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15 Hidden Signs She’s Probably A Little Too Crazy

15 Hidden Signs She’s Probably A Little Too Crazy

Dating a crazy chick is all fun and games. When you meet them at first you’ll find them attractive, and most of them are funny too. They like partying, and they are almost always good in the sack. We know that she appeared so incredible initially, but now you feel like you’re sneaking across a landmine whenever you open your mouth. Now you wake up every morning thinking about how much you want to break up with her but are scared to death. And that is not a good feeling. It has happened to everyone at one point or another. One instant, you think you’re dating the perfect woman and the next you’re on the highway straight to Crazy Town.

Wild, crazy creatures we call women are everywhere in the dating world, and the wickedest part is that they know exactly how to hide their creepy side. There seems to be a huge amount of women who fit the creepy and crazy description mentioned above. If you can’t tell that your significant other is secretly bananas, here are 15 red signs your girlfriend is completely crazy.

15. Playing the Victim

via Daily Mirror

Playing the victim is not hard for a crazy girl. She knows how to do that and make you feel bad for her. She’s always the one who did something blatantly wrong, yet she turns it around on you and suddenly, you’re on guard. In other words, she can never be wrong. This is typical of crazy women. If she tells you she’s the real victim in every argument or fight she ever had, then something is definitely wrong. How is she always the victim? Why does everyone victimize her, whether it’s the parents, boss, co-workers or her friends? Because she made sure that no one saw otherwise, and that someone else was always the big bad wolf. One thing is for sure: it is never going to be her fault. It’s always going to be someone else that initiated the problem.

14. Overboard with jealousy

via Youtube

Jealousy is an ugly emotion. We all get jealous. You might have even enjoyed how she was so possessive about you or even mad at you for talking to another girl. But if she makes a big fuss every time another woman crosses your path, don’t even bother defending yourself. Just get the hell out of there. Your crazy girlfriend’s jealousy makes it unbearable to talk about other women in any situation. Whether it’s a female coworker, a co-ed softball player in your team or someone who knows exactly how you take your coffee. You just utter the name of another woman and she immediately develops an attitude. And then you decide to never discuss work, or your life for that matter, in front of her again.

13. Constantly Calling and Texting

via Youtube

This type of crazy chick is super-frustrating. There is no number that is decent in her dictionary. Her clinginess and neediness will always be in full bloom. If your phone is raining messages, calls, voice mails, photo tags, and emails all the time, it may be an appropriate time to take a little break. Just keep in mind that she’s not going to go without a fight. If she refuses to not stop this frenzy then block her and look the other way. She may be a psychopath with no self-control but if you have reached a point where you can’t keep yourself from replying to her texts, let’s just say you’ve made yourself a convenient prey in her emotional web. There’s no escape from there without someone going insane.

12. Doesn’t Believe In Personal Space

via Bustle

Stalking you physically or on social media is her thing. She stalks you like a creep. She’ll follow people that are friends of your friends. Your ex and that friend from work, you name it and she will be there. The more female friends on your social media, the more she becomes furious and crazy. Male friends are also a big no for her. In other words, she tries to control your life. The stalking does not end here, some are crazy enough to physically stalk you. And that is an alarming situation. She is constantly going through your phone and your email, and is always questioning you about where you have been, what you have been doing, and who you have been doing it with.

11. Hates All Her Exes

via Youtube

It’s normal for people to not like their exes. Everyone’s reasons vary. For instance, maybe your ex cheated on you, maybe he or she was not nice to you, or maybe your ex lied to you all the time or was not interested enough in the relationship. But here is a pro tip. If she does not like any of her exes, then she’s definitely the crazy one because believe it or not it was her not the exes that had the issues. A rational woman should at least have one ex that she still gets along with. Yeah, dump her as soon as possible.

10. Cries to get her way

via Youtube

Even if she is wrong, she will not accept it and will cry to get her way. Remember the thing about being a victim? It’s the crying that makes her the victim. Now there is nothing wrong with a woman who shows emotion and who cries when she is sad. But when she manipulates you by faking a mental breakdown, that’s when you know about the craziness. If you are dating someone that erupts in hysterical and frantic tears every time some issue comes up between the two of you, that’s your cue to pack your bags and run for your life.

9. Anger Issues

via Imgur

When they say that girlfriends are cute little creatures that get angry, they’re not talking about how your significant other starts ignoring you when she’s mad. This type of girlfriend has anger management issues and when she’s angry, you have to run for cover and pray she doesn’t find you. Her mood changes more than an 11-year-old with a remote control in his or her hand. One moment you’re the best thing that has ever happened to her, the next she’s out for your head. There is no in between for her. Do not play with this type of crazy, wild chick; end the relationship and run away as soon as you can and save yourself from her wrath.

