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15 Gross Things People Have Done For Internet Fame

15 Gross Things People Have Done For Internet Fame


There are some things you simply should not search for on Google or YouTube, especially while eating your lunch. These things will gross you out so much that you may feel like throwing up. Also, you cannot “un-ring the bell.” Once you have these images in your brain, you cannot get rid of them.

In fact, the more you try not to think about them, the more intense the images become in your memory. Try not to think about pink elephants. Now that we mentioned them, it is not possible to stop thinking about them. If we say they are tiny pink elephants and they are dancing around popping acne pimples on your face, it gets even worse. The stranger the image is and the more disgusting, the harder it is to stop thinking about it.

Human beings have unlimited curiosity. This is why it is almost impossible to drive past a terrible auto accident and not look to see what happened. You may see blood and guts everywhere, as well as dead bodies lying crumpled up in the street; however, the average person simply cannot look away.

Seeking fame by doing gross things on purpose and making a video and/or a website about it, is a significant Internet phenomenon.

WARNING: Some of the images in this article (and the links given) are very graphic, gross, and disgusting. They may offend some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you have the stomach for it, read on; otherwise, read the post 20 Things You Can Do TODAY To Feel Happy – That Cost Nothing! That article has nice photos and enjoyable things to think about. We do not want to ruin your day.

Well, if you are still with us, are you ready? Do you have a barf bag handy?

Here are the 15 gross things people have done for Internet fame.

15. Stop Wearing Makeup


Em Ford started her website in January 2014 to share makeup tips and her photography because she was bored with her office job. She is 26 years old. Ford began to develop adult acne and starting around March 2015, she began to share photos of herself on social media. In some of the photos she is wearing makeup and in other photos, she is not wearing makeup.

In July 2015, she made a video for her YouTube channel called “You Look Disgusting,” which featured many of the comments she received on social media about what she looked like with and without makeup. As you can see from the photos above, the difference in how she looks when she is wearing makeup and when she is not is very dramatic. Her video went viral and now has over 25 million views.

She encourages both men and women to embrace their flaws and realize that they are beautiful even with flaws. Em Ford is the same person whether she is wearing makeup or not; however, the reactions of others to her is quite different when she does not wear makeup.

Her philosophy is “Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful – not even yourself.” It was a brave thing she did when she put ugly photos of herself on the Internet so millions of people could judge her by her looks; however, she gained Internet fame by doing so and taught us all a good lesson at the same time.

14. Pimple and Cyst Popping

Via The Doctors

This photo is from “The Doctors” channel, which has the YouTube video “Woman’s 20-Year-Old Cyst Finally Gets Popped.” That anyone would wait twenty years for medical treatment of a cyst seems ridiculous. However, she got famous for it. The video has over 31 million views.

One teenage girl, Kris Honey, made a video of herself popping a huge zit cyst on her ear lobe. Her mother, who we can hear in the video, says that she had this cyst in that place since she was two or three-years-old. There is a tiny hole in the cyst and the young girl squeezes it to produce a steady stream of yellow-orange pus. The YouTube video “Biggest Zit Cyst Pop Ever,” has over 15 million views.

Her mother should take her to the doctor and have that cyst removed permanently. However, now that the young girl is famous as “zit pop girl,” maybe she does not want it removed. If she does want it removed there is always the Dr. Pimple Popper.

Dr. Sandra Lee is a dermatologist that puts videos on YouTube of the grossest things that she pops in her medical practice. This is how she got the moniker of “Dr. Pimple Popper.” One video, which is a compilation of her work, has over one billion views. Its title is “Dr. Pimple Popper: THANK YOU, POPAHOLICS FOR ONE BILLION VIEWS!!!” Obviously, there are lots of people that like to look at this disgusting stuff.

13. Eating Insects


In many parts of the world, it is quite normal to eat insects. In Costa Rica or Peru for example, if you go to a movie theater to see a film, you may hear people sitting next to you crunching on a snack that they think is delicious. It is not popcorn. It is deep-fried beetles that are somewhat similar to cockroaches, except they are black in color.

In Thailand, eating insects is very popular. The UK Independent reports that Thailand is the only country in the world were eating insects has increased over the past few years.

For most people in the U.S., Canada and Europe, eating insects is a disgusting thing. There is a YouTube video called “BUG EATING CHALLENGE! w/ Dallas the Pizza Guy,” where a father blindfolds his kids and tries to get them to eat fried worms, sour cream flavored fried crickets, and chocolate covered insects. The kids were disgusted just by touching them. They pulled off their blindfolds and then refused to eat the insects. The pizza delivery guy arrives with a pizza and they supposedly trick him into eating the insects. Then the kids eat some also. The video has over 14 million views.

