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15 Gorgeous Airline Flight Attendants He Really Wants To Date

15 Gorgeous Airline Flight Attendants He Really Wants To Date

Flying is without a doubt quite an exciting experience. It genuinely makes you feel like a bird soaring in the sky. How wonderful, right? Now imagine yourself the comfort and luxury that the world’s top airlines offer.  Not only are they extremely practical when it comes to the passenger’s comfort, but they’re super modern too. But outside of the ultimate opulence provided by these airlines, passengers are truly inspired by the gorgeous stewardesses. As stunning as they are, these ladies look both professional and extremely beautiful. If you deeply reflect on it, flight attendants should really look their very best. After all, these women represent nations. Therefore, they need to go the extra mile and look like they’ll be walking the red carpet. Indeed, airline companies greatly rely on their charming stewardesses. From the fancy hairstyles to the elegant uniform, flight attendants are almost obliged to look simply perfect. And let’s be honest here: who wouldn’t want to be serviced by such exceptional beauties, right? From Air France’s charming flight crew to Emirates Group’s exotic flight personnel, you’ll no longer think of flying as a tiresome experience. Now go ahead and get inspired by the exotic beauty of these girls. Yeah, it’s too sad that you can’t date them, right?

15. Air France’s Flight Crew Is Truly Gorgeous

Via: Pinterest

Founded on 7 October 1933, Air France is easily one of the top airlines in the world. With more than 45 million passengers per year, Air France services more than 70 countries, plus lots of other overseas departments and French territories. Another amazing fact about Air France is its recently upgraded cabins. Air France invested more than $780,000,000 into the complete redesign of its cabins. It’s crystal clear that Air France cares about its passengers. So it made sure that it can offer us all unrivalled comfort and top conveniences. Last but certainly not least, Air France’s stunning flight personnel also adds a touch of glamor to Air France’s reputation. Smiling and sweet, Air France’s flight attendants are exactly like runway models. So whatever you do, just don’t expect them to confuse pleasure with business.

14. Singapore Airlines’ flight attendants look like The Next VS Angels

via Fiveprime

Founded on 1 May 1947, Singapore Airlines Limited is also referred to as one of the top Malayan Airways. As such, it’s really no wonder why it actually won an award for the best international airline back in 2015. Thanks to its excellent service and mouth-watering meals, Singapore Airlines definitely made a good impression on everyone. While most of the average airlines only offer bumpy flights, leading to dizziness and sickness, Singapore Airlines Limited definitely seems like a dream come true. If we turn to the annual report, Malayan Airways serviced more then 30 million passengers. Apart from its services of the highest quality, we can’t really imagine where Singapore Airlines would be without its fabulous flight crew. Now that you know what these girls look like, there’s only one thing you need to tell us: what time is your flight tomorrow?

13. AirAsia Berhad’s best known for its low prices and…charming crew

via Jom! Jadi Cabin Crew – blogger

They’re gorgeous, sweet and quite helpful no matter how many times you seek their assistance. AirAsia Berhad’s lovely air hostesses are definitely the reason why many travel enthusiasts pick this aviation company. Founded in the ’90s, AirAsia’s first commercial operation was in 1996. Since then, AirAsia has always been the top Asian aviation airline that offers flexible packages for travelers on a tight budget. Thanks to its fine services and low-cost packages, AirAsia Berhad won many awards, including The World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier. Another great feature about the aviation that draws many passengers is its stunning stewardesses. It’s true – the airline’s flight attendants are some of the most elegant and beautiful in the world.

12. Air Serbia’s fabulous air hostesses will leave you inspired!

via cabin crew – How to be cabin cre

There’s probably nothing too flashy on the Air Serbia airline, but it’s certainly more than enough. Air Serbia Airline can totally feel proud of its exclusive onboard services and gorgeous flight attendants. Well, it’s true that Air Serbia can hardly challenge the supreme quality of Emirates Airline Group or the VietJet Airlines. However, it can definitely be considered one of the airlines with the most beautiful flight attendants. With decades of experience, Air Serbia falls amongst the oldest airlines on the planet. Established nearly 90 years ago, Air Serbia offers budget-friendly services to more than 40 destinations. Isn’t that impressive? Well, it’s pretty clear that it cannot outshine top world-known airlines, like Lufthansa or Air France. However, Air Serbia can totally feel proud of its gorgeous flight crew on board Serbia’s airplanes.

