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15 Female Gamers Who Are Winning The World Of Gaming

15 Female Gamers Who Are Winning The World Of Gaming

Gone are the days when gaming was an all-boys club, as the ladies now want in on the virtual fun. In fact, some studies even claim that the global gaming population is now 50% male and 50% female—a big leap from how it used to be a few decades ago, when women used to be a minority. And just like the guys, a good chunk of girls are not just playing as a pastime. Rather, they are doing it as a passion and as a competitor. And because of how skilled and passionate they are, a lot of women have already become influential in the world of gaming. They’re proof that in a community and industry that used to be male-dominated and arguably continues to cater to the male half of its audience, women are quickly becoming just as recognized.

Here are 15 of the most well known female gamers in the world today. They’re not only known for playing games, but also for being as good as men at the stuff—or even more so—and being beautiful to boot. With killer looks and equally killer skills, it’s not hard to fall in love with these lady gamers.

15. Djarii

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Djarii is the UK’s biggest female Twitch streamer, and for a good variety of reasons. First, she plays a wide variety of games, as she’s into World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and even Lineage II Revolution, the mobile MMO spin-off of the original Lineage II. Second, her content is diverse, as she also dabbles in digital arts and live costume makeup. Seriously, you should see her videos where she applies makeup on herself and transforms into iconic characters from video games and other visual media, like Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft, Nova from Heroes of the Storm and even as a Whitewalker from Game of Thrones. Last but definitely not least, she shows her viewers a bit of her real life, giving them a glimpse of the true Djarii.

14. SSSniperWolf

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For those who have yet to play Metal Gear Solid (and for those who have no plans of playing it), this pretty and talented gamer girl got her name from one of the game’s antagonists of almost the same name. In the game, Sniper Wolf is a Kurdish sniper who is one of the best in the world. SSSniperWolf, on the other hand, is a British gamer. She once thought of becoming a nurse or a pharmacist, but she eventually found her place in the world, which is the gaming world. Now, her Youtube channel where she uploads her gameplay videos has over six million subscribers. True to her gaming handle, she mostly plays shooters, like Overwatch, Far Cry Primal, GTA and Call of Duty.

13. DizzyKitten

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For geeky boys, having a gamer girlfriend would be a dream come true. After all, what could be better than that? Well, a gamer AND a cosplayer as a significant other certainly would. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you definitely should daydream about having DizzyKitten as your soulmate. Yes, dudes, that’s as far as you can go, as you’re definitely not on her level, both in the real world and in the gaming world. She’s got around 460,000 followers on Twitch, whom she cordially refers to as DizzyCats. She’s also unbelievably good at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Super Hexagon. And you? Well, we won’t judge your gaming skills, but it’s very likely that she’ll beat you, and you won’t even mind because she’s beautiful.

12. ChloeLock


Unlike those on the list before her, ChloeLock isn’t as big, as she only has 50,000 followers on Twitch and 3,000 on Twitter and Instagram. Nevertheless, ChloeLock continues to show the world her love for gaming, especially for Outlast, H1Z1 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, even though she claims to be “rubbish” at Valve’s real world-based first-person shooter. And not only does she appear on Twitch streams—she’s also appeared on TV. Because after winning a local modeling competition in 2015, she then joined Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 this year. Unfortunately, she didn’t get very far, as she got eliminated after seven episodes. Nevertheless, being able to be a part of such a show is impressive, and frankly she’s better off as a butt-kicking gamer girl than a model.

11. Tara Babcock


Even though many nerdy boys are quick to call lady Twitch streamers all sorts of names just for showing their sexy side, Tara Babcock isn’t one to shy away from doing so. Aside from giving viewers a show of her awesome moves in a wide variety of games such as Mario Kart, Overwatch, Dark Souls, StarCraft, God of War, Metal Gear Solid and League of Legends, this blue-eyed, blonde-haired and hugely endowed lady gamer engages in dirty talk. And quite a handful of it, too. In fact, the second most common question she gets is if she’s considering entering the world of adult entertainment. Other gamer girls would understandably be upset, but Tara, given her broad outlook towards such things, even think it’s flattering that people think of her in that light. You do you, Tara!

10. LDShadowLady

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Japanese for cute, “kawaii” is anime-inspired and girly and is the aesthetic LDShadowLady, also known as Lizzie, is going for. The 25-year-old girl has over 2 million followers on Youtube, which is definitely a lot, and plays Minecraft most of the time. Other than that, she also plays online games, as well as smartphone games. Yes, you elitists—smartphone games are video games. With a focus on popular casual games and a sweet image, it’s easy to see how she managed to get so many fans. But don’t think she’s just into gaming for the fame, as she attended Liverpool John Moores University, where she earned a degree in Computer Animation & Visualization. So next time you think a gamer girl is just doing it for the views, think again.

9. Melonie Mac

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Guys, never ever tell your sister (or sisters) that games are only for boys. Just look at Melonie Mac, who was inspired by her brothers and father to be a gamer. Melonie Mac was a Frag Doll Cadette for Ubisoft back in 2010. That means she could’ve been a member of the gaming company’s in-house all-female eSports team. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for her. That’s alright though, because she went on to become one of Youtube’s most beloved geek vloggers, as she not only covers games, but also anime and tech in general. And her taste in gaming is just as diverse as her channel’s content, as she plays a wide variety of games. Her dad definitely raised her right, and her brothers were a big help.