12. Farting

Via Huffington Post

There is a device called the “Pooter,” which simulates the sound of farting and has been used in dozens of YouTube videos to prank other people. One popular example is the “FARTING GYM INSTRUCTOR PRANK!” that has close to 12 million views. Another is “The Farting Old Man Returns!” with over four million views.

More disgusting than these fake farts is a gentleman who calls himself Mr. Methane. He is a professional farter. He appeared on both Britain’s Got Talent and France’s Got Talent and has made guest appearances at rock concerts and on many other television shows. His farting performance, during 2009, titled “Mr. Methane – Britain’s Got Talent – Show 5” has over 51 million views on YouTube.

This man has fart-along songs for each of the holidays including the Christmas fart songs collection, “Christmas Farts 2016 with Mr. Methane,” advertised as coming from the bottom of his farts. There is also a Valentine’s Fart Song. Wouldn’t your girlfriend love to get that for a present instead of flowers and a box of chocolates? Probably not.

Mr. Methane claims to have performed “THE LONGEST FART IN THE WORLD,” as the world’s only performing flatulist. That YouTube video has over three million views.

11. Things You Should Never Google


PewDiePie is an Internet icon. He has millions of followers. He made two videos of “Things You Should Never Google.” The first one has over nine million views. The second one has over seven million views. PewDiePie says he looks at these things so that you never have to and you can see his reactions, which are that he is totally grossed out.

Besides the things on our list, here are a few other things he found on the Internet that he thinks are super gross:

Ascariasis – This is an infection of the small intestine by a species of roundworms. There are photos of piles of these worms, which look like a pound of ramen noodles coming out of a patient’s rear end.

Crabs (STD) – These tiny insects are passed from one person to another by intimate body contact and can also be picked up from the bed sheets.

Lamprey Eel – This is the photo we used for this item. It is a fish without a jaw that has a sucking mouth lined with teeth. It attaches itself to its prey by suction and then starts chewing holes through it. It looks like a miniature version of the sand worms from the Sci-Fi movie Dune. PewDiePie suffers from trypophobia, which is a fear of small regular patterns in things, so this eel is even more gross to him.

Mucus Plug – Most are aware that when a woman’s water breaks, it is a sign that the woman is about to go into labor. Less known is that the woman must expel a mucus plug, which is a green gooey mess that comes out when the labor actually begins. The mucus plug protects the baby in the womb from being exposed to any bacteria that would otherwise enter the cervix. Having a baby is very messy and bloody. The baby is born covered with gray matter and blood, which means it needs to be cleaned off right away. If this is your own baby, this natural process is not gross at all; however, for many others, it can be totally gross. There a plenty of birth videos on the Internet. These women share their most intimate experiences of giving birth.

10. MeatSpin

Via Animal New York is an Internet prank that is similar to Rick-Rolling someone. The prank of Rick-Rolling tricks someone into going to a website for a different reason and then instead of having the content they expect, it plays the Rick Astley song from the 1980s, entitled “Never Gonna Give You Up.” has the song “You Spin Round,” also from the 1980s, combined with an X-rated porn video of two male homosexuals having anal sex in a seated position facing the camera. The guy on top is swinging his penis around in time with the music. The video counts the numbers of spins and announces that “You are gay!” after a certain numbers of spins. The world record so far for watching the number of spins in one sitting is over 10 million.

Flyers have appeared on many college campuses inviting Internet users to “Learn the Real Spin on Meat!” to lure students and faculty (especially vegetarians) as a prank, to visit the website.

The prank is most effective when played on straight teenage boys, who have never seen any gay sex and especially if they are homophobic. To them, it is disgusting to see two men going at it, to others it is simply amusing.

9. Tub Girl

Via Master Plumb Inc

Tub Girl does not look anything at all like this photo. Tub Girl is a photo of a fat Asian woman lying on her back with her head down in a bathtub and her legs above her with her rear-end exposed. She is expelling yellow-orange diarrhea in an explosive way like a fountain that comes down to land on her face.

The original tub girl photo spawned many imitators, including others who made similar photos and even anime drawings used for pornographic cartoon books for adult Japanese men.

The photo can be viewed on If you dare to look at it, notice that her vagina is pixilated out. Japanese rules of pornography insist that the genitals of both males and females must be blurred out; however, they have no problem with a fountain of orange diarrhea coming out of someone’s ass and landing in a woman’s face.

The photo was seen by many people; however, the woman was never identified because she wore a superhero mask in the photo.

