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15 Funny Ways Cheaters Were Exposed

15 Funny Ways Cheaters Were Exposed

It is estimated that up to 60% of all married people in the US will cheat on their spouse at some point during the marriage – and cheating is becoming even more common among the under-30s.

There are lots of reasons why people cheat, such as their current partner not satisfying them in bed, low self-esteem or even revenge. Ultimately though, one thing is sure – cheaters will always get caught.

The usual cliché is of the poor cuckolded wife or husband walking in on their partner in bed with someone else, but these days there are lots of other ways that cheaters are caught and exposed. Modern technology has made it easier for cheaters to meet prospective partners, but it has also made it a lot easier for suspicious partners to turn detective. Consequently, lots of people have been caught after making silly mistakes, like leaving their Facebook logged on or failing to delete incriminating text messages.

Sometimes, cheaters are caught in much more creative and unusual ways – just proving that nowhere is safe if you decide you want to take the risk of messing around, behind your partner’s back!

Check out the list below and discover some of the funny ways cheaters have been exposed.

15. Bragging Cheat On A Train Got Exposed On Facebook


When one woman spent an excruciating train journey, listening to two fellow passengers boasting about all the times they had cheated on their wives, she decided that she had to do something to help out the sisterhood. She took a sneaky photo of one of the men and posted it on Facebook, warning whoever was hitched to the guy that he was cheating and the photo was shared thousands of times on social media. No-one knows if the cheater was identified, or if his wife saw the post, but hopefully she has managed to find out the truth about her husband’s wandering eye somehow.

14. Woman Exposed At A Baseball Game By People Peeping At Her Sexts


When two sisters went to watch a baseball game at Turner Field in Atlanta, they didn’t expect to be carrying out a little marriage counselling at the same time. However, when they noticed that the woman seated in front of them was sexting a mystery man – all while snuggling up to the guy sitting next to her – they decided that something had to be done. They scribbled a note to their cuckolded neighbour and slipped it to him at an appropriate moment, warning that his wife was cheating and even telling him exactly how to find the incriminating evidence on her phone.

13. Man Caught By Fiancée When She Logged On Yandex Maps To Check An Address


One blushing bride-to-be, discovered that her fiancé was cheating when she spotted him with his arm around another woman on the Russian version of Google Street View, Yandex Maps. The poor woman only logged on to check a local address in her home town of Perm in Central Russia, when she noticed a very familiar figure with his arms draped around a very unfamiliar woman. When confronted with the damning evidence, the cheater confessed all and the wedding was well and truly off. Unlike Google Street View, Yandex doesn’t obscure the faces of people caught by their passing cameras, which was good news for this young lady, otherwise she might never have learned the truth.

12. His Wife Got Pregnant, Yet he Had Undergone A Vasectomy


Normally, if a woman found condoms in her man’s pocket, there wouldn’t be too much to worry about. In fact, this 21st century man could almost be praised for taking such an enlightened view of shared responsibility for birth control. Unless that man has had a vasectomy, of course, in which case the discovery begs the question, who does he need to use them with? In the same way, many women have ended up pregnant by their boyfriends after their husbands got the snip. As a word of caution though, bear in mind that vasectomies aren’t 100% successful, before you go accusing your pregnant partner of cheating on you.

11. Credit Card Company Reported Suspicious Activity On A Joint Account


Keeping a mistress can be an expensive business – especially if you’re an older man trying to keep the interest of an attractive young woman. One way to do this is to buy your bit on the side, lots of lavish gifts or treat them to meals in fancy restaurants and nights away at posh hotels. If you’re going to go down this route, however, it’s probably best not to use the credit card you share with your wife. One woman caught her husband when the credit card company reported suspicious activity on their joint account, and because her husband should have been at work when he was paying for expensive dinners and gifts, she reported it as fraud. If you suspect your partner is cheating, checking credit card bills and bank accounts can be a good way to verify where they are spending their time and their money.

10. Husband Used Find My Friend App To Catch Cheating Wife


The Find My Friend app on iPhones is designed to be a bit of fun – a way for you to see what your friends are up to, and whether any of them are in your neighbourhood. However, one husband decided to put the fun app to a more serious use – by using it to verify his suspicions that his wife was having an affair. Because the service requires the user to opt-in, he did have to break into her phone first and sign her up, but after that it was child’s play to see where she went and when – and also to prove that several times when she said she was working late, she was actually at her lover’s home, in New York.

9. His Kids Ratted Him Out


Young kids may not understand what cheating is, but they can still tell tales on unfaithful parents without even meaning to – or without even knowing what it is they saw. One stay-at-home Dad was found out when his kids happened to mention that they had been going on a lot of play dates at a certain house. Well, there was nothing wrong with that, except that the kids also said that their father had asked them to keep the play dates a secret after they had seen “Daddy hugging Hannah’s Mommy”. Confronted with the truth, the cheating husband confessed all.

