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15 Freaky Subcultures From Around The World

15 Freaky Subcultures From Around The World

Subcultures are a part of society and the world, and even though they are not officially recognized by the institutions and the administration, they do exist and can be freaky and outlandish. Subculture groups also travel internationally, and are known to stimulate the global culture phenomenon. Although they are based on region and nationality, their acceptance is not just within the country, but also internationally. There are also government coordinated programs that invite them to each other countries, where they perform or just hang out with friends and family. But the subculture groups across the world definitely appear freaky and bizarre, or provoke a style statement and are also sometimes recognized as anti-establishment, and against the system. Their very revolutionariness ends up getting them recognized by government sponsored institutions and organizations, and they travel the world like free groups and they can also be considered counter. Contrary to the immigrant groups and refugee people who seem to perturb the governments and the administration. The freaky subcultures however have a status of their own as they show some culture, and appreciation of the finer things and not just live or travel just for the sake of it.

15. Hippies


The primary subculture group of the Western and European society who are known for their free lifestyle, free love, and everything free. Some of them even call themselves tribal or nudists, and live in remote jungles like cavemen, and extend the European subculture and groups in nations across the world. The hippies are also known to delve in spirituality, meditation and are even known to indulge in flower power, and appreciation of psychedelia and related drugs. They have their bases in cool international destinations, like the red sand beaches of Goa in India, the fun and party beaches of Thailand or the cool mountain scape hill street of Freak Street in Kathmandu, Nepal. There was even a movie called Hare Rama Hare Krishna in India that showed European hippies freaking out in Kathmandu.

14. Goths


This is another of the European subcultures, and is not as widespread or popular as the hippies. They are seen as a bit upper class subculture, compared to the low style hippies in remote jungles. The Goths hang out in bars, nightclubs, or freaky areas of European streets and exude a dark or Gothic culture that can be quite spooky, even in watching them. Some of them would show a biting tooth to bite into an apple for instance, or have even been copied by some Japanese youths who want to appreciate the finer European culture and the high society. Some of the prominent Gothic icons include the American singer Marilyn Manson, whose stage appearance does create a gross and Goth effect. There is even some spooky Goth music available online.

13. Geeks


Geeks are a bit modern compared to the hippies and Goths. They are considered to be nerdy and bookish, and some of them even wear glasses to show the nerd style. The geeks are also associated with the computer and cyber culture, and some of them can even be seen opening a laptop among people in a nightclub. Geeks however are not computer workers or stuff like that. They are shown as a subculture, and hang out in their groups. Some of the television shows that come on channels like the Travel and Living channel of the Discovery Network, also seem to deal with geek groups and geek travel across the world. There are also some professions like computer programmers or mathematics coding that can be considered geeky, but that may not be true.

12. Techno


If the geeks are bookish, nerdy and isolated, then the counter subculture to that are the technos ! They hang out in bars, nightclubs and discotheques, and are known for their love of club music, clubbing and are even seen in music festivals, that seem to be the hallmark of outdoor European society. The technos are however associated with upbeat and electronic style music; not classical or downbeat music. Parties and festivals they attend also cater to the electronic upbeat music style, or the cool music culture propagated by bands like the British iconic group Prodigy. They play in destinations where the techno freaks jump and shake vigorously to their music. The entire music scenario of the circuit is also referred to as techno music, to go along the techno subculture group who are not just seen in city pubs, but also party islands like Ibiza or Ko Phangan in Thailand.

11. Sufis


If the European and Western subcultures appear a bit upbeat and heavy metal style, then counter to that is the serene and flowing subculture of the Sufis! The Sufis are recognized as a revolutionary sect among the Islamic lobby, particularly in the Arab world, and are seen in liberal Islamic countries of their region; like Turkey where Sufis perform whirling dance and are recognized as dervishes. There are even some cool whirling dance music created to the poetry of Sufi Saint Rumi, or by musicians like Omar Farukh of the Arab world, and does a bring a sense of Arabian free flowing psychedelic and dance art. Sufis are not just a subculture group or youth subculture or stuff like that, they are also recognized as saints; though a bit in the freaky style. They can be considered at par with the Zen monks of Buddhism.

10. Bauls


This is the prominent folk subculture in eastern the Indian subcontinent, particularly the Bengal region. They are known as the esoteric group of wandering minstrels, singers, dancers and even philosophers who delight in the green, nature and rural of the outdoors. They are considered as a counter culture sect among the religious lifestyle of the country and region. The Baul music and singers, are recognized not just by passengers in local trains in Bengal but by impromptu tourist groups in rural university towns like Shantiniketan. The Baul singers and musicians are also considered at par with the techno music subculture in Europe. And while the techno gives out a snazzy and electronic style, the Baul music gives out a rural and spiritual aspect. There are even Baul singers, like Paban Das Baul, who perform in restaurants in France like Satellite Café in Paris.

9. Ku Klux Klan


This is a white supremacist subculture group, primarily in countries like the United States, where there is a large immigrant population, particularly of black people. The Ku Klux Klan is also known for their abhorrence of black people, and even Jews. Some of them even seem to show the strong style of European icons like Hitler of Germany. The Ku Klux Klan however, appears like a subculture group. They even wear some strange and freaky masks, and carry out processions in America to emphasize their presence and influence. The Ku Klux Klan also wear’s black costumes and masks to bring out the spooky and Goth element. They show a sense of dark Christianity and white supremacy, and are not recognized as a prominent and accepted social group or subculture in the United States or Europe.

