous singer married handsome Spanish professional soccer player Gerard Pique in 2010 and have had two boys, Milan and Sasha and both are just as gorgeous as mommy and daddy. What many people don’t know is that the singer is a lot shorter than we think, yes 5”2! The singer who took dancing with her hips to a whole new level loves to perform barefoot in most of her concerts. You have to admit, nothing is more freeing than dancing around barefoot. One thing is for sure, the singer takes her workouts very seriously to keep up that sick stomach, even after two babies.

4. Jennifer Anniston


Jen made her big mark as Rachel Green in the very popular show that we all know and love, Friends (if you haven’t see Friends, what’s wrong with you?) Jen faced break-heart in 2005 when her 5 year marriage with Hollywood heartbreak Brad Pitt divorced and 10 years later she found true love with Justin Theroux. The beautiful actress spoke up recently about how the media scrutinizes women and how that makes it hard for women to love their bodies and weight. One thing is for sure, Aniston has made 48 looked so good, it seems that she’s getting younger every year.

3. Julianne Hough


Hough recently took on the role of the iconic Sandy Young in Grease Live which received pretty good reviews. The actress and dancer share the screen with the legend Robert De Niro and hunk Zac Efron in the movie dirty grandpa in 2016, and before that in 2013 she starred alongside hottie Josh Duhamel and Cobie Smulders in Safe Haven. The dancer has been on Dancing With The Stars since 2007, and has awesome dance/ exercise routines on youtube for those who are looking for a fun workout! Judging from these abs, Hough definitely keeps the sugar and carbs to a minimum.

2. Kate Hudson


The gorgeous beauty is Goldie Hawn’s daughter, and the hilarious actress from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Over the years, everyone fell in love with Hudson! In 2013, she was one of the co-founders of Fabletics, a company that produces high-quality workout gear, and of course to sell those products, Kate has to be in tip top shape! Demi Lovato recently joined the Fabletics team and started her own line within; it’s always nice to see two strong women working together. Fabletics started in The US and quickly made its way to the UK, Germany, and France! By January 2015, they shipped 1 million orders!

1. Lady Gaga


Gaga had the honor of performing at the last Super-Bowl! The performance as absolutely amazing, but the only thing people seem to notice was that Gaga had a “flabby stomach,” which is truly unfortunate. After so much negativity about her weight online, artist released a statement saying, “I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too no matter who you are or what you do.” That goes to show you that no matter what you do, someone will always have something negative to say.


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