8. Hits Below the Belt

via Galore Mag

We all get peeved when we’re having an argument, but some girls can take it way too far. This woman has a loud and harsh mouth during an argument. She constantly tries to Batista bomb you, starts throwing plates at you or starts smashing your guitars, cars and gaming consoles during an argument. She is out of control and completely nuts and will break your soul in order to win an argument. Some will go as far as attacking your family and friends. And when nothing else works, she will call out your insecurities, threaten to kill herself or threaten to cut your genitals off while you’re sleeping. She’s not only bad at handling conflicts, she’s a threat to your existence.

7. Hijacks Your Social Media Accounts

via Twitter

Exchanging passwords for your social media is common among couples. But there is always a limit that shouldn’t be crossed. If she becomes super intrusive and controlling, it’s because of her jealousy acting up. She will make it a point to show people that you are off the market. She will have trust issues every time she sees a girl interacting with you online, and will always go through your accounts with or without your permission. All your social media posts have 5 to 7 comments from her. She tags herself in the pictures she isn’t even present in. And questions you about every female that dares to react to your posts. Most issues in a relationship can be fixed, but raging jealousy is a hard habit to break. Often, it’s because a jealous person either refuses to change or refuses to admit they are in the wrong. And she’s definitely one of them.

6. Tremendously Competitive and Cannot Handle Criticism

via Youtube

Crazy people do not have any type of logic and reason. They are likely to spend a lot of time inside their own head and in their own crazy thoughts and the little wild crazy world they have in there. That’s why when she is fixated on something in her mind, there is no way she will back out or change her mind. These women are headstrong and more likely to be tremendously competitive. You do not want to beat them in any games, because they will start crying or lock themselves in the room and ultimately you are going to be the one apologizing. Be cautious of the girl who can never take any criticism and instead sees it as a personal attack.

5. She’s Mean to Waiters

Via: The Guardian

People who are rude to waiters have a mean streak. This is, unfortunately, a very sad fact about crazy chicks: they are super rude to waiters. This sort of behavior stems from insecurities. People who want to prove their power to someone are the ones that tend to be selfish and mean to waiters. Some of us have to go through the experience of dating a crazy girl to learn this lesson. Stay with her if you want, but if she is rude to waiters, then she will never be kind and compassionate towards your relationship. It is important that you understand that a man or woman who treats a waiter like crap will soon start treating you that way too.

4. No Female Friends

via Animal New York

This is a rule that relates to every single wild and crazy chick since the beginning of time. Most females who do not have a lot of female friends are usually crazy. Girls have very strong bonds with each other. There’s a lot of compassion and support involved in female friendships. Girls who don’t have any female friends are most probably unavailable, mean and inconsiderate. It is a huge warning for you to get out of that relationship ASAP. Never ever trust a girl who does not have any girlfriends. There’s always something very suspicious and doubtful about a woman who cannot even deal with her own gender.

3. Control Freak

via Twitter

If a friend of yours made a pass at her or made her feel uncomfortable, her unwillingness to let you hang out can be understood, however, if she does this without any specific reason, then she is a psycho control freak. A very bad sign that your relationship is turning into an un-winnable war zone is that she governs your friendships. She decides who you can hang out with and who you can’t see. She is the one deciding the dates, days and even the timings. She’ll act like your mother and you don’t need your girlfriend to be your mom. Just swiftly get out of such a relationship or say goodbye to any social life you have.

2. She Twists/Misinterprets Your Words

via Youtube

As always, she will be the victim and you will be the culprit. Everything you will say will be twisted and tangled. You said one thing and she will interpret it differently. Everything you say will be over exaggerated and all your words will be perverted. Whether you’re explaining, apologizing or asking for something, she repeats it back to you while adding her own bizarre details and overestimations. No matter what you say or do, she will twist your words and use them against you at some point. It doesn’t matter if you use logic or some type of reasoning with her or if you continue to push for the truth, she will manipulate, twist and turn your words against you.

1. She Lies

via Youtube

Her lies are endless. This one should go without saying, but she lies a lot more than you will ever know. You might not find out at first because she may be a very good liar and doesn’t leave any loopholes, or you’re a blind, trusting sort of person. Sooner or later, you are likely to start catching her being dishonest. Some of these lies may be small, like where she went for lunch, while others might be huge like she might be lying about what she does for work or maybe she’s been married before. Do yourself a favor and get out of that unfaithful and dishonest relationship as soon as possible.

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