11. VietJet Airlines’ beautiful flight attendants will make you daydream

via Carbonated. TV

Have you ever used the top services of VietJet Airlines? Well, if you haven’t, then you’ve certainly missed a lot! Launched in December of 2016, VietJet Airlines is hands down one of the best international airlines in Vietnam. Although it was launched only a year ago, VietJet Airlines can totally brag about its wide range of destinations. Today VietJet Airlines flies to a total of 53 destinations and is one of the fastest growing airlines. Also, let’s not forget its lovely flight attendants who can make everything feel better. Indeed, you’ll hardly find more attentive, caring and smiling air hostesses than the girls onboard VA. So yes, you can definitely take our word for it. Besides, just take a look at them and you’ll see why the world is so crazy about them. All in all, VietJet Airlines’ flight attendants are genuine beauties who will surely add a touch of excitement to any long flight.

10. Delta Airlines’ stewardesses will leave you speechless!

via Metropolitan Airport News

Originally founded as Virgin Blue, DA is one of the greatest American air carriers these days. Although it was first founded as a low-cost passenger service, operating in certain regions, Delta Airlines decided to upgrade its convenience. Today, it provides excellent services. Another awesome reason why you should use Delta Airlines is its gorgeous flight attendants. Just imagine yourself being serviced and taken care of by such natural beauties. How lovely would that be, right? But hey, don’t think that Delta’s stunning stewardesses will confuse professionalism with flirtation. We hate to break your heart, but the truth will never be an easy pill to swallow. So instead of being playful with DA’s girls, just be polite. It always makes a wonderful impression on others no matter what.

9. Malaysian Firefly airlines’ finest crew in 1 photo

via World stewardess Crews

Operating as Firefly, the famous Malaysian Airline was founded on March 10, 2007. With 10 years of experience, MFA flies to over 17 destinations, including Singapore and Thailand. Just get on board the aircraft to enjoy its fine services and get treated with a special attention. Indeed, Malaysian Firefly’s flight attendants will absolutely take care of its passengers. Besides, MFA’s stewardesses are so hot that they’ll definitely make any woman green with envy. As for the guys, they’ll surely start daydreaming about meeting them somewhere. Thanks to their unique beauty and charismatic presence, MFA has just earned a special place on our list today. By the way, this picture perfectly proves how lovely these girls are.

8. Indonesian Pelita Air is ranked #1 for airline safety quality (and something else)

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When it comes to the Indonesian Pelita Air, we just can’t go on without highlighting its beautiful flight personnel. Often referred to as IPA, Pelira Air is one of the best airlines based in Jakarta, Indonesia. With its decades of experience in this industry, the country’s most famous airline features lots of charters, an executive transport alongside many oil and gas support operations. But outside of its wide range of services, Indonesian Pelita Air was actually considered #1 for its airline safety quality. Today IPA operates flights to over 18 destinations. Well, there sure is another reason why travelers pick this airline. So it turns out that Indonesian Pelita Air’s stewardesses look so amazing that you’ll never think of flying as a boring experience. If you don’t believe it, we dare you to get aboard the aircraft and see if that’s true.

7. Emirates Airlines’ air hostesses will sweep you off your feet…

via Sculptural Headwear for Earthlings by Jasmin Zorlu

Founded on 25 March 1985, The Emirates Airline Company is based in Dubai, UAE, and is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group. According to official data, Emirates Airlines provide their fine services to more than 140 destinations in over 70 countries. The Dubai-based aviation company has always been people’s favorite for a few simple reasons. First of all, it boasts first-class flight conveniences for an unbelievable experience in the clouds. Second of all, you don’t need to think it through if you can afford it. Not only will you be able to enjoy supreme first-class cabin features, but you’ll be treated just like royalty. Also, don’t forget that Emirates Airlines’ charming flight crew can’t wait to spoil you like a VIP passenger. Now go ahead and pack your stuff – it’s going be a lovely flight!

6. Lufthansa’s air hostesses are just unbelievably beautiful

via Condé Nast Traveler

Whatever you’ve heard about Lufthansa, it’s probably true: Luftansa’s air hostesses are definitely one of its greatest features. Officially known as the Deutsche Lufthansa AG, it’s one of the most successful and booming aviation companies in the world. With its large number of subsidiaries, Deutsche Lufthansa is the largest European airline. Besides its excellent range of services, this German airline also owns a few other aviation-related companies. If you do the math, you’ll probably see that over 600 aircrafts owned by the booming Lufthansa Group. Its high-quality services are well combined with amazing flight attendants as well. If you take a closer look, you’ll certainly notice their perfect cheekbones, perfectly-shaped eyebrows and feminine figure.

