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15 Guys From Game of Thrones Who Are REALLY Easy On The Eyes

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15 Guys From Game of Thrones Who Are REALLY Easy On The Eyes

With all the well-crafted drama, blood shed, esoteric magic, and general medieval-era inspired filth, Game of Thrones has got to be one of the best shows ever aired on HBO, if not television. The world of Westeros is full of marvellous feasts for the eyes, be they the well-designed sets, superb costuming, and digital effects which have rendered dire wolves, decrepit wights, and fire-breathing dragons. But most of all, of course, the bevy of human eye candy surely must be the best visual aspect of the show.

We’ve already done a list covering the most beautiful women in Game of Thrones and our many of our male readers seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it. So we think that we should do a similar article for the ladies (and some of the fellas as well); so here it is, fifteen of the hottest guys from around the seven kingdoms.

Oh, and if you’re not completely up-to-date on the most recent instalments of Game of Thrones: spoiler alert.

15. Khal Drogo


With rippling muscles, exemplary riding skills, ferocious combat prowess, and personality of a savage yet also stoic stallion – Drogo personifies the Game of Thrones take on the seemingly untamable ‘bad boy’. Granted, he definitely has got a problem with the word “no”; though, to be fair, in the books he’s a bit more sensitive and understanding. Moving on, while his television adapted relationship with Daenerys Targaryen comes off as being rife with Stockholm syndrome, as season one progresses Drogo’s brutal character somewhat softens in response to his spouse’s influence.

Since he has such a strangely endearing personality, not to mention an astounding body, we were swooning when he “returned”, baby in arms, as part of Daenerys’ magic induced vision she received while visiting the Houses of the Undying.

14. Grey Worm


A member of the legendary Astaporian army of Unsullied, which, despite being comprised entirely of eunuchs, possesses fighting skills unequaled in Essos. Granted, he may not speak a whole lot and often sports a steely demeanor, but we think that this adds to his allure.

Additionally, he’s the elected captain of the Unsullied and selected close personal adviser of Queen Daenerys Targaryen. As revealed in season 7 episode 2 ‘Stormborn’ he’s cemented his budding relationship with polyglot Missandei physically, and based off of her reaction, he too must have a talented tongue as well. Not bad for a guy who’s missing his pillow and stones.

13. Petyr Baelish


As part of his backstory, Petyr Baelish came from a minor family with no significant titles, lands, or money. But by presumably using his charming good looks and equally stunning wit, Baelish managed to curry considerable fame, wealth, and political clout. Being a man of many talents, Baelish has a resume consisting of high-end brothel manager, the Small Council’s Master of Coin, Lord Paramount of the Vale, as well as mastermind behind several conspiracies.

Yeah, he’s slimy as the seven hells, but you’ve got to admire his cunning and ambition…not to mention that devilish smirk of his. In fact, given all the myriad revelations which have come forth over the past seven seasons, Baelish is often at or near the center of most – including the conspiracy to eliminate Robert Baratheon and the assassination of Joffrey Lannister. In many respects, without Baelish there wouldn’t be a Game of Thrones.

12. Olyvar


Blessed with captivating eyes, taut frame, and golden hair which would make a Lannister jealous, Olyvar’s proof that beauty comes from every class in Westeros. Though he doesn’t appear to have a formal education, Olyvar’s clearly resourceful, clever, and adept in a number of salacious and amatory roles. In the series, he’s acted as de facto manager of Petyr Baelish’s brothel, covert agent, and lastly lover – though not an entirely loyal one. As a perk, we can certainly assume that he’s quite amorously skilled given his original profession as a sex worker coupled with the fact he’s once stated that his services are “wildly expensive.”

11. Jorah Mormont


While he’s easily the most mature man on our list, we find Jorah still has a series of exceptionally attractive qualities and not just his skills with a sword. Being a former aid to King Aerys II, a disgraced knight in reform and experienced traveler Jorah has a more than a lifetime of wisdom to share.