8. FishLove and I Love Fishes

Via ABC News

The photo is of Helena Bonham Carter and is called, “Fishlove,” which you have to admit is a little creepy and gross. How did she get the stinky smell of fish off of her body after the photo shoot?

“I Love Fishes” is another Japanese video that has cutesy up-tempo Japanese pop song as the background music. The video on starts by showing a woman putting fish in another woman’s anus using a funnel. Then, the woman with the fish up her bum starts to expel them one by one and there are many. She must have spent quite some time filling herself up with fish, prior to when the cameras were rolling for the video shoot.

When she expels the fish, they are still alive and wriggling around. What a strange and uncomfortable feeling it must be to have live fish up your ass squirming around.

This reminds us of the urban legend that said that the actor Richard Gere was taken to the emergency room to remove gerbils, which were up his ass. That was just a “fake news” story started by a disgruntled publicist that Richard Gere had fired. With the I Love Fishes woman, she actually does put live fish up her ass.

The woman looks very uncomfortable in the video and rightly so. Perhaps some of the fish decided to swim in the wrong direction to find a way out. One thing is certain; it was cruel to do this to those poor tiny fish.

7. BME Pain Olympics

Via The Chronicles of Venexia

BME stand for Body Modification Ezine. This website has videos of extreme body modifications, using needles, nails, and other instruments for piercing the body. BME was started by Shannon Larratt in 1994 as the first website to feature body modification.

The idea for the BME Pain Olympics came from games played at the 2001 BME barbecue, held in Toronto, Canada, which included hot sauce drinking, foreskin pulling, and seeing how much weight could be carried on a suspension hanging from the testicles.

There is a hoax video entitled “BME Pain Olympics: Final Round,” which shows two men performing self-mutilation. One of them uses a meat cleaver to cut off his penis. The video was on the BME website and it has a disclaimer at the end saying that it is a fake video. However, the video was redistributed all across the web and the disclaimer at the end was removed, leading many to believe that the video is real.

In actuality, the actors in the video used a prosthesis to simulate the male genitals and the two actors are actually the same man, wearing makeup to look like two different persons. Even though the members of the BME group do modify their bodies in serious and painful ways and they do participate in a real Pain Olympics, they also like to play practical jokes on the public as well.

6. I Hear You


Many people have allowed themselves to be videotaped while the doctor is treating ear problems, and pulling strange, disgusting things out of their ears. Some of the things removed include parasites, worms, insects, and massive amounts of impacted ear wax.

The TomoNews US has a YouTube video called “Disgusting! Parasites, zits, insects in people’s ears & more,” which has over nine million views. Another YouTube video by ANGandNAP, entitled “THIS MAY GROSS YOU OUT! HUGE EAR WAX!” has over nine million views on YouTube. These people are proud of the disgusting stuff that comes out of their ears and want the whole world to see it.

Earwax is nasty-looking and it smells bad, especially if the ear is infected. Dr. Paul Thomas, who is a specialist in ear, nose, and throat treatment, has a video called “GIANT EAR WAX REMOVAL” showing the disgusting stuff he pulled out of a child’s ear. This video has over nine million views.

Ear wax removal is not a fun procedure and can be very painful. The thought of videotaping such misery and posting a video of the experience on YouTube for millions to see just goes to prove the extent that people will go to, in order to achieve Internet Fame.

5. Booger Removal

Via YouTube

Right up there with earwax removal is booger removal. How can a person let a booger clog up their nose so bad that they need to see a doctor in order to remove it? This seems ludicrous; however, it does happen. And those lucky ones with the most gigantic boogers want to be in videos posted on YouTube. Thank you for sharing. Not really. To watch a video of a doctor pulling green sticky slime out of someone’s nose is not our favorite thing to do.

Nevertheless, millions have viewed the YouTube videos of “Doctor Removes Booger from Hell from Inside Man’s Nose” (over 13 million views) and “Biggest BOOGER Ever!” (close to seven million views).

The biggest boogers come from sinus infections. The nasal passages get blocked and fill up with green mucus that can mix with dirt and dead skin to make a substance that is hard as a rock. When this happens the only way to get that gunk out of your nose is to go see a specialist in booger removal.

4. Two Kids One Sandbox

Via YouTube

In this video, a woman shoves a dildo down a man’s urethra. The urethra is the tube that runs down the penis and ends in a tiny hole at the end. Some call this the “pee hole.” The man in the video is writhing in pain and seems to enjoy the pain, even though he is screaming.