5. Thai Airways International’s girls will treat you like a VIP guest

via Live and Let’s Fly – BoardingArea

Formed in the ’90s, Thai Airways International falls among the top aviation companies nowadays. As such, it’s really no wonder why Thai Airways brags so much about its top air services. Outside of its excellent services, including traditional and international snacks and meals, Thai Airways impresses with its good-looking and friendly air hostesses. Thanks to their assistance and helpfulness, Thai Airways International is often referred to as a top aviation company with a high-quality range of services. By the way, you may not know this, but this particular airline boasts at least a few awards for its high-class services. So tell us honestly: do you need another reason to use the supreme services of Thai Airways International? Well, we think we know the answer. Now don’t waste your precious time, and book your flight: it’s going to be one hell of a flight experience!

4. Virgin Atlantic is the top British airline with TOP beauties onboard the aircraft!

via GudStory

Founded in 1984, Virgin Atlantic’s one of the top British airlines with its head office based in the UK. Today it’s easily one of the most preferred airlines but it wasn’t always the case. Originally, the British aviation company was planned to operate flights only between London and Falkland Islands. Another curious and little-known fact is that it was founded by Allan H. and Randolph F. So initially, Virgin Atlantic was only a humble idea which often sparked heated arguments about its management. As a result, it was eventually sold to a holding company, Virgin Atlantic Limited. Today, the airline deeply impresses with its top conveniences and charming air hostesses. Indeed, what more could you want out of an airline, right? So, if you need high-class services performed by gorgeous and caring stewardesses, Virgin Atlantic is certainly the ideal choice for you.

3. Aeroflot Air’s one of the oldest and most attractive airlines in the world

via Live and Let’s Fly – BoardingArea

When it comes to the Russian PJSC, it really is an excellent example of one of the greatest airlines in the world. Established in the early ’90s, it features high levels of comfort and modern conveniences any traveler would appreciate. Outside of its contemporary design of its cabins, PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines became a hot topic for something else. If you’ve ever gotten the chance to use its services, then you must’ve noticed its gorgeous flight attendants. Famous for their classy red uniforms, Aeroflot’s crew look both professional and feminine. Thanks to their stylish uniform, Aeroflot’s charming air hostesses look beyond stunning. No wonder why Aeroflot is so heavily preferred by guys. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy being serviced by exceptional beauties? For this reason alone, Aeroflot Airlines gets a pretty special place on our fabulous list today.

2. Kingfisher Airlines’ exotic air hostesses will take care of you


Unlike other airways, like Singapore Airlines or Aeroflot, Kingfisher Airlines Limited is a pretty new airline, established in 2003. If you compare it to other airlines, you’ll realize that Kingfisher Air’s history has yet to be written. Owned by the United Breweries Group, the airline’s first commercial flight was from Mumbai to Delhi. Best known as a top domestic airline in India, Kingfisher excites its international tourists with its beautiful stewardesses. Obviously, this is the main reason why travelers choose the Kingfisher Airlines. Once you get aboard the plane, it’ll be so hard for you to look away. Besides, the air hostesses’ classy and feminine uniform kind of makes it twice as hard. Indeed, Kingfisher Airlines’ hot air hostesses will surely make any guy forget about his long and tiresome flight.

1. Cathay Pacific Airway is represented by natural beauties for a smooth flight

via Cathay Pacific

If there’s one reason why you should use CPA, it would be its fabulous and charming flight crew. Founded on 24 September 1946, CPA is one of the most popular Asian airlines. Each year, it offers its services to millions of international travelers who’re pretty impressed by CPA’s lovely air hostesses. Clad in their beautiful red uniform, CPA’s stewardesses rely on their alluring appearance to attract more and more passengers. Don’t think that CPA only cares about their looks, though. According to the Hong-Kong-based Airline, the perfect candidate should not only look like the greatest professional in the industry but act like one too. Well, it’s obvious that CPA’s flight attendants treat their passengers in the best possible way. Thanks to their perfect onboard services, Cathay Pacific Airline is considered one of the very best airlines in the world.


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