Perhaps his most admirable trait is his extreme loyalty to Daenerys Targaryen both as a trusted adviser and as armed guardian. Even after he’d been exposed as initially spying on the Unburnt and subsequently being banished from Meereen, he has attempted to win back her favor by selling himself into slavery, brawling in the Meereen fighting pits, and safely delivery Tyrion Lannister to Daenerys’ throne.

Even after contracting greyscale, Mormont travels the world seeking a cure for his affliction just to return to Stormborn’s side. How many men do you know which overcome a terminal illness to serve the woman they love? Given all of this, Jorah’s definitely got us saying “oh, Daddy!”

10. Robb Stark


Sporting a well-sinewed figure, a rugged beard, and the general array of good looks befitting a proper Northman, the Young Wolf of Winterfell, is in every category one of the most desirable men in the series. Just like his father, Eddard Stark, Robb is principled and honorable, so much so that he garnered the support all the northern lords to helm a rebellion in the hopes of making the North an independent kingdom. Nonetheless, he’s still compassionate and malleable to true love, as we saw when he met Talisa Maegyr.

When thinking back on his impressive record during the War of the Five Kings, for a while, it seemed as if Robb might actually win the Game of Thrones. Too bad, though, about his ill-timed wedding reception at the Twins.

9. Daario Naharis


Unlike most other characters in Thrones, Daario Naharis has been portrayed by two different actors. Consequently, we think this counts for double; whether you prefer clean-shaven and burly Ed Strein or bearded and lean Michiel Huisman, you have the same character played by two evenly attractive men to choose from.

In any event, the character is skilled both in romance and fighting as Daario has many times risked life and freedom in pursuit of the women he fancies. With respect to his combat prowess, specifically, he’s risen up from being the impoverished son of a prostitute to the captain of the elite Second Sons battalion. By his own account, he’s been trained to fight like a Dothraki screamer, a Norvoshi priest, and Westerosi knight. Talk about a guy who can afford to protect you.

8. Ramsay Bolton


Okay, yes, Ramsay Bolton is a remorseless sociopath; yes, he’s highly manipulative; and yes, he’s responsible for the torment of both minor and major characters like Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy. Overall, he’s a bastard, both literally and figuratively. But this is Game of Thrones; nearly none of the characters are truly honorable, and a great many of them are wholly reprehensible. Perhaps it’s his snatch figure, his calculating– albeit highly demented – mind, or simply his scheming grin, there are a few things about Ramsay we just can’t help but shamelessly admire…his extreme masochistic tendencies aside.

7. Tyrion Lannister


Sure, he’s not the most physically impressive guy compared to any of the men on this list, but as anyone who’s seen just a few episodes of Thrones knows Tyrion more than makes up for it with his quick wit, vast knowledge, and high ambition. In several instances throughout the series, Tyrion has evaded death in battle – in spite of his diminutive stature – and also position himself to advance from Lord Paramount of Casterly Rock to Acting Hand of King Joffrey Baratheon and now finally Hand to Queen Daenerys. Who says smart isn’t sexy?

On the other hand, according to snatches of conversations between several characters, while the man may be a dwarf, down low he may be anything but a “halfman”. Given his former lover Shae’s amorous enthusiasm for him, these rumors may well be warranted.

6. Gendry


Although he legally has no legal surname, Gendry’s a truly handsome blacksmith with talent and idiosyncrasies befitting any lord. Most notably he’s got a sort of adorable, sheepish boy-next-door attitude which stands in stark contrast to his unofficial father, Robert Baratheon. Furthermore, according to a Lady Melisandre, he’s got blood potent enough to cast curses which kill kings.

We thought that after he’d been freed by Ser Davos Seaworth and shipped to King’s Landing we’d seen the last of him several seasons ago. Fortunately, we got to see a slightly older – and significantly better build (!) – Gendry in season seven, episode five ‘Eastwatch’. However, given that, once again, he’s been shipped off on a boat near the end of season seven, we can only hope he’ll rejoin the main cast to fight of the armies of the Night King for the series finale.