This video was made after 2 Girls 1 Cup, which is the number two on this list. It has a similar title style to indicate it is a fetish video and an extreme one at that. There are dozens of reaction videos on YouTube. Men and teenage boys who watch this video have a tendency to hold their private parts afterward as a reaction to imagining the pain the man must be experiencing.

These are the types of videos featured on the website, which is overloaded with disgusting videos. Even though the videos are all disgusting only a few of them made the video participants famous. Just being totally disgusting is not enough to gain Internet fame. The content on that website is so bad that they offer “eye bleach,” which is a video of cute kittens to watch when you are ready to leave the website, to help to restore you back to sanity.

3. Hoarders

Via Radio Gunk

Hoarders are people who find it very difficult to throw anything away. There is a television show about hoarders. In the YouTube videos entitled “Top 5 Most DISGUSTING HOARDERS,” “Hoarder’s House- Dirtiest, Most filthy house on YouTube,” and “Poop DyNasty: A Tale of Two Hoarders,” the people allow video cameras into their homes to document the disgusting conditions that they live in. Trash is everywhere, including rotting, leftover food. The stench is intolerable.

One woman even collected her own excrement because she wanted to save it and not flush it down the toilet. There was a pile of it three feet high stacked up from the toilet bowl. She could no longer sit on the pile, so she did her business in a bowl or a bucket and then placed the stuff on the top of the pile or took it outside and threw it in the front yard.

The way these people live is not only unsanitary, it is also dangerous. Stacks of garbage and old newspapers create a serious fire hazard. One woman did not report the death of her mother because she was afraid she would be charged with elder abuse. She kept the body of her dead mother hidden in the house for four years. As the body decayed the stench was horrible enough for neighbors to notice it and call the police.

Being a hoarder is a mental illness. The clean up of these homes needs to be done by professionals in hazmat (hazardous materials) protective gear because the waste is so toxic.

2. 2 Girls 1 Cup

Via Imgur

This is a piece of “performance art,” which got the nickname 2 Girls 1 Cup. It was a trailer for an adult film called “Hungry Bitches.” It shows two women who have an intimate sexual relationship and share their interests in having a “scat” fetish. Scat is a slang term for human excrement (“poop”). In the video, one of the girls defecates into a cup and then the girls eat the poop. To make it even grosser, after that they vomit into each other’s mouths. The only thing worst than eating poop is eating poop vomited up by someone else who ate it.

The video, which was released in 2007, is still on the Internet at the website. If you have not seen it, you may want to first watch some of the many YouTube videos featuring the reactions of people who are watching it. The video was made by a man from Brazil named Marco Antônio Fiorito, who specializes in fetish films.

There is speculation that the stuff that appears to be human excrement was not real and instead was a mixture of coffee cream, chocolate, and peanut butter. The theory is that the woman cleaned her bowels and then, using an enema-like device inserted the food mixture into her rectum so that she could easily expel it to make it look like a real bowel movement.

The vomit looks real. However, it could have been regurgitated before entering the stomach so as not to contain caustic stomach acids. Most of the vomit does not get into the girls’ mouths. Others think the whole thing was faked using advanced computer graphics. Regardless of the speculation about how the video was actually made, it is truly disgusting. Many feel like vomiting while watching it.

1. Choke the Chicken

Via Youtube

What do all these terms have in common with “choke the chicken”?… beat the meat, bop the bologna, buff the banana, butter the corn, crank the love pump, date Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters, drain the monster, five knuckle shuffle, flog the Bishop, free Willy, give it a tug, go the blow, grease the pipe, hand job, hold the sausage hostage, jerk the gherkin, make the bald man puke, making a cash withdrawal, milk the lizard, painting the flag pole, play a little five-on-one, play pocket pool, play the skin flute, polish the rocket, pound the pud, pull the bologna pony, Romeo and himself, rope the Pope, sailing the mayonnaise seas, saluting the General, sample the secret sauce, shake hands with the midget, shake the sausage, slam the salami, spank the monkey, stroke the carrot, take matters into your own hands, take part in population control, take the fifth, taking a few practice shots, tweak your Twinkie, twist your crank, whip the one-eyed trouser snake, wonk your conker, and yank the yo-yo… They are all slang for male masturbation.

An unidentified young man (you never see his face) posted a video link on Twitter of a video of him getting it on with a McChicken® Sandwich. It went viral instantly, even though Twitter canceled his account for violation of the terms of use. The original video has been re-tweeted on Twitter as #McChicken so much it is easy to find it if you really want to see it.

The many response videos about this viral video, such as “ELDERS REACT TO #McCHICKEN” each have over one million views. Pretty much every person who sees it agrees; it is one of the most disgusting videos on the Internet.


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