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15 Fitness Trainers That Will Have BFs Running To The Gym

15 Fitness Trainers That Will Have BFs Running To The Gym

Following a strict diet that could help you get in perfect shape is some of the most painful topics of all time. “Can I put off any weight while still consuming sugar?!” or “Should I cut down on unhealthy alcoholic beverages while being on a diet?” We’ve all been there. But even if we haven’t, these questions still feel kind of silly. Seriously, how could you expect to flaunt shredded abs and toned body when you regularly pig out? You see, this is the real torture many people have to face these days. Needless to say, finding a genuine source of inspiration and motivation to get you going feels almost impossible. But hey, you’ll be surprised to realize how much you’re actually into fitness and workouts only with the help of today’s hottest female trainers.

Not only are these girls smoking hot and charming, but they can absolutely show you why breaking another sweat at the gym is totally worth the effort. Eventually, it all pays off especially when you train in the company of such “hot walking inspirations”! It’s time to dive deep into this sweaty journey because sometimes fitness doesn’t come from within.

15. Amanda Bisk

via Pinterest

Best known as the Former Pole Vaulter, the wonderful Amanda Bisk is indeed the real deal this time. She’s hands down a gorgeous fitness queen whose warm and gorgeous smile make it really hard to look away. Perhaps it’s absolutely the same with her great fitness body and ideas. What may come as a shock to you is that Amanda Bisk hasn’t always been that infatuated with the idea of fitness and healthy lifestyles. This is why it would be pretty fair to say that the wonderful Amanda was once a rookie just like you. As for now, Amanda Bisk is one of the most desired fitness trainers and yoga enthusiasts whose number of followers on Instagram jumps over the crazy 500,000!

14. Jennifer Nicole Lee

via SantaBanta

Unlike the attractive blonde, Amanda Bisk, whose Instagram profile is filled to the brim with curious followers, Jennifer Nicole Lee is an ideal member of the professional “fitness league”. Well, her private account also works as a fine place where her followers may ask her questions about her healthy lifestyle and fitness dedication. When you think about her high-top skills and broad knowledge though, you just can’t help but beg for some free advice on your fitness potential as well. Indeed, our wonderful Jennifer is rated The World Number One Fitness Expert which is a pretty fine title to her name.

13. Holly Rilinger

via Bravo TV

Holy, moly! Hmm, yes, it’s Holly! Seriously, this gorgeous lady is actually a “veteran” whose experience spans over 10 years. Well, Holly Rilinger seems to be the ultimate fitness inspiration. Frankly, her fitness reign cannot be challenged regardless of how many times one could try. Just in case you haven’t heard of her name then allow us to break the mystery once and for all. As you can see, Holly is hardly the typical eye-candy fitness trainer. She’s more like our “sexy beast” on the streets whose tricks and tips are a life-changer. Well, it’s the least we could say about her. Believe us, you’ll know when Holly enters the gym for another sweaty session with you. But hey, don’t get your hopes too high, okay? It’s just fitness after all…

12. Chelsey Korus

via Mareadyphotography

Although she’s more proficient in yoga than any other sport, Chelsey Korus’s interest in fitness and healthy lifestyles walks us a few years back. Having traveled the world, the gorgeous Chelsey Korus has gained some crazy experience about how easily, effectively and organically we could putt off unwanted weight. Currently, she’s still known as the top acro yoga performer/fitness enthusiast who can absolutely offer you more colorful and curious workout regimens and unique fitness strategies. Okay, Chelsey, we’re so down for you!

11. Cindy Landolt

via Twitter

Well, well, well – Cindy Landolt is definitely one hell of a fitness inspiration and a splendid view while stretching. Eventually, you’ll have to stop daydreaming about this fitness diva. Sadly, she cannot be seen at the gym…unless it’s located in Zurich. As stunning and attractive as she truly is, Cindy Landolt is actually one of the most famous and cherished female bodybuilders and fitness gurus in Switzerland. Yes, men are envious of her shredded abs, pumped biceps, and well-shaped legs. Needless to say, she works pretty hard for all of it. Well, it seems like we’ve unmasked her “darkest fitness secret”…

10. Niki K

via Women Fitness

Niki K is a renowned wellness specialist and a super-hot fitness coach who’s surely been in the wildest dreams of so many guys out there. She may be best known as Vaughan–ACE Personal Trainer, but boy, she’s so much more than this. In her own words, she vigorously explains how all her fitness ideas have occurred to her. Well, it’s pretty obvious how the story unfolds further after the spark has been ignited. All in all, the wonderful Niki K just loves the concept of helping others find their true self by unleashing their own potential. Well, it’s true that there’s nothing better than being able to experience something so extraordinary with the help of such a “fitness beast”!

9. Natalie Uhling

via MyProAna

Meet the beautiful elite performance trainer whose skilfulness and adequate fitness strategies have captured the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts out there. This American beauty believes that “a strong core is a path to spiritual health and physical wellness“. Her fitness philosophy and tactics are hardly the only impressive and curious thing about Natalie. Also, she brags about being a really decent hair stylist whose “proficient” skills in hair braiding are pretty good. Frankly, is there any sport/thing she’s not good at?! Seriously, this girl is simply extraordinary! It’s no wonder that guys are crazy about her and women openly hate her. Obviously, she’s got the right moves and …skills!

8. Nicole Chaplin

via Why Blue Matters

The Florida-born personal trainer deeply believes in her fitness philosophy that anyone should engage in some kind of an activity. It doesn’t even matter whether it’s yoga or fitness as long as you put yourself out there with the idea to try out something new. Working out and exercising on a regular basis definitely pay off in the long run. Put in a nutshell, you can’t expect to flaunt killer abs and toned legs when you’re unwilling to break a single sweat at the gym. The more you exercise, the more consistent you get. Thus, setting the bar high is important if you want to unleash the “beast” sleeping somewhere deep within.

7. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

via Pinterest

Meet the wonderful and smoking hot Camille who can absolutely brag about holding a renowned spot amid the world’s top CrossFit athletes. Her international fame is hardly her greatest achievement so far. Have you realized that the toughest chicks are often quite masculine? There’s no other way to make it sound any better,  so you had better take it or leave it. Fortunately, Camille would be the perfect exception to the rule though. Unlike many of these tough chicks, Camille offers us an ideal portion of “femininity and muscle”. Although she’s still pretty young, this gorgeous girl has already made a name for herself as one of the most desired “fitness beasts” to train with.

6. Jessica Matthews

via ACE Fitness

Imagine running into this gorgeous brunette while grocery shopping at the local supermarket. Just the sole idea of it makes your heart skip a beat, doesn’t it? Seriously, the 30-year-old Jessica Matthews is a genuine rock star at the gym. Not only does she provide the ultimate and 100 % effective workout program and fitness strategies for a slimmer and more toned figure, but Jessica simply knows how to keep it interesting for you. Additionally, the lovely brunette falls amongst the most famous personal coaches within, and probably beyond, the region of San Diego, California. Well, Jessica seems like she’s pretty aware of the efficient ways to make any lazy and chubby guy “bust a move” in her company.

5. Danni Levy

via YouTube

Have you heard of Danni Levy’s famous fitness program called “DanniFIT”?! If you have then you must be quite familiar with her sexy methods of slimming down. Also, this stunning British lady is the ultimate walking inspiration down the street. It’s obvious that she’s certainly much more than looks anyway. Apart from her successful career as a personal trainer and a cherished media figure, the gorgeous Danni Levy is indeed a renowned author of the popular Pyramid Diet program which has gained her another round of applause. Presently, the attractive Danni Levy is a featured writer for other prominent magazines covering similar topics as well.

4. Olivia Figueroa

via Liv Fitness

Unlike most of these ultra-hot fitness trainers whose beauty and skills have won them a celebrated spot on our list today, Olivia Figueroa is probably the youngest diva and fitness beast. Regardless of her young age, the charming Olivia has already won us over with her dedication and personal philosophy about physical and mental wellness. The Florida-based trainer advises everyone to be more active on a regular basis without going way too far at the gym. Just keep doing your thing and don’t be discouraged when you get tired faster than expected. Also, workout moves for couples are another pretty amazing and super exciting way to get that killer shape of your dreams. Besides, your partner will make it feel as though pushing another 20 minutes is nothing but a piece of cake.

3. Simone De La Rue

via PopSugar

Simone De La Rue is another gorgeous representative of the “Fitness Beasts Club” whose experience in this field actually includes a bit of dancing as well. As such, the lovely Simone has dedicated her fitness beliefs to nurturing the body and mind in the healthiest and most natural way. Needless to say, Simone has always been committed to her strict regimens even as a professional dancer. Thus, it’s pretty obvious that Simone is a reliable, responsible, and a well-disciplined woman who’s glad to share her own experiences and hardships with her clients. Besides, there’s no better way to keep herself in a killer shape while taking care of her clients anyway.

2. Jessica Smith

via New York Post

If you think that there’s barely anyone who could make you fall for fitness or any other kind of physical activity then you absolutely need to try Jessica’s methods out. It may sound pretty absurd to you, but the gorgeous Jessica can make fitness feel as though it’s the most entertaining and exciting experience ever! All in all, her effective workout ideas alongside her fitness philosophy play a key role in achieving your goals. According to Jessica, we all need to find that special thing that makes us feel alive and energetic. Life can be stressful enough, so there’s no point in doing something that makes us less content and satisfied.

1. Christina Jensen

via Reddit

According to the stunning blonde, everyone should enjoy working out and exercising at least 3 times a week. Believe it or not, fitness should be taken as a fun experience that totally beats any moodiness. Otherwise, there’s no point in engaging in an activity that makes you feel even more disgruntled. Working out is indeed an enjoyable experience as long as you know how to make it feel great. Also, there’s no better feeling than the satisfaction at the end of the workout session. Indeed, Christina Jensen is the one who knows how hard it is to push yourself for another round of exercises when you feel like your body’s energy is basically at death’s door. Thus, you deserve a pat on the back if you make it to the very end of the planned fitness session.


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