8. He Was Almost Caught By Wife, Claimed Side Chick Was A Burglar


When a cheating husband was almost caught in the act, he reported his poor side piece to the cops as a burglar, rather than admit that he’d been trawling the internet looking for a one-night stand. The man in question had met a woman looking for no strings attached sex on Craigslist, and invited her over to his apartment when his wife was out of town, only for his wife to return unexpectedly, just before he was expecting his online lover. Rather than face the music when the other woman showed up, he called police to report an armed intruder and the poor woman was arrested. Eventually the truth came out, and the man was also arrested, for making a false report to the police.

7. He Mistakenly Had His Side Chic’s Credit Card Delivered To His Home


One generous cheater decided that rather than simply spend his hard-earned cash on his girlfriend, he would go one step further and actually get her a credit card of her own on his account. So far, so good, except when it came to getting the new card delivered, he forgot to change the address, so it arrived at the family home where his wife picked it up with the morning mail. Surprised to see a credit card being delivered to the right address but the wrong name, the wife suspected fraud and contacted the credit card company, who assured her that there was no mistake. Well, except the giant one made by her husband when he first cheated on his wife, and then messed up the delivery of his girlfriend’s latest gift.

6. Wife Soaked Poked Condoms In Pepper Mix


When one wife found a pack of condoms in her husband’s car, she became immediately suspicious and decided to take matters into her own hands. She poked a tiny hole in each of the wrappers, and soaked them in her own special habanero pepper mix, before wiping them clean and putting them back exactly where she found them – all before he even woke up. Sure enough, by the end of the day her cheating husband began complaining of excruciating pain in his crotch, and to make matters even worse, the wife’s best friend phoned to say she thought she had caught an STD from her latest boyfriend, as they had just sex and now she was burning down below. Two cheaters caught for the price of one.

5. Wifi Auto Connected


Auto-connecting to wi-fi in places and homes where we have been before is a great time saver – and means you don’t have to type in those long wi-fi passwords every time you turn up to the office or go to meet a friend. However, when you take your new boyfriend round to your girlfriend’s place for the first time and his wi-fi automatically connects, it might be time to start asking some questions about where he’s been hanging out. The same goes for bars or workplaces where your other half has no reason to be, yet his phone tells a very different story.

4. A Snapchat Video Revealed More Than It Should Have


One husband was missing his wife so much when she was away, he asked her to send him a naughty hotel room Snapchat – to keep him going until she returned. Unfortunately, when the saucy snap arrived in his phone he got a lot more than he bargained for. As well as his lovely wife, posing in her sexiest undies, the husband also spotted a pair of men’s working boots lurking underneath the hotel table. He confronted his unfaithful wife via a series of text messages, but even in the face of such damning evidence she insisted she was alone in the room – and that she had never cheated on her loving husband.

3. Busted On Big Screen At A Sporting Event


There are lots of places for people sneaking around to meet, including bars, hotel rooms, or at home, when their significant other is out of town. But, some of these ideas are only harmful. For example, it’s not a great idea to go to a major sporting event if you’re seeing someone behind your boyfriend’s back, as one Ohio State fan found out in the most embarrassing way possible. The girl, who had been affectionately stroking the hair of her male companion, suddenly pulled her hand away and started to look guilty as hell when she realized that their tender moment had been caught on camera and broadcast on the big screen to the whole stadium.

2. Female Uber Driver Dropped Side Chic To Her Man’s House


One female Uber driver in Florida had a shift to remember when she picked up a female passenger at the local airport. She gave her a vague location and they set off. The passenger was very excited, as she had flown into town to see her man, and was happily chatting away with her driver about their plans. It was only as they drew closer and closer to their destination that the Uber driver slowly began to realize that her passenger’s “man” was her own boyfriend, and that she was driving his side piece to his apartment for a weekend rendezvous. A huge argument ensued, which ended with the scorned driver speeding off into the sunset with the passenger’s luggage still in the back.

1. The 9/11 Divorce


September 11th was a bad day for the whole of the USA, but it was a particularly bad day for one World Trade Center worker, who got caught cheating because he wasn’t at his desk when the planes hit. Having spent the night with his girlfriend, the cheating husband had somehow managed to avoid the biggest news story of the century, and when he switched his phone on, found hysterical messages from his wife asking where he was. He calmly called her back to tell her he was at his desk, as normal, unaware that his desk had been obliterated hours earlier. His wife divorced him, in what is thought to have been the first relationship victim of 9/11.

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