5. Oberyn Nymeros Martell


The Deputy Prince of Dorne is well-traveled, a legendary combatant, with an equally handsome physique and profile which always exude disdain for any authority other than his own. What’s not to love?

Since the Dornish – unlikely the other seven kingdoms – don’t consider bisexuality or children produced out of wedlock to be a social faux-pas’s, Oberyn has earned a reputation for “f**king half of Westeros.” Still, even with his switch-hitting and multiple passionate affairs, Oberyn is still strongly devoted to his paramour Ellaria Sand.

Being an accomplished fighter and a proper lover in equal measure, we do get to see his gentler side as well. For instance, when speaking with Cersei Lannister in King’s Landing’s royal gardens, we find out that Oberyn is an aspiring poet and devoted father. During this touching conversation, he even manages to bring out the best in otherwise contemptible Cersei.

4. Podrick Payne


Being one of the most endearing of all Thrones characters, with such a charming visage Podrick is anything but a pain to watch – despite being a little awkward and goofy when first introduced in season two.

First, Podrick is extremely loyal no matter the jarring mannerisms of whomever he squires for. Second, he’s a quick study since between being in the service of Tyrion Lannister and Brienne of Tarth Podrick has mastered the art of dispensing wine, successfully engaging in battle despite not having any combat experience, swiftly learning swordsmanship and other knightly skills…at least to a degree. Third, after a liaison with a group of sex workers in Baelish’s bawdy establishment, he’s sufficiently skilled with another type of swordplay to not only satisfy but inexplicably earn a refund from said workers. Perhaps he figured out how to untie a Meereenese Knot…

3. Jaime Lannister


Being one of the keenest swordsman in Westeros – at least up until a certain point of the series – with equally sharp looks, Jaime was certain to rank high on this list. He’s most known throughout the kingdoms, however, for possessing an air of arrogance and sarcasm, which comes off as charming to compatriots but often distasteful to family and foes. But behind this sneering attitude lies a complex and sympathetic person capable of tenderness and even empathy. This is further complicated by his particularly intimate relationship with his twin sister and his infamous reputation as the murderer of former King Aerys II Targaryen.

Even with his faults, his genuine, though pragmatically concealed dedication to his children, makes him an even more gallant character. As a particularly nice bonus to his chiseled features and seemingly sardonic persona, he also belongs to the most powerful and richest family in the seven kingdoms. All these things considered, we think that is adequate to look past his predilection for electoral love.

2. Loras Tyrell


Despite his lithe body, graceful features, and elegant curly hair, the Knight of the Flowers has consistently proven himself to be a competent jouster and fierce fighter. Being the secret consort of Renly Baratheon, Ser Loras’s presence in the series also presents a refreshing addition to the sexual diversity of the Game of Thrones universe.

Interestingly, Loras is portrayed as being even far more devoted (though, their relationship is only vaguely referenced) to Renly Baratheon in the ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ novels. And while Loras meets a grim fate at the end of season six it’s tempting to wonder how his character would have developed if the series followed the books more closely. Still, Loras Tyrell is excellently played by Finn Jones, and we definitely get the feeling that he is the ideal Westerosi pretty boy who all the girls in the seven kingdoms want, but can never, ever have.

1. Jon Snow


In many respects, Jon Snow is a physical and personality composite of all of the best features of the characters on this list. He’s got gorgeous locks of curly hair just like Loras, the aesthetically appetizing (albeit now quite scarred) body similar to Gendry’s, and a serene yet intense visage akin to that of Grey Worm. With these traits, Jon possesses the same austere, determined attitude, and steely commitment to justice, just like his supposed brother Robb Stark.

After his apparent murder by select members of the Night’s Watch, we all couldn’t have helped but be overjoyed when one of the most beautiful women in Westeros, Melisandre, revived this most handsome man in season six, episode two ‘Home’. Since Jon Snow has, like most of our favorite characters, already died, with his resurrection it’ll be safe to assume we can see him and his pretty brown eyes for the remainder of the series.

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