8. Aphrodite


In the world of gaming, there is perhaps no other nation more associated with Blizzard’s classic real-time sci-fi strategy game StarCraft than South Korea. The boys from the democratic half of the Korean peninsula have consistently topped leaderboards and tournaments, and so have its girls. Especially Aphrodite. Born Kim Ga Young in 1988, Aphrodite is a member of eSports company MVP’s StarCraft II team. Her preferred faction? The technologically advanced Terrans. She first caught the public’s attention in the female-exclusive Zowie Divina tournament back in 2011, where she had an underdog victory and won the $5,000 grand prize. She then joined StarTale in 2013, and kicked the behinds of other top StarCraft II eSports athletes. Finally, she joined MVP in 2014, which she continues to be a part of today.

7. STPeach

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In the strange event that you have so much time yet you have nothing to do, you should check out STPeach’s Twitch channel. That’s not because STPeach is a second-rate gamer girl that you should only give your attention to when you’re extremely bored, but because her videos are long. By that we mean they could reach up to seven hours. Guess she’s not lying when she put Streamathon in the title of some of her videos. Hopefully, you’re ready once you press play. Aside from her lengthy streams, her taste in games is also quite diverse, as she’s into games from various genres. Counter-Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Stardew Valley and even Cuphead—she’s definitely your all-around kind of gamer girl.

6. Pink Sparkles


Gamers are among the least physically fit groups of people in the world. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the hobby involves hours upon hours of sitting, and the only part of the body that’s getting exercise are the fingers. As if that burns calories. Pink_Sparkles, however, is an exception to the sedentary gamer lifestyle stereotype. This is because aside from showing her skills in League of Legends, especially as Caitlyn, she also has videos of her workouts and dances. Question is, why should you watch her videos instead of other physical instructors online? Because she works part-time at her local gym. She knows what she’s doing. Also, she’s hot. And if you’re not into physical fitness, then maybe you should check out her Nidalee Maid cosplay.

5. Mhova


You’ll never be half as cool as Mhova. She plays all sorts of games, such as Fallout 4, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and Destiny. And when she’s not spending hours upon hours streaming the way she plays, she’s doing some freelance modeling. Those things, however, are only a fraction of why you can never be as awesome as her. Rather, it’s because unlike her, you probably won’t be as calm as her in case you get swatted. For those who aren’t up to speed with American shenanigans, being swatted means having some prankster send a police team to the location of the one being pranked. Yes, Mhova got swatted…while live-streaming. Good thing this girl managed to go through the situation in a devil-may-care cool and crazy manner like it’s everyday life.

4. CincinBear

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One of the most beautiful Twitch lady streamers is CinCinBear. She owes it to her oh-so-hypnotizing eyes of hers. They’re so hypnotizing that she can probably just stream herself doing nothing and you’re still going to watch her. Thankfully, she never does that. After all, she wouldn’t be able to hit 8 million views and over 350,000 followers on Twitch if she did. Nevertheless, her blue eyes definitely helped. Anyway, aside from giving viewers a sight of her mesmerizing irises, she also plays Overwatch, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft. She does a bit of cosplaying on the side as well, and she sells photos and posters of her cosplays on her personal store. Guess she not only has good looks and skills; she’s also good in business.

3. KittyPlays


Kirsten, more popularly known as KittyPlays, has been on Twitch since 2013. But it was only the following year that she started regularly streaming her gaming videos, and after that, her popularity started to blow up. Now her Twitch channel, where she streams her Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games, has around 300,000 followers and more than 36 million viewers on a regular basis. She also leads Team Kitty, a Twitch networking and mentorship aimed to teach gamer girls who aspire to be big and influential. Apart from streaming as one of the world’s biggest girl gamers, she also gives her viewers a peek to her “real life”, allowing her legions of fans to see the more human and realer side of KittyPlays.

2. KayPeaLoL


League of Legends is currently the biggest MOBA in the world. Riot Games’ answer to Dota 2 has tens of millions of players across the globe, and has one of the liveliest and most popular eSports scenes. It’s also one of the most frequently streamed games on Twitch, and among its most famous streamers is KeyPeaLoL. At this point, it’s obvious where she got the last third of her gaming name. With over 44 million views and half a million followers on YouTube, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with in streamers’ circles, not only because she can draw an audience, but also because she’s got mad skills. So boys, don’t be surprised if you lose against—as well as fall for—her looks and moves.

1. PressHeartToContinue

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Brooke Thorne, AKA Dodger, AKA PressHeartToContinue, wouldn’t be able to reach almost a million subscribers and over a hundred million views on YouTube if she wasn’t doing something right. Well, let’s just say she’s doing everything right. Or rather, she’s doing everything, as the content in her YouTube channel goes above and beyond the usual gaming videos. On her channel, she’s got a regular segment called Gaming Newz, which, as the name suggests, is all about what’s hot in the world of gaming. She also has a segment called Anime Newz, which hardly needs an explanation at this point. This mix of gaming fun and knowledge, as well as some anime geek stuff, makes her channel one of the most popular YouTube vlogger channels of its kind.

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