8. Femen


If the Ku Klux Klan appears more male and brawny similar to the effects given out by Hitler, then the Femen group of Europe comes to show the feminine aspect of the European subculture. Particularly the Eastern Euroepan region, even though their organization headquarters is based in Paris in France. The Femen is recognized as a nudist subculture and revolutionary group, where women would go topless in serene public meetings and bring out the sense of female liberation and female pride to the Europe region. The Femen is also recognized as a white women supremacist group, and are typically associated with white European women; though other immigrant women in the region like black women or even Asians, have joined in the bandwagon and the subculture group thus gets a bit subdued.

7. Yogis


If the Ku Klux Klan shows white supremacist power on the lines of Hitler and brawn power in the Western world, the yogis of India are known to show the male power in the Eastern side like the country of India. Yoga is traditionally a discipline of men, and yogis are usually men, though women (particularly Western women) have joined in the bandwagon and now conduct yoga workshops around the world. The yogi subculture can be seen in Hindu religious towns like Rishikesh, that lies along the river Ganges. The yogis here live in the open or even communes, and some of them even delve in some cannabis smoking or even grotesque activities; like the aghori babas, or even nudism like the Naga babas seen in festivals, like Kumbh Mela in Uttar Pradesh.

6. Rastafarian


This is the prominent subculture group in the African region. They are associated with black men who wear long dreadlocks, and play reggae music popularized by the iconic black musician Bob Marley of Jamaica. The roots of the Rastafarian movement is also recognized as originating in Jamaica, giving recognition to Bob Marley, his music and appeal. The Rastafarian movement is aimed at creating the appeal of black men and women that are not really considered part of the group; though some black women can wear some dreadlocks and shake the head to music of emerging musicians, like Damien Marley. Though the Rastafarian movement is said to originate in the Caribbean immigrant island of Jamaica in the Americas, Rastafarian men with dreadlocks can be seen in Africa mainland, and can even be considered as revolutionary counter culture sub sect of Christianity similar to the Sufis for Islam.

5. AV dolls of Japan


This is the prominent subculture group in the Asian region, particularly the Japanese area. They are known to give a boost to the image of the Japanese women and Japanese female power, on the lines of the geisha movement in the country. The AV dolls are Japanese women who behave like dolls, and appear in television programs and bring out a cute, catty style counter to the free flowing style of the geisha people. While the geishas are traditional, the AV dolls are modern and are seen not just in television or online videos, but also clubs and supermarkets in Japan. They have become part of the modern Japanese attraction in the global cultural department. The AV dolls are definitely a prominent part of modern Japanese culture, similar to geishas in traditional Japan, and do bring out a quirky style statement in the region.

4. Ladyboys of Thailand


The ladyboys of Thailand constitute another unique subculture group in the Asia region, particularly the South East Asian country of Thailand, known for its beaches and international particularly Western tourism. The ladyboys of the country can be men, or even women, dressed up as women. Their main purpose is to show the sanook, or fun in Thai language. Some of them even flirt with white men, known as farangs in the country. The ladyboy movement is also strong in Thailand, and the subculture group can be seen in bars, nightclubs or hanging out in cool streets in the snazzy capital Bangkok. The ladyboys of Thailand can be calm, fun and even have a pleasing personality; compared to the brash and loutish behaviour of some African ladyboys, as seen in some American soaps like Sex and the City.

3. Bollywood


The present Bollywood is definitely a subculture group of India, and are known as the face of India in some dancing street of countries like Europe. The purpose of Bollywood is to show a liberal face of the country, and show women dancing along with men in streets or clubs. Similarly to the line of ladyboys in Thailand, to bring out the sanook or fun element Indian style. The Bollywood dancing women are also recognized as divas or style icons, and the presence of the men who dance along them, like the Khans or the munda guy from Punjab can be subdued. While the traditional Bollywood has been more culture, music and film oriented, the present Bollywood appears more like a subculture group, and are even recognized in UN style meetings.

2. Punk


This is the traditional and yet modern subculture group that is popular in the Western world; but their roots can be traced to Polynesian and tribal societies. Some of the remarkable punk icons include: tattooing in the body particularly by men, wearing of nose rings, and piercings by both men and women. Western punk men and women even colour their hair with red and blue tinges, and are even called by names like redheads or blokes. The punk movement is not violent or ferocious, but the outrage element comes from the body art and style statement. There is even some punk music to cool off and bring out the street culture as seen in Western countries. There is also an Asian punk movement, where men wear outrageous piercings as seen in a tribal festival in Malaysia.

1. Osho Rajneeshis


This is the prominent subculture and subdued group popularized by the Indian spiritual guru or teacher Osho Rajneesh. Their commune in Pune, attracts devotees from around the world who shake, jump or do reckless dancing to copy the trance dance element of Hindu iconic god Lord Shiva. The Osho Rajneeshi subculture group is not just Indian, but includes a large Western following similar to the Ananda Marga militant sect of Bengal. They give out a sense of counter culture, revolutionary similar to the meditations of Osho, like the Dynamic meditation that aims to infuse life with powers. Or like that of a dynamite or cultural explosiveness similar to the explosive guys that hang around the commune in Pune. Or similar streets hugging people around, to show the free and even spiritual culture